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Onkyo HT-S5100 7.1 Channel Home Entertainment System (Set of Nine, Black)
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Product Description

Looking for a home theater package with some genuine caliber? Then the HT-S5100 7.1-channel receiver/speaker package deserves your attention. As one of Onkyo's second-generation HDMI-compliant packages, the HT-S5100 gets the best out of high-definition video sources and lets you connect up to three 1080p sources for switching to one display. But a quality home theater package isn't defined by video alone. The HT-S5100 packs 1200 watts of overwhelming power, backed up by Audyssey room correction technologies, to create the perfect surround-sound environment. This is also Onkyo's first home theater package to come with a dedicated dock for iPod playback. With the right optional gear, you can even connect and subscribe to SIRIUS radio. 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer - a home-theater reality! DTS and DTS-ES, DTS 96/24 and DTS Neo - 6 Processing Optimum Gain Volume Circuitry H.C.P.S. (High Current Power Supply) Massive High Power Transformer 192 kHz/24-bit D/A Converters Accurate 32-bit DSP Processing Color-Coded 7.1 Multichannel Inputs (Ready for Dolby Digital and DTS Formats for High-Definition Discs) and Pre Outs 4 Digital Inputs (2 Optical/ 2 Coaxial) HDTV-Ready Component Video Switching (2 Inputs/ 1 Output) 40 Sirius/AM/FM Presets Music Optimizer for Compressed Music Crossover Adjustment (40/50/60/80/100/120/150/200 Hz) Speaker A/ B Drive Color-Coded Speaker Terminals Preprogrammed RI-Compatible Remote HTP-560 - Speakers (SKF-560F 2-Way Front Speakers and SKC-560C 2-Way Center Speaker) 5 OMF Diaphragm Woofer (SKF-560F) 3-1/4? OMF Diaphragm Woofer x 2 (SKC-560C) 1 Balanced-Dome Tweeter Max Input Power - 130-Watts Magnetically Shielded Color-Coded Speaker Terminals and Speaker Cable 8-ohm Impedance SKM-560S/SKB-560 Full-Range Surround/Surround Back Speakers 3-1/4 Full-Range Speaker Max Input Power - 130-Watts 8-ohm Impedance Color-Coded Speaker Terminals and Speak

  • 7.1 channel home theater system with AV tuner and iPod docking station
  • HDMI pass-thru (1080p compatible; 3 inputs and 1 output)
  • Audyssey 2EQ to correct room acoustic problems and to calibrate speakers
  • Includes two front speakers, four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer
  • Total system power: 1200 watts

Customer Reviews:

  • Wouldn't know, never arrived
    This product "disappeared" from the UPS truck so there's no way to review it. Amazon was very little help; making and rescinding promises, claiming they were unable to do anything, and telling me to contact UPS instead of them.

    I went to Circuit City instead.

    ...more info
  • Excellent, but not future-proof.
    My first real home theater system and let me just say it's excellent! It only took me about 2 hours to set up... and that's only because I'm obsessive about hiding the wires. The manual is clear and easy to understand... just make sure you read it.

    I was very impressed with the quality of the components for the money. Most HTIBs sacrifice in many areas to keep the cost down. This is a true component system (8 ohm speakers too) for a HTIB price. The receiver is well constructed and easy to figure out. I would have paid $350 just for it... so essentially the speakers are free. The subwoofer shakes the walls, is very well built and has a wood cabinet, as do the rest of the speakers--big selling point for me. The sound quality is excellent and easily calibrated using Audissey. I also like that you can manually override any of the Audissey settings once it is done.

    The only thing I dislike is the HDMI pass-through versus a true HDMI audio repeater. Therefore, because I don't always want have my receiver on when watching TV, the pass-throughs are essentially useless to me. I just connected my devices via HDMI directly to my TV and used the digital audio inputs on the receiver. The Onkyo HT-S6100 has the repeater but costs about $200 more. Money not being a factor, I would have bought it.

    I am not sure if sound quality would be significantly improved if the audio signal was repeated via HDMI, but overall I am extremely happy with this system. My recommendation is this: if you only want to spend around 400 bucks and get one heck of a nice system, this is the way to go. If you have the money, buy the 6100 and get the HDMI repeater. Either way, Onkyo's products are FAR better for the price than any other HTIB systems I have found....more info
  • Subwoofer failed 30 Seconds After Power Up
    I purchased an Onkyo HT-S5100 and set it up per the instructions. 30 seconds after turning it on, the subwoofer gave off a puff of smoke and went dead. This was with playing very low volume classical music through it. At the request of Onkyo customer service I UPS shipped (at my expense) the subwoofer to the Authorized Repair Center. Three weeks later I get the Subwoofer back, hook it up to the HT-S5100 and within one minute, poof! The same thing happens, with no input signal going into it this time. It appears the service person only replaced the failed components and did not fix the reason they burned out in the first place! As I write this review, I am on hold with Onkyo customer sevice again, this time I will demand that a NEW subwoofer be sent to me. I was on hold for 2 hours before a representative got on the phone. I was told to send the reciever to the service center WITH the failed subwoofer this time, because the receiver probally caused the subwoofer to fail, the customer rep insisted. Onkyo refused to send me a new subwoofer. To make a long story short, I went to Best Buy and paid $100 for a new SONEY sub woofer, hooked it up and all works quite fine now. I was not going to send the receiver with the sub woofer to the ONKYO repair facility just to have the receiver damaged by UPS, like my subwoofer was (speaker cabinet was banged up). I just do not have countless hours to spend on this problem any more. No more Onkyo products for me. I do realize that occassionally you get a bad item. That happens and is not the reason for my "one star" rating. It's the unacceptable customer service!...more info
  • Novice electronics user
    I replaced an older less expensive system with the Onkyo 5100. Very well satisfied with the quality of 5100. As a novice on most things electronic I did have some qualms on setting it up to a cable signal, DVR/VCR, connecting to non HD TV and setting the system operation up. Some areas of the instruction manual could have been better (types of cable to use etc.) Was able to get the job done tho with a bit of head scratching.
    Very satisfied with doing business with Amazon. Unit price was best I could find and it arrived earlier than projected. ...more info
  • onkyo 5100 7.1 dolby
    This system sounds great and is easy to set up......for the price I think its about the best you can get.......more info
  • Watch out for HDMI
    I finally got this system hooked up after trying since Christmas. When I first tried to hook it up I used the HDMI connections for my cable box and a d-link box and got nothing. I got an error about my TV not being HCPC compliant. I read online that many people have this problem with their Onkyo systems. I knew my TV was compliant because it was already hooked up with an HDMI cable to the Comcast box. Then when I tried to hooked it back up directly it would not work anymore. After hours of trial and error I discovered that it was not the TV ports and after a visit from the comcast guy and two trips to the Comcast store to get a new box, I finally got it to work with the new Comcast box connected to the onkyo with the hdmi cables. Apparently it had something to do with the HDMI repeater in the old comcast box. So if you buy this and are having trouble, switch your cable box because I think they now have a new firmware that fixes the HDMI repeater error. Otherwise the system is great....more info
  • Excellent product for the money
    Paid less than $400 with free shipping. The wiring it comes with is poor, but that's the case with almost any HTIB. Sound quality is very good....more info
  • 1200 Watts Of Pure Energy!! Yeah!!!
    It didn't take long for me to become satisfied with this purchase. The price was remarkable when I purchased it (under $400) in October '08. Come the first week in January I see the same model for $700 + in my Sunday sales papers. On account of that alone, you cannot beat getting it from Amazon.

    The overall shipping experience was okay. As far as shipping time goes, it came before I knew it. I did not appreciate the fact that one of the corners on the large box was damaged. Whatever caused it must have administered some serious trauma because on the inside, the styrofoam was damaged, including the back of one of the speaker boxes. This damage wasn't serious, however. It was only the particle board that was damaged and this did not affect the audio quality.

    Speaking of which, this system sounds marvelous! This was the reason why I chose to go with Onkyo audio as opposed to the Sonys, Panasonics, and RCAs of the world. After my setup, wall mounting, and etc, I was in business. I have a living room that's approximately 16'X 25' and this thing FILLS the room! It's been three months and I have yet to explore all the features this thing has to offer. It's not made for techies but be prepared to study up on your great investment.

    The Cons with this system are minimal. In fact, I can only think of one....if it's one at all. That one and only Con i'm referring to is the size of the system. There is nothing diminutive about the speakers. The woofer stands at about 2 feet off of the floor. My wall mounted front, center, and surround speakers are bulky but I can understand. When it comes to speakers, it's all about the unit that it's housed in. The more space, the richer the sound. For the most part the speakers look great. I have them on my wall and everyone thinks that they look so subdued, even visitors.

    Some have expressed concered about the receiver over-heating and sometimes shutting off. In three months this has yet to happen. It does get pretty warm, and I was concerned with this "heat" prior to buying it. When I finally got it up and running, I was like, "You call this over heating?" People, its no big deal....and isn't a 1200 watt machine supposed to heat up? Like all electronics just make sure that there is free air flow around it at all times.

    Lately I have really been impressed with the woofer. The power ranges from -15 to 15 and I routinely keep it on -15 when watching movies and cable. It even sounds great at this level...and I didn't even mention the control knob on the rear of the woofer! This has been at the halfway point since day one. With the knob remained at that position I will usually increase the 'Subwoofer' setting on the receiver anywhere between -2 and 5 for 'Stereo'. This of course is for MP3s, CDs, and radio stations. The music experience has been exceptional because of the woofer.

    So far the dock has worked well but I do not use it often. I have an Ipod Nano in there but getting it to function with the accompanying remote is tricky. I haven't quite figured that out yet but will update in the future. ...more info
  • Great Price - Good Value
    Great product for the price!
    I knew what I was getting so I'm giving this 5 stars.

    However, I wish the look/size of the speakers was better - smaller. I'm really picky and love the utilitarian simplicity of designs like apple and bose products. So with me wanting speakers like the bose satellite cube speakers and getting this unit I wish they were smaller. I can not fault Onkyo because I knew this when I purchased this unit as my first true AV system and did not want to pay 2500+ for a Bose Lifestyle system.

    I picked this system up for under $350 on Amazon during the Christmas sales - so it was a great value for me and the Audessy (programs the sound for the room automatically) system is way cool and works great to setup room acoustics. I did tweak setting afterwards to my liking, but overall it works well.

    It did degrade my component video signal from cable box and blue ray player. Not a big deal as it's only passthrough hdmi unit anyway (so I was not planning to use HDMI for audio). So I just run optical to the Onkyo for both cable HD and my Sammy BD-P2500 Blue Ray and then run HDMI to my Sammy 67 LED DLP HDTV directly for cleaner signal.

    Overall - GREAT VALUE and GOOD PRODUCT (just don't expect it to be small or to sound like a 3000+ plus home audio system)....more info
  • home theather
    Really nice sound.. Maybe need a little more volume... easy to install... everything is on the box... I recomend it.... the remote control is a little complex .. you need to read a little to get it clear......more info
  • Surround sound
    I recently added this to my home theater set up. It offers the widest range of hook ups possible for both audio and video sources. Exactly what I needed....more info
  • Great sound for the money
    This system was worth every cent. Great sound for the money I payed. I had a Bose system for 15yrs and I needed a new one. I have a Family now and I couldn't afford a new Bose. I was not disapointed. If your looking for a HTS in a box this is it. ...more info
  • Awesome Speakers, is horrible! Buyer Beware
    When I bought this I wasn't too worried about the price because is usually very competitive. I figured if the price went down in 30 days I would just call them and have them credit my card. THEY WON'T DO THAT! So don't plan on any help that way! Buyer beware! I emailed and called twice. As for the sound system its awesome! Just buy it somewhere else where people have customer service policy that make sense for the customer not just the company! is one of those great starter websites that everyone loves because its so cheap, but then they have a hard time with internal spending, CEO's making too much money & they have to change the policy to screw over the customer so the CEO can get that new exotic car! I give one or two years of this same direction and they will crash!...more info
  • Great Item
    The onkyo HT-S5100 is a great system. Sounds fantastic. I bought this system for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it. I have an older Onkyo system and I love mine. After doing reviews on what's on the market now, I went with this system because it had good reviews and because I have one myself. I would highly recommend this system for the price.
    However, I did order it from Amazon, and the box was a little beat up and on the top of the receiver there's a "bubble dent". My boyfriend said it's not worth sending back and it's something he can deal with. Other than that, great system.
    Julienne Huggins...more info
  • Lives up to the hype
    I highly recommend this item. I was searching for a home theatre system for Christmas. I saw that Consumer Reports had ranked it #1. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but with Amazon's discount, it made it a worthy price to pay.

    What I received was more than expected. Not just great packaging so that nothing was harmed, but very easy to install. It's all color-coded, so I let my six-year old help. She had fun and it turned into a family fun thing instead of a project.

    The reviewer, Pope Clement VII, has all the tech details in his review, so I believe I'll skip that part. Way too techy for me, but he nails it. Kudos, Pope C.

    The sound is brilliant and crystal clear. This thing can thump and it can also provide a soothing background to the simplest of movies. The iPod dock is pretty cool too. All your components will run "through" the audio system. So you do have to have it running to get ANY functioning from any device hooked up to it. To me, it's a plus, but I suppose to others it may be just one more button to worry about. I love the control features too. Program away if you dare. Customize the sound according to what you are watching/listening to. Nice features. Easy to understand.

    I highly recommend this item!...more info
  • Best Sound Ever
    This system beats our Bose system it replaced! Best sound ever! Makes you feel like you are in the movies rather than just watching!...more info
  • Onkyo HT-S5100 7.1 Channel Home Entertainment System

    love it use it every day not hard to set up good value...more info
  • HDMI does not work for audio
    The HDMI cables are pass through only. You are going to have to clutter your equipment up by using HDMI AND audio cables - this seems like a big mistake by the manufacturer. I linked it to my Blu Ray DVD player and it took 7 extra cables even though I had a HDMI connection.
    Sound quality is very good for a unit of this price. The remote looks a bit cheap and is not well set out. Connecting the speakers is very easy with the color coded wires. The base unit has an annoying red light lit up all the time the unit is off, and a bright blue light when it is in use....more info
    I had to turn down the bass cuz it was so cool! The system scared me a few times cuz it was so realalistic...hahahah...more info
  • A Big WOW! for the price
    My budget was limited, so after doing the research I went with this boxed system. Amazon was right on with the delivery, and soon after was up and running. I agree with other reviews that the speaker wires are lame and replaced with better quality. Also the manual is a little vauge on some hookup and operation proceedures.

    I feel I got a lot for the money, good overall balanced sound without going broke. I have had a couple of high end systems costing $4k to $8k and admit this one does not compare, but for the budget minded, is a very worthy choice.

    ...more info
  • Good system but with caveats
    This is a good system for people who want surround sound but don't care very much to know how it all works. The receiver (stereo/amp) it comes with is a true receiver with radio tuner, input switching, etc. The speakers actually have some heft to them and as a result put out good sound. The sub is sizeable and does a good job. It ships with wiring for the speakers that is color coded to match the speaker connectors which is great for those who don't know how to setup such a system. I got my dad to buy heavier gauge wire as it was a long run to each speaker, but I'm sure it would have been fine with the stock wire.

    The manual is surprisingly readable for a home electronics device, but I'm not sure how helpful it would be for someone who didn't know what it was
    they were looking for. Speaker setup is dead simple. Wire it up then plug in the microphone and place it near ear level (I used the back of the couch) at the center seating location and press "OK" on the remote. After a bit, it asks you to move it to location 2, the far right-most seating location, then finally location 3, the far left seating location. You need relative quiet for this as having kids/dogs in the background caused it to fail the first attempt.

    The receiver also comes with an iPod dock that plugs in the back of the receiver. You set your iPod in the dock and it will charge it. A press of the DOCK button on the receiver allows you to play music through your sound system effortlessly. It does work with iPhone, though the iPhone will throw up a warning that you may need to switch on airplane mode to prevent noise from the phone antenna, but I left the phone on and it worked fine for me. I didn't notice whether it supported charging the iPhone or not. The iPhone and newer iPods no longer charge via the Firewire pins in the iPod connector but require that the USB pins be used. Lots of car adapters/interfaces used the Firewire pins because they were 12volts and no additional electronics were necessary to make it work. USB uses a lower voltage. Regardless, the iPhone did work just fine for music and that's all that matters.

    The main downside is that it offers hdmi switching, and that should result in many fewer cables which is something people like my parents appreciate as they don't understand these things. However, if you try to use the system with hdmi alone, it will send the audio to the TV but not play it through the receiver which totally defeats the purpose in my opinion. A couple $15 optical cables from walmart solved the problem simply, but it wasn't very clear in the manual and while it was mentioned here, the review I saw first mentioned it in the context of high-end audio formats like TruHD so I thought it just didn't support those over hdmi.

    Additionally, all the HDMI, component and digital audio connections are "assignable" meaning that you can decide you want HDMI #1 to be associated with dvd and HDMI #2 to be associated with your DVR or whatever. You configure the mapping of the video inputs via a menu displayed on the device that you access via the SETUP button on the remote. The digital audio inputs are not in this menu however, and must be accessed via the "DIGITAL INPUT" button on the receiver itself. That is not menu driven, but instead you select the video input and press that button until the proper digital input is selected.

    Lastly, this receiver doesn't offer any sort of upconversion (translation between different input types) so if you have an old VCR you want to connect that uses the yellow/red/white connections and you want the audio to go to the receiver and the video to the TV, you have to run a yellow cable to the TV to get that video signal even if you use hdmi for all other devices. This again leads to additional cables and complexity. It also means the user needs to switch TV inputs as well as receiver inputs as they go between sources. I highly recommend getting a Harmony remote that you can program "activities" into so a single button press will make all those selections for you.

    I know the 7100 model in this line (the 6100 may also) addresses many of these issues. It offers real HDMI support, as well as conversion of older video/audio inputs into the newer ones so there is less cabling and complexity. But it comes at a somewhat significant price premium. So as long as you understand the limitations of this and are willing to work around them, it's a great product and you can't beat the price for a complete system of this quality!...more info
    Excellent product. Great sound for price. Unpacked and completely setup within 1 hour. Quality equipment at a great price. Only disappointment is that it wasn't purchased sooner. ...more info
  • Great sound for reasonable price
    I have been through all comments.I have no complain about HDMI.
    It is great with HD Cable,DVD and music. For bluray,make sure you choose
    bit stream option not PCM . dolby Ex and DPLIIx distribute 5.1 equally to 7.1.I strongly recommend this product if you can buy it for <$399....more info
  • Sweet
    Fortunately for me, my brother-in-law rocks. Set it up perfectly.

    Sounds almost too good. Movies just come alive better than our old system and although the speakers are small they are dynamic.

    Enjoy it!...more info
  • Lovin it
    I recieved the Onkyo for Christmas. Setup was easier than I thought and the sound is great. The ipod dock is great since you can control the ipod from the remote....more info
  • Excellent sound for all home entertainment.
    If you aren't a total audio snob, this is an excellent system. I'm very picky about sound quality and this has all anyone should need for a top quality home theater system. We have a Sony Blu-Ray a new Olevia 42" LCD and I am thrilled with the theatre quality sound in our family room. For the average house hold this is MORE than enough system. I have no desire to go to the movie theatre to see movies anymore. Like I said, I'm picky about sound, but I could not justify spending $1200 on a component system that would have delivered, what, tiny decibles of sound differences that are barely audible to a dog's ear? No thanks. This is a great system that will give you hours of enjoyment. We love it. ...more info
  • Superb product for the money!
    Pros: Overwhelming thunderous bass when speakers and subwoofer are set at their highest levels. This thing really BOOMS during sports games or when I have a movie on. Though it still has solid mids and lo's as well which is surprising for a system in this price range.

    Cons: Only con as mentioned before is that the HDMI is pass through only. So your next best best is to use a optical cable for high quality sound. Not a big con in my book since most shows since most networks are barely catching on to 5.1 let alone true 7.1 HD sound. So dolby digital will be more than enough for most listeners barring hardcore audiophiles of course. But if you are intent on buying a blue ray player and want to hear the newest hd sound formats then you need to purchase the Onkyo ht-s6100 which is able to decode those formats.

    Other Thoughts: I believe this system is unbeatable at this price point. I could have purchased the newer model s6100 but it would have cost me twice the money I paid for this model. I only paid $365 for my s5100 from another online retailer. I was not willing to pay twice that amount of money for hd formats that could only be used with blueray for now. I don't buy into the whole "new formats will be coming soon down the road so you might have to upgrade soon" hype that most retailers/audiophiles throw at us. I mean for a perfect example look at the television side of this. We were being sold on hd TV's up to 7 years ago and only THIS year are broadcasters finally switching to digital broadcasts instead of analog. The proof is in the pudding.
    ...more info
    This has to be the greatest buy. This was easy to setup and has a great sound. Would like to have the upscaling capability but for the price, you can not beat this product....more info
  • Seriously..spend the extra $100 dollars on this.
    I was extremely pleased with this system. I recently purchased a cheaper pioneer system for $100 less than this for a friend. I SERIOUSLY regret not spending the extra $100 dollars as I almost want to just throw the pioneer away after hearing this. This is probably one of the best systems you can get for under $350 dollars. Extremely easy to set up and the documentation is very helpful by explaining in detail all of the different modes and what they should be used for....more info
  • Great sound, but occasional crackling sound in one channel
    Having read so many positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to give this system a try. I was not disappointed! It sounds great and is perfect for my basement, which is not a very large sized room. The only issue I am experiencing is on occasion I hear a low crackling sound coming from the left front channel if I stand in front of the speaker and there is no audio playing through it; I hear it if the volume control on the receiver is above 40. I have checked my wiring and have found the problem is not in the speakers or wires but appears to be from the output of the left front channel of the receiver. And this does not occur all of the time. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this problem? This is the only reason I have given this a four-star rating, otherwise it would have been a five....more info
  • Very nice for the money
    I bought this system after much research and I have been very pleased with my purchase. I knew about the pass thru only and that audio signals would need to go through other connections and everything else that some technophobes have been upset over. I didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars more for a system that has true 7.1 hdmi ports. I wanted a good system that fulfills all my needs without busting my wallet. The box arrived from UPS banged all to hell, with a big hole busted in the corner. To top it off they left it in front of my door in the rain! No doorbell, no nothin. Luckily, Onkyo packs it up very well and I there wasn't any damage that I could see. I set it up and everything works fine. One note: If your planning on using it in 5.1 mode you need to use the surround speakers, not the surround back. If you use the back speakers the Audyssey 2 speaker program will show a error. The remote controls all my other componets well except for my Samsung 46" 650 series LCD. It won't navigate properly so keep that in mind if you have that particular set. It makes a world of difference with the Blu-ray and the X-box. As others have said before the speaker wires supplied are junk so plan on upgrading. Also as noted before the Subwoofer is HUGE! It will send a shock to any wife's decor plans, at least until she hears how good it sounds. After that no problem. ...more info
  • Onkyo Delivers
    I set up this Onkyo system a few days ago, and I have been nothing short of impressed thus far.

    I understand that the fact the receiver in this setup only has 'Pass-Through HDMI' upsets and frustrates some users, but honestly as long as you did your research before purchasing, this is going to be non-issue.

    If you want to be critical of this unit because you are an audiophile and you are dissappointed - I have to ask - why did you even purchase this unit if you are REALLY an audiophile?

    The sound is crisp, clear, and the bass is very powerful. There is no doubt in my mind I made the absolute right decision by purchasing this unit over the other options out there in the price range I was searching for.

    The Audessey EQ2 calibration microphone made my life that much easier after setting up the unit.

    The speakers are comfortable on the eyes, and the system is overall easy to setup and configure.

    I did replace the stock wires with thicker 16 gauge wire as the wires that come with this system (while it is nice they are colour coded) are simply too thin for my liking. I did test the speakers using the stock wires before hooking them up with the thicker wire, and I did notice a slight improvement with the thicker wire.

    I would definitely recommend this system to anyone looking in this price range, and even those looking at a higher price range that might not need a more advanced system.

    ...more info