Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG9 9MP Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Silver)
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Product Description

Capture life when it happens. The Sanyo Xacti CG9 camcorder records stunning digital video and amazing 9-Megapixel digital photos, and in one compact and easy to use design. The CG9 not only makes capturing images easy, it makes sharing them a breeze; whether online, on portable video devices like iPods, or on televisions or computers. With high speed sequential shooting (up to 5 frames per second) and the very latest face chasing technology (recognizing up to 12 faces in still images) the Xacti CG9 packs cutting edge technology into a small, stylish, easy to use camera. The display flips out from the camera and rotates up to 285 degrees, on an axis that allows you to take great video or still images from otherwise difficult-to-view positions. A powerful 9-Megapixel (total) CMOS image sensor is the heart of the still image capabilities. Consisting of 9 groups and 12 total lenses, the CG9's lens provides a fantastic field-of-view with a 38-190 mm range (35mm equivalent). The CG9 enables simultaneous shooting of video clips and still images, with a simple press of the shutter button during the shooting of a movie clip. The Xacti CG9 media camera is designed for super-fast start-up and shooting. Sequential photo shoots up to 5 frames per second Highly advanced MPEG4 AVC/H.264 video compression Record over 8 hours of full motion video Capture still images while you're shooting video 9 groups, 12 elements (3 aspheric elements 5 aspheric surfaces) Auto Focus lens built-in neutral density filter 1/2 - 1/2000 seconds Shutter Speed 1/30 - 1/10000 seconds Movies Shutter Speed Low-light sensitivity - 7 lux (AUTO mode, 1/30 seconds) and 2 lux (Lamp mode 1/15) Auto (ISO 50-400) and Manual (ISO 50/100/200/400/800/1600) Sensitivity AV output (Video - Composite video, NTSC/PAL, Audio - Stereo sound) AV output for multi-type headphones (3.5mm-compatible with Stereo mini-plug) Dimensions - Width 2.77 x Depth

  • Features 40MB of internal memory; SDHC Flash memory compatible
  • Shoots 9-megapixel digital photos; includes Face Chaser technology
  • Highlighted by a 2.5-inch LCD display; super-fast start-up
  • Easily share videos and photos with highly-advanced MPEG4 video compression
  • Includes a high-capacity Sanyo brand lithium-ion battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Buyers Beware! Will NOT Record 16x9
    There are some things I find very good about this camcorder; and some that are just unforgivable. First off, I couldn't find anywhere that said if this camcorder shot 16x9 or not; but I assumed that the suggested retail price and manufacturing date implied it did. It was idiotic for Sanyo to make this camera just 4:3 (Or maybe I was foolish for having such faith in Sanyo) But we're talking about a ten dollar circuit! At the end of the first decade I'm shocked that a standard definition camera with a retail price, from Sanyo, would Not support 16x9. Let me ask them a question, "Who makes 4:3 televisions now?" Nobody! But you may say this is a webcam. Hold on, a webcam with a 9.1 CMOS image sensor?! Gimme a break! If youre rich then this is a great camera for shooting stuff on the web, provided you don't mind the small-ness of 4:3 video... both YouTube and FaceBook support the increased size of 16x9. The project manager responsible for overseeing this product was irrelevant; they failed to understand the contemporary market. I'm done complaining; I'll just lay out what I think are the pros and cons.

    Pros: The large image sensor records incredible color space and lighting contrast, as well as taking fantastic still pictures. The pistol shape of the camera is ergonomic, meaning you could hold it for longer than other cameras since you don't have to leave your wrist cocked in a strained position (this is a great hallmark design of Sanyo's). Battery life is long; though if you like this camera you ought to get second battery. SD memory recording, which is incredible since you can get a 32GB card and record video and still images forever with. The sound recording is very good, however, the specs boast that it records stereo, but there's only one speaker, so it records mono in a stereo stream, which is still just really mono... but very good mono.

    Cons: NO support for 16x9 video. This camcorder does Not record 16x9 video. In 60 frame recording mode (the best mode) it records too much edge noise when there's alot of detail in focus; once again, for this suggested retail price there's just not enough disclosure from Sanyo.

    Conclusion: This is either an over-glorified webcam or a very bad standard definition camera that could have easily been corrected by the project overseer reponsible for releasing this product; it just needed to be 16x9 & better (or less) compression. ...more info
  • Good camera for good price
    Heres a list of cons of the camera.

    1. doesn't work well in the dark. (few digi cams do though. and you can solve that with an infrared light)
    2. theres no mic input.
    3. Chances are it will take better pictures then your digital camera. This is not necessarily a con but . . . its obnoxious. I mean you got that digi cam for christmas right? how the hell can it be beat by a digi cam?????

    heres some pros.

    1. its small and handy to take anywhere. Walmart has a sanyo model but its red and bulky. dont get it. get this one. this ones a bit slimmer.
    2. the quality is really good especially for youtube or making home videos.
    3. It works amazingly well with macs. Just plug it in and two seconds later its downloaded. Im guessing it works just as well with pc's though.
    4. The battery life is pretty good
    5. the start up time is super short. (about two or three seconds.)
    6. its light and easy to use.
    7. (grumbles) it takes really good pictures.

    and that is my list. to see video quality you can go to my youtube and watch some of my newer videos. the page is on youtube /theelephantgun hope it helps!...more info
  • Great Camera - Great Camcorder
    Very happy with the picture and movie quality, using it mostly for family.
    The size and shape of this camera are very nice. I bought a small padded camera case and keep it in my purse all the time. It also takes nice still pictures so it's the only camera I carry now.
    At this price I would definitely recommend this camera...more info
  • For the money very happy.
    There were some people who really didn't like this camera and some that did. So I was worried about buying it. After getting it, I think they were both right, but maybe not why you would think so.
    When I first got it, I initially went in and started playing around with the settings, and got all the problems other reviewers were talking about, the biggest being the choppy video. I wanted the HD video.
    However, before writing the review and and sending it back, i put the settings back to how they were from the factory, and I have been getting nothing but very descent videos for the money ever since. I have so many more videos of the kids now, because I carry this thing around all time.
    Is it better than my Sony DV camcorder as far as quality? Probably not, but that doesn't leave my office, so whats the difference?
    I also think it takes great pics, but it is a bit slow focusing.
    Non standard USB cable, that is my biggest complaint. Very sad that companies do this. I docked a star for that.
    Also, you have to take the battery out to charge it in its own battery charger can't through USB, but there might be actual technical reasons for this.

    But for $200, couldn't be happier....more info
  • Nice little camera
    Bought this camera for general family activities, school shows, etc. about 3 months ago and it works great. Its a nice little camera to stow away in your pocket and pull out when needed. Video quality is okay for indoors in a well lit room, however it is somewhat grainy in a less than adequately lit space. Video quality is excellent for outdoors. The image quality of pictures is not that great, however, this is a video camera so that is to be expected, even at 9 MP. This camera is very comfortable and easy to use. I would recommend this camera to any user that has a need for casual use of a video camera....more info
  • VPC-CG9 is an excellent purchase
    Just received MY Xacti today. Had to take the dog out with the frizby to fetch. My 13yo grandson did the recording. It was great! We did 28 min. in 3 videos. I connected up to my 'iMAC w/ Leopard' by USB, started iPhoto and loaded it straight in. Then I started iMovie and imported it in, 4 min to covert one of the videos, and it was ready to edit. No problems!
    I took several pictures and some at max zoom! Had to steady against a tree at max. but still got great shots.
    Note: I am a biomedical engineering tech. and understand well, many technologies. This device performs better than the price would reflect. I am really considering the HD1000 next, But I will keep this gem! ...more info
  • Save your money!
    Well I have been looking for a small flash camcorder to shoot video of the kids. I started with the Aiptek Ahd, which looks ok on the computer but very very poor on my lcd and plasma. So the Aiptek went back. I have shot some test video with the Sanyo HD1000 and was very impressed, but didn't want to spend $700. So when I heard about the CG9 coming out I decided to give it a try. Wow what a difference between the HD1000 and the CG9! The video from the CG9 was blocky, grainy, and had poor color indoors, however the colors were good when shot in bright sunlight. The video even in the bright sun looked very bad(blurry) when played back on the TV's. The ergonomics are very nice for my hand and it was easy to use, but that is about all the good I can say about this cam. This camcorder might be ok if all you use it for is youtube videos. It looks like i will now have to decide between the Canon TX1, Sanyo HD1000, and Sony's new HDR-TG1. I suggest anyone interested in a small camcorder look at those models. Good luck. ...more info
  • Good camera
    Nice camcorder, very small and the video quality are great for everyday use. Taking pictures is very easy, but when you hit the shutter, there is a one second lag while the camera switches from video to picture.

    My biggest complain is that it does not use the standard mini USB connectors, forcing you to carry one more cable. Other than that, I would recommend this camera or newer models to my friends.

    ...more info
  • Quality in a small package
    I've had a miniDV camcorder for years (and have accumulated many hours of miniDV tapes that I never watch and haven't imported). I got the Xacti to be an alternative to the miniDV 'corder for more spontaneous shooting and viewing of my kids' activities; I intended to still rely on the miniDV for the longer and more "important" shoots. But the Xacti performs so well (with the addition of a 8GB HDSD 15mb/s card), I never use the miniDV anymore.

    And I use the Xacti as a camera more than my regular digital camera (but only because of the convenience of carrying the Xacti vs. the 12x optical zoom camera; the quality of the still pictures is good, but not quite as good).

    I carry it all the time, which leads to my only complaint: the lens cap is not secure enough -- it gets knocked off much too easily. But even that doesn't detract enough from this little wonder to knock a star off the rating. ...more info
  • Everything you need
    This camcorder is compact and feature heavy. Anyone looking for a great entry level camcorder should consider this fantastic model....more info
  • Very bad still picture quality and only barely aceptable video quality
    I have had now this camera for several months, but only now I had the time to used a little more often, so I decided to leave my opinion for future buyers. If you are looking to this device as an hybrid, you will make the same mistake you made. Still picture are just simply bad, doesn't matter if you are in low light or in plain sunlight. Of course the ones taken in low light are much worse than the one in sunlight, making them worthless. Maybe my standards are higher the other reviewers but I think a picture taken at ISO 200 should not suffer from heavy noise artifacts!! If you are shooting in sunlight and look at you pics in the cam monitor, they will look fine, but as soon as you will look at them in your PC, you will discover that if you can save 1 out of 10 you are lucky.
    I guess video is fine for the type of sensors, and being a low resolution you can expect much. In video mode, the camera is really good to balance the white. If you need to shoot in low light, you better set the ISO manually to no more than 200, and activate the high sensitivity. This will allow for a minimum noise impact in your video. Another thing I like of the device is the responsiveness. It is really easy to start shooting videos, with almost no delay. So, if you care more about catching the moment but you are not very concern about the quality of the results, I guess this device will work for you. Another thing many people were excited about is the ability to take videos at 60fps. There is a major issue in this mode. Because the camera is operating at double the speed, the auto focus system produces a lot of click noise (hard to describe in other way) that is picked up by the mic. If you are shooting in a quite environment, you will be disappointed by the results.
    Overall I like the feeling of the camera, and I really wish it worked as described. I would NOT by it again. I will probably save some more money and get a high def camera.

    PS: other cons are the very short battery life, the almost useless image stabilization and the face detection features that almost never recognize a face, not even when you have it right on camera!!...more info
  • low cost exceptional camera quality with very good video quality
    If you are on a budget buy this one. Our family is very very pleased with the picture/video quality. Very easy to operate. Very compact. After we bought ours we were suprised to find how well built it was. Whether you buy this one or a different one I'd suggest a camera/video with a memory card. We have a 16gb memory card and we have 24000 pictures/16 hours of video. Very easy to download to our computer. Unless you're a professional you will not need any other camera/video. ...more info
    Worth every penny, This is and excellent camera in everyway.
    Buy it - you won't be dissappointed

    ...more info
  • Unbelivable Value for Money
    I was looking for a camera to replace my Handycam DVD803 which didn't work with Vista or Mac leaving me with a $900 useless camera. I had several criteria for the new camera I wanted to buy:

    1) Longer recording time than 30mins (one disc on a Handycam)
    2) Battery life more than 90mins
    3) Can film in 60 fps
    4) Can also shoot sequential stills
    5) Be portable
    6) Be under $400
    7) Work with Vista
    8) Good sound recording

    As I bought the Sanyo, I really wondered how it would do considering the price tag. Here is how it worked for each criteria:

    1) With an additional $50 at the store I got a three year accidental warranty and a 4GB SDHC Card. In 30 fps best quality I can film for 2h 40mins. Already a plus.

    2)The battery life is about 110 mins but the battery is so small and cheap it's easy to get and carry a spare. Also a plus.

    3)This camera can film in 60 fps. Yet another plus.

    4)There are two modes for sequential shooting. 8MP but not so fast and 2MP but you get ten pictures after two seconds.

    5)This thing is tiny!

    6)Price is way under $400

    7)The camera acts as a card reader so even if you don't have one on your PC you can easily transfer files. WARNING: If you want to use Windows Movie Maker as an editing software DON'T buy this camera. Although I blame it on windows, the MPEG-4 format does not work with Window Movie Maker on Vista so you'll need to get another editer. That was just about my only disapointment so far.

    8) When in a quite room, the sound is crystal clear.

    Also, this camera has loads of features from Macro to Timer to Voice recording. Don't listen to people who say it's a begginer camcorder, you can do a lot with this thing.

    Overall great camera for the price you're paying. The video quality is so good I wonder how amazing the HD1000 must be.

    If this is your first camera, go for it. I strongly recommend it.

    ...more info
  • Great Camera - Great Camcorder, but NON-standard USB connector
    Very happy with the picture and movie quality, using it mostly for family and recreation. The battery last about an hour, depending on the use, which is not quite enough for a whole day. I will have to get a car charger, an extra battery or both.
    But I have some more remarks about USB, batteries and recharging.
    Looking at my RAZR cellphone, I have a standard USB plug, the phone recharges over this very same cable when connected to the computer while transferring some pictures and contacts etc., and car chargers with standard USB connecter are to be found in almost every store which offers car chargers, i.e. Walmart for $8. And to recharge, I don't have to take out the battery from the phone: just plug in. And the AC-charger is still in the box, never to be used, and not cluttering any power strip.
    Not so the Xacti: it has a propriatary USB cable, which requires me to bring this cable with me if I want to connect this camera to some other computer, let's say at friends or relative's house, or an internet cafe. Furthermore: it doesn't recharge over the USB connection, which means if I return home with an empty battery I have to first take out the battery and recharge, then replace the battery, connect to the computer, and then I can watch my stuff. Also I have to get an extra car charger, of which I have already quite an assortment in my glove department.
    So I'm going to buy an extra battery (original Sanyo $49), a car charger, and an SDHC reader, which will hopefully ease some of the restrictions. But unfortunately it will just add to all this electronic clutter, which I actually try to get rid of....more info
  • No busques mas... si no vas a vivir de tomar fotos esta es tu c¨¢mara
    Realmente estoy impresionado de esta c¨¢mara. Es un h¨ªbrido entre una c¨¢mara fotogr¨¢fica y una de video, por lo tanto no tiene tantas funciones como alguna de estas dos por separado. Sin embargo, tiene lo mejor de cada una. Las fotos que saca son bastante buenas e igual pasa con el video.

    Yo estaba buscando una c¨¢mara que pudiera ser dos en una y la Xacti VPC-CG9 realmente cumple mis expectativas.

    Es muy ligera, manejable y peque?a. De hecho es casi del tama?o de mi nextel (motorola i560).

    Antes de esta c¨¢mara tuve una Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1K 5MP Compact Digital Camera with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom. Esta c¨¢mara era muy buena sobre todo el zoom ¨®ptico. Esto es lo ¨²nico que extra?o de la Panasonic; el ZOOM.

    La Xacti vpc-cg9 tiene un zoom ¨®ptico de 5x que es bueno pero no es a lo que yo estaba acostumbrado.

    En general, la Xacti es una muy buena c¨¢mara. Toma muy buenas fotos, tanto en lugares obscuros como en lugares abiertos a la luz del sol.

    Efectivamente toma un poco mas de una hr. de video por cada gb en la tarjeta SD.

    Otra cosa importante es que para bajar las fotos o videos a la computadora solo la tienes que conectar v¨ªa un cable usb (inclu¨ªdo con la c¨¢mara). Cuando la conectas, la c¨¢mara funge como si fuera un driver por lo que puedes vaciar la tarjeta simplemente arrastrando los archivos.

    En cuanto a como se ven los videos en la tele... se ven muy bien, se escucha muy bien.

    Si quieren una c¨¢mara que tome buenas fotos y buenos videos no le piensen; esta es la que buscan. Yo busqu¨¦ mucho antes de decidirme. Que beno que me decid¨ª por esta.

    Tiene algunos puntos mejorables... claro, pero son los menos.

    Esta c¨¢mara es para tomar las tardes en el parque con los ni?os, vacaciones, fiestas de la escuela de los ni?os, reuniones familiares, etc. La c¨¢mara es para una persona normal que no va a vivir de tomar fotos; es para una persona que le gusta guardar recuerdos del d¨ªa a d¨ªa....more info
  • Excellent entry level SD digital/video camara
    Upgrade from my previous Xacti C5. Noticed better:
    -Battery life
    -Bigger LCD screen 2.5" (C5 is 2")
    -Flash range
    -While video recording now able to take pictures w/o video rec pausing (C5 would pause video rec for a sec to take pic).
    -Low light video/picture improved alot.
    -C9 is a bit thicker then my old C5 but feels even more confortable.
    -C9 is made out a plastic. C5 is metal. Still C9 look durable.

    I recorded the Duran Duran concert (Orlando, FL, US). Testing my new Sanyo Xacti C9 camera. Very happy with the low light recording compared to my old Xacti C5.
    [...]...more info