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Kodak P720 EasyShare 7-Inch Digital Frame
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Product Description

Bringing your favorite pictures to life has never been easier. Just insert a memory card or USB flash drive into the Kodak EasyShare P720 Digital Picture Frame and enjoy viewing your pictures right away. Your frame comes with decorative mattes that allow you to personalize the look of the frame, and complement your home decor. Kodak EasyShare Software makes it easy to load pictures straight from your home computer. Kodak's Quick Touch Border keeps fingerprints off of your viewing screen so your images stay beautiful. The convenient drag-and-drop feature is perfect for transferring pictures for slideshows. View your pictures on the 7" (17.8 cm) high-resolution viewing screen, featuring Kodak Color Science for vibrant color and crisp detail. Selectable viewing hours featuring automatic on/off settings Easily browse and edit your albums Display your frame on a tabletop or on a wall, vertically or horizontally Discreet cord design is barely visible

  • 7-inch high quality LCD screen
  • Ease of control with Kodak's Quick Touch Border
  • Easily drag and drop pictures with Kodak Easyshare software, digital frame edition
  • Mount on the wall of display on a table

Customer Reviews:

  • Didn't work!
    I feel stupid that i bought this product even though i saw the comments of people having trouble with the touch screen. I took my chance but mine didn't work either! So all i know about this product that it has a language menu which you cannot change! It seems there's a good chance that you may bump into a faulty item. So either stay away from it or try it out, if you can, before buying it.
    ...more info
  • Great frame for starting out!
    This review is for the Kodak Easyshare P720 digital frame. This is the first digital frame I have purchased, never before being able to let myself spend the money to invest in one. I actually now have purchased three, one for myself, one for my parents, and one for my in-laws. I haven't played around with any of the advanced features yet. The thing I really like about this frame is that all my parents & in-laws have to do is basically turn the thing on and watch the pictures--I can do all the setup beforehand. The picture quality is very good, I think....more info
  • Easy to use/load, great price
    My grandparents love this gift - was very easy to load - just put photos on a card, plug the card into the frame and go. Didn't even need the software if you use Windows Explorer to copy your photos onto your camera card....more info
  • Touch screen dead
    It's true, the touch screen is dead on mine also. The screen lit up fine and ran throught its 3 second boot up presentation ok and stopped on the Language setup page but, the quick touch border does not respond. (I've used touch screen monitors before). Because of mass production it's likely that several hundreds or thousands of these are defective and your chances of getting a bad one are probably high. I cannot recommend it. Dave...more info
  • Only worked for 3 tries
    I got this as a gift for Christmas and used it 3 times. When I tried to turn it on the 4th time it wouldn't turn on. I tried other outlets, unplugging/plugging, etc. Nothing worked. I just had to spend over $9.00 to ship it back to Kodak. It was brand new so it would have been nice if Kodak would have paid for the shipping. I would not recommend this frame and would rather have another but again, this was a gift. Hopefully I will get a new, working one back in a few weeks....more info
  • Some good points and bad points
    I bought this frame as a mother's day gift because my mom was always talking about wanting to have a digital picture frame on her desk. Since it is for her desk the size is great. Even though it is plastic, the frame itself looks better than most since it doesn't have the bulky plastic frame like so many others. Quality wise the pictures are just ok - nothing stunning, but they look decent. I also like the touch border concept, which was easy to navigate. Now on to the really bad part. Perhaps it was just the frame we got but on the second power up no pictures would display. It just wouldn't recognize the SD card for some reason. When we would take out the SD card and put it back in we would get a purple screen of death and the whole thing would just freeze. This went on and on and on until eventually, after numerous times of taking out the card and putting it back in, it decided to start working again. This was the last time I saw the frame since it is now home with my mom, but from what I saw I was very disappointed. Perhaps given some more time Kodak will improve this product and it will be great, but right now it needs some more work. ...more info
  • Not Plug 'n Play for elderly
    OK. I was just setting this puppy up for my mother-in-law and was into a head-banging loop because, like others here, the "touch screen" was not working. Went to the Kodak site, did their trouble shooting sequence and found out that YOU DON'T TOUCH THE SCREEN -- ONLY THE PLASTIC BORDER OF THE SCREEN. Have to say I missed that in my quick scan of the instructions. It should really be marked in bold in the instructions and maybe a bold border drawn around the touch section on the frame. Sure, always read the instructions, but reading the problems here, it seems that others may be having this same problem. Especially when it's assumed it's a "touch screen" -- it's not.

    Also, the Quick Start instruction sheet came only in French & Spanish.

    So, it works pretty good after that (though we're only talking 10 minutes now). As with too many gizmos, I don't think an elderly person can fiddle with it successfully. If you're getting it for someone with arthritis or techno-phobia (even mild), you've got to fully set it up so it's literally plug 'n play. Ideally, you even do the plugging.

    I did not use their software. Using your own SD card or USB is probably the way to go -- put all the photos on that.

    ...more info
  • Not as expected!
    This digital frame is not close to what I expected. Not impressed by the look or its performance. ...more info
  • Great product
    Great product, easy to use (once you figure out that the border they instruct you to use is not on the screen. You actually touch the frame, not the screen to make changes.) But this is a nice frame. I brought my parents the larger EasyShare frame by Kodak and liked it so much I bought this one for my husband's desk....more info
  • Great product - great value
    I bought this Kodak digital frame for my in-laws. It performed flawlessly and is so easy to use even the technically challenged can figure it out. I personally own an "off-brand" frame and was impressed with the outstanding picture quality and extra features of this Kodak product. I would buy another, and I may - for myself!...more info