Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Video ATV-360
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Product Description

See video and hear sound from the vehicle as you drive! This full-function, dual-track radio controlled ATV has off-road power and a 360-degree view button on remote, plus a headset, LCD viewing screen and earbuds for listening. Requires 12 "AA" batteries, not included.

  • RC all terrain vehicle with real-time video and listener
  • See video and hear sounds transmitted by your stealth ATV
  • Full-function, dual-track radio controlled ATV with off-road power
  • 360-degree view button on remote camera
  • Comes with headset LCD viewing screen and ear bud for listening

Customer Reviews:

  • My 7 year old loves this toy
    This is a fun toy. My son really loves it. I do not let him use it all the time because you wear this head gear and there is a camera that covers your left eye. The downside is that you could cause yourself to have a weak eye if you played with this toy all the time. The video is black and white. The video is not the most clear video, but you can definitely see it. I just would not want my son playing all the time especially since it covers one eye to view the video camera. Overall, he really loves it and it definitely should not be for children under 7 and half....more info
  • Another disappointed family
    This was a birthday present for my son. He waited months, patiently. Right out of the box, it didn't work. We contacted Wild Planet customer service. They provided a FEDEX prepaid return label. We shipped it back, we received confirmation they received the defective toy, and then we never heard from them again. We politely call the customer service rep assigned to us every day but they do not return our calls. So, we're out the [...] we spent at Target and now we're without any merchandise. Basically, we made a nice fat donation to Wild Planet. I know there are some happy customers out there but we're not among them. I know these toys are great ideas but we won't be buying Wild Planet merchandise again. ...more info
  • Hours of fun--a definite hit!
    One of my sons was absolutely delighted when he found this item on clearance at a local retailer. Since he bought it, he uses it every day. Suprisingly, too, it has not burned through batteries as quickly as I imagined it would.

    The treads allow it to navigate more areas than a wheeled audio-receiver car he got at Christmas. He can drive over small piles of laundry and even Matchbox cars--something important since he can only see based on the angle at which the camera is set before it is set in motion. He's been driving it around the house and spying on his brother's Cub Scout meetings and his sister's Brownie meetings. He's had it outside and inside. It's the most pleased he's ever been with a toy.

    The only improvement I'd like to see would be the ability to change the vertical camera angle remotely. Don't let that keep you from this one, though. It's pure fun....more info
  • warning: wipes out your WiFi
    The car drives just fine. The camera works surprisingly well. The audio is useless. But the most important thing about the ATV-360 is that it will knock every 2.4GHz WiFi connection in your house offline every time you turn it on....more info
  • A true spy vehicle.
    My 7 year old son bought this with his Christmas money. For a toy, it is money well spent. He is enjoying many hours of fun with this toy, steering it all over the house and sidewalk from remote areas of the house.

    I tried the eyepiece on and the video quality is quite good but definitely like tunnel vision. The camera cannot be remotely controlled up and down. That must be done manually. There is a 360 degree button that spins the ATV around when I want to see where I am.

    The volume in the earpiece can be adjusted remotely. There is one earbud and the manual instructs us not to substitute other earbuds or headphones or risk damaging the controller. The sound quality is great but it turns off when the vehicle is in motion, so I can only listen when the vehicle is stopped.

    Battery life has been decent considering how much my son plays with it. I needed 12 AA batteries to get it running and the manual advises us not to use rechargeable batteries. I wish I knew why because this is the second spy toy we have that says that.

    The only caution I have on this toy is to make sure it is out of the your bedroom when you need privacy. It can hear and see all! Overall, a terrific toy....more info
  • Son loves this tank
    My son has spent hours with this tank. His friends also envy the x-mas present.
    It takes a lot of batteries (6x2) but seems to last for a long time before batteries need replaced.
    ...more info
  • video atv
    The atv is very durable and the batteries last for a rlly long time it can turn in a 360 so that u can scan the room the only thing that is bad is that u have to change the camera up and down mannualy....more info
  • Works as advertised
    Works as advertised. The black and white video display is pretty good - not great but you can definitly see where the remote car is. Takes a littel while for a 10 year-old to get really good at controlling the car but eventually gets it. It does NOT "wipe-out" our WiFi in our house as someone else claims....more info
  • Fun for a young James Bond
    Bought it for a Christmas gift for my son. He loves it and is spying on his brothers all the time. Sounds quality is good. Video quality is OK - low resolution B&W. Lots of fun just driving it around....more info
  • Cool Toy
    Years ago I had a vision for a toy like this. I bought one for my child (a tween) and I sometimes get to play with it.
    It does what it says. The audio is muted while the toy is moving. This is not a big deal, I mean do you really want to hear the thing making all the noise while it is moving. The other thing is that the camera is stationary. You can manually move it but not by the remote control. Again, not a big deal.
    ...more info
  • Spy atv
    I bought this toy at toysrus because I always wanted an rc car with a camera I could see with. It is realy a lot of fun to drive around your house and explore under furniture and chase your pets. Its a little expensive but you have to take in consideration what you are getting, you are actually getting three toys in one. You have the rc tank itself which does a good job of getting over obsticals such as clothes, toys, and rugs on the floor. the tank also alows you to pivit and scan the room in one spot which is very usefull. The atv also comes with a spy camera which allows you to see what the toy is seeing though a head set. Also it has an electric ear. Overall a fun toy for kids and adults....more info
  • Grandkids Love It
    The grandkids think this is the greatest. I didn't even try to understand it. Didn't need to as the kids figured everything out. A winner....more info
  • Fun for a while but not worth the money
    this toy was supercool for a couple of go-s.
    After a couple of weeks, it won't turn properly.
    I don't think it is quite worth the money....more info