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ColorMunki Photo - Monitor, Printer & Projector Profiler
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Product Description

Your best friend for matching prints to display with color perfection. Ideal for wedding, portrait and event photographers - or any passionate advocate - this completely integrated color control solution delivers the latest technology to calibrate your displays, projectors and printers for accurate color matching. It's also loaded with color creation and communication tools that allow you to send your images with DigitalPouch and create unlimited color palettes! So whether you work on a PC or Mac, ColorMunki Photo is the innovative way to bring your photos from screen to print accurately, simply and affordably.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Choice for Fine Art Printing
    I've been giving the ColorMunki a workout for several weeks and find that it is easy to use and my print colors have never been more accurate. It replaces a first generation Pantone Colorvision Sypder I bought in 2002. My desktop is year old quad core PC from HP running Windows Vista Ultimate, an Acer Ferarri 20-inch LCD monitor and photo printer is an Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer. I've seen a number of negative reviews here that leave me baffled, so I offer some advice.

    1) Before you install ColorMunki software, be sure to un-install and/or disable other color management software, like Adobe Gamma. On Windows, I'd recommend using a good registry cleaner, like RegCure, to insure no color management applications are being loaded in the background.

    2) Check to make sure your graphics card software is set to the defaults. Some games and photo editing software might "tweak" the color management settings.

    3) The ColorMunki "Easy" mode calibration requires a good, late model graphics card and software controllable graphics monitor. For best results, use the "Adanced" mode and check both "Optimize brightness" and "Optimize Luminance" boxes.

    4) Don't calibrate you in monitor in "Advanced" mode a darkened room. A fairly high level of ambient light is needed to set reasonable levels of brightness and luminance on your monitor. This is likely the source of comments that brightnees on iMacs and other LCD monitors can't be turned down enough to make the ColorMunki happy.

    5) When creating paper profiles a) allow test prints to dry at least two hours before you scan them and b) make sure you scan the strips on top of a white card or stack of like paper. My fist calibration of Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper was a little off because I scanned it directly on my blonde wood desk.

    6) Most laptop displays really cannot be calibrated adequately for critical color work because they use an integrated GPU with limited capability. Results are going to be disappointing if the laptop does not have a dedicated GPU, like the ATI Mobility Radeon X800 or nVidia GeForce 9600M GT and fully adjustable display. Only high end laptops meet this criteria, like the new MacBook Pro or HP Pavilion X16-1040.

    7) Take your time. The brightness and luminance readings take about 30 seconds each time you make a change. ...more info
  • ColorMunki color calibrator
    The product is very easy to use. The training video provides good visuals on how to use the product to make calibration of your monitor and printer very simple.

    ...more info
  • inconsistent result
    I have used three other profilers before and understand color management well. Aside from the licensing and installation problems, I only want to comment on the functionality of this instrument. 1. The advance calibration for the display does not work. Concur with other reviewers that the brightness cannot be set to target. If you skip the step by hitting the next button, you get a dark profile that is totally useless.The ambience measuring is a joke: gives you no idea what is dim, moderat or bright environment and therefore give you a unpredictable profile. 2.I have made two profiles for my Canon i990 printer and both turned out to be dark and yellowish. Face tone are like jaundiced patient.Optimizing it makes it worse. I give it a 2-star rating because the scanning design is really easy to use and one profile I made for my Epson 1440 printer is barely usable albeit too dark. But I do not understand why the Canon printer profile were so bad. I really regret that Xrite put out such an unreliable product in this day and age when 400 dollars can buy a lot of good photographic instruments, not to mention the frustration of wasting so much ink and paper to find out that Colormunki really does not work. It should be renamed ColorMonkey. Shy away from it....more info
  • Color Munki Works Great!
    Using the Color Munki has saved me so much time and money that it paid for itself in the first month. It's easy to use and creates great profiles. Two things are important to know however, 1. - if you have a cheap monitor, it's going to be harder to match your prints and 2. - I found that certain fine art papers really need some extra time to dry before the color sets - on the information sheet for Epson's Somerset Velvet, it says that can take 24 hours! If you do your test prints and wait a bit before reading them in, the profiles in the soft-proof in Photoshop look really close to the print. No more hit or miss printing - I Love It!...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I really wanted this to work. Unfortunately the prints looked terrible. I am giving it two stars because Amazon made the return process so easy and the product was easy to use

    First, my equipment is an Apple Imac 24, Mac OS 10.4.11. I used the auto monitor calibration and did not see much change, but that wasn't too surprising as I had already calibrated the monitor. I really wanted to do the printer calibration. I have two Epson Photo printers; a 2200 and a 3800. I can get good prints out of them (fantastic prints out of the 3800) but they often don't look exactly like whats on the screen. That was my goal, having a close a match to my screen appearance as to the print. Wasn't even close.

    I redid the calibration several times, on both printers and for me, on my system, it did not work. I have read other reviews where they had great luck, but in may case it didn't work.

    Amazon was fine about the return and even paid for the return shipping via uPS ground, the Amazon experience was excellent, and the ColorMunki was very easy to use but the printed output was terrible.

    ...more info
  • ColorMunki monitor calibration
    I ordered the ColorMunki on the advice of trusted photo professionals and I was amazed at how easy it is to use. I calibrated my monitor and my printer. I'm very happy with the result, much improved color balance between what I see on my monitor and in my prints....more info
  • Works Great
    I recently recieved the ColorMunki Photo as a gift from my wife.
    Being that I just got into the whole color management thing I was a little intmidated by the thought of creating my own printer profiles.
    Well, the Colormunki software walks you through the whole process. It even make the changes in Photoshop so when I print all I need to do is soft proof it then hit print! I also used it on my Apple cine. display and it never looked better.......more info