Mini Indoor Black & White Pinhole Covert Camera Set
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Product Description

Want the chance to see what you have been missing? The CMOSBW miniature pinhole camera kit is the perfect solution for low cost, undetected, do-it-yourself surveillance. This ultra mini video surveillance unit is the smallest camera on the market. It is called a pinhole lens because the lens size of this camera is the size of a pinhole, which means that you can mount it virtually anywhere, or behind anything and no one can notice it! The kit comes with everything you need to get monitoring. This camera is as small as a penny (14x14x11mm) but is just as powerful as most full size cameras with a resolution of 320 TV lines. The size makes it easy to conceal in objects you already have in your home or office. The possibilities of undetected hiding places are virtually endless. Now you can discreetly monitor entryways, children's rooms, garage, home office, shop or any other area in your home or business. This miniature secret agent covertly keeps watch at all times, especially when you cannot. Just imagine all of the applications for this extremely small camera! The CMOSBW only requires a 1/16 inch viewing hole for a clear, true to life picture. For convenience and versatility, the CMOSBW can be connected to a 9-volt battery using the supplied clip or to an AC power adapter. The camera's lux capacity also allows you to see even in the lowest of light conditions (0.5 lux). This small camera easily connects to a TV, VCR, or DVR for recording giving you the opportunity to see what the CMOSBW sees at any time. Because of its small size, the CMOSBW can be easily and discreetly hidden anywhere. Add the SEW33 extension wire and increase the distance of this camera by another 33 feet.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Camera is small and discreet and can be hidden anywhere (14x14x11mm)
  • Camera has a resolution of 320 TV lines
  • AC or battery operable (takes one 9-volt battery) for flexibility in camera placement
  • 33 feet of shielded cable for larger camera placement flexibility