Hauppauge 1200 WinTV HVR-850 HDTV Tuner Stick
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Product Description

Watch and record hi-definition ATSC digital TV or cable TV on your PC or laptopWinTV-HVR-850 hybrid TV stick featuresDigital ATSC over-the-air TV tuner built-inAnalog TV features

The Hauppauge 1200 WinTV-HVR-850 Hybrid TV Stick External TV Tuner/Video Recorder will bring high-definition television directly to your PC. This handy device lets you watch your favorite TV shows through your computer and record them digitally for future playback using high quality MPEG-2. More economical and versatile than a DVR, or digital video recorder, this PC Video Recorder, or PVR, gives you virtually unlimited options for saving and playing back your favorite TV broadcasts and clips.

The Hauppauge 1200 WinTV-HVR-850 Hybrid TV Stick External TV Tuner/Video Recorder offers:
  • Ability to watch television on your PC in a window or full screen.
  • Portable, small size for on-the-go television viewing on your laptop.
  • Compatibility with digital and analog signals.
  • Ability to record your favorite shows with the WinTV-Scheduler software.

WinTV software makes it easy to record your favorite shows. View larger.

The small, pocketable size lets you easily take it everywhere. View larger.
Play and Record Television Digitally
The WinTV-HVR-850 is a simple-to-use device that brings over-the-air high definition ATSC digital TV as well as analog cable TV directly to your PC desktop or laptop. With the additional included antenna, it can also receive analog TV broadcasts.

More versatile than a DVR, the WinTV-HVR-850 is a pocket-sized device that simply plugs into your PC's USB port. It features a built-in digital ATSC over-the-air TV receiver. If you live in one of the more than 200 cities in the United States that receives ATSC digital TV, you'll have immediate access to as many as 1500 digital TV stations. ATSC digital TV is the over-the-air HDTV standard for North America. ATSC broadcasts range in resolution from standard definition up to the high definition 1080i format. (To check the ATSC digital transmissions in your area, input your zip code at titantv.com.)

A portable digital TV antenna, which can be used to receive digital TV up to 10 miles from an ATSC transmitter, is included with the PVR . If you live in an area where you can't currently receive ATSC digital TV, the WinTV-HVR-850 can still be used to watch and record analog TV from cable TV or a TV antenna. (The WinTV-HVR-850 cannot receive digital cable TV or digital satellite TV.)

Once the WinTV-HVR-850 is connected, you can begin to record your favorite shows in high-quality MPEG-2 directly to your hard disk using the Hauppauge SoftPVR MPEG-2 encoder. Television recordings will typically consume 5 GB of disk space per hour for ATSC high definition, while analog recordings will typically consume 1.5 GB of disk space per hour. You can also use the included WinTV-Scheduler to program your computer to record your favorite analog or digital TV shows for play back at any time.

Compatibility with Microsoft's Windows Media Center means that you can watch TV as well as your recordings with Windows Media Center. The included WinTV application also lets you watch your shows in a window or on full screen.

More about PVR Technology
PVR stands for PC Video Recorder. The WinTV-HVR-850 is a PVR that allows you to play television through your computer and record the broadcasts digitally. PVR doesn't use standard videocassettes; instead, it uses your computer's hard disk to store the broadcasts.

Once you record a television show to your PC's hard drive, you can burn a CD or DVD that will allow you to play the show back on another computer or on your television. With video editing software (not included with the WinTV-HVR-850), you can even edit the shows. This is a great feature if you want to save clips from movies or sitcoms, or keep your favorite player's grand slam or TD kick-off return for posterity.

And just like a typical VCR, the WinTV-HVR-850 offers you several recording options, depending on your play back needs. If you want the highest quality recording for playback through your HDTV, all you need is enough hard drive space to support high-quality recording. By using the lowest recording option, you can use your WinTV-HVR-850, along with an inexpensive video camera, as a low-cost on-site video surveillance system. In fact, the possibilities of how you can take advantage of the WinTV-HVR-850 are endless.

What's in the Box
WinTV-HVR-850 high-speed USB TV stick with cable TV and ATSC antenna connection; USB extension cable; portable antenna; software on CD-ROM; and quick installation guide.

  • TV tuner allows for viewing and recording of television on PCs via high-speed USB
  • Compatible with both digital and analog television signals
  • Record your favorite shows in high-quality MPEG-2 directly to your hard disk
  • Small size makes it easy to carry and ideal for laptops
  • Includes Personal Video Recorder software for scheduled recording of programs

Customer Reviews:

  • HDTV in a Stick
    This product provides a means of enjoying TV including HDTV on your home computer or laptop. You can use one of these devices with your laptop to determine which HDTV stations you can receive with a minimal indoor antenna at a particular location. ...more info
  • It's O.K... okay.
    Well, the quality isn't that good. Needs a remote unless you like scan down through the channels. Easy to install, but the picture quality is worst if your not using Window Vista's Windows Media. If your planning to play your game console with this, then be prepare with lag unless you have a fast cell processor....more info
  • Does what it says it will
    I wanted to use my laptop as a second TV so I bought this tuner. I hooked it up to my cable and it worked just fine. Then I tried the tiny antenna and, to my surprise, I got 28 HD channels. They came crystal clear although the over the air analog channels were pretty bad, but I don't care about that.
    The only thing I don't like is that I have to reprogram it to switch from cable to antenna. There may be some technical reason for that and it's not a big deal.
    It does what I want and it was easy to set up. That's all I need....more info
  • Hauppauge 1200 WinTV HVR-850 HDTV Tuner Stick
    Received and installed the product before the update was available on company website. Don't intend to download it as it takes a lot of hard drive space, and I don't need parental controls or closed captioning. I have Vista Premium. Installation was easy. Amazed that the small antenna works as well as it does. I have to use a large amplified antenna on my tv. I tried it instead of the supplied antenna, and it didn't improve the reception. Reception of with the small supplied antenna is very good. Using up/down channels is slow...typing in channel number is better.

    I figured out how to set it up on Windows Media Center, then found those instructions on support tab of company website.

    Like another reviewer, I had problems with sound. I was at 100% volume, and it was still low...then I realized that I had to adjust the volume bar on the windows bottom left tool bar. (For Windows Media, I had to adjust the sound mixer). These instructions weren't included in the trouble shooting guide. Also, at first I didn't have sound on Windows Media Center...I have to deselect the AC3 option under the stereo sound. I have to reselect it to watch it on the supplied tuner program.

    I like that I can minimize the picture on top of programs, so I can watch/listen while checking e-mail, etc.

    The reason for 4 stars is on a couple of occasions, the sound suddenly slowed down...like listening to an old record on the slow speed. The tuner gets very warm, and I don't know if that affected it. On one occasion I rebooted, and everything was fine again. Another time, I clicked again on the stereo sound option and it came back to normal.

    Overall, a good, inexpensive HDTV option. ...more info
  • Zero stars isn't an option, unfortuantely...
    The unit I received was sent back for a refund. Need I say more? Probably not, but here's a little... It didn't receive the public air signals as it should have, and the cable signal reminded me of the "snow" that used to plague the medium back in the days of black and white TV and aerial antenae. I've had other tuners from Hauppauge that have worked wonderfully. In fact, this was purchased to replace one that was shorted out by a lightning storm. Thankfully I had another card in another computer that I was able to use instead......more info
  • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 850
    Hauppauge 1200 WinTV HVR-850 HDTV Tuner Stick I am taking a Vista OS class, and found myself interested in the capability to watch and record TV on my computer. I am very pleased with this product; I was surprised to see how well it works for me. Using it with cable, the picture quality is very good, but not very good using the antenna. Ease of use and installation can be measured by the fact that I am a 71-year old grandma....more info
  • Poorly designed software makes this useless
    I ordered this because I was fed up with Pinnacle TV Center Pro constantly crashing and ridiculously bad UI. Little did I know that this was much worse.

    More than half of the time, and I mean that quite literally, MORE THAN HALF THE TIME, it crashes when it starts timed recordings. Furthermore, it can't record silently in the background, like other tv tuner programs. It has to bring up a window to show what it's recording, which means that it uses a LOT of system resources, CRIPPLING the computer for that time period. And there's one more enormous problem-- It can only record to an absolutely enormous mpg file instead of divx or xvid, and these files are difficult to decently convert to a usable file. The only solution is to BUY a $25 program called Wing from Hauppauge to allow it to record to divx. The constant crashes make me think that Wing will barely help the usability of this piece of junk.

    As much as I absolutely detest Pinnacle's TV Center Pro, I'm actually going back to it because I hate WinTV much, much more.

    Don't even bother....more info
  • Quick & Easy Way to Add TV to Your PC
    Great little device! Picture a little jerky during fast moving scenes, but OK for watching stock market info....more info
  • great product
    I ordered this for my wife's Vista laptop and she did the installation - all went well. Works great on our cable....more info
  • Unacceptable - Misrepresented in Amazon listing.
    Fails to receive the complete HDTV signal; fails to receive the closed captioning, an essential portion of the signal. Misrepresented in Amazon listing. ...more info
  • best
    Its good enough to watch all the channels you want.
    Clear good quality sound view.
    No bad complains right now. ...more info
  • USB TV tuner
    I bought this to replace a Hauppage PCI TV tuner card. The USB unit was 100 percent easier to install and seems to be more stable. Picture quality seems to be better, too.

    I'm using it for analog TV -- not HDTV -- with a cable signal.

    I've installed it the software on a couple of different computers -- desktop, laptop, netbook. All work fine.

    ...more info
  • Works under linux, but not yet perfectly
    I am using it under Linux (FC10). It works after installing the firmware as described here:

    Unfortunately, tvtime does not know how to handle the usb sound. You can get it to work using the steps described here:
    [...]...more info
  • High quality, low price
    I bought this product because I couldn't find a satisfactory AV capture/converter device. With a very attractive price tag and great out quality, I am glad I made the right decision.

    My original plan was to convert my old VHS home videos into digital format. After recording 3 video tapes, this thing has already paid itself.

    Having the TV tuner functions is big bonus to me, I was gladly surprised with its rich functionality. The software has room for improvement, but there's no major flaw. This product can easily out-perform those much higher priced boxes.

    ...more info
  • Hauppauge 1200 WinTV HVR-850 HDTV Tuner Stick
    I am pleased with the product. I hooked it up and watch a local digital channel. The image was very good...more info