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Back to Bacharach
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Steve Tyrell, whose appearances in the two "Father Of The Bride" movies, and whose albums "A New Standard" and "Standard Time" established him as a premier contemporary interpreter of the Great American Songbook, now turns his attention to one of the legendary composers in all of pop music: Burt Bacharach.

Steve has a personal stake in these classic songs. As a young man breaking into the record business in the 1960s, he became head of A&R and Promotion at Scepter Records, the history-making independent label that released the famous hits written by Bacharach and his lyricist partner Hal David, and recorded by the great Dionne Warwick. Tyrell was present at the creation of standards like "Walk On By," "Alfie," "I Say A Little Prayer," and many others. Moreover, he produced B.J. Thomas' Oscar-winning recording of Bacharach-David's "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head."

One can only categorize Tyrell's performances on "Back To Bacharach" as definitive. His supporting cast includes the top session players on two coasts, as well as guest collaborators Herb Alpert, Patti Austin, Dionne Warwick, James Taylor, Rod Stewart, and Martina McBride. Steve's own singular vocal style, drenched in the Texas tones of his sophisticated R&B approach, is perfectly suited to these great hits. He sings the songs exactly the way everyone wants to hear them. To top it all of, Maestro Bacharach himself appears on three tracks as a performer and two as co-producer.

Steve Tyrell's "Back To Bacharach" makes the case for adding Burt Bacharach to the roster of all-time great creators of the previous generation of American Songbook immortals---Porter, Gershwin, Berlin, Kern, and Ellington. And it does so with supreme style, taste, and expertise.

Steve Tyrell brings Bacharach back to the airwaves with his 2008 album Back to Bacharach! This classic album chimes with 'Walk on By', 'The Look of Love', 'This Guy's in Love' featuring Herb Alpert, 'What the World Needs Now' featuring Dionne Warwick/James Taylor/Martina McBride/Rod Stewart/Burt Bacharach, 'One Less Bell to Answer','I Say a Little Prayer' and more. 14 tracks.

Customer Reviews:

  • classic music
    this was also a gift to a steve tyrell fan and a bacharach fan and she was very happy....more info
  • great
    I have all of his CDs - this one is just as good as the others....more info
  • A Perfect Partnership
    Steve is my favorite singer and interpretator of the great American Songbook compositions so I had trepidations as to whether I would enjoy this new endeavor of his tribute to Bacharach's music. I heard him give a preview of this new CD at his concert in Malibu and was thoroughly blown away. I loved it. There is a soft jazz approach to the tunes and the integrity of the music is completely maintained. The use of backup singers adds to the feel of today's music sound.Back to Bacharach

    There are fourteen tracks in the album with duets shown in parentheses: Walk on By, The Look of Love, This Guy's in Love (Herb Alpert and Burt Bacharach), One Less Bell to Answer, What the World Needs Now (Rod Stewart, James Taylor, and Dionne Warwick), Reach Out for Me, I say A Little Prayer for You (Patti Austin), I Just don't know What To Do with Myself (Burt Bacharach), Always Something There to Remind Me, Don't Make Me Over (Bacharach and Austin), Close to You, A House Is Not A home, Alfie, and Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Head. Bob Mann and Steve produced this (winning formula) with Jon Allen cooproducing.

    The concept of this cd started in 2002 but was abandoned due to the passing of Steve's talented and lovely wife, Stephanie. During the last six years, the decision to complete this album was always there and finally reached its fruition in 2008. So, this particular CD holds a special meaning to Steve. In addition, Steve credits Burt as serving as his mentor and "professor."

    All of the tracks are delightful to listen to and are well crafted. I consider Burt the pioneer in creating the soft jazz feeling in his compositions. The music is relaxing (never boring) and the lyrics by Hal David conveys a message that is timeless.

    Steve's voice has matured as good wine does and has developed more poignancy and depth. The selection of songs used is impeccable. I loved his duos with Patti Austin. Is there a favorite track? That is a personal decision. A House is Not A Home delivers with a strong message, and One Less Bell tugs at the heart. You be the judge and jury.

    Steve can do no wrong whether it be Porter, Gershwin, Disney, and now Bacharach. Interesting to note that the color scheme used on the cover and the insert are stimulating yet somber, orange and black.

    This is a CD to be enjoyed and should be added to your Steve Tyrell/Burt Bacharach collection. Thank you, Steve, for never deserting this labor of love.

    ...more info
  • memories
    I really enjoy Steve's voice and his engaging musical style. This cd is very restful. If you love Bacharach music, you'll enjoy this. ...more info
  • He Coulda Been a Contenduh!
    This collection of Burt Bacharach tunes sounds so much like the famous originals from the 1960's and 1970's that the album begs the question: If Steve Tyrell had been around then and known-of enough to come to the attention of Bacharach or Herb Alpert, could he have been the one to make any of these songs famous?

    And the answer is: absolutely. The proof is in "What the World Needs Now," where he trades the melody and harmonies off with the more famous Bacharach, James Taylor, Rod Stewart, Martina McBride, and the original "it girl of Bacharachia," Dionne Warwick, and more than holds his own.

    In fact, he does "This Guy's In Love" with Alpert and Bacharach, and establishes that he could have done this song better ca. 1969, if only he could have recorded it then. Ditto for the 1969 Butch Cassidy theme song, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head." B.J. Thomas, step aside.

    If only....He could a been a contenduh! He coulda been a multi-zillionaire super-duper star! Not some whiskey-voiced, cult-figure jazz singer with a cooked upper vocal register, which he is.

    Oh, well, Life isn't fair. John F. Kennedy said so - and he wasn't around when Bacharach got famous, either! RC

    ...more info
  • "What The World Needs Now. . .Is Love, Sweet Love"
    "This is the most personal album I've ever done. The music of my friends Burt and Hal has been a lifelong collaboration. Their songs are my songs. It's a very unique situation. I like to say 'Back To Bacharach' was forty years in the making. There is no other music like this in my life. And I am honored to share it with the way." ~ Steve Tyrell ~

    It's been over two years since I bought my last Steve Tyrell album Disney Standards and have been eagerly waiting for this tribute album to be released. Having confirmed his outstanding musical attributes through his complete discography as well as live concerts I have watched in the past, I knew it in my heart that any succeeding recordings would always be an enjoyable listening experience.

    "Back To Bacharach" reunites the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/producer with Burt Bacharach, Hal David and Dionne Warwick whom he describes as his "mentors in music." He is also joined by some of his friends who made this tribute album shine brightly and worthy to any music lover - Herb Alpert, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, Patti Austin and Martina McBride.

    This much-awaited album reveals a set of fourteen most appealing Bacharach and David songs. Each track is such a listening delight. It has a timeless charm attached to it - the kind that you will love to listen for all seasons without tiring. And each listen comes with cherished memories from the Sixties through the Seventies. The gorgeous charts were written by collaborative efforts of arrangers Alan Broadbent, Bob Mann and Kenny Ascher for strings, Burt Bacharach and Steve Tyrell himself.

    It was Herb Alpert who originally recorded the hit song "This Guy's In Love With You" - here he shares the limelight with Tyrell where you could hear him humming and playing his trumpet in such an enchanting fashion. It also features Bacharach on piano. Patti Austin, whom Tyrell named as "one of his favorite singers ever," lends her beautiful vocals in duet settings for "I Say A Little Prayer" and "Don't Make Me Over." The listeners will also be treated with his wonderful takes on "The Look of Love," "One Less Bell To Answer," "There's Always Something There To Remind Me" and "A House Is Not A Home," a very affecting song that has a meaningful and eloquent message and made more significant by Tyrell's heartfelt rendition with an elegant arrangement by Broadbent.

    "What The World Need Now" is an ear-candy featuring an all-star-cast headed by the composer himself, Bacharach with Warwick, Stewart, Taylor and McBride. This song was proclaimed "The Towering Song" by the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Tyrell believes that it is "more relevant now than it ever was."

    "There are sunbeams and moonbeams
    Enough to shine
    Oh, listen Lord, if you want to know
    What the world needs now
    Is love, sweet love
    It's the only thing
    That there's just too little of"

    What's not to love about this latest offering from Steve Tyrell? Everything about it is so lovable. With my heartfelt recommendation. ...more info
  • Not as good
    Not as good as previous albums. Maybe tunes not a good match for him....more info
  • the best of the best!
    this album was my introduction to steve tyrell and may I say a very interesting and informative one .. this is one of the better albums i have and have become a great steve tyrell fan! the information of his early exposure to bacharach and hal bavid were very informative!...more info
  • A Mood Altering CD
    No matter what moood you're in - this is the CD for you. If you're blue, stressed out, soulful or joyful, this CD will uplift you. Easy to sing along with, able to transport you to experience joy and calmness. Steve's easy and sexy singing style is like no one elses'. The choice of songs are varied and each one a treasure in itself. You have just got to buy this CD and support this great talent....more info
  • Just Like Wine - A Great Blend (Tyrell & Bacharach)
    My wife and I have been great fans of Steve Tyrell since his first CD and we congratulate him on another hit -- couldn't happen to a nicer guy, especially when you read the background to the making of this special album. Steve has skillfully taken Burt's timeless hits and blended them with his contemporary voice (along with a selection of other great artists) into a classy masterpiece. Great job, Steve! ...more info
  • Back to Bacharach by Steve Tyrell
    I was truly disappointed with this Steve Tyrell CD. It is his worst, by far....more info
  • Steve Tyrell "Back to Bacharach" CD
    This is a great CD. If you have not heard Steve Tyrell sing, you are in for a treat. If you have his standards albums, you already know what a great voice he has. The songs of Bacharach are wonderful. The musical arrangements are great, too. "What the World Needs Now" features Rod Stewart, Dionne Warwick, James Taylor, Martina McBride, and Burt Bacharach singing along with Steve. It's phenomenal! I highly recommend this CD!...more info