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This is the best record of it s kind ever made. Then again, it's also the only record of its kind ever made.
. . . one of the few rock supergroups actually deserving to be called either super or a group. Rolling Stone, 1988
With a line-up featuring legendary artists Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty, the Traveling Wilburys
were a one-of-a-kind musical phenomenon. The all-star configuration came about when they convened at a Southern California
studio in 1988 to record a b-side for a Harrison s single. They had such a rockin good time cutting Handle With Care that they decided to release it under the Wilburys moniker, and to continue the collaboration with an album's worth of songs. Their
camaraderie is heard in every groove on Rhino's remastered reissue of their now-historic, GRAMMY?-winning debut VOLUME 1.
They followed it up in 1990 with a second full-length, VOLUME 3 the disc was minus Orbison, who passed away in 88, but still
full of the spirit that made their musical brotherhood the stuff of legend. After being out of print for more than a decade, Rhino
reintroduced the classic discs boasting previously unreleased bonus tracks in 2007 as part of a special 2CD/DVD set The
Traveling Wilburys Collection. The expanded VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 3 are now available as individual titles.

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the historic, Grammy-winning 1988 debut album from the legendary super group of musical "brothers": George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan. Features two bonus tracks: 'Maxine' and 'Like A Ship'. Rhino. 2008.

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun Loving Tracks
    This low key supergroup effort is an underatted gem. Harrison, Dylan, Orbison, Petty, and Lynne all make nice contributions. The textures vary quite nicely with a few good special effects thrown in most likely due to Jeff Lynne.

    The light hearted upbeat atmosphere of this record is what makes the recording a keeper. Dylan contributes two gems with Dirty World and Tweeter And The Monkey Man feature some gripping lyrics and creative arrangements. Handle With Care, End Of The Line,and Last Night are other highlights. Heck except for possibly the lethargic Congratulations they are all quite catchy. The guys all share the spotlight which make it a pleasing listen....more info

  • Best of 80s.
    I love this album.
    George Harrison and "great company" are in top form.
    Fun and relaxed.
    But music is great and it is balsam for my ears.
    Good arrangements, no sentiment, but true music.
    I think that this is the best album of any ex-beatle produced in the 80's. But it is must for Dylan, Orbison, Petty and Lynne fans too.
    Highly recommend....more info
  • Good music and a lot of fun besides
    Anytime you take giants of the Rock and Roll industry of this magnitude and you put them together, you knows its either going to be great, or it will be a total disaster.
    George Harrison, Tom Petty Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison made an outstanding album.
    Handle me with Care is George Harrison at his very best. Harrison wrote a real gem for this album.
    Tom Petty does a great song called Last Night which is well worth listening to.
    End of the Line is the last song on the CD and a real gem as well.
    What you have here are 5 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians letting their hair down and having a wonderful time.
    Harrison and Orbison are now gone, but this remains as one of the better compilations in R&R history.....Enjoy...more info
  • One of the all-time greats
    What's left to say? This album is as good as music gets.
    But when are we going to see the CD?...more info
  • i missed this
    i love the wilburys, i havent heard this in 12 years, i missed it so much, this album is so great roy, tom, jeff, bob, george, what a classic best song tweeter, last night, not alone any more i only wished they would release this timeless piece of music go wilburys...more info
  • How the wilburys got together and made history
    In 1988 Five musician "lucked" into one of the greatest ventures ever. George Harrison was in LA to do a video for his Cloud Nine release, plus he had to come up with a "C" side for his UK single release. All promotional work for the Clound Nine Album.
    He by chance hooked up with Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and brings in Roy Orbison (to make a long story short) Jeff and Tom are helping George come up with the flip side of the UK cloud nine release that they put together at Bob Dylans House Studio.
    However, when he took the new "C" side to Warner Bros to include on the UK single.(In England you have to provide a third song if you do not include an extended version of the "A" side, hence the "C" side or third song). Warner Bros turned it down as too good for a flip side single. The song was "Handle with Care"
    Being turned down and after being together for a while the five decided to form their own band using a name that would not give away their actual identies) The Traveling Wilburys was formed, remember Bob Dylan was with Columbia Records, Petty was with MCA Records etc. So they had to keep everything a secret until George Harrison went ot MCA, Columbia etc to get their permission for all the band members to sing on an album that was not their own Label. Once they got the legal OK, they were off and running with promos, videos and then the release of Vol 1.
    A hit over night, but in December 1988 a month after the release of the album, Roy Orbison died of a massive Heart Attack.
    The band regrouped and in 1990 they release their 2nd and last album called Vol 3 (Vol 2 was skipped over in memory of Roy) All Vol 2's are actually Tom Pettys "Full Moon Fever" 1990 release song for song, which is regarded as the Wilburys 2nd release that never was since most of the Wilburys sang on his Album.
    Imports also refer to this as Vol 2 but it is still Pettys "Full Moon Fever".
    Roy only had time to appear in one Video promo "Handle with Care" the others have the four original members and Roys guitar in a chair to affect the "Missing man formation" for muscians.
    Other performers that had a part in the Wilburys, but got very little credit were Eric Clapton, Del Shannon, Ringo Starr and K D Lang appeared in the Studio to do a duet with Roy on 'Crying" shortley before Vol 1 was finished and on the same recording studio.
    Roys 1990 release album that was not completed because of his death called "Mystery Girl" featured the Wilburys on "You Got It" which Roy never lived to see released.
    After George Harrison death the Wilburys met with Legal problems concerning who was in charge of the original tapes and rights. Cynthia Harrison finally got control and that where it ended. At least until Barbara Orbison and Cynthia Harrison met in April 2004 to discuss some "Possibilities"....more info
  • The Traveling Wilburys Vol 1
    This is a great collection of songs by very great artists. If you like the golden music, you will love this!...more info
  • The Best Thing To Come Out Of The 80's
    I absolutly love this CD and all Traveling Wilburys albumbs but they all fail to capture te feel of the first one.I have always been facinated by the wilburys they where around for so little time and made such great songs.My favorites are End of the line and not alone anymore.I respect all the guys in here but Roy Orbison is the best of the bunch.I am confused why someone said Dylan was missing from end of the line he's there singing backup and on a sad note for anyone lucky enoguh to see the video for end of the line you will notice one major thing missing.Roy Orbison passed away before the video was filmed.and although he did write the song and sang in it his time was up I guess.The video was kind of a tribue to him.You will notice his guitar sitting in a rocking chair and a photo of him on the wall.Anyway for anyone interested in this kind of classic rockabilly/country/blues/pop/ whatever just buy it its the best thing to come out of th 80's Truly...more info
  • The Best Band Since The Beatles!!!!
    When I first heard this album, I was blown away. I never imagine that these five guys would get together and make a album. I love this one and volume 3 as well. This is the best since The Beatles. Long live The Traveling Wilburys!!!! Rest in peace Roy and George, we miss you very much....more info
  • some of these guys are gone now but they still rock
    If you are a Tom Petty fan, and if you like George Harrison or even just fondly respect him, and if you like witty lyrics and good music the Wilburys don't disappoint. The CD has like, 18 tracks,so you can really get into it. I cooked a whole dinner while listening, and just the fact that I cook probably shows that I remember all the guys in the Wilburys. If you remember this group then you should get this CD, it's a treasure. If you've never heard of them then you probably not even reading this review. Too bad for you....more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent, there is not a dud track on this album. Roy Orbison contributes heavily to this; he is sadly missed....more info
  • One for the records
    When a lineup like Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne get together, one would expect something amazing, and on Vol. 1, it is so much more than that. To me, this album is better than any of these guys solo work by far. This one is constantly in my cd player, and to me is the best rock and roll album of all time. My personal favorite song is End of the Line, but the other songs on here are not even close to being worse. If you find this anywhere, pick it up because its been out of print and is getting harder to find....more info
  • Worldwide Acclaim for 5 Proven Musicians
    The Traveling Wilburys will go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, short lived bands. With a chance meeting that caused the formation of the band, to the worldwide acceptance of their music, to the death of the "key" band members and the suicide of replacement Del Shannon this was a tragic band to say the least. Lawsuits that has stopped any further releases in the US, even though the band still has a website and the remaining members still refer to themselves as "Wilburys".
    The only way to enjoy their genius of music now is to find a domestic used copy or an Import (legal from from countries that had production releases from the beginning) and from one bootleg commonly known as vol 4 1/2 (a Russian release) neverless a great sound quality release.
    I have researched many years and found a total of only 7 or 8 really well produced CD's with just about everything the Wilburys recorded.

    Vol 1 Usa Release ***** (Five Stars)
    Vol 3 Usa Release ****

    Vol 1 & 3 Import (Japan)*****
    Vol 1 & 3 Import (Russian)***
    Vol 2 & 4 1/2 Import (Russian)***
    Recovered Treasures Vol 1&3 *****((First takes, outakes and unreleased songs "B" sides
    Wilburys "Live in Concert" ***** (Five stars easily for the sound quality and workmanship put into making this CD with great vocals and crowd noise)Which sounds fantastic but never occured since they never toured.
    and a handful of other outakes and alternates from the Warner in house tapes, that were never released.

    It makes you wonder why they don't capitalize in the US on all this wealth of material being produced by other countries. If they have it, surely Warner Bros or Wilbury records (same) would have the same material.

    Hopefully they will come together and remaster the originals, maybe even HDCD, It deserves it....more info

  • The greatest group ever
    I know it's all been said before, but I must say it myself: this album is in no way pretentious (sp?), but pure fun. None of the five dominates the album (although I find the second side has more Dylan influence than the first), and every song is fantastic. It's good to know there was a time when five superstars could get together and just put out an album for the hell of it, anonymously yet. Nowhere to be found are the names Dylan, Harrison, Lynne, Petty, or Orbison, just the names of the Wilbury brothers. And as an added bonus (I haven't seen this mentioned so maybe this will set my review apart) the liner notes are written by Michael Palin (of Monty Python and a good friend of George's) telling of the origin of the Wilburies and how they came to find fame in music. (For Vol. 3, Eric Idle took writing duties, again to hilarious effect).
    The songs, yeah...I mentioned them in passing but here's my opinion, they're all great, and I agree with another reviewer that they all sound really happy on the songs; you just knew they had a blast making this record. Top honors, I think, go to "Tweeter and the Monkey Man," but I also love "Not Alone" (which really let Orbison flaunt his vocal gift), "End of the Line," and "Handle with Care."
    In summing up, I suppose what I conclude is that this is the one album that can genuinely be called a real "feel-good" record, aided immensely by the true enjoyment that bursts through in the songs and the vocals of the band. No other album have I heard where the musicians are having such a great time, not trying to be deep or anything but just jamming. This album should be purchased at any price, as it is one of a few that will make you feel good no matter what is going on in your life (the other, for me, would be Neil Young's "This Note's For You").
    That makes it sound like a religious album...but it's not (Dylan was done with that by then), and I hope the cliches I see I have spouted do not put you off a truly phenomenal album. Buy it right now, you've surely read enough five-star reviews before this....more info
  • Never Recieved, very disapointed
    i never recieved my cd, i don't know how to go about getting information regarding why I never recieved it, I am very disapointed....more info
  • Traveling Wilburys Vol 3
    Great CD. It is a shame that Roy Orbison and George Harrison are not here to make another volume. Some of the greatest talent in the US made this one. ...more info
  • finally!!!
    I have been trying unsuccessfully to get this album and now - finally - have it. I am very happy with the prompt service (10 days) that I got - especially considering the holidays....more info
    Ah, Traveling Wilburys, volume one. Most know it because of the two hit singles that were delivered from this project... HANDLE WITH CARE and END OF THE LINE. If you are a fan of these tracks from classic rock radio, then there is a good possibility that you are a fan of the Wilburys.

    The supergroup was formed sometime in the late eighties, as something of a promised land for aging rock stars, Bob Dylan, George Harrison and their great-ghost-grandad; the amazing Roy Orbison. They were collected and delivered by pretty boy reaper of rock and roll souls, Tom Petty... and for reasons still unexplained released into the studio of electro synth pop producer Jeff Lynne. The collaboration became the Travelling Wilbury , a pseudo pop (now somewhat of an oddity) hit record.

    The two hits are legitimate hits, and the rest (at least to me) is purely enjoyable on a cult level status. The workings of Bob Dylan stand out to me the most, mainly because I've always been more a fan of his than the other members. While this was no doubt a strange phase in Dylans career, this is some of his best work from the period. Specifically TWEETER AND THE MONKEY MAN... love that tune! Its a weird, escapist, story telling bit, about some underground happenings in New Jersey. Its a hoot kids. I can listen to it over and over. Also, listen to him sing the line "Let me drive your pick up truck and park it where the sun don't shine." in the song DIRTY WORLD. -I was like "did he really just say that?"

    The Wilbury responsibilities are divied out pretty evenly among the group. No one takes the spotlight too hard here. And everyone is just letting loose and having fun.

    The Wilburys second album, Volume Two, from what I hear actually resurrected the souls of Buddy Holly and Big Bopper, but was far too amazing for common mortals and therefore never was released outside the gates of Eden... but eventually there was a volume three, which I've never gotten in my grasp either, but is available. I still enjoy my volume one though, and I think, if you give it a go, you will too. Just don't take it too seriously. ...more info
  • The extraordinary obituary of rock and roll
    The legend behind this album has already been told well... recorded in ten days' time in Bob Dylan's home recording studio, ten tracks were released by five of the monuments of rock, all recording under pseudonyms, with liner notes of a group history that never happened.

    The songs on the album cover a vast history of rock, offering a variety of different influences and even eras. The first and last songs, the bookends, tell the history of rock in metaphor.

    "Handle with Care" is, perhaps, the most honest writing about what being a rock star felt like: "Sent to meetings hypnotized... over-exposed, commercialized..." You imagine any of the band (Petty, Lynne, Orbison, Harrison, Dylan) at the height of fame, staggering into a record company meeting after an all-night bender, signing a contract they barely understand for an album they don't want to produce for money they don't need.

    Most of the other songs on the album are spare, but still an amazing sampling of what five rock geniuses can put together in a few short hours, if inspired to do so. I will let the strengths and weaknesses of these songs speak for themselves.

    The final song, however, is something utterly unique and meaningful. The five Wilburys sing "End of the Line" together, in fact in the order they are pictured on the cover. Dylan whines through the first verse, then Jeff Lynne's country sensibility overtakes him, mixing ideas of working-man strength and getting by. Petty chimes in musing about the future, and references Hendrix. Then, Orbison, the old, dirty, angel of rock tells you the end is near (which it was for him), but that all will be well. Harrison's Liverpool accent takes over, and you can't help but feel as though you've read the last chapter of the history of rock. It was a good story, an imperfect one, but ultimately an amazing ride. Rest in peace....more info
  • One of my favorite CD`s, don`t miss it!
    The line up is amazing, the music above average. Furthermore, is a luxury to have together the voices of Roy Orbison, one of my favorites ever, and George Harrison, one of the best and underestimated voices of rock and roll.

    Although relatively unknown in my country, remains timeless in my heart...more info
  • better and better
    This album gets better and better with every listen. It is a moment in time when five talents individuals came together and made some great music. the great thime they had doing so is evident in the music. This is a classic that will be rediscovered time after time.

    ...more info
  • CD
    The music is great and the Amazon sent on the estimate time they stated. I highly recommend this cd....more info
  • GREAT!
    I thought this album was very well done and it has alot of character to it. I think this album is one of the better ones out at the time....more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought this album (on cassette) when it was released, and I still consider it one of the 10 best ever, even though I can't seem to find it on CD. Almost every track is brilliant, but what's most incredible about it is that it actually made me rethink my total hatred of "country" music...Roy Orbison's performance on this album made me go out and buy everything he ever recorded that I could get my hands on. And then, just like that, he was gone. I already loved the music of Harrison, Dylan, Petty, and Lynne, but this album definitely expanded my horizons. Get it any way you can!...more info
  • Rock and roll supreme (6 stars don't mind)
    This is music, you hear acoustic guitars, bass, drums, harmonica, no drum machines, and only a few fine touches on synthesizers (?) courtesy of Jeff Lynne. And, voices, there's real singing here, choruses, a true delight. The strongest track to me is the first, Handle With Care, a true anthem about the cost of living and the desire to carry on no matter what. All 5 Wilburys contribute vocally and the union of Harrison's slide and Dylan's harmonica is a much awaited reunion of friends, colleagues, both of whom helped launch rock and roll as art. And even if it is art, it is not that serious, while Rattled, Last Night, and Margarita (ties the best second song spot with Tweeter And The Monkeyman and Congratulations) are plain fun, Dirty World, Heading For The Light and of course The End Of The Line display more serious lyrics, kind of tongue in check. After all, these guys sum up more than a 100 years of music together.
    A must. She wrote a long letter on a short piece of paper....more info
  • The Traveling Wilburys (Robertdunbar)
    Since this particular Cd arrived, I have not yet taken it out of the player. The content is pure gold, real infectious music. If you haven't yet purchased a Wilburys Cd, this is the one to get. Both Volume one and three, plus a rare Europe only released Single "Nobody's Child". Released for the Romanian Angels Appeal. The only reason I gave it a four star rating was due to the low volume level on Volume One, but this in no way detracts from the actual content of the songs themselves.
    Every track has that unique blend of rythmn, vocals, and gritty Rock ,n Roll, that can only be delivered by Messrs Harrison, Orbison, Petty, Dylan and Lynne together.
    "Tweeter and the Monkey Man" is pure genius in verse. Dylan's vocals, as he tells the story of two dropouts on the run from the "undercover cop" is just superb. Other tracks I've picked out are "Not Alone Anymore" and "She's My Baby" with Gary Moore guesting on guitar.
    Every track is a joy to listen to. It sounds so crisp and fresh, it could have been recorded yesterday.
    If your collection doesn't include the "Wilburys", there's a big gap in it, and this is the perfect Cd to fill it!!!...more info
  • The best of the best?
    Criminally deleted at the present moment, due to legal
    wrangles between the various surviving stars and Warner
    Brothers Inc - this truly is a classic recording.
    From the first take "Handle With Care", through to the
    countryfied "End Of The Line" - there are many gems from
    each member - Dylan and Harrison being particularly prolific.
    "Handle With Care" was destined to be a 12" bonus track
    on George Harrison's 1987 single "This Is Love" (the title
    comes from an orange sticker on a box in Dylan's garage -
    where the song was written) - but Warners considered it "too
    good". The album spawned from there. Check out Roy Orbison's
    haunting "Not Alone Any More", too. Music to melt the
    hardest of hearts. The lyrical majesty of "Tweeter and the
    Monkey Man" is one of Dylan's best of the 1980s.

    You can't go wrong guys....more info

  • Just Great
    My parents still have the cassette tape of this album and I remember as a little kid just playing it over and over. My mother tells me when I was really little, I would ask to hear that song "I'm So Tired of Baloney" (sounds vaguely Wierd Al-ish), by which I meant "Being Lonely." I still think it's one of the greatest albums and I still love listening to it, and I'm only 18. ...more info
  • The stars were aligned .
    Once in a great while everything comes together for a perfect fit. This album has the perfect collection of great musicians, great songs, and it ALL just distilled together into a perfect batch of something so rare. Like that vintage wine all the factors made it a once in a lifetime stew. Even the same group could never repeat this feat. If you can find this BUY IT, but save your money since Volume 3 comes nowhere close. Volumn 1 is a grand slam in game 7 of the world series when you were down by 3 runs in the 9th inning. Volume 3 (the only other album) was not worth the effort and has maybe one song that could come close to being the worst one on Volume1. This is one of my top 5 albums of all time and I am 43 yrs young and have over 600 albums. The only thing i can recommend for fellow lovers of this album is GOLDEN SMOG , another "super group" which honestly i had never heard of any of the members. They have 2 albums both are very very incredible stuff !...more info
  • A "Supergroup" That Lives Up to the Term
    The Traveling Wilburys have almost too much talent for one album. The overall sound suggests that George Harrison was the musical leader of this all-star group, and he turns in his best effort since "All Things Must Pass." Roy Orbison's contributions, although minor, are a true pleasure, and Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne do a nice job of supporting Harrison's lead. If anything, Bob Dylan is an unnecessary distraction.

    "Volume One" is simply one of the best albums of the 1980s, and should stand as a timeless classic - if only someone would get it back in print!...more info