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TomTom XL 330-S 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

The TomTom XL 330-S is easy-to-use widescreen navigation. TomTom's award-winning software means effortless navigation from point A to point B. Switch on and go right out of the box. Just enter the address on the touchscreen and start driving anywhere in the United States or Canada. TomTom guides you door-to-door with turn-by-turn spoken instructions including street names. And 3D graphics help guide you to your destination.

Easy-to-use widescreen navigation. Click to enlarge.

TomTom's award-winning software means effortless navigation from point A to point B. Click to enlarge.

An extra-wide touchscreen helps you find your way, worry-free.

The XL 330-S is preloaded with millions of points of interest to enhance your traveling experience--easily find your favorite gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and more.

TomTom has the most accurate maps, and with TomTom Map Share technology, you instantly can modify street names, street direction, points of interest, and more on your own device. And with the "Help Me!" menu, added safety features enable you to easily access local emergency providers, such as police, fire stations, and hospitals.

The Fold & Go EasyPort mount folds flat against the device, making it easy to take it with you from car to car.

Go confidently.

XL 330-S Features

  • Maps of United States and Canada with TomTom Map Share
  • Spoken Street Names
  • Fold & Go EasyPort Mount
  • 4.3-inch Touchscreen

All TomToms Feature

Plug & Go--Works right out of the box.

Preloaded Points of Interest--Easily find millions of gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and more on your route.

30-Day Latest Map Guarantee--Up to date, off the shelf.

TomTom Map Share--Modify your own map and benefit from others' verified changes with TomTom Map Share.

Help Me! Emergency Menu--Easily access local emergency providers, such as police, fire stations, and hospitals.

TomTom HOME--Always up to date.

Traffic Ready--Optional RDS-TMC traffic receiver accessory keeps you up-to-date on traffic events to minimize potential delays.

Fuel Price Service (optional)--Know more, pay less.

Why TomTom?

TomTom believes that personal navigation should be as easy and safe as possible. TomTom develops smart technology that gives you straightforward solutions, innovations to make life easy.

Easy to Use

  • Award-winning navigation software
  • Plug & go

Best Maps

  • 30-Day Latest Map Guarantee
  • Modify your own map and benefit from others' verified changes with TomTom Map Share

Best Routing

  • QuickGPSfix
  • Traffic ready

Leader in Safety

  • Help Me! emergency resources menu
  • Safety preferences menu

About TomTom

Founded in Amsterdam in 1991, TomTom has established itself as a global leader in navigation by being an innovative company with a strong brand, clear customer focus, and high-quality products and services.

TomTom is a leading navigation solutions provider with navigation products sold in 30 countries and in over 20 languages. To further its commitment to car navigation, TomTom acquired Tele Atlas maps in 2008 so that the company can continually provide the most up-to-date maps and intelligent routing.

TomTom has its own mapping company!

Did you know that every year, roads change by up to 40% in high-growth areas? Tele Atlas manages this by using the world's most comprehensive systems to identify and incorporate these changes into our maps with unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy. All TomTom devices benefit from the Tele Atlas advantage--more coverage, more points of interest, and more freshness and accuracy.

What's in the Box

TomTom XL 330-S device, Windshield mount, desk dock, car charger, software/manual CD, documentation
  • Extra-wide 4.3-inch touchscreen with award-winning Fold & Go EasyPort mount that folds flat against the device, making it easy to take it with you
  • Effortless navigation from A to B anywhere in the United States or Canada--3D graphics and spoken instructions, including street names
  • Preloaded with millions of points of interest to enhance your traveling experience--easily find your favorite gas stations, hotels and more
  • With TomTom Map Share technology, you can instantly modify street names, street direction, POIs, road speeds, and turn restrictions on your own device
  • Help Me! menu provides added safety features so you can easily access local emergency providers, such as police, fire stations, and hospitals

Customer Reviews:

  • unable to down load updates
    Tried two devices. Finally after spending many hours with customer service it was determined tomtom had issues with the ability to download and install the free current map. It left the system not usable as the map that came with the system was deleted and even having backed up the unit the map could not be reinstalled. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS device!
    I had a few qualms about buying this unit because I read these reviews on Amazon about the volume level not being loud enough. I am somewhat hard of hearing, so the volume was a huge issue for me. I went ahead and bought one because I got it locally and figured I could return it if it was not up to satisfaction.

    I am happy to say that I have been extremely pleased with this one. In fact, I even turned the volume down slightly because she (I think I am using Mandy's voice) is plenty loud even for me. The British female has a very nice voice too :)

    I bought this on a Monday evening, got it hooked up to the computer and did the latest updates and left for a trip the next morning to California (I am in South Dakota). The unit performed flawlessly. It took me a slightly different route than what I normally do, but we decided to do the TomTom route because it was a route we had never taken before.

    I have since used it around the LA area and it has gotten me to every point that I have input into it.

    Next month...New Orleans!

    Great piece of hardware. I am glad I bought it.
    ...more info
    I couldn't be happier with my new XL 330S. The voice announces the street names very loudly and easy to understand. I chose the feature to sound an alarm when approching a school or church and am having a ball with that one. I chose a moowing cow and when it sounds my passengers break out in laughter and we all laugh our brains out. Also am having fun with some of the free downloadable voices.
    Easy to operate and understand how. Lots of cool features. Wouldn't trade it.
    I can drive contrary to the directions and it will continue to try to get me back on course, I like that for when I miss my turn or get redirected by traffic conditions....more info
  • wonderful wonderful device
    i bought this device before 3 weeks because i wanted to buy gps that speaks street and road name.last week i went to atlantic city beach house, i put the address and it took me there without any problem.that area was new for me and i cound't see any restaurant close to that house so i enter mcdonald, pizza hut name in the gps and it shows me a list with phone number. i been there for 2 days so first day gps took me mcdonald and second day i called pizza hut and used home deleivery. Thanks alot gps for great features. Now i can go anywehere.This is really very very good device....more info
  • tom tom review
    very pleased with purchase! AS with any GPS device, all directions are not current, but in Quebec it got me to general area that I wanted. I'm very happy I bought it...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    First off, I've owned multiple different Magellan models and they all started to die (battery quits holding charge) in less than one year, after commuting ~1h each way every day for work. I tried a Garmin Nuvi and it worked ok, but the features were less intuitive, even irritating. The Tom Tom XL 330 is awesome. It does everything I need and does it well with a very intuitive interface that remembers previous choices and makes smart suggestions. The main display tells you your speed, the speed limit, direction, time, time of arrival, total distance, distance to next turn, and has a compass. If you want it to read street names, get the S model....more info
  • Good features for a decent price
    After doing a lot of research I settled on this TomTom unit after checking a review in Consumer Reports. This was on the Recommended list and the price was right for the features I wanted.

    The Good:
    *Fast start up and grabs the satellites fairly quickly as long as you update with QuickFix.
    *Bright, clear screen visible even in sunlight glare.
    *Suction cup mount that can easily click-rotate. Stays put when you twist the locking mechanism.
    *Included TomTom software has MapShare with free updates provided by other TomTom users.

    The Not So Good:
    *Kept wanting to send me around the block when I tested it on a few known routes.
    *Make sure you have the screen shut off between directions, or the battery will last about an hour. With that feature turned on it used about 1/4 as much of the battery over the same time period.
    *Other voices available for directions. Pricey.
    *$40/yr for quarterly map updates.

    The Bad:
    *If you really want the traffic service, the antenna is $100, though that includes a year's service for that price. But it's $60 per year thereafter.
    *More detailed regional maps are available, but they're very pricey indeed.

    I'm planning on using it for a vacation roadtrip in July....more info
  • XP Issues - But Not Bad
    I get lost in a paper bag with air holes in it. It's a sad fact of life I have to deal with, and when some friends introduced me to a GPS I saw my life coming back to me. No longer would I be limited to well traveled areas and wasting gas looping back around paths familiar because I was sure to be lost, otherwise. What price can you put on freedom?

    I tested all the different brands at Best Buy. The TomTom line found the most addresses which I personally used, including my home. Garmin didn't seem to realize there was such a street. There were some places which eluded all brands, but TomTom seemed to have better maps for me. I read all the reviews and noticed the main complaints about the sound on the TomToms and the slow connection to satellite on the Garmins. They seemed to have their strengths and weaknesses, so I decided to take the gamble on getting a decent speaker.

    And I did. I have no trouble hearing Darth Vader directing me to the Dark Side. In using it to take the paths I'm familiar with it seems to pick a good route. If it's good for long distance... well, just get me there. If I knew how to get there in long vs. short routes I wouldn't need the thing to begin with. I understand the gas price issue, but for me this hasn't been a problem. Sound is fine. Easy set up. Quick connection and route plots. Even the software started out just fine. It was easy to download and use. Yes, you do have to adjust the screen if you use 800x600 but that's becoming more and more common with larger monitors and smaller settings. I connected, updated my map, and played with a few of the free voices for fun.

    Everything was delightful, until I upgraded Windows XP Home with the standard required / recommended update from Microsoft. XP no longer recognizes the TomTom is connected and declares there's an unidentified device that may be malfunctioning.

    I've attached 2 scanners, 2 different printers, my MP3 player, and my digital camera. Those are still recognized just fine. I've gone through all the troubleshooting tips with TomTom Home as well as Win XP. I realize XP Home is becoming a dinosaur, but there's which went awry in the update. My map is current for now, but this issue will have to be resolved if I ever want to update it again. ...more info
  • No subcategories on POIs
    Garmin and Magellan show subcategories of points of interests like restaurants: Italian, Greek, etc. TomTom doesn't. It didn't even show a full list of restaurants; if I typed a name in, it found it. This is not acceptable as in a new town; how am I supposed to know what name of an Italian restaurant to type in? I won't recommend TomTom to anyone based on this....more info
  • Works Great!
    Two days before leaving on a trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving 2 weeks ago, we bought this TomTom model. I love tech gadgets so even before we left the parking lot of the mall, I had it out of the box and working. It is that easy. Connection with satellites was immediate and with a few exceptions, continued to be so for our entire trip. The max amount of time it ever took to connect with satellites, and this was on an overcast, snowy morning as we pulled out of the motel parking lot, was 2 minutes. The computer voice (the only voice that gives text-to-speech instructions) was clear and loud. The volume is easy to adjust, and I like the feature connecting the volume of the TT to the speed of the car, increasing it as the car goes faster and vice versa.

    We found it accurate in setting the routes to our destinations. It's important to choose the type of route desired, in particular fastest or shortest, and be aware that choosing the shortest route often means going down roads that are not the best or are out of the way. We discovered this quirk on the first leg of our trip, right out of our driveway. We were directed to the interstate we wanted to travel via roads that would have taken a lot longer. Changing the request to fastest route remedied the problem..

    I found it extremely helpful when looking for motels and restaurants and other points of interest (POI).

    I suggest that a new user play with it a lot. This GPS has a bunch of features that are helpful and fun but are not obvious unless you delve deeper into the many menu choices.

    Is it perfect? Nope but the benefits outweigh the quirks. Connecting the plug to the back of the unit is a pain in the neck. It's tight and at an odd angle. We didn't use the windshield mount because in our pick-up truck the GPS is just too far away. Instead, we bought a beanbag mount and that works great. It sits on the dashboard and never moves. Also, it makes it very easy to remove the unit from the vehicle, or if feeling lazy, put the entire component under the seat of the car, thus out of sight with no indication of its existence. It is still necessary, though, to use the suction cup feature to attach the unit to the beanbag mount, and that too is tight and at an odd angle. Once attached, though, it doesn't move! These two "issues" I have with the unit do not outweigh the many benefits, and I highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • TomTom XL 330s
    Product works great and is user friendly. My only complaint is that when I went to download the updated maps, it tells me there is not enough memory space for the update and I need to remove something. The instructions are very vague on how to remove files to make space for the new updates....more info
  • Excellent GPS, and easy to use too!
    I bought this GPS for my wife. I had a Tomtom GP 720 which I have been very happy with, but my wife didn't want all of the extra features the 7xx line provides. We came to focus on just a few features when comparison shopping. She wanted text-to-speech so that the GPS would read out the names of Roads and Cities which would make navigation easier. She also wanted a wide-screen display so that the GPS would be easer to see. We checked out Tomtoms, Garmins, and even some Magellins and Sonys at a local big-box store. I tried to stay hand-off -- I am a tech person; my wife is a bit less-so. I wanted her to try each one out and make her decision. She found that the Tomtom was easiest for her to use and understand. She was able to quickly route to addresses and Points of interest. The screen is clear and easy to read; the voice is easy to understand. Installation was quick and easy - this has the new Tomtom mount which tightens via suction when you twist the mount - much better than trying to push a suction cup onto the windshield. Six months later and she is still happy with the purchase....more info
  • Some nice features, but major problems! Bought 3, all had speaker problems.
    I have a Garmin c320 GPS unit and wanted to upgrade to a model with more features - particularly coordinates and "Where Am I" features. After reading the reviews, I really liked the features in the TomTom XL 330. The only hesitation I had was with the speaker volume. The Amazon reviews showed some buyers that had speaker problems with their units. There were enough positive reviews to make me buy it.


    1. Lots of customization. You can change color schemes, choose your voice, change viewing angles (Garmin c320 & 205W can't do that).

    2. "Where Am I?" This is far superior than Garmin. It shows in what City, Township, Municipality, etc. you are and the nearest address. This can be very valuable when calling for help. Garmin only gives nearest address and nearest intersection (which I like to call "some random intersection within a few miles")

    3. Alternative routes. If you don't like the route you're given, you can ask for a new one. Read more in the Cons.

    4. Tons of route control. You can look through a list of every turn ahead of time and ask it to avoid a certain place on that route.

    5. Compact, attached mount. I didn't use it, but it was a cool idea. The mount would detach from the unit or you could leave it on and fold it in.

    6. Fixing map errors. I never got to see this in action, but it sounded really cool.

    7. Results as you type. I loved this feature and will really miss it with my new Garmin. As you type a street name or city, it will show you the results as you narrow them down. This can really save time and effort.


    1. Routing. (Deal-breaker one) The routing seemed to have a large bias toward driving on interstates. It seemed to me that the reason was insufficient non-interstate speed limit information. For example, I asked the Garmin and TomTom for a route from Irwin, PA to Oakland, MD. The Garmin used state routes and backroads to get us there in 2 hours. The TomTom insisted we take mostly interstate (and adding many, many miles) at an estimate of 2.5 hours. The TomTom alternate route was even longer. (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Mapquest all were similar to Garmin's route.) When we took the Garmin route, the TomTom said it would take over 2.5 hours (adding existing travel time + time left), but as we drove, the time remaining kept decreasing super fast. The Garmin's arrival time was rock steady all the way.

    2. Address entry without City. (Deal-breaker two) There are many occasions in which I have a street address, but don't know the city. You know -- maybe someone lives in a Township with a city's mailing address, or any area known as "North Hills" has many post office names, but you don't know which one. Garmins give you a "Search all cities" option. TomTom has no option. You must enter a city. If you don't know it, you won't get there.

    3. SPEAKER. (Deal-breaker three) I had read two problems with the speaker; 1) too quiet, 2) garbled. I figured that if I got a bad one, I'd exchange it and I'd get a good one. How widespread could the problem be? Well -- the first unit was very quiet. If you have the radio on, you can't hear this thing. I called TomTom and the nice rep seemed to be very familiar with the problem and suggested returning it to the store. So fine, I shipped it back to Amazon. The second unit was much louder. Wait -- you couldn't understand it, it was all garbled. Well, third time should work. NOPE -- just like the first, you couldn't hear it.

    4. POI annoyances. On my first unit, when searching for a POI, it would show the distance you were from the POI, but not which direction it was from you. This made it unusable. I won't make a big deal of this, because my unit #2 did have a directional arrow for each POI. This may have to do with software version on the unit. Secondly, though, it only listed a few pages of POIs. I would have liked to see more choices.

    5. Graphics. The graphics rendering was very jagged and old-looking. Garmin is far ahead here.

    After doing all this testing, my decision was easy. Even if the speaker actually worked, the first two cons make it unusable for me. I returned them all. I recommend the Garmin nuvi 205W 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator (although it has it's own weaknesses, watch for my review there).

    My final question is -- TomTom, don't manufacturers test products before they get shipped to poor American consumers??...more info
  • You Still Need a Road Map
    First of all there is no substitute for being able to read a road map. The GPS is a great tool when you don't have a helpful navigator in the front seat but it is not foolproof. I will expound on this later. I live in Hawaii and I visit the mainland (continent) every year. After getting loss several times on my trip in Virginia, I decided to get a GPS with Avis rental car when I took my senior son to check out colleges in Oregon. I was pleasantly surprised on how efficient the system was in getting me from point A to B and how it helped me get back on the straight and narrow path when I took a wrong turn. After using the GPS on 2 trips to Oregon I took the plunge to buy my own system.

    The TomTom XL is the first GPS system that I've owned.
    First the Pro's-
    1. You can customize the icons and map displays. I have schools, parks and restaurants displayed on my screens.
    2. I love the change route button. On my last trip to Oregon I had to take a detour due to road constitution. My GPS went nuts as I tried to detour. The change route button allows you to easily change routes if there are detours or if you want to take a more leisure road.

    The cons for the TomTom (or any GPS)-
    1. The data and maps are not updated. I am not showing a road that has been in existence for 5 years. Also they have the local swimming pool in the wrong town.
    2. There is no substitute for being able to read a road map. A road map and GPS works hand in hand. On my second trip to Oregon, even though I left from the same hotel, instead of heading for the freeway exit the GPS guided me on a side road in a different direction and literally got me lost. The GPS will not always get you on the most direct route.

    Overall I rate this system as "Good," due to being able to customize the icons and features on the display map, and the ability to easily change your route. Like any high tech piece of equipment this system is only as good as the person operating it and knowing the full capabilities of the system.
    ...more info
  • Better
    I enjoy having TomTomXL 330S. this GPS never fails in giving acurate directions, it is awesome to upload map corrections from other people and subscribe to the traffic/weather and gas service. it is very handy to have. i like the voices you can choose from, but they are soft even if the volume is up to the max, so, i stay with the default voice which is loud even if it is on medium volume and can talk over road/highway noise. this is an improvement from TomTomXLs. the 4.3" widescreen is a plus., it is easy to type in your directions and address, also i like the voice that tells me the name of the road to turn on and the street names and gives me an alternative exit if i missed the turn off. this is all comunicated with our friendly neighborhood satalite system. your GPS is a good tracking devise, too.

    I am going to move back to Ohio (back home) in May. 30, 2009 after 20 years of living in Key West, FL(expensive here) and a GPS is best for me, i don't like stopping and asking for directions, it is a waste of my time and schedule. now since TomTom is with me i don't have to be confused when i am in a unfamiliar state(s). I wouldn't have to stop every 30 minuts to read a map.., that is such old school.
    I had done my research for 6 months, I tried my daughter's friends Magellin GPS and didn't like it, her other friend had a diffrent brand and i tried that,too, befor my final decision,
    plus waited for December before i made a very important purchase. It is sometimes good to wait, because sometimes there is an upgrade that improved the existing item.

    I would highly recommend TomTomXL 330S, it is the best out there and this is a better upgrade, even better than the other GPS.
    ...more info
  • my new TomTom
    I recently received my new TomTom. I like it very much. You can never be lost once you have one of these. If you have an address this thing will guide you right to the door. I tested it a few times with known areas first then went out of state last weekend. It never gave me an opportunity to get lost. I was surprised by a few features. It tells you your speed and it gives the speed limit on the interstate. It also tells you how many miles your trip will be and what time you can expect to arrive. I think this thing is wonderful! Tom...more info
  • Unit Severely Short On Memory
    This GPS unit is out of memory out of the box! I won't dispute any of what was said above, but be aware that all the voice options, all the help, all the frills that come loaded on your XL when you pull it out of the package take up so much memory that you can't update you maps with them on the unit. They must be sacrificed in order to download and install any up-to-date maps. This was a great big deal breaker for me... my unit TomTom XL 330s went straight back to the store. The pity is that TomTom knows this and refuses to acknowledge their design flaw. Don't buy this unit....more info
  • solution for inability to load current maps
    It took me 12 calls and 3 gps units before I realized the solution to inabilty for tomtom to download maps.

    First the old maps need to be deleted (under guidance from TomTom rep, we formatted the tomtom disk) and second you must disable your firewall and virus checker. After doing this the download was successful. It was very frustrating because no one rep understood this. It was very frustrating along the way when I deleted voices, maps, etc and was told that I still needed to clear more room. After formatting the disk and some other steps that I did not remember and was reluctant to do anyway without guidance from the TomTOM rep everything is great now....more info
  • Love. It.
    Pros: I love this device. I often get turned around, and miss turns, this thing prevents 95% of that. And the 5% of the time when I'm not paying attention and still miss a turn this thing recalculate before I reach the next block. If you connect to TomTom home and download the QuickFix GPS for the next 7 days you'll find the satelites in about 15 seconds (without that it takes 60-120 seconds). I've had no problems.

    Cons: I wish the mount was a little bit easier (though I'm getting used to it)....more info
  • TomTom XL 330S
    After having no success at all with a previous TomTom product designed for my PDA, I was relunctant to try another TomTom. A friend persuaded my to try this GPS. It took a while for the GPS to find a satelite signal, in fact I have to be several miles away from my home to get a signal. It identifies my home address about .25 miles before I actually reach my address. Otherwise, I have found the directions and ability to reroute easy to follow. I like the British accent....more info
  • Does not have adequate memory-Very disappointing
    After careful study on the internet, and going to a local store to make some comparisons between buying a TomTom navigator (world wide supposidly the most popular)or a Garmin navigator (considered to be the most popular in the United States}, I chose the TomTom XL 330S. I liked the idea that you could download an updated map if a more recent one was available in the first 30 days after you bought it. I also liked the MapShare feature, which allowed people to make corrections on the maps, and after those corrections were approved by TomTom, you could download those updates for free. So I played with it while I was driving home. My first disappointment was that it wouldn't place my home address on the right location on the map, and it also called my personal/private driveway a public road with street name. None the less, I thought I would just correct that to submit to TomTom. Next on my way home, driving by a local College,I tried to find that under Points of Interest, in the educational category, but it wan't there. It was a total blank spot on the map (I had read of other navigators that actually could show camping spots in a camp ground), so I found it hard that it couldn't recognise a major college or any of it's roads. But again I thought I would just correct and submit to TomTom. When I got home I connected to the TomTom web site to see if there was a more recent map available, and there was. I went to download it, but was told I did not have enough memory to do so (the process would not just update the map, but it ended up requiring that I removed the map that came on my TomTom. I backed up that map version and then deleted and downloaded the new map. I then saw there was an additional free update to the US and Canadian maps (along with a bunch of little specialty updates), so I went to download the major update and again was told I did not have adequate memory. I hunted online to see if I could find a solution to this problem, as I could not imagine that TomTom would provide inadequate memory to use their product as advertised. I read that it was suggested that you could gain memory by taking off features out of the memory that you didn't need. The only features I was able to remove was some additional voices (it is only the computer voice that can say the street names, so I wanted to keep that, as that is why I purchased this TomTom version). The removal of these other voices only provided minimal memory. I ended up talking to the people at TomTom. They implied that I should have been aware that there was only 1 GB of memory, and no slot for an SD card to expand the memory. I told them that I had been aware, but had no way of knowing that between the map, computer voice and program to make it all work, that they would basically fill up my memory. One man at TomTom even told me to take the new updated map off my unit and put the older one back on, to gain some memory!!!!!! I have had this product 1 week, and I kept hoping that I could be happy with it, but I just can't get beyond the fact that I don't have the memory to allow me to make the basic updates that I want to be able to make. That was the main reason of choosing the TomTom in the first place. At this time I am so disappointed, I think I would rather have no GPS navigator than have one that doesn't have adequate information. I was willing to overlook examples of inadequate information when I thought I could get the mapsharing updates for free, but when I find I can't, then the missing information is more troublesome. For exmple, when I looked up gas stations or restaraunts, many were not listed. The other day I was driving on a major high way that recently had some work done, and the TomTom kept on showing that I was driving on nothing. I was also traveling to someplace in Northern Minnesota, and it kept on wanting to direct me into Canada, and also kept referring to my having to take a toll road. That was not a reasonable route, aand there was no toll road. Locally I tried maping out some other trips, and again totally ignored roads that were there and direct, and went signifcantly out of the way (and yes I had it set to map the quickest trip, which is not necessarily the shortest, but it did not do that. I can't help but think, if it is so lacking in my area, where I know what it is telling me is wrong, how can I trust it in an area that I don't know......especially when I don't have adequate memory to download the corrections that other TomTom users submit to TomTom. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I don't think I am out of line to expect to have adequate memory so I can use the product the way it is advertised. On a positive note, some say the voice is not loud enough, but at 50% it is very loud.

    Update. I did return this tomtom and bought a Garmin 750 for only about $40.00 more. Many more features, an SD slot for additional maps and music, and much better maps for my area in Northern Minnesota. A number of the missing points of interest I mentioned above were on this Garmin. Not a "perfect" product, and some superficial features I liked better on the TomTom, but overall, I am so much happier....more info
  • Fantastic...With One Quirk
    I bought this unit in advance of a recent trip from western Wisconsin to the the east side of Michgan's Lower Penninsula...a trip with my father to a family reunion.

    The interface and software were all user friendly, although I did download a full user's guide before starting. I also downloaded the most current maps...good thing I had a high speed connection, since the files were almost a gig.

    The unit routed us right through the heart of Chicago without a hitch, and I have to say, it's the first time I've EVER driven the Windy City without white knuckles. Everything on the screen was right there in front of us and it constantly reminded me to change lanes, keep right or left and take exits or make turns when needed. My father was absolutely in a state of awe.

    The volume levels were just fine for me, plenty loud, in fact. Dad often asked me what it said, but he is quite short in the hearing department these days.

    Now, the quirk. I've had the unit about a month, and I don't keep it installed in the car all the time. When it's not in the car, it's sitting with the power off on my workstation or desk. However, twice now, I have come into the room only to find that TomTom has turned himself on! Today, I found it on and the battery almost drained. Now, I'm telling you, nothing or no one was near the unit to hit the on button. It just came on randomly, like HAL in "2001 A Space Oddessy" or something, with a mind of its own. (I'm afraid one day I'll try turning it off and it will say "I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that." And my name isn't even Dave!)

    This quirk is no skin off my back, since I would only need the unit in the car and would be plugged in for power. However, if someone knows something regarding this issue, I'd appreciate knowing! It's just a little unsettling!

    Other than that, I really have to say that it's more than I expected, and then some. For 200 bucks, it's a no brainer. Even though I'm considering changing the name of it to HAL....more info