Motion Light W/Security Camera 1 GB SD Card Included
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Product Description

The SmartGuard motion light with security camera protects you and your loved ones 24 hours a day and is quick and easy to install. The 180 motion sensor can detect movement more than 30 feet away. Once motion is detected the powerful 300 watt halogen floodlight immediately lights up the area. Then one of the three audio recordings warns intruders that they are not welcome. At the same time, the built-in color video camera records the entire incident on a removable 1GB SD card, which can be removed and video played back on any computer. This allows you to identify the intruder and send the video to the police or your insurance company if needed.

Customer Reviews:

  • Detection good but camera has low resolution
    The unit has good motion detection and that is about all. The instructions do not work for the unit setup so you have to call Support. Support is good however. The really bad thing is the camera resolution. My three year old cell phone camera has better resolution. The video is washed out if the subject wears a white or light colored shirt. Anything within 8 feet or so is washed out. Beyond 12-15 feet the video poorly renders the subject....more info
  • Motion light with audio and video
  • 180 motion sensor
  • 3 pre-recorded audio messages
  • Color digital video camera records 20 second clips when motion is detected
  • Video Can Be Played on Computer