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Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV
List Price: $189.99

Our Price: $123.49

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Product Description

For all your digital display needs, Coby's TF-TV1022 10.2" Widescreen LCD Digital TV/Monitor is the perfect solution. A 10.2" widescreen TFT LCD color display brings bright color to computer applications, video games, and television broadcasts. Available AV input jacks allow for easy connection of media players, DVR/VCRs, video games and more. Full-range stereo speakers (6W) Digital comb filter and noise reduction V-chip parental control, Closed-Caption, and Electronic Program Guide support Multi-language on-screen display Wall-mountable design (VESA 75mm x 75mm) Display Resolution - 800 x 480 Contrast Ratio - 400 - 1 Brightness - 300 cd/m^2 Pixel Response - 30 ms DTV Input Format - 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i Video System - ATSC/QAM/NTSC Menu Language Support - English, Spanish, French Additional Functions - MTS (Stereo/SAP/Mono); Sleep Timer Audio Input - RCA Composite Audio; 3.5mm Audio Audio Output - Integrated Stereo Speakers (6W); 3.5mm Headphone Video Input - Coaxial Antenna; RCA Composite Video; 15-pin PC VGA Power - Main Unit - AC 100-240V; Remote - 2 x 1.5V AAA Unit Dimension (WHD) - 12.21 x 12.19 x 5.24 AV Cable Remote Control 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries 100-240V UL AC Adapter

  • 10.2-Inch Widescreen TFT LCD Digital Color TV/monitor with ATSC Tuner, dual ATSC/NTSC Tuner for Digital and Standard TV Broadcast Reception
  • AV input jacks for use with media players, DVR/VCRs, video games, and more
  • 15-Pin VGA Interface For Use with Computer System, Full-range Stereo Speakers(6W), Digital Comb Filter and Noise Reduction
  • V-chip Parental Control, Closed Caption, and Electronic Program Guide Support
  • Multi-Language On-screen Display, Wall-Mountable Design

Customer Reviews:

  • Returned
    Purchased for kitchen use. Side viewing was very limited and picture was not very clear. Maybe another unit would be better. Maybe but, I will never know....more info
  • Great little TV - fabulous picture
    This TV was so easy to operate right out of the box. The size is perfect for sitting on my bathroom sink so I can watch the news in the morning - short enough so that my medicine cabinet will open and doesn't hit it, but with a nice wide, brilliantly colored picture. My only complaint is that I'd only had it a month and the On/Off button stopped working on the remote. The TV still works fine though and for the price I'm still very happy with this product....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I recently wanted a small television for a desk where I do scrapbooking. The area is small so I wanted a small tv. This product is wonderful. The reception is great, the picture is VERY clear and it is the perfect size. I am very happy with this product and the price - couldn't beat it!...more info
  • Good
    I have been needing a TV in the kitchen to watch while i'm cooking. I get home from work and freeway traffic and all i want to do is listen to the drama on cable news on TV and eat my dinner. But first i have to cook the dinner, and my TV was in the next room, not in the kitchen. I would turn it up loud so i could hear it while cooking but that didn't work, i was always frustrated and aggravated that i was missing things, i would hear part of them and they sounded interesting but noises from the kitchen would cause the TV sound to cut in and out.

    Finally i got tired of being aggravated and started looking for a small TV at as low a price as possible and this one on Amazon sounded perfect, as long as it worked. I don't need a great picture or great sound. I just want to follow what's going on on the show i'm watching until i can move into the other room when my dinner is ready to eat. I don't have much space for a TV in the kitchen, i needed a small one, but 7 inch was too small.

    The coby TV arrived yesterday. I was so surprised at how light the box was that i was afraid it wasn't the TV after all but something else i ordered. It was a little smaller than i imagined. It's small enough to fit any place. The only question was, would it work. I plugged it into the cable tv cord and it started right up, after i changed the setting from 'air' to 'catv.' Before i figured that out, i thought it didn't work. After the set went through and selected all the channels, it worked fine. It has plenty of volume, that's something i had worried about. The sound is what you should expect from small tv (not hi fi) speakers, but after reading some reviews on Amazon that described the sound as thin, i was pleasantly surprised. To me, it's full enough to easily be heard over running water and other noises, it's robust for my purposes. The picture isn't great, but it isn't bad either,for what it is, a very small $130 TV. I didn't find that the adjustments made any real difference in the picture, but because it's cable, it's decent out of the box.

    The remote is ok, i'd give it a C minus. maybe it's just mine, but sometimes i push the buttons and nothing happens. I would say it's not sensitive (the buttons). I don't see a mute button on it, and the volume buttons aren't always responsive.

    All in all, having put the TV through its paces, I'm very pleased with it, it does exactly what i wanted. If it works for a year, i'll consider it a good deal and will get another one.

    The instructions weren't that clear or detailed; definitely English was not the first language of the person who wrote the instructions so the language was kind of interesting in places. I've seen better instructions and i've seen worse. But once it's set up, i don't see a need for the instructions. I was able to solve the one set up problem i had with the help of the instructions....more info
  • Coby Makes a Great Product
    I use this product in my bathroom with a indoor antenna. Works great! I recommend it to anyone who needs a small Digital TV. No negatives. ...more info
  • nice for the size & $$
    This was great for my son to take to school. fits perfectly in a very small dorm room. Nice picture and sound. video games play well on it also (so I'm told my my son) he says it's "sweet". ...more info
  • Coby 10 inch
    I'm using this with an antenna, and it misses picking up a few channels when compared to my 20 inch Sony, but the channels it does pick up come in great. Has all the features of a larger TV....more info
  • Frustrating failure
    Hooked up the TV, turned it on, worked fine - for about 30 seconds. Never was able to get it to work consistently: sometimes briefly had sound and video only to see them fade into lines or fuzz. Definitely NOT a keeper - really doesn't deserve even one star!...more info
  • Works on 12 volts
    Not only does this TV perform very well, but it works on a 12 volt input. The plug is a common size, I had several DC cords that fit it. (including those supplied with other Coby products) This makes the Coby great for a motorhome or other appications where battery operation is necessary. The TV gets a great picture when in the digital mode. The remote is easy to operate and changing menu settings is a snap. I did not even have to read the instruction manual. I have had great luck with other Coby products and see no reason not believe this TV will continue to meet my expectations. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I bought this to view my security cameras so the picture quality was not that important. That was good because the picture quality was very low. It did not matter much because the TV failed after just 35 days of 10 hours a day of operation. And of course the warranty was only for 90 days. Coby will not return my emails or calls. Do not waste your money. ...more info
  • reviewing 10" television
  • Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV
    I needed a small tv for my office and this size was perfect. I asked a friend who works in the audio/video field, and he was not positive about the tv. I ordered it anyway and am so glad I did; the picture is great and clear. It has great picture quality and is just the right size for my office. If you are looking for a small tv with a great picture this is the one you need....more info
  • Overall O-kay
    I bought this TV to replace another 10-inch TV. Screen seems smaller than previous set. Picture is very OK. Number/letters (sleep-timer/Vol. etc.) are teeny-tiny.

    Overall O-K.
    ...more info
  • Better than what I expected!
    I love this little TV/Monitor - I use it for a TV in my RV. So far I have only used it hooked up to cable but I am buying an antenna for it (also sold here on This is a sharp looking TV and easy to take along! Picture is great and the features were easy to use. It's even better than I expected! I guess I envisioned a 13" screen as tiny but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice of a view you get on the actual TV screen also! Everyone who sees it comments about how cool it looks. ...more info
  • Great little TV
    We bought the 10" Coby TFTV1022 for the kitchen and couldn't be happier!
    I shopped around at the local stores trying to find a small, reasonably priced digital TV and finally thought of!

    Very good, sharp picture on the local digital HD channels and not bad on the regular cable channels either.

    The sound is good enough quality to rate the singers on American Idol! I can't help it if I even voted for Tatiana.

    A Great Buy!...more info
    Arrived with a hot pixel...which wasn't a serious issue. Atleast it turned on...and had a picture, and that is the only reason I gave it 2 stars. I hooked it up cable, and the picture is HORRIBLE. We messed with the audio and video settings for well over an hour and couldn't get the picture right. People were orange, and YES..the sound does sound like it is coming out through cans as another reviewer described. I owned a 7" GE LCD (Undercabinet) that was around the same price and it had excellent sound and picture, so don't try to feed me the "you get what you pay for" this set should be worth around $49 instead of the [...] I will be going to Q* and getting a Samsung 19 inch for [...] which I am sure will be a 100% improvement over this piece of crap! May be a bit too big for my kitchen, but oh well! UGH! What a waste of my time! (OH!!! And good luck finding the correct screws to wall mount this!)...more info
  • Great transaction!
    I love the television and it was here before I even expected it to arrive....more info
  • great little tv
    I purchased this tv to replace an old black and white portable (7 inch screen!)..that my folks have on their kitchen table. Mainly, due to the pending switchover from analog to dtv. The tv itself is great. A very nice picture, and a nice size 10 inches, but doesn't take up anymore space due to being flat screen. Now if I can just get the right antenna to bring in the channels they want!! I'm waiting for the 3rd one to arrive. Let's hope 3 time's a charm!..But the tv is great, no complaints at all....more info
  • Good looking TV
    The 10" Coby TV is great for the price. We have it in the kitchen, ideal for a small room. Its appearance is very good, great picture, but poor sound, like an echo chamber. If you can tolerate the sound, it's a great buy....more info
  • Wonderful small screen TV
    This Coby 10 inch screen is perfect for my kitchen counter. Takes up so little foot print. True it takes a few seconds before the picture is displayed. The tuner is super - when I select channel 4 (NBC), one channel at a time is shone. There are 4 different channel 4's - all belonging to NBC. Now I am getting the signal from the air....more info
  • Great TV for bed top viewing
    This TV was purchased for a person confined to bed in a nursing home and worked out just great for use on the bed top table. It's light weight and ease of use is ideal....more info
  • Great value - perfect office/bedroom/kitchen telly
    - Great connectivity: coax, RCA composite, headphone jack, VGA
    - Very useful remote
    - Option to switch aspect ratios (4:3 like a traditional TV, 16:9 for widescreen)
    - Price
    - Huge space saving over a tube TV of comparable size - great for kitchen, office or bedroom

    - Fiddly to adjust the picture initially, but fine once you have
    - Not HDTV or plasma (erm.... but not meant to be)

    I use this TV on my desk in my home office, and it is perfect for my needs. It is hooked up to a satellite box via the coax connector and is fully functional. It also works just fine with a DVD via the RCA composite connectors. I have not tried the VGA connector with a PC, so I cannot comment on that.
    As the other reviewers mentioned, the picture takes a bit of adjusting to get brightness, contrast, etc. to where you want them, but once you have it, the colors are fairly vivid and the picture quality is the equivalent of a portable tube TV, which is plenty good enough for me!
    The speakers are not bad (similar to the speakers on a flat panel computer monitor - not much bass, but not 1970s-radio-tinny). If I am watching a movie, I plug my PC speakers (which have a woofer) into the headphone jack and Bob's your uncle, genuine mini home theater! Even my wife (a self-avowed audio snob) was impressed.

    A little gem, IMHO.
    ...more info
  • Not as good as it looks
    I bought this TV for use in the kitchen and its size, at least, was perfect. But I found a number of serious objections: 1. The color of the picture isn't up to standard. Comparing it side-by-side to the previous TV (CRT) and to another LCD, the color was "off" and couldn't be adjusted sufficiently. 2. The actual digital receiver isn't very hot. Even local stations jerked and pixelated and sometimes wouldn't come in at all. An outside antenna would solve this I'm sure (I was using rabbit ears). But I can see some of the TV towers from here! Farther away stations - which come in fine on both of my other TV's - wouldn't come in on this set at all. I just wasn't satisfied, not even at Amazon's very attractive price, and returned the set....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The Coby 10" TV is great and an excellent value, plus free shipping. Picture is clear and sound is crisp. We are wall mounting this TV in a Bath room. Only complaint was that the Manual does not give the specs for the mounting screws to attach the TV to a Vesa 75mm wall mount. One call to customer service resolved the problem. If you will be wall mounting the unit you'll need 4 - 13mm x .5 pitch screws. I can't recommend this unit enough!...more info
  • Hoped for better
    I have been very disappointed in this little TV. I purchased it to replace an analogue TV that I have used in the kitchen for many years. Unfortunately, I inadvertently purchased an outdoor antenna, rather than indoor. Even so, I attached it to the TV and it did make a difference, but I still don't get even the number of channels I was receiving on the analogue set (the latter with NO antenna).

    The picture is bright but I have never been able to adjust the color properly; it looks a little faded and washed out. (I have a large-screen LCD TV in another room and it has a gorgeous picture - but it is hooked up to cable.)

    The closed captioning is so small that you have to be within a couple of feet of the set in order to read it.

    The sound on mine is definitely tinny and it gets worse as volume increases, making for a very 'fine line' between hearing and annoyance!

    I hope the channel pick-up will improve when the changeover is made to digital.

    If you buy it (and I realize that many people have been happy with it) be sure to get an appropriate antenna if you aren't hooking up to cable. I'm going to get an indoor antenna and try again, but my expectations are not high.
    ...more info
  • Good bang for the buck
    I was looking for a small TV to replace a unit that won't operate with a converter box in my Mom's kitchen. This one fit the bill. Nice little TV, and good bang for the buck. I noticed other users complained about the audio. Sounds great to me....more info
  • love it in my bathroom
    I had a small black and white tv on my bathroom counter. Now that antennaes are no longer going to work, I called my cable company and had them run a line thru the wall from the bedroom and plugged cable into this cute little tv. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is perfect. clear pic, HD also and gets all cable stations....more info
  • Nice, but Inadequate Reception!
    The TV has a clear, sharp picture and was the right size for the chest of drawers it was to sit upon. The sound was not very good, but reasonable for such a small set. Unfortunately, it was DC powered (not AC). It could not pull in the major TV stations whose towers are about 20 miles away. It should work fine in the city....more info
  • 10.2 Coby LCD TV
    I needed a small TV with Digital tuner for my RV. This product fitted my needs very well. It has excellent reception and receives through both cable and outside antenna equally well. The only improvement I could suggest would be the capability to operate on 12 volts DC as well as AC. ...more info
  • Best available cheap small LCD TV-- but far from perfect
    In the past month I have purchased 2 of these Coby TFTV1022 TVs to replace 2 9" CRT type TVs on cable in the kitchen and a bathroom. The first one worked OK so bought another. They are primarily used to watch a bit of news or to "keep up" with a show being viewed in the media room. They work fine for that. As any LCD they are much thinner and more space efficient. This is the least expensive and smallest option I could find anywhere. So perfect for my family's uses. Cons: default picture mode is terrible (but can be adjusted to acceptable levels with a little experimentation) and the aspect ratios available are either smaller than 10.2" or squished....more info
  • Great Little TV
    I was looking for a small flat screen TV for our kitchen area. I checked numerous websites and the only one that fit the description for our needs was the Colby 10 inch. Plus the price was right. I had previously bought a Venture TV that was on sale at Walgreen's, but I returned it. Anyways the Colby is perfect. The only "issue" I do have is that we have it hooked in to cable (RCN). As a result we have to use the Colby remote for the sound, and the cable remote to change channels, but its no big deal If you are looking for a low priced 10 inch flat screen TV, you won't go wrong with the Colby--though we have only been using it for about a month....more info
  • Great Little TV
    This little Coby LCD Tv is used on a boat. It was shipped promptly and arrived fine. The TV works great on either 110ac or 12v, using minimal power which was desired when using at anchor. (.8amp on 12v). Had to replace the old TV because of the phasing out of analog in the U.S. but later in Canada.
    ...more info
  • Great little TV
    I was looking for an inexpensive direct TV to use in the kitchen -- just to watch the news while cooking or cleaning up. Didn't want a bunch of bells and whistles. This little TV fits all the criteria and I'm very happy with it....more info
  • Does what it should better than expected
    For a standard def digital tv, picture is decent - is what I expected on a standard def tv, sound is fine though a bit tinny. remote works well. Using tv in kitchen on top of refrigerator so I appreciate that you can angle the screen up or down (it pivots a bit -not alot) on the stand. Good bargain for a decent tv....more info
  • Not a bad HDTV for the price
    I've had mine for about 2 months now (purchased Dec 2008).

    Set up: Very easy to set up right out of the box and easy has a decent and user friendly remote control.

    Picture: I've tried making a number of different adjustments but no matter what I do, the picture is fairly saturated with color and not particularly sharp. Maybe a powered antenna (or cable) will do the trick, instead of a passive antenna.

    Sound: The quality on mine isn't bad at all. Not sure what other were expecting for price.

    It's a small thing but the thing I like most about it is that the "closed caption" has a "on mute" selection, which none of my other HDTVs have. At this setting if you have to mute your sound, the "CC" automatically kicks in.

    All in all, not a bad purchase at $150 (DEC 2008) and now it's down to $120! ...more info
  • 2 units in 6 months gone bad
    Coby TFTV1022 10.2-Inch LCD TV This unit seems to go belly up every two months.
    The Coby people have replaced it at a cost to me for shipping which is now greater than the original cost of the unit.

  • Sound Problems
    I've had nothing but problems with the sound on this unit. At one time, at random, the speaker sound just cut out although the headphone jacked worked a little bit. Right out of the carton, I had problems with the sound and the manual's instruction to reset the unit just does not work....more info
  • Very nice small digital tv.
    I bought the Coby 1022 to fill a void created by the switch to DTV. I found the 1022 while searching for a Portable DTV. What I did to use it as a semi-portable DTV was to buy a Coby BP-420 rechargeable battery and use it in times of power outages. It will power the TV for over 2 hours of times with no AC.
    It gets a lot of DTV stations(more than my Sony XBR-2 does and both are connected to the same outside antenna).
    It was one of the lowest cost methods to fill the void. I really like the looks of the unit too, Would buy again!...more info
  • Beware
    I would have given no stars if possible. The size of this TV was perfect for what I wanted but I couldn't get any reception. I tried several different types of antennas (bought them and took them back) and different areas in my house--all to no avail. I can only assume this TV is defective. I tried to contact Coby for help but after waiting for 25 min. and being told I was next for a representative they sent me to voice mail and hung up. I tried again and waited even longer and the same thing happened again. I gave up and am sending it back. ...more info
  • OK for the price
    This cheap little digital TV is lightweight and convenient, but as might be expected for the price there are no bells and whistles. It's digital but not HD. It offers two viewing resolutions (16:9 and 4:3), but because it's not HD, 4:3 generally looks better (though considerably smaller than 16:9, of course). Closed captioning is miniscule. Audio is loud enough, but a bit tinny....more info
  • Great little TV
    This little Coby TV has proven to be an excellent purchase. Vibrant color and crystal clear picture. Awesome price, very pleased....more info
  • nice TV - a bit too big and it does not have a headphone jack
    This product works well as a TV. The on screen menus for the digital tuner and other options are very well designed. I have it set up with an analog cable connection so I have not tested with a real HD signal.

    I spent a lot of time shopping for a small TV with a sleep timer and this is where I landed. It would look a lot better if they didn't have such a large black bezel around the screen. Also, Amazon has this unit listed as having a headphone jack. It actually has an audio out jack. If you want to use it with a headphone or a pillow speaker you will need an external amplifier and the output volume can not be adjusted through the TV's volume control.

    Overall, this unit works well as a TV. It appears to be physically much bigger than it needs to be for the small screen size and the so-called headphone jack really is not for headphones at all. ...more info