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Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 from EA brings back the fan-favorite real-time strategy game in its latest incarnation with new features, powers, technologies, and a different world. Now, you can play not just by yourself but also cooperatively with a friend as you take on the enemy in this glorious, over-the-top romp.

Co-operative mode lets you and a friend play together in campaign mode. View larger.

Wage battle on sea as well as on land and in air. View larger.

There is over an hour of in-game video. View larger.

Red Alert 3 introduces new units and a brand new faction. View larger.
Intriguing Plot Twists
In previous games, the war between the Allies and Soviets was coming to a close with the Allies nearing victory. In desperation, the Soviets created a time-travel device that they've used to assassinate Albert Einstein before he is able to develop the weapon technology the Allies later use to defeat the Soviets. Upon returning, they notice a new world, and there is a world war taking place between three groups for control of the world.

Play As Three Different Factions for Varied game play
In Red Alert 3, you have the choice to play as the Allies, the Soviets, or the Empire of the Rising Sun. Each faction has its own story-line and distinct units with advantages and disadvantages that you have to master in order to win. The new faction to the series is the Empire of the Rising Sun, derived from Imperial Japan, with an all-new cast of units and characters.

The three factions have many differences, exemplified by their wildly different types of units. The Soviets, for example, have armored attack bears, Allies have the Dolphin ship which can high jump and use a sonic attack, and the Empire of the Rising Sun features such quirky units as a giant transforming mecha and ninjas. As they've done with the series, EA injects humor into the game when possible, keeping a smile on your face as you wage war.

Fight on Land, in the Air, and on Sea
Red Alert 3 has land units, air units, and naval units, all integral parts of the game. Unlike most strategy games that don't bother with naval warfare, Red Alert 3 makes controlling the seas an essential part of the game. Controlling resources in the seas and mounting attacks from all directions are strategies that must be employed to achieve victory.

Cooperative Mode Lets You Team Up with Your Friends
Red Alert 3 has a fully co-operative campaign mode where you and a friend can play together to achieve victory. This means that you have to develop a strategy together, as well as execute it in synch in order to win. If your friends aren't online, you can also choose one of several AI commanders as your teammate.

Play Against Your Friends in Multiplayer
With the different units and play mechanics of each faction, you and your friends will have a great time playing against each other, perfecting different strategies to best suit the units you have and the maps you play on. And thanks to the balanced game play, no one will have an unfair advantage.

For previous fans of Command and Conquer, Red Alert 3 will provide the same light-hearted game play, but with more units, more strategies, and more fun. Newcomers to the game will soon see what all the fuss and laughter is about.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP / Vista (32-bit)
CPU XP: 2.0 GHz (Intel Pentium 4; AMD Athlon 2000+; Multiple Cores) / Vista: 2.2 GHz (Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 2200+/Multiple Cores)
Memory 512 MB for Windows XP; 1 GB for Vista
Hard Drive Space 6 GB / 12GB for EA Link
DVD Drive 8x Speed
Graphics Hardware NVIDIA GeForce 6800, ATI Radeon X1800 or higher end DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card
Sound DirectX 9.0c compatible (Creative Sound Blaster Audigy cards require a Intel P4 2.6 GHz or similar under Vista, Yamaha Xwave-512 not supported)
Online Multiplayer 512Kbps or faster Internet connection
Input Keyboard, mouse

  • Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 for the PC brings back the fan-favorite real-time strategy game
  • The Soviets created a time-travel device which creates interesting plot twists
  • Play as the Allies, the Soviets, or the Empire of the Rising Sun
  • Red Alert 3 has land units, air units, and naval units, all integral parts of the game
  • Cooperative campaign and head-to-head multiplayer modes provide hours of fun gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • Never buy that CRAP GAME!
    1. EA, please suck my &%¡è&.
    2. My license with all 20 digits worked for 1 day. Than it asked me to retype it is wrong code. Please type your license code. WTF?
    3. Don't wadte your money on that piece of EA's #%/&
    4. want my money back.
    5. The game by itself was starting very nicely. Then it f¡ècked up with a license key....more info
  • Its ok but I liked RA 2 better
    this is more like Generals than Red Alert. I personialy HATE resorce hubs and HATE General powers. manily because I play for fun and haveing a giant meatior/zero/cryoray/timebomb come down in the middle of the airforce baces that you just painstakeingily arrranged so that they were in the form of a giant happy face, becomes annoying.

    but of your looking for a game for competition aginst others Defenitily Buy this....more info
  • Not a SecuROM gripe.
    A lot of the other reviews on this cite SecuROM as being the major failing of this game.

    Quite frankly, I think the game itself falls flat.

    Where to begin. Let's start where the game sends you first -- the tutorial. Gone is the "mostly in one mission" tutorial of C&C3 that plunks you down in a tiny little square and gives you most of the basic tools you need to know and says at the end "Nuke this base to win!", and in comes a 30 minute or so lecture on practically every unit in the game, immediately. Not only was this boring after about five minutes, you had to deal with three "instructors" trying to crack (very bad) jokes every half sentence or so.

    So after dealing with all of this, just in case I ran into anything I might not have seen in any of the other C&C games (and learning that it was essentially C&C 3, with less unit variety/abilities and C&C Generals "General Powers"), I started the Russian campaign. Right away you learn how dumbed down this game is for the simultaneous console release (aside from the fact that nearly every unit has an alternate ability you can engage, and ONLY ONE, unlike C&C3 where units had up to four). You have a constant second player, be it AI or another human, and the AI player only serves on purpose: To make the game REALLY ABSURDLY EASY. I played on Normal difficulty, and I barely had to do anything half the time, and eventually my AI companion would completely roll over everything. There were a few exceptions to this on the infamous C&C "Commando" levels, but even these were noticeably lacking in fun due to the very directed and linear leading hand the AI provided. Most of these missions would have been much more interesting as a solo force, but no, you were shoehorned into accepting this companion.

    The RA universe has always been less-than-serious, yes, but RA3 just took it to the far extremes of parody, and the storyline was either "T&A" or "Cliched Insult Throwing," with something about time travel thrown in for good measure to nullify the RA2 storyline about three seconds in.

    Strongly recommend just getting C&C3 and RA2 instead. You'd get the basic gist of this game, and both games are more solidly designed and actually moderately challenging on the "moderately challenging" aka Normal difficulty. I didn't bother with this game on Hard because, after Normaling my way through the Russian campaign and part of the Allied campaign, I just didn't give two whits anymore. Either hard was going to be idiotically difficult, or it was still going to be "start map, walk away, come back 30 minutes later to all objectives completed by AI."

    Plus, I missed my spies being able to do things that were actually useful, like allowing me to build Chrono Ivans for hilarious high speed bomb delivery to an entire force of enemy armor....more info
  • SecureRom aside, still wasn't fun
    I've been playing the command and conquer series for over 6 years now. Generals Zero Hour was my favorite.... and still is. After a few hours of playing this, over several different sessions, I just couldn't get into it. I like that they brought ships back into the fight, but they're still lame. Aircraft carriers and battleships please! ...more info
  • What happened to the Red Alert games?
    I've played both Red Alert 1 & 2--with RA: 2 still a favorite for it's mix of gameplay, humor and just overall fun. Having been disappointed last year by the lackluster C&C 3: Tiberium Wars (which, like its predecessor, suffered horribly for speed and gameplay issues, while RA: 2 did not, nor did the excellent C&C: Generals) I was hoping RA: 3 would take me back to what got me into these games--fun, challenging missions, a bit of humor, and hours of fun.

    What I got was...C&C3, dumbed down. I mean really dumbed down. I'm not talking about the FMV scenes or the hot babes (most of whom out-acted the "professional" actors who appeared in C&C3), which I was prepared for, but the gameplay itself:

    --Units just about crawl across the screen. Even fast-movers, like MiG jets, take forever to get anywhere. You're forever jumping back and forth trying to see where the unit you just sent to attack is, if it hasn't already been destroyed. And there is NO option to change that speed. If there is, it's well-hidden.

    --Too much power: RA1 & 2 started you off with relatively weak units and gave you a challenge by having you overcome enemies using them. Not so here--you're handed units capable of doing major damage almost from the start. It takes a good chunk of challenge from any mission, which is not helped by the

    --AI Commanders, or as I thought of them, "cannon fodder". Using these guys means every mission can play out the same--you send them out to distract the enemy, while you build up your forces and go for the win. That's fun time. After that it just sucks out any challenge there might have been, and you don't have the option to turn these guys off.

    --Loooong load times at startup. I swear, it takes a full minute or more just to reach the main menu! Worse, it took a full 2 hours to install this--actual installation itself to about 1/2 hour, the remaining hour and a half was spent trying to stop the game from trying to install itself twice (running two versions of setup) and crashing in the process.

    Are there any good points? Well, you get some very attractive ladies to look at in the FMV scenes, and there's George Takei, who really plays the role of the Emperor of the Rising Sun very well. The units are surprisingly varied though infantry is pretty weak. Graphics are pretty. Music is kind of cool. But beyond that...nope. Don't waste your money. If you want real gameplay that's fun, fire up a copy of Red Alert 2 and go back to that. It's 100% better than this waste of time.

    That's all I have to say....more info
  • "Someone's always gotta clean up the mess!" - Tanya
    I'd like to start with this; you boycott a game because you say it's spyware and that EA might grow some brains and eliminate it, but that still doesn't affect the actual PRODUCT. I see more than 30 reviews based on the SecuROM alone. It's almost like seeing more than 91% of new-gen computers be ripped for running Vista; it's ridiculous. Buy the game, THEN say how it plays with a side bit about the SecuROM, but don't just base a review on a whole game based on one add-on. It hasn't messed up my PC at all, and the install feature actually tracks ONLY your installs. I've actually checked the InstallShield kernel entry, and the SecuROM code is read-only; inert when within the install limit, and even outside of it. The only time SecuROM even activates is ON the CD itself. It tracks your installs using a program that implements the coding with every new computer install and scans the InstallShield entry for the number of installs on computers. Each new install changes something in the entry, until you hit five, when the RA3 disc has an automatic kill-program that prevents use of the install program until you get a new code.

    Regarding the game itself, it is, for sure, the most over-the-top game that could be imagined for Red Alert. Allied forces are now on the defensive from the Soviets, who have taken every European country except the U.K (sound familar?). Professor Einstein has been erased from existance with a Soviet counterpart (wait. If Einstein was erased, how could Hitler be erased...? Agh.); the only good(?) thing that came of the whole fiasco is that nuclear weapons were not developed, and thus the Soviets are open to convential warfare (or not so convential).

    As the Soviets press on to crush the U.K and the Americas, Japan strikes the Union's asian territories with samurais wielding beam rifles and katanas, ninjas, hyper-violent Japanese women warriors clad in super-high tech rocket suits and missile pods, and robots that transform from submarines into fast ground-pounding aircraft. Hmm?

    A lot of the gameplay is based around your units' special abilities. Tanya now gets a time belt that warps her ten feet back in time and fully heals, while the Soviets get Natasha, a hardened sniper who can shoot THROUGH whole infantry divisions and call down MiG strikes onto buildings. With the new gameplay, there is a significant lack of specialized infantry that blow up things with ease, excluding Hero units (such as the Chrono Legionnaire, Ivans, etc.); however, you get some really strong units left over. I particularly like the Allied Peacekeepers, who wield riot shotguns and bullet-proof shields that get actually bear Natasha's fire (well, one shot, but I managed to eliminate her with five of the nine Peacekeepers I sent after her; they just walked right up and blew her away).

    Much of the gameplay I cannot describe in one review, but note this: it will be similar to a Tiberium Wars/Generals hybrid, with the special ability icon in the right corner used the most. Five stars.

    ...more info
  • Tries too hard to be funny
    Unlike many of the reviews that blasted EA on its rights management, I am going to blast this game on its game play.

    Maybe it's just my memeory but the previous Red Alerts have a curious mix of grimmness and camp. Einstein goes back in time to prevent WWII and instead sets off a series of events that causes another WWII between the Allies and Soviets who both have far more sophisticated weapons. In Red Alert 3 the grimmness is gone, leaving just the camp. The really bad thing is that in terms of actors EA did not skimp on getting talent (no I am not refering to Jenny McCarthy). I don't know if by dissatifaction stems from the story line being so short, or that the script relies on very tired Clich¨¦s. If you read any of my previous reviews my mantra is that a great story line is what makes a good game great. Red Alert 3 misses that mark by a mile. The cut scenes should immerse the player in the story and make you want to finish the mission in order to get to the next cut scenes. To be honest I just skipped though the cut scenes because they became irratating.

    That said, the game play is not all that great either. The graphics are sort of a manga, cartoonie (is that even a word), bubblegum kind of motif that does not work. If the story were better maybe that visuals would grow on me, but I'm not playing it again in order to find out. The AI is terrible, terrible, terrible. The campaign missions require you to have a human or AI co-captain and the AI was dropped too many times on its head as a baby. Sometimes it all but finishes the mission for you, other times it easily gets it's AI butt kicked, and sometimes just sits there and does nothing. There is a little command that lets you designate a target but effective use of units is not an AI strength. If it were an option I would have truned the co-captain off and gone it alone.

    I just relized how long this review is so bottom line, game is terrible. If you haven't already, play Tiberium Wars instead or the entire Dawn of War series. This game is probably destined to become a really expansive coaster. ...more info
  • Red Alert 3
    I am an advocate for C&C Red Alert and Generals Series. I would play RA2 over and over again, and never ever get sick of it. The expansion was good, but I prefer the chaos of FFA in RA2. I was totally stoked in hearing RA3 was coming forth. The DRM and spyware nonsense got me concerned for the releases of C&C3, BF2142 and other successful games. That turned out to not be that big of a deal (I only run my games off of 1 computer anyway) and no bloating.
    The gameplay is absolutely stunning and light-hearted humor behind it as well (CGI and real video). With my computer, it screaming and so fluid.

    Frustrations of the game includes:
    The loss of individuality of alliance and soviets sub-nations
    Got rid of the option of no superweapons
    Reliance on support powers to win (made sense for Generals, but it all about the invasion - as was all previous series)
    ...more info
  • A Great Game Went Down To Drain (DRM)
    I have been C&C customer for very long time , Red Alert 1 / Red Alert 2/ Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge / C&C Generals / C&C Generals: Zero Hour.

    I was really disappointed about the DRM issue. 5 installation limit is the WORST idea even made. If I knew this info sooner, I would NOT purchase this game.

    PS: the game is really fun, but still... I have payed around $50 that I can't own it for my entire life (Basically I'm RENTING the game from EA)....more info
  • Put off
    I was considering this game , which looks exciting and fast paced. Just up my RTS alley!
    However talk of this activation nonsense has put me right off. I live overseas, and as such am rightly concerned at how difficult this would be to get new activations especially as computer rebuilding is sort of a continuous thing with me. I hope the manufacturer reads these reviews and realises its players will switch off if it doesn't do something. Everytime something like this happens more PC gamers leave for the console environment, maybeye this is the cunning plan?...more info
  • I almost bought it; DRM == avoid this title!
    I almost bought this game in 'meatspace', but after the debacle that is Spore, I now check the back of any game I'm interested in to see if it has DRM. If it says nothing, then I buy it, take it home and check on-line. DRM'd games get returned.

    I just want to give a big ol' "thanks" to EA: they helpfully note that this game has DRM, right on the back of the box.

    Too bad, too. I have every single version of RA (& C&C) except the last two. I was interested in buying this game, because I remember the old ones were quite fun. If I had purchased--and liked--this game, then I was planning on buying the other one that I don't have.

    Sadly, EA believes I am a criminal. They assume that I will make copies of their game. To prevent this, they hijack my machine to prevent that from happening.

    I have news for you, EA: I'm not a criminal. I wanted to give you money, but instead you threw it in my face. Therefore, you can take your games and shovel them. I will never buy another EA game until you stop including DRM. [...]...more info
  • Limited to one install???
    I was in Best Buy checking out Red Alert 3 and when I read the back of the box it said it uses DRM which limits you to a single installation. No thank you! Not only because it installs unremovable software that prevents disk copying but because when I installed Farcry 2 which also uses this DRM software it requires an activation PER USER, even on a single computer.

    I have 4 children so we're always mixing up who plays one which computer and always upgrading at least a computer per year.

    Not thanks EA. ...more info
  • Thanks to all you guys who commented
    I owe you guys who spent time writing all these reviews on SecuROM and EA. I was like most of you - a long time C&C/Red Alert fan from the very first games. With the holiday's coming up I thought it would be great to purchase a few copies for me and my brothers, but not with everything you guys wrote about this game.

    There is absolutely no way I will load an uninstallable back-door feature on my computer, regardless of corporate justification to combat piracy.

    THe answer to piracy is just make someone register for all the necessary updates after a customer enters a valid code online and an email is sent to your address with the necessary link with encrypted strings - NOT A BACKDOOR THAT SNOOPS ON YOUR COMPUTER THAT YOU CAN NOT REMOVE!

    Talk about complete stupidity. You guys are right, the only way to stop this is to boycott a company and their executive management team. Let them get out of the PC entertainment biz and stick with consoles and sell their licenses to these great series to development teams that know users sometimes pirate but often times buy a game legitamately to support it or give it as a gift to someone they appreciate.

    I don't appreciate a company like EA. Thanks for your comments, you saved me a lot of aggravation, because I simply would not have installed it once I read the fine print. ...more info
  • Will not be buying Red Alert 3 because of SecureROM
    I was prepared to add C&C Red Alert 3 to my cart and stopped because it has SecureROM and limited authorizations. I have had trouble with DRM and activations today for software that cost me several hundred dollars, and I have decided that I am going to protest against *paying* to be treated like a crook. I refuse to depend on EA to decide if I have a right to use my software, and I will not open up my computer to unsupervised snooping. EA - you lost a sale....more info
  • What a waste
    Great cast of actors/actresses, fun engine, co-op campaign and EA decides to infest the game with Securom. When will they learn?

    The bottom line: draconian anti-piracy measures DO NOT WORK!!!! Seriously, they DON'T WORK!! I know of people who downloaded the game the day it came out. Hackers are probably laughing over it. Securom doesn't seem to delay their piracy one bit. So people who pirate aren't inconvenienced at all by Securom... BUT legitimate game buyers *are*.

    I remember I planned a LAN party once for Battlefield2. However my friend's brand new copy included a CD-KEY that was invalid out of the box. He had to dig up a phone number by searching google for like half an hour to finally contact EA. Needless to say, he couldn't play with us that day. (it took about a month for a legit key to come in)

    So hackers who download the game illegally get to play it without worry about activation or secretly embedded spyware. Why should anybody buy the game legally?

    Sure EA tells you that you can call them up and they'll help you out right away! Don't believe it. I've had to do it for other EA games. They are in no rush to help you... assuming you managed to contact them. If you blow through 5 activations, don't plan on playing YOUR game for a few weeks.

    And co-op campaign mode requires an internet EA login! So I have to connect my entire lan to the internet, somehow finagle my firewall to allow the data through for each computer just to play the co-op campaign. Sure I can get it working, but why do I have to jump through hoops? It makes no sense.

    Sorry guys, with so many other sources of entertainment out there, you should pass on this game....more info
    Started with C&C from the first game ever released. This game is the best release since red alert 2. Definitely better than C&C:Generals and C&C3:Tiberian Wars. The Co-Op is perfect! I'm guessing that the people that hate this game are youngings that haven't played any of the classics or just have useless computers that can't handle the graphics. So go grab your milk bottle and cry yourself to sleep cuz this game ROCKS!!! ...more info
  • Excellent RTS, awesome COOP play, great cutscenes
    I bought Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 as a gift for my brother around the same time I bought Fallout 3, expecting to get much more play time out of Fallout 3 than Red Alert 3. After seeing the coop single player option I purchased my own copy and we played through all campaigns together and had a lot of fun, I ended up spending more time in Red Alert 3 than Fallout 3. The units, the cutscenes and the levels are all designed for you to have a lot of fun, from Tim Curry rolling his R's as he shouts out you "Rrrrrrrrrrained on his parade" to the awesome dual functionality units the "Empire of the Rising sun" faction has. Graphics are great and scale pretty good and I have not found any DRM issues myself, Secure-rom or any other. Awesome game and a coop play-through with a buddy is a must!...more info
  • Bugs, customer support
    Pre-ordered and then found that the price was significantly reduced right after the launch, and the promised gift is an additional map to multi-player game that I can't play anyway (secureom).
    When I had problems (bugs) with the installation and game-play I found that EA Support do not provide the answers. I was lucky to find forums where some kids found workarounds to these problems. EA should update their support site and release a patch to solve these issues....more info
  • Bad DRM, softcore porn material in cut scenes
    I have always been a big fan of the Command and Conquer series, and I own almost every one of their previous games, including versions for alternate platforms such as Command and Conquer on the Nintendo 64. I was looking forward to this game, but it contains two major deal breakers that prevent me from buying it.

    1. SecuRom 7.xx
    As almost everyone has already pointed out in their reviews, this is a big deal. By insisting on DRM, EA is treating its legitimate customers like criminals. Strong words? Yes, but consider what SecuRom does.

    SecuRom first of all installs itself into Ring Level 0 of the operating system. This has higher privileges than the administrator account, meaning you can't uninstall it in ANY WAY, even if it interferes with other parts of your system. And interfere it does, as it disables or causes problems with legitimate CD burning and CD ROM emulation software, and has been reported to have conflicts with anti-viruse software. And uninstalling the game does nothing to remove the SecuRom code... EA apparently feels it has the right to just install this software on your machine and leave it there, whether you want it or not. The software acts as a rootkit and may introduce security holes, and the only way you can get it off is to re-install windows.

    Next, consider that SecuRom limits your activations of the product to five. Yes, five. Anyone who has owned Command and Conquer games in the past has usually found them good enough to keep playing off and on for several years. But you can't do that with this product, because re-installing Windows counts as a major change and costs another activation. Upgrading a computer and changing certain parts uses activations. And before you know it, you will have none left (who hasn't re-installed Windows many times over the course of several years?). EA claims that you can just call them up and they will let you have another activation if you run out, but what if you have five EA games with SecuRom on them (like Spore, which only had three activations)? Do you really want to keep calling them up every time and asking if they will let you use the games you paid 50 bucks a-peice for? Additionally, given that their tech support line is NOT free and is $2.50 a minute, do you want to sit on hold waiting for a new activation and get charged that amount of money for a game you already paid for?

    I've had it with EA and their shenanigans and rent-ware. I will NEVER buy an EA game again until it is 100% free of DRM. I won't pirate their games, but I won't pay them a dime until I, the paying customer, have the same rights and ease of use that the pirates are enjoying with their cracked, SecuRom free versions of the game! Until then, I will only play games from DRM free manufacturers, such as Stardock Software (maker of Galactic Civilizations and Sins of a Solar Empire, which are selling just fine despite lack of DRM).

    2. Softcore porn in the cut scenes
    Last but not least, I have issue with what is essentially softcore porn in the cut scenes. If EA would drop the DRM, I would buy other Command and Conquer games in the future, but not ones like this. I don't think this is right for my children or myself.

    In this game, if you watch the trailer, you will find that apparently the army has relaxed dress codes enough that the American female officer that briefs you in the cut scenes can wear the front of her uniform unbuttoned all the way down to the table (where we can't tell how much farther it goes). Also in the trailer, you can see Tanya the special agent slitting people's throats while wearing little more than a super tight, midriff revealing tank/tube top and extremely short shorts/underwear. Coloring them army green really doesn't change the fact that she's wearing something that could easily appear in an underwear/lingerie type add.

    I'm disappointed, because the gameplay itself looked great, but I won't let the sexual content I saw in the trailers (and there is probably much more of it, the Russians are usually worse than the Americans) into my house. And quite frankly, it is also disappointing because this game had an absolutely first rate group of actors in the cutscenes, such as George Takei and others, and having the sexual content in there detracts from the realism and of the game. I mean, what military lets female officers go around with their shirts unbottoned, let alone dresses its agents on the battlefield as hookers?

    Removing military formality and discipline and replacing it with an adolescent's sexual fantasy really does destroy the atmosphere the game could have had (and did have, in scenes that just had actors like George Takei in them). Sorry EA, but until you clean your game up and drop the DRM you won't get my money....more info
  • Basic but stylish
    Not much for innovation, but RA3 uses the best elements of all previous C&C games, including Generals, to create a fun experience....more info
  • secuRom
    ok so i bought the console version of this game so go ahead and stone me now. ive played ever c&c game on the PC since Command and Conquer in the 90s (i was six when it came out) but i have to say im glad i bought the 360 version purely for this crap about SecuRom. i dont have to deal with it myself because its on the console but i have to think about the trade offs made here. i will always prefer RTS on a computer because of the ease of interface though the console developers have come up with some pretty sweet remedies, like a radial display when you pull the trigger and very quick command references. but still the controls are hard to work even as a veteran of RTS on PC and console, so that was a big trade off. again the units were over the top and crazy powerful just like always but its insanely tedious to manage units and a base and an active front line fense with this control set up. i still think the trade off was worth it though, i can deal with in-game tedium better than installtion antics EA execs have to decided to impose on PC users. by the way i have seen this game on torrent and yes there are a lot of people getting it free AND without a horribly invasive security program.
    ...more info
  • DRM a Nightmare
    While the game itself is enjoyable to play, the DRM that ships with it is very difficult to deal with. I bought it to use on two computers, just to play with a friend at my house. Unfortunately, this will not work....more info
  • Great Game
    Great game, I'm a loyal fan of the series. Scenes are not as funny as Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 but the overall gameplay is amazing....more info
  • Lots of fun, but limited multiplayer
    One of the few problems I have with this game is that you can only have 6 people in multiplayer. I loved RA2 where you could have 8 people. It was perfect for me. Now in my group of friends we always have 6 and 2, or 6 people and one person playing solo/something else. My other problem with it is that there seem to be very few maps. I loved getting customized maps in RA2. It may simply be a matter of time waiting for fan-created maps, but I hope they can match up to those created for RA2.

    Other than that, I think this game is great. I love that you have to use strategy and more than one unit (oh woe is me, my apocalypse tanks can't shoot down air units any more :'(

    That said, I'm not sure this is one of those classic games. Maybe it's because I hold RA2 in such high esteem. Maybe it's because I'm older now. But it just doesn't grab me the same way RA2 did when it came out. But it'll do.
    ...more info
  • Protect Your Kids, Not EA
    YOU MUST HAVE THE INTERNET IN ORDER TO INSTALL THIS GAME! My mother-in-law didn't read that fine print when she bought this $50 game for my son. He was so excited, so imagine his face when he went to play the game and got a message saying it could not start the game because it could not "authorize the purchase" without being connected to the internet.

    I was certain there would be a way around that, so I called their technical support -- not a toll free number by the way. After two calls and being put on hold for 30 minutes each time, I was told that the only way the game would start was if it was connected to the internet for initial authorization. I explained that I do not allow my children to have internet access on their computer which is upstairs. They told me it was no big deal, just connect their computer once and then the game would work.

    I asked the guy if he seriously didn't think it would be a "big deal" to unhook the CPU from upstairs, drag it downstairs, unhook the parent computer, hook up the kid computer, authorize everything, then rehook everything back up. And he said "no, no big deal." I asked to speak with the managaer...and I tried to explain that while I understand their need to protect themselves from piracy, I needed to protect my CHILD from the internet. They agreed... go figure.

    Interesting to read all the technical stuff on here from others about the piracy issues. This is just the frustration of a mom. I don't plan to purchase EA products in the future. ...more info
  • Mediocre, No More, No Less
    I didn't really expect the oodles of cleavage and absurdity that RA3 offers. I'd heard the game didn't take itself seriously and I can enjoy satire or comedy. Sexism and poor story don't really do much for me.
    If you're familiar with the Red Alert Series RA3 does not have an extremely original story. Someone (Einstein in RA, both sides in Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge) travels to the past to change the future. This time the Soviets try their luck. Then you proceed to pick up the pieces of an alternate history and put the story right for whichever side you choose.
    The graphics are very nice. The gameplay is not satisfying. There is less strategy and more "argh! Go kill the other guy with this really cool stuff!" There seems to be a distinct preference towards the new faction. In the future don't let anime fan-boys take over something. Once mutated to their conception of what entertainment should be, the game lost a large part of its soul. And I lost a couple of bucks.
    If you have low standards and want to see a few seconds of flesh; knock yourself out. Otherwise skip this title in favor of something, anything else.

    ...more info
  • Surprisingly good considering EA's track record
    After having played tiberium wars i was a bit skeptical about trying red alert 3, but i have no regrets now. The campaign has the same feel as any of the older two red alerts and the acting is also up to par. The gameplays runs and feels smooth, and the online matches experience little to no lag (subjective i know). some of the balance still needs to be worked out, and some glitches are rather breaking, but they appear to be worked on and looked into in timely matters, so i wouldn't be pverly worried about that.

    Bottom line, if you enjoyed the series so far, or enjoy the genre this is definitely a game worth looking into....more info
  • Wait, just wait
    This game is fun, but so not finished.
    Poorly balanced, still laden with bugs and errors.
    Also, it is infested with Gestapo-Software.
    One can only hope, that the sales are so abysmal, that this will be fixed.
    Once the Gestapo crap is removed and the bugs are fixed, I will GLADLY give EA fifty of my dollars for the work they did.
    Until then, there is just no way I would and neither should you......more info
  • Stay Away
    No matter how well the game is designed, stay away from the DRM protected game. It is nothing but a hassle to deal with and will make a good computer crappy in a short time.

    ...more info
    A great game but poor decisions by the EVIL ALLIance (EA) DRM restricts ppl from installing .. u got 19 alphanumerical serial i got 18 ... lousy EA total bull ****...more info