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Kodak EasyShare W1020 10-Inch Wireless Digital Frame
List Price: $279.95

Our Price: $155.00

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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:10 in. (25.4 cm) high-quality displayWi-Fi enabledKodak's Quick Touch BorderAccess the latest news, weather, sports, and moreAutomatically send and receive pictures from Kodak Gallery members right on your frame with the Picture Mail feature - simply touch along the bottom and right hand side of the border of the frame to navigate menus.View news, weather, and sports updates to stay informed throughout the day, plus humor, horoscope, sports, traffic, and more - powered by Framechannel.

  • 10-inch high quality LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio; KODAK Color Science gives your pictures crisp details and vibrant colors
  • Wireless access to pictures on your home computer and leading photo sharing sites featuring Kodak Gallery and Flickr with built-in Wi-Fi capability
  • Play your videos or listen to your favorite MP3’s with the frame’s built-in speakers.
  • Store up to 4000 of your favorite pictures directly on your frame’s 512 MB of internal memory
  • 2 SD card slots are available to allow you to have extra memory to view more pictures

Customer Reviews:

  • W1020 - Recommended Software to use with
    With the right software this frame is excellent. Use Picasa (free from Google) [...] to organize and manage collections, give star ratings to your favorites. Save copy to temp location on hard drive.

    Use the excellent re-sizer and manager software "FastStone" [...] (Also Free for personal home use) to re-size frame images to 848 X 480 to get exact frame size at maximum resolution and minimum file sizes in 16X9 formats. Do not use smart crop (fastone) or your pictures will get headless people.

    Save re-sized photos to SD or USB storage in folder "pictures". Do not let frame re-size pictures.
    Save your MP3's to a folder called "Music"

    Works like a charm. Frame is very fast in this format w/o any hang-ups, and at no additional costs. Images are truly amazing.

    Additional info:
    Delete all pictures etc. from frames internal memory card (this forces frame to look else ware for pictures). Set my slide show option (frame option) to use SD / USB card, random - save settings in frame. Set music to SD / USB card, select all music files, random play, also set slide show to random.

    All wireless options work as advertised, including all the web options. HOWEVER, it helps to know what you are doing. If you are new to the technology just use the SD card methods or have a knowledgeable teenager or techie help you set it up for wireless / web operations.

    Use a descent set of computer speakers (powered) connected to the audio out port on the side of the frame for better sound, this will by-pass the internal undersized speakers. This frame has many more options than most other frames on the market. With those options, comes complexity. Taken as a whole, this is one technical marvel for a good price. Stick to the basics and you will be more than pleased. The only other frame to come close to competing with this one is a Sony. Without sound, without wireless, without internet, without mp3 player input and all at a higher cost. Kodak did an excellent job of designing a feature rich frame on the cutting edge of technology.

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    In theory, this should be a great product. However, the reality is that it is a total waste of time and money. I've spend 4 straight days trying to set up the picture frame. Although I was able to successfully connect the frame to my wireless network, the Kodak EasyShare Digital Display software is unable to find the frame on the wireless network. So the wireless functionality is completely useless. I've contacted Kodak's technical support numerous times, but they've been absolutely worthless -- all they do is refer me to the owner's manual and online help. The owner's manual directs you to the online help if you have any issues, and the online help refers you to the owner's manual. I will be returning this frame and will be buying another brand....more info
  • Kodak EasyShare Wireless Digital Frame
    I found this digital frame easy to use and set up. The photo display quality is excellent! With the edition of an inexpensive 4GB memory card, the photo stream is nearly endless. Would definitely purchase similar products from Kodak. Great value for size/quality....more info
  • Wireless support requires firewall to be disabled
    I've been looking forward to getting a wireless photo frame so that I could stream photos from my computer (in another room) without having to mess with USB cables and memory cards. I was happy to pay extra for such a feature.

    However, after battling to get this wireless photo frame connected to my computer I engaged Kodak support. They informed me that:

    "Actually, for applications like our digital frame, the firewall must be disabled for it to work properly."

    After explaining how this opens my computer up to considerable risk the response was:

    "I understand. Disabling your firewall would be my best suggestion for this. I'm sorry for the inconvinience."

    This is totally unacceptable. With such a high risk of virus infection, worm attacks, and identity theft these days, disabling the firewall to stream photos to a photo frame is a ridiculous ask. I hope that Kodak get their act together and fix this issue quickly as right now I have an expensive piece of junk....more info
  • W1020 - Good frame, flawed software
    I bought the W1020 wireless frame hoping I could manage the frame content remotely from my PC via the Kodak Digital Display software. I setup the wireless connection through the frame's touch-panel interface - no problem. I then installed the Kodak Digital Display on my Vista PC. From the application, I could copy files from my pictures folders to the "Drag and Drop zone", where they would dissappear and mysteriously show up on the frame display somewhere. Kodak online chat support told me that the display software is "a one way street - you can only PUSH pictures to the frame". You cannot manage the frame content from the Kodak software.

    The real problem began when Windows Update offers a patch KB954430 (XML Core Services). But once it is installed the Kodak software stops working. If you then repair the Kodak software through Control Panel, the same update is offered again, which breaks the Kodak software. So you wind up in a circle. Google the "KB954430 problem". and you will see what many others have also found. I contacted Kodak support via online chat and phone to ask for help, but gave up. I finally removed the Kodak software and manually downloaded and re-installed/repaired the Windows update. I now manage the content of the frame wirelessly using the functions of the touch-screen interface, or from my PC using Windows Explorer connected by the USB cable. I am still trying to figure out how to manage the frame from my PC wirelessly.

    Pros: Frame display picture quality and touch-screen interface are really good. Lots of connectivity for different media. Attractive design. 512 MB internal memory is quite generous. RSS feeds work fine, but must be setup with the buggy software.

    Cons: The Kodak software is a disaster. The speakers sound tinny, power cord only 5'.

    If you only want to use SD cards or flashdrives, this frame is plug 'n play. But if you want to manage the frame content from your PC, it will take some patience and tech skills. Overall, it is a very good frame, hopefully Kodak can release a fix for the digital display software....more info
  • The RSS and Flickr Feeds do not work properly, the support people are HORRIBLE!
    This product is not ready for primetime, and the outsourced support that Kodak has hired is completely un-knowledgeable in the product. After an hour on support help desk, and telling 3 different support people the same information, they told me they didn't understand the problem. ID# 13090 was her name, and she doesn't know what flickr is, and that it even works with their product. Basically I bought this frame to stream flickr photos to the unit; however, after trying different methods, it will do the following... not randomize the streaming photos, so you always see them in the same order. If you use the RSS flickr feed, it will only stream 15-20 of the RSS tagged photos, even though I tagged over 500, again in the same order, not shuffled. The software is wonky at best, and the touch screen is less than responsive. I have been waiting for a product to give to grandma so she doesn't have to touch it, and will get photos; however, i will need to keep waiting. By the way this unit also fell of the wifi secured network more the once, and needed to be reconfigured, despite an excellent signal. I will NEVER buy a kodak product again, they should have stuck to film cameras. ...more info
  • Solid early entrant for affordable Wifi frame
    I've been looking for a wireless frame for a while and wanted to wait until I found products that were both affordable and reasonable mature.

    The W1020 is a solid step but it's far from perfect (at least for my target use of streaming and updating photos).

    Things I liked:
    - wide support for online sites - it works out of the box with Flickr, Picasa, and Kodak's own site
    - screen quality - it's not awesome but from 5 feet or more, it looks just fine
    - good looking - it actually looks like a frame and has options for changing the border color.
    - FrameChannel - while this is not Kodak's software, it IS an awesome site that lets you easily create a constantly updating sequence of photos that pulls from sources as diverse as RSS feeds, news, Flickr and much more.

    Surprises and disappointments:
    - the touch screen isn't a touch screen - you touch the border outside the screen (not a huge issue but not what I expected)
    - the software is poorly put together - there is a web interface, a desktop install and the online site run by Kodak. I applaud Kodak's diversity of options but it does make for a confused mess even to someone who is gadget savvy.
    - the wifi range is terrible - the frame sits 20-30 feet (through a floor) from a brand new Dlink router and yet it regularly drops the connection. Other wireless devices like laptops, iPhones, Media Extenders all work fine in that area and much further away. Worse yet, after dropping, the frame will then say it can't find a connection at all. I am forced to turn it off and on again. This seems so trivial to fix: a better wifi circuit, auto-restarting the lost signal or even just adding an ethernet port (it does not have one).
    - screen aspect ratio - I knew this going in but I wonder why Kodak used a 16:9 screen when nearly all the pictures people take are 4:3.

    Overall, I'm pleased with the product. And, after investing 6-8 hours really understanding its quirks, I purchased a second one for my mother to have at her house. Nonetheless, I am anxious for firmware and software upgrades to make the experience a little less annoying....more info
  • Extermely versatile and just plain COOL!
    Just bought the Kodak W1020 and it far exceeds my expectations. Picture quality is best I've seen and you have 4 options to show digital pictures: SD/MMC card, Via 802.11 Wireless network to your PC picture library, pictures copied to the frame, and from pictures published on the internet. You can also set up some very neat Internet RSS feeds to show you weather forecasts and traffic updates. You can even set this thing up to turn itself on and off at specific times. We've got ours setup to come in the morning on work dayo show us the weather and traffic conditions. You'll need to setup a free account on to access the RSS feeds and it takes a bit of manipulation to really figure out how to customize them to your hearts desire. It will also play music although the speakers are not exactly high fidelity, still you can do and it can access mp3 files from all 4 sources. The only trick is that to completely configure the frame you will have to load the s/w from Kodak and use it to connect to the frame; all easily done.. but as always the manual is not very specific on what you can do from what interface. The user interface on the frame is very easy to use .. but using the keyboard is tedious as you can only scroll left and right via the button interface so working your way through the keyboard is one long process as you go from row to row. If you don't need the wireless features and just want to show show pictures.. I'd probably not buy this. I would not give to say.. my elderly parents as it pretty sophisticated and too complicated for them to want to mess with. That being said.. we love this thing and it is the most innovative electronic gadget I've seen in quite some time. It is an absolutely cool device and is an amazing media viewer. THe frame is well constructed and well made. My kids already dropped it and it has survived thus far. The ac power cord is bit short if you intend to hang it on a wall, but works good enough for coffee tables. The user interface buttons on the frame disappear completely when you are not messing with them which .. again.. is just cool. Can you tell I highly recommend this! A definite cool present!...more info
  • Just bad wireless
    I bought this frame because of its ability to view all my photos directly from my PC. I have a lot of photos, and having to constantly update the frames selection seemed like a pain. Unfortunately, even though the frame did connect to my wireless-G WPA2 network (at 60%+), it just took forever to bring up any pictures (even w/latest firmware). I installed the latest PC software on Vista, tried to point the software at my network share.. whoops, can't share off a network drive. Copied 1000 or so pictures to the C drive and pointed the software at those. The Frame found them, and sat there for at least 30 min before doing anything. If I cut the number of pics down to 50 or so, it seemed to work better (still very slow). I copied all 1000 (3 Gb) of pics to a CF card, popped it in, and the slide show stared instantly. So, why bother w/wireless. I guess if you use Flick/Framegrabber/etc, it might be ok.

    Also, I think the quality of the pictures it displays is about 6/10. ...more info
  • Good Fram
    Overall, good purchase
    Pros: excelent image quality, good size, easy to use.
    Cons: EasyShare software, too slow, not good for organizing folders, names, etc. I would rather prefer to be able to copy files (videos, pictures, etc) wirelessly via a ftp services or even better, mapping the device through my local network. I don't know why Kodak don't think in the same way! ...more info
  • Wireless capabilities better than expected
    I bought this as a very early Christmas present for my parents, thinking that they would need my help to set it up. I was blown away by how easy it was to setup. Within 10 minutes of unpacking the frame, I had pictures from my Kodak Gallery account displayed on the frame.

    Although the interface isn't perfect, it works the way it was intended and is fairly intuitive. The touch sensors on the border of the frame allow for an easy (and somewhat cool) mechanism to navigate around the frame.

    I read reviews about poor image quality, but I personally found the image quality to be outstanding. Even from across the room, the pictures were bright and sharp. I have never before written a review about a product, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this frame that I felt I had to.

    So far, my parents love the gift. I can remotely upload pictures to KodakGallery, and within minutes it shows up on their frame....more info
  • Kodak W1020
    - Purchased this frame for my parents to automatically get updated pictures of the grandchildren.
    - I'm an experienced PC user/software developer
    - My parents have a computer, DSL, email, but limited computer skills. I thought this would allow me to deliver pictures right to their living room on a regular basis.

    My Experiences setting it up and testing
    - The border touch and menu system was very intuitive and more tactically accurate than many of the touch screens I've used.
    - Loading pictures from external memory card was simple
    - Picture quality was excellent and better than expected considering I was concerned about the 16/9.
    - Configuring WiFi access relatively simple including security configuration
    - Kodak EasyShare desktop software -- I couldn't get it to load on my Windows XP machine. Froze up multiple times during installation process and when I finally got a "successful" install, the software would crash each time I ran it.
    - But for my purposes I was able to completely to configure the frame directly through the frame menu system and through the web browser access to the frame directly from my PC. This mainly was setting up access to the internet (Kodak web site, news and weather)
    - I have it now setup where they turn it on and it (after ~30 seconds) starts showing pictures I have loaded onto the Kodak web site. I can load this folder remotely and viola my parents will have the latest pictures each time they turn on the frame.
    - Video and Sound - I didn't try anything other than the samples that came with it and they looked/sounded great.

    The much talked about software issues will likely cause a problem if your needs are to directly access files from a PC, but otherwise it is a great frame.

    My parents experience
    TBD...more info
  • one of the best
    Interface can be hard at first even harder for older people who want touch the screen and not the edge. Wireless work great. I set up framechannel for my grandmother who live in a home with wireless internet. Family upload new picture to a site and they end up being show on the picture frame at my grandma's room. Auto turn on and off setting is great. Sound/Video is very good but find it better for viewing video from you digital camera then have it be normal thing comes up ever few mins. Viewing from side and up and down isnt bad when you put it next to other frames going for this price. ...more info