Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
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Tee off with Tiger for the '09 season

The pros have their own coaches, now you do too in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or hitting the links for the first time, Hank Haney, Tiger Woods' real-life coach, takes you under his wing, assesses your skills, and provides feedback after every round. With experience under your belt and confidence as your ally, take on all-new challenges in EA SPORTS GamerNet or new Online Simultaneous Play, where four live golfers can play a round in no time. With the new Club Tuner, an all-new Dynamic Skills feature, and tutelage from one of the game's best coaches, play your way to the top of the leaderboards with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09

Take a swing with Tiger

Key Features

  • All-New Performance Coach-Tiger Woods' real-life coach, Hank Haney, guides you through your career by assessing your performance and providing tips and drills to increase your skills.
  • Maximize Your Swing-Get the most out of every club with the Club Tuner, an all-new swing-control feature that allows you to calibrate your clubs to fit your personal tendencies and preferences.
  • Stay Atop Your Game-Adding Skill Points to your abilities is only half the battle as all-new Dynamic Skills shift after every round, emphasizing consistency as much as improvement.
  • Enhanced EA SPORTS GamerNet-All-new Instant Challenges-long drives, approach shots, and putting contests-appear throughout your round, adding excitement to the competition.
  • All-New Online Simultaneous Play-Compete in a live four person round in the time it takes to play a single-player round. Ball trail visuals indicate your competitors' shots, allowing you to swing whenever you're ready.
  • New Courses and Golfers-Test your skills on new courses, including Gary Player Country Club in South Africa, Wentworth Country Club in England, and more, while international stars Se Ri Pak, Darren Clarke, and others join the competition.
Instant Gamernet challenges
Instant Gamernet challenges
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Visualize the hole
Visualize the hole...not the hazard
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Simultaneous multiplayer helps speed up the round
Simultaneous multiplayer helps speed up the round
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Whether you're a seasoned veteran or hitting the links for the first time, now everybody swings on an even playing field in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. Your career begins under the watchful eye of Hank Haney, Tiger Woods' real-life coach, who takes you under his wing, helps you tune your clubs, and provides training drills to help improve your game. With experience under your belt and confidence as your ally, take aim at family, friends, and rivals in fun and challenging game modes, including the new Golf Party mini-game mode. With improved swing mechanics, an all-new controller system, and tutelage from one of the game's best coaches, play your way to the top of the leader board with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. An all-new controller system allows golfers of all skill levels to play on an even playing field, removing the guesswork as the game shows you exactly where your ball will travel before every shot.
  • Battle your friends in 15 fun and challenging mini-games that keep the competition fierce, long after you have finished your round
  • Tiger Woods' real life coach Hank Haney will guide you through your career right from the start and help you improve your confidence
  • Get the most out of every club with the Club Tuner, an all-new swing-control feature that allows you to calibrate your clubs to fit your personal tendencies and preferences
  • Coach Haney will be constantly watching your performance and assessing areas for improvement
  • Ball trail visuals indicate your competitors' shots, allowing you to swing whenever you're ready

Customer Reviews:

  • tiger wood pga x box game
    I bought this game for my son in law for Christmas and he loved it, He plays it all the time...more info
  • Better, but more of the same....
    I didn't buy TW08 because it's always the same.. So, I thought TW09 would be better.. Right off the bat, I was happy.. Better game, better graphics, but that's where it stopped for me. My first tourney I played, shot -70ish.. Blew them away... Tiger Challenge? Even though it's different, it's just too easy.. And when I got to Tiger, beat him 9/8. What happened to all the fantasy courses? Was it 05 or 06 that had them? I cannot remember the course name, but when you finally got to Tiger, you played him on his fantasy course, Penguin something? That took me a dozen or so times to beat him and it was only 1 up, but man, to kick his butt the first time, it's just not that difficult. The tourney's are a joke and you win them all with scores of -80 or better. The better you play, the better they should as well. It's not fun when you know your going to score that low and the guy in second place is 60 or so shots back. I guess this game is more of an online player type game, because it's there where you get your competion; and the simulanious gameplay is cool.. It sucks that you have to pay to play online, that's why I am a PS3'er and only bought XBOX 360 because I am in the military overseas and didn't bring it with me.. Overall, happy, but it can be better.. You cannot even give your guy tat's or jewerly anymore.. Dunno, you would think after 9 or so years of TW, it would be even more fun and enhanced, but alas, it's not......more info
  • Finest Golf Game Ever
    I SHOULD be one of the biggest Golf fans ever... I spent 12 years living 15 minutes away from the Augusta National - home of the Masters Golf Tournament. However, I've never been the National, and I've spent no more than an hour total watching the Masters on TV.

    But I've played countless rounds of golf on computers, dating back to the original "Microsoft Golf" that came included on our 166 megahertz PC in 1996.

    Tiger Woods 09 is the culmination of countless "greats." The stick swing - a method entirely new to me in the 2008 game - was incredibly cumbersome in Woods 08. I could never figure out what the game wanted me to do, so I skipped the method altogether in favor of the 3-click method.

    With the inclusion of the real-time monitor - a picture of a golf ball with a yellow line that draws your stroke path, as well as arrows at the top and bottom of the ball showing your precise alignment - accurate swings are easier than ever.

    If you're still having a hard time, you can go to the Club Tuner - a remarkably easy-to-use interface that allows you to adjust everything from power, loft, workability (amount of possible "curve," left to right,) spin, and more. Of course you trade in the increase of these attributes at the loss of sweet spot - the amount of "fudging" allowed when you swing.

    The graphics are simply dazzling. The water areas are just beautiful. Trees have a nice three dimensional look to them. Everything is just very nice. Even the menus and scorecards are nice and clean.

    The newest inclusion is that of simultaneous multiplay online - a feature I actually got to try myself. It makes for a game that's actually faster than singleplay because it skips the flybys and such. The only thing I don't like is the shot clock, limiting players to no more than 60 seconds per shot. This is golf - it's not supposed to be a race. I realize the pros probably play against a shot clock, but we're not the pros. Still, at 60 seconds, you have plenty of time to aim, analyze the course and make your swing.

    There are tons of ways to customize your character. Even without using the Game Face feature (yet,) I was still able to create a golfer with a striking likeness to myself. I just wish there were a few more facial hair features - I can't replicate my goatee. The only bummer I still feel is that they give you a wide range of clothing to wear, but certain pieces have certain attribute increases. This is nice, but if you want to dress your character a certain way (I REALLY like black polos!) you're either stuck with the attributes that those clothes boost - even if they're not what you want - or you're stuck wearing non-flattering outfits in the interest of getting the desired boosts. It obviously doesn't hurt the game, but why can't you just let me change colors?

    Lastly, the greatest feature in my opinion is the ability to switch between the analog-stick swing and the 3-click swing with the click of a button, mid-play. This allows you to make drives with ease and the realistic feel of golf, but switch to a 3-click for those challenging putts. Unfortunately, the 3-click is not available in the Hard difficulty setting, which is what I wanted to play with. I don't understand why - the 3-click has it's own challenges. Why can't it be included in Hard play? Using the stick-swing to dial in 62% power is nearly impossible.

    But all issues aside, Tiger 09 is a fantastic game that rewards golf enthusiasts of all ages and skill. The Gamernet feature from EA is very inobtrusive and gives players the chance to challenge themselves just that little bit extra, if desired. Challenges may pop up to drive further than another player, land within a distance of the pin, etc. You can also go online just with the purpose of taking on various challenges - some of which are quite difficult! It's amazing how many different ways of enjoying Golf this game gives you.

    Makes me want to go get a set of clubs and hit up a local course. Maybe I will......more info
  • Better than the rest
    Game is fun to play, real courses & more real golfers. Online gaming is great. The only drawback is the swing control for expert clubs. You have to hit almost perfect to hit strait. Other than that it is great....more info
  • What exactly is the Co-op portion of the game
    There is no doubt Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 has beautiful graphics and great game play but it's pretty much been that way since 06. My main beef is the fact that the game case clearly says co-op 2 for regular and online play, but I see no difference from past Tiger Woods PGA Tour's!!! The game should include co-op in regards to the career mode so my buddies and I can play the tour together... Playing mini-games against one another gets old quick! But playing on the same tourney or tour with a friend gaining career attributes etc against the computer is more constructive and full filling! Again great game but I recall co-op tour play on Fox Sports Golf circa 99' PS1 so being that Tiger Woods has a monopoly on golf games for the Xbox 360 I guess I'll just have to accept it and hope they wise up and include co-op tour play. ...more info
  • Another Winner From EA Sports
    I've played the Tiger Woods/PGA Tour games for many years. The 2009 edition is a lot of fun. There are a few things I liked about the past editions that are missing from 2009, but the overall enhancements make this game a winner.

    The positives start with the fantastic graphics. I played this on a HDTV, and the graphics are just unbelievable. The water is very realistic, particularly at Pebble. The galleries are a lot of fun. You'll love the reactions when your ball hits someone in the gallery. There are new courses on this game, and they all are beautiful.

    EA Sports made the attributes "dynamic", and simplified them. Now there are just four attributes: power, accuracy, short game, and putting. You can't go buy attributes with your winnings as before. You have to hit the ball long and in the fairway, close to the pin, etc. You can buy equipment and clothing that gives bonuses to your attributes. There is also a new way to swing, called the "3-click" system (uses the A button). Using this, you don't have to swing using the left stick.

    The "Tiger Challenge" is fun. You have to beat several pros before you get to Tiger. To play each of the pros, you have to play challenges and accumulate enough points to play the pro. What's good about this is that you don't have to play all of the challenges...just enough to get your points.

    There are things I didn't like as well, but they are not enough to knock my rating down. I bonded less to the Hank Haney "training" feature as the game went on. At first, it was good because Hank gave you drills that could improve your attributes. But, when you are hitting 350 yard drives it's kind of funny to hear him say you need to work on your power!
    I also missed the commentary between Gary McCord and David Feherty. They have been replaced by Kelly Tilghman and Sam Torrance. I also miss the fantasy courses, like The Highlands.

    Overall though, this is a great video game. Can't wait to see the 2010 edition!

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Easier than the last.
    This years Tiger Woods- the analog stick swing is a lot more forgiving- and the club tuner, is helpful.

    What is totally annoying however, is the new voice overs/acting. They are NOT fun, they are lagging behind the action, and it is almost unbearable to listen to them- I miss the old guys. ...more info
    Can't beat this game in terms of fun, options, and quality. I nearly prefer to play the xbox game more than a REAL round of golf! ...more info
  • Just Beautiful!
    I play the game on my 720p TV with an HDMI connection. The graphics are incredible. Gameplay is very realistic. You have to work for every inch. The ball isn't going to automatically fall in the hole if you come close. Plenty of courses and included Pro's to keep me happy. Kudos, EA Sports!...more info
  • Hole In One!!!!
    Best Tiger Woods game to date. Worth every penny. Once you start playing you will not put the game down. Awesome game....more info