Black and Decker PS180 14.4 Volt Battery Charger #418352-02
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Product Description

Black and Decker #418352-02 PS180 14.4 Volt Charger - input: AC120V, 60Hz, 15W output: 17.4 Volt DC, 210mA - for HPB18 18 Volt Battery Pac. These battery chargers are new with full factory warranties. We buy them in bulk, not in retail packaging, and pass the savings along to our internet customers. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Chargers are checked before shipping to insure they are in working order. A bad battery incerted into this charger will short the electrical circuits inside the charger, and void the manufacturers warranty. Please check any battery, old or new, that will be used with this charger.


Customer Reviews:

  • It does the job
    It does the job. It charges well, but don't leave the battery on too long because that is how our first charger broke....more info
  • Another new battery
    They have supposedly improved the life of these batteries.
    I won't know how much it has improved until the new one fails...
    ...more info
  • bat charger
    prompt shipping at a fair price considering my drill is at least 4 yrs old, didnt think I would find 1, only draw back was when I asked about this charger no 1 got back 2 me ...more info
  • New Life
    Thought it was the end for my favorite power drill. However, after charging it with the new PS-180 Charger, it's up and running like new. Thanks ...more info
  • Throwing Good Money After Bad
    This product is as close as it gets to being a complete waste of money. I know you're on a tight budget (you're buying B&D tools), and I know many tool reviewers advise you to buy products that cost way more than you want to pay.

    But I'll give you two good reasons not to buy this product. First, this is the same charger B&D ships with their tools. Unless you bought a used tool, which didn't come with a charger, you already own it. Why would you buy a product that you know, from firsthand experience, will fail?

    Here's a better reason not to buy this item: If your charger quit, you probably broke it. You can break this item just by trying to use it. Read the "IMPORTANT NOTICE" in the manufacturer's product description: B&D says that plugging a "bad battery" into the charger will short the wiring out and void your warranty. They warn you to test your battery before trying to use this item to recharge it.

    How are you supposed to know that your battery has gone bad? Mine was sitting in the case with my drill for a few months. I plugged it in, thinking I'd just forgotten to charge it after my last project, and the charger stopped working. I also fried a replacement model that I bought at a local store.

    So no matter how tight your budget it, this is no bargain. If you don't buy a battery tester and use it before every recharge, the odds are that you'll eventually fry your charger.

    Black and Decker makes a much better charger-- the Black and Decker PS1MVC 8.4-Volt to 14.4-Volt 1 Hour Pod Style Battery Charger. This model won't die if you plug in a bad battery-- it'll flash a warning light. Also, it works with any "pod-style" battery between 8.4 volts and 14.4, which is nice if you have tools running on different voltages (this one only does 14.4).

    It charges about 50% faster, too, it's available here and it costs just a few bucks more.

    DeWalt offers an even better option: DeWalt DW9116 7.2-Volt to 18-Volt Pod Style 1 Hour Battery Charger. It really will work with B&D batteries; I know because I finally bought one.

    The Dewalt is roughly the same price as B&D's deluxe model. It also won't break if you have a bad battery. It works with an even wider voltage range (7.2 to 18 Volt). And it charges even faster.

    If those alternatives aren't available when you read this, or prices have gone way up, you might have no other alternative but to get this item. But if you order it, follow the manufacturer's instructions and order a battery tester. If not, you might not have it for long....more info
  • Completely satisfied
    this is a genuine Black and Decker charger. It works great. I purchased this substantially less than I could get it anywhere else. I purchased this along with a replacement battery for my 14.4 volt Fire Storm drill and flash light for less than I could purchase just the battery at a retail outlet....more info
  • fedsecurityofc
    This charger work as expected. The manufactor warned to check the battery before using the charger and after I did and used the charger there was no problems with the charging procedure and I now have my 14.4 volt drill working again.They shipped this item by fed ex and received it very quickly. I would give them an A+ service ....more info
  • Total Junk
    It's really a worthless piece of plastic. Please read what Woody Goode had to say and buy another type of charger. This one worked for one charge, then died. ...more info
  • review for 14.4 volt battery charger

    product has performed as designed. the statement (warning) that came with the charger is quite hard to understand. example : if the equipment is being used and the battery is depleted (will not operate the equipment ), the voltage on the battery will probably be less than the voltage listed on tne warning letter. Everything worked fine.

    Thank You...more info
  • Not so good