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Soylent Green
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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 03/25/2008 Rating: Pg

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  • Our future?
  • Soylent Green
    I was very pleased with my purchase ,it was as described and shipped in a timely manner. Great service and shipping .I will purchase from this seller again,Thank you. AAA+++...more info
  • Aging is hard on some "classics"
    This science fiction is typical of a whole period, the very period after 1968. It was the time when the hippies died at the end of Hair, when the flower boys and girls departed at the end of Fritz the cat or Alice's Restaurant, when the Vietnam war became very ugly in Zabriskie Point, when the lying president was going to be re-elected for him to be resigned by Congress just one year later and buried by Jimi Hendrix in Woodstock. This film is just the testament of that dying world. And it invented the mad cow disease just thirty years before: use dead human carcasses to feed the living and you will make that humanity degenerate so fast that there will be no crowded cities for long. It is the end of a period and nothing else and there is absolutely not one single ounce of future in that science fiction. But the music is great, especially the classical funeral march.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • Soylent Green
    Watched this movie on TV years and years ago. I am a science fiction fan to no end. I could not pass this DVD up to have in my collection of DVD's. When this movie was made it was an idea of the future. It could have happened. Not very likly to happen, but could have....more info
  • Charlton And The Cracker Factory...
    SOYLENT GREEN is one of my favorite slabs of early 70s sci-fi. Charlton Heston (Planet Of The Apes, The Omega Man) is a hard-nosed NYC cop named Thorn. It is the year 2022, and the earth is a polluted, overpopulated wreck. Thorn investigates the murder of a powerful, rich man (Joseph Cotten) only to be sucked into the middle of a huge corporate / government conspiracy involving the world's dwindling food supply. Most of the first part is to get us accustomed to our freaky future, and to slowly build the mystery and suspense. This culminates in the fabulous final¨¦, where Thorn discovers the hideous, unspeakable truth about SOYLENT GREEN. This is classic, dystopian sci-fi! Heston is at his grimacing, snarling best. Edward G. Robinson (The Stranger, Double Indemnity, Red House) makes his last role a memorable one. Chuck Conners (Tourist Trap) adds some menace to the procedings, and red-hot Leigh Taylor-Young sizzles in her role as Shirl. My God, what a hottie! Ahem, get this one now... ...more info
  • Is this the future?
    "Soylent Green" was made when the first oil crisis was at its peak (early 1970s). The 'pop' culture was filled with worries over resource shortages, much as the 2000-2009 era has been filled with worries over global warming. There was concern about population growth and food shortages. No one actually expected things to work out as well as they have, so far. However, the main fault of the premises was that the future depicted in "Soylent Green" was set in 2022, but, probably, should have been set another 25 to 50 years further into the future.

    Some reviewers have complained about the cheesyness of the sets. However, they have not thought the situation through. Were would better furniture (for example) come from? Answer: natural resources.

    This is not a pretty nor gentle movie. There is drama and depressiveness here. However, it is a very good depiction of a possible future. We may, still, have to cope with a future such as this. In 2050, the prediction considered to be the most likely is of 10 billion people on Earth. That is, about, a 40% increase over the next fifty years and we keep paving over the best farm land. Some folks in the third world were starving last year. So, where, exactly, is all that extra food going to come from?

    And, once we get to 2050, does the population continue growing? Why? Why not? How fast? What kind of government will we have? How do we avoid the government shown in the movie?

    Those six questions are why Soylent Green was made. Charlton Heston does a good job in a role that was different from his usual type of role. However, the actor to watch is Edward G. Robinson, in his last acting role. Robinson did a magnificent job.

    Buy the movie, watch the movie, be prepared to be thoughtful about the movie after watching it!

    Whether the global warmists are right or wrong, this is the type of government they are pushing to get! Ask yourself; "when will the warmists decide that involuntary euthenasia is needed to stop global warming?" (I think they already have decided and that Al Gore is going to have a far longer life than a poor slob like me. After all, he can bribe the folks deciding who lives and who dies.)...more info
  • Soylent Green
    This movie takes place in 2012,but written 1966. I was only 13 when I first saw it, and to think 2012 is just a couple of years away. This made me realize how true this movie could become if we let the economy get as bad as it was in the movie. Definitely food for thought....more info
  • Solid thriller set in a nightmare future
    Terrific movie that manages to both be a `message movie' and still be entertaining. I wish modern sci-fi movies would look back to Soylent Green to see that sci-fi doesn't have to be dumb to be entertaining.

    Overpopulation is rampant. The ecology has been destroyed and the Earth is barely able to sustain the multiple billions of people living. A company called Soylent is responsible for feeding half of the planet, manufacturing food from soy beans and algae from the oceans.

    A top level executive with Soylent is murdered. All the evidence points to a random burglary gone wrong. Charleton Heston is the harried cop assigned to the case. The further he digs the more his superiors try to pull him off the case. What's going on and how does it relate to Soylent's newest foodstuff: Soylent Green?

    The concerns that this movie (and the original book Make Room! Make Room!) is based on, namely a book called The Population Bomb, has failed to come to pass, but the movie is still worth watching anyway. The realization of a hot grungy future with heat waves that can last a year or longer and not enough space for the vast numbers of people is brilliantly realized. Everyone except for the super-rich is sweaty and grimy. Dust fills the air. Riots are so out of control, dump trucks have to be called in for crowd control. The cops (including our hero) are all corrupt to varying degrees, yet you can see why they would be. There's just not enough to go around and everyone has to fight for whatever scraps they can get. The lack of computers and internet doesn't date this movie as care is taken to show there is barely enough power to keep the lights running.

    The mystery is teased out very well. Even if you already know the ultra famous end to the movie, it is still entertaining to see how they get there and to see the world that has been created....more info
  • sylent green
    This is a very serious movie. It is about overpopulation of people, pollution and corruption (very much a part of the Bush adminitration). Don't bother to read the book "No Room, No Room" it is nothing.
    The movie makes a sense of need,security and wanting of the old days and the "Good Life". It is sad, horrifying and terrible what happens but probably very "true to life" in the very near future.
    The movie is accurate but outdated because of the old cars used (they should be newer in the year 2020) along with the old videogames and style of the city itself. But the story is very strong and accurate of what the near future will most probably be like. Food shortage takes the cake here.
    It is sad to see Edward G. Robinson in his last performance here and yes He dies in the movie too.
    So beware man...keep killing the trees keep killing the animals keep burning that gas and oil but... we will all pay for it soon.

    One of the most accurate of the Science Fiction movies.
    One of my top ten!
    Please see it!
    gary...more info
  • What is Soylent Green? It's ...
    Soylent Green still works even if you know the secret of what soylent green is. It is a well acted dystopian fiction that gives you the feeling of being immersed in the post-apocalyptic famine riddled society it portrays. At its dark heart it is a detective story with Charlton Heston trying to figure out why a rich Soylent Green corporate has been assassinated. He pilfers whatever he can along his investigation and brings the goodies back to his home where a friend of his, Edward G. Robinson, enjoys the once in a lifetime chance to eat meat and drink alcohol. The ending was a shocker for its time. Definitely worth watching, especially for the scene with the scoopers....more info
  • Classic movie.
    I saw this movie years ago when it was first released. I purchased it because it is a a pop culture icon for films of this genre. It's kind of a must have for your film library. If you're young and have never seen it, you need to watch it so you'll know what someone means if they make a reference to "soylent green". ...more info
  • A classic! Though plot slow in developing, is worthwhile and cautionary.
    Well everyone knows what Soylent Green is, but the whole movie and journey to the realization is just as important as the ending. Seeing how these people live, cramped and restricted because of overpopulation, you really start to think that maybe Soylent Green was the best option they had. In a society where you can go to a clinic to commit suicide openly, and you can get in trouble for smuggling cherries or other precious and rare delicacies that were once so abundant, and people can be considered furniture, well it's all very interesting and strange to think about! "Soylent Green means life and death"...more info