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CTL E09L 9-Inch 2go PC Laptop (900 MHz Intel Celeron Processor, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, Linux Preloaded) Bone/Grey
List Price: $499.00

Our Price: $202.00

You Save: $297.00 (60%)


Product Description

Intel-powered 2goPCs by CTL offer affordable new possibilities to take your computer wherever life takes you. These innovative PCs feature enough processing power, memory and storage to run real-world applications. And with built-in wireless connectivity, you can connect to hundreds of web-based applications for learning, work, and play. These ultra-compact, easy-to-carry laptops are child-friendly and stand up to rugged conditions. With durable, drop-proof construction, a sturdy plastic case, and water-resistant keyboard, they can go just about anywhere and be used safely by just about anyone. 2goPCs are a complete, customizable hardware and software solution featuring "real PC" performance and simplified wireless connectivity and can be configured with either the Linux or Windows operating system.

  • Fun, Rugged, Compact Design
  • Powerful Computing for everyday tasks
  • Built in carrying handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice Surprise!!
    After reading the mixed reviews I really did not know what to expect. I figured, what the heck, the price is right. This little computer works great! Connected immediately to my wireless network and worked flawlessly. Had it in the car and took it to some area WiFi spots and again it worked perfectly. Speed on internet browsing is quite good. Pages load quickly. The diplay is bright and clear. Getting accustomed to the small keyboard takes a few minutes but is really not a problem. This unit has a quality feel that other netbooks lack, it has rugged rubberized construction and appears like it could handle a fall. I like it! I think you will too....more info
  • I Loven It!
    I love this little but mighty computer. It does not do well with my Lexmark printer, but other than that, It is the only computer I use and it is great!...more info
  • Great little toughbook
    This is a solid little netbook. Came with a 60GB hard drive and a recovery cd. Keyboard is small and kind of stiff but with a little practice I will be able to touch type on it. Don't bother trying to track the USPS number provided with super saver shipping. By the time the post office and Amazon can provide accurate status, it will already be delivered....more info
  • Beware! CTL makes garbage computers!
    I'm a quasi-administrator for a huge, notoriously cheap organization that is always doing incredibly stupid stuff to save money. One of their dumbest maneuvers a couple of years ago was to purchase CTL computers, both desk and laptop varieties, for everyone. They are junk! They crash with impunity. They lock up, and they are slow. Just last month, my office-mate had to return three different CTL laptops to the seriously over-burdened IT department because they simply would not boot up after the initial two or three uses.

    Personally, I haven't tried one of these little 9" units, but in view of the bad experiences I and so many others of my fellow employees have had with CTL crap, why on earth would I consider paying for one? Besides, I suspect 512MB RAM might just be a tad annoying. Spend a little extra money and buy a decent machine! If not, be sure to back up your files every time you use it....more info
  • great little netbook
    I bought this little computer several weeks ago and I really like it. I've installed all the Microsoft updates and I have not had any problems at all with it. (yes, the wi-fi still works fine after service pack 3) It's the perfect computer for surfing around and watching online videos.

    1. Well obviously the screen and keyboard are small. Go to the 99 cent store and get some reading glasses, and do most of your typing projects on your desktop. It is a netbook after all.
    2. You are locked in to a screen resolution of 800x480. You can hit "ctrl-2" to toggle between 4 video resolutions, but 800x480 is the only mode that looks decent and minimizes the need to scroll. (Be sure to auto-hide the taskbar.)There is no outlet for an external monitor.
    3. The battery pack only gets about 2.5 to 3 hours. (and you'll probably need to reset the battery's internal meter by charging it and then going into the CMOS setup and letting it sit there and drain down to nothing and then charging it to full again.That way Windows will know what "empty" is and not shut off early.)
    4. The trackpad can be a little "jiggy;" getting a USB mouse helps.
    5. You have to go to their web site to download the manual and there is not a lot of information in it.
    6. There is no CD-rom drive. You can find a USB one on Amazon pretty cheap.
    7. Because it only has a 900 MHz Celeron, it can be a little slow sometimes.
    8. There is no Hard Disk light to flash at you and let you know that it's still thinking and that it hasn't crashed. Mine has not crashed yet, but when I was doing Microsoft update I thought it had once because it took a few minutes to do something and nothing was happening on the screen for 4 or 5 minutes. Be patient.

    1. You can't beat this for the price.
    2. The handle makes it easy to carry around to wi-fi hotspots.
    3. It comes with XP. (Be sure to get the version that has Windows XP; there is a linux version on Amazon as well.)
    4. It's got a 40 gig hard drive. (although mine actually came with a 60 gig hard drive.)
    5. It's got a USB port on each side.
    6 It's got an outlet for a network cable. (if there's no wi-fi around)...more info
  • A few things to consider.
    Running, Ubuntu 8.04

    I was having some trouble at first.

    I was having a few lock-ups I think It was caused by some of the cpu throttling feature powernowd. So, comment out the p-4clockmod in /etc/modules. No lock-up since, cpu throttling does work with Celeron,s and even desktop cpu,s Something for me to play with, while trying to get more battery life. I wonder how long the battery would last if it would stay clocked down to 112mhz.

    If you change, the bios setting to disable quiet boot you won,t be able to get back into the set up. You still have the amibios page pop up where you asks choose to press Del,F11,F12, but those won,t work. I was just about to send this thing back. You will need to plug in a USB keyboard in order to get back into the BIOS setup page.

    It seems the /boot partition is full. So if you try to do a kernel update your going to run into a wall of problems. This is NOT good if your trying to learn Ubuntu Linux. I was looking for help over at the Ubuntu forums and I'm not the only one to notice this.

    Where is my apostrophe? 'There it is.

    Edubuntu has too much stuff I'll never use. I installed a basic Ubuntu 8.04 instead, and everything works fine, Even the desktop effects are working, which they weren't in Edubuntu. The webcam and wireless work no problem.

    The BIOS didn't want to recognize my external optical drives. However, it was pretty simple to use Unetbootin. Hint: The Windows version is easier. Unetbootin makes bootable flash drives for you.

    About the small screen, I removed all the un-used toolbars from my browser, and zoomed out about two notches. now no more scrolling around. Also, helps to put all the applets in one panel, use the main menu instead of the menu bar. and window list instead of window bar...and then hide the panel if you need more room :)

    At first I though some of the bad reviews might be true, But after setting it up the way I like This is a very usable machine.

    Why does Amazon let people review products that they haven't even used? That's a bunch of B.S....more info