LEGO City Advent Calendar 2008
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Product Description

Children who love to build can countdown to the holidays with 24 days of building fun. Behind every numbered door are mini-figures and other cool, constructible LEGO City accessories. Includes eight mini-figures. 196 pieces.

  • Great addition to Lego city sets
  • Celebrate 24 days of festive building with the 2008 LEGO City Advent Calendar
  • Includes 10 minifigures
  • Includes 24 city-themed surprises for the season, including LEGO minifigures, accessories and more
  • A wonderful gift for any LEGO builder or the whole family to enjoy

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun for boys and girls.
    Both my son and daughter really enjoyed waking up to each new lego prize. No matter how small it was a fun item to add to their collections....more info
  • Lego advent Calendar okay as add pieces for larger sets
    Calendar okay. Some of the lego pieces that my son recieved daily were a let down. I guess he expected more. Still he did run down every day before school and open a day, and would put it together. The pieces did go well with the town plan lego set. I think he would have liked more people. Overall, an okay calendar. I'm sure we'll get one next year....more info
  • Good departure from little chocolates
    This is a great set for anyone wanting to open an Advent calendar, but do not want chocolates. It is a fun surprise every day of the month. If you are a LEGO collector, the set comes with some really fun pieces, and 10 minifigs, which makes it worth while....more info
  • Lego City Advent Calendar 2008
    My 11 year old son had a blast with this. A great alternative to opening a piece of chocolate everyday!!...more info
  • My son loved the advent calendar
    This was the first year I purchased a lego advent calendar. My son loved the calendar and looked forward to each new little set of legos. I wish the packaging had been a little more seasonal in appearance, but would certainly purchase one again next year....more info
  • Lego Advent Calendar is great
    I have two boys (9 and 7), and they shared the calendar, taking turns every other day. They REALLY enjoyed it, and it was a lot of fun. We typically do Lego Star Wars or race cars, so Lego "city" was new for us. The boys had a great time discovering the Lego set behind that day and then trying to find it on the calendar box (kind of like "I Spy"). My boys said, "this is the best Advent calendar ever!" We will definitely order it again, and the $30 we spent was less than we would have spent trying to fill up an Advent Calendar for 2 boys for the month. Thanks, Lego!...more info
  • Lego's Advent Calendars are always fun
    Before Christmas we promised the Lego Advent Calendar to our son, but it turned out to be sold out at the local Lego store or at . So we were elated that had it! My son had a great time putting it together. It's a tradition for him to also put together the previous (two) years' calendars, he likes them so much. Each Advent Calendar is a different little community of people doing different jobs. So with three calendars, he's got a whole city of toys to play with. Lots of fun....more info
  • Lego Advent Calendar
    I have two boys (3 and 7) and they loved this calendar. They are usually very lazy about getting up in the morning, but not this month! All of the days have a small toy that needs to be put together and in the end, they end up with a city scene complete with ice-cream vendor, pizza maker, fireman and much more. It was a great gift before Christmas....more info
  • Other advent calendars better
    This is 24 bits and pieces that are disjointed and have nothing to do with Christmas. Last year's Lego advent calendar had Christmas themed sets and ornaments. I was very dissapointed. For the price, it was a waste....more info
  • moderate fun
    I ordered this item for my 6 year old son. I was disappointed in the value of this calender. First off, many of the toys for the days were no more than a little lego man. For my son who is in to building things, they didn't hold his interest for long. There were a few build it type little things that we didn't have any idea what they were (a fire pit, umbrella?). There were maybe 3-4 items that were half decent to build (snowmobile, stove) but at $30 I expected much more. ...more info
  • lego advent
    My son really enjoyed opening his lego advent calendar each day before Christmas. He loves legos and this was the perfect gift....more info
  • What great fun
    This Advent Calendar had my kids jumping out of bed every morning to open the windows before school. It was great fun! The younger ones just had to be careful opening the doors so they didn't open it to far and rip into the door behind it. But other than that, it is wonderful....more info
  • Son loves it and looks forward to it every Christmas
    We have been getting the Lego Advent Calendar every year for the past severalyears. Fueling my son's post-Thanksgiving Christmas fever, it has become part of his morning ritual in the days leading up to Christmas. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This toy is a great idea for any child who loves his or her legos! My son had been having a difficult time getting up for school. Not so during the month of December! He jumps out of bed and gets ready so that he can open the next door in his advent calendar. The basic premise is that the calendar is organized in groups of three. The first door contains a character, followed by two doors of objects that are associated with that character. For example, the first item is a man holding a chicken leg. The next two windows a barbecue and a table with cooking kitchen utensils. All of the items fit within the Lego "City" Universe, and are loads of fun to play with. Probably the only disappointment for me is that none of the items are really "Christmas" or even "winter" thematically (For example, there is a woman in a tank-top who runs a snow-cone stand). Hmmm.... I think that centering around a winter or Christmas theme is the one way that this product could be stronger (it IS an Advent Calendar after all!). Nevertheless, my son LOVES this calendar, and at the cost of typical lego products, you get a lot of characters for your money! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!...more info
  • Lego Advent Calendar 2007
    My son is 12 and this was his first Lego calendar. He was just too young for what he was getting from the windows and putting together. He also wanted a santa and I guess this is the first time they did not have a santa. He loves Legos. It is a good product. Just not challenging enough to keep him entertained and enthused. ...more info
  • Great memory maker!
    My son looks forward to this every year and this year was just as great as previous versions- we loved it. We can't wait until next year!!!...more info
  • What about Christmas?
    First off, I gave it four stars because my son LOVES this advent calendar. But here's the thing, there is NOTHING christmasy about it except for the box, all of the toys are merely lego city pieces that have no relation to Christmas. AND many of the days, we have built the Lego creation with NO IDEA of what it is. There are no clues on the box either, none of the pictures of the Lego City goings on match the items that are in the boxes. I think the reason my son loves it, is that it is Lego, so if your kid likes Lego, buy it, but beware of the issues with it....more info
  • A great way to count down the days til Christmas
    We ordered this advent calendar for our 8 year old Lego maniac. He had a blast opening the doors each day and seeing a new Lego toy. This calendar exceeded our expectations and we plan on getting another one this Christmas....more info
  • great for the kids
    this was a perfect advent sons couldn't wait to get up and open the next door to see what lego they got for the day. only thing is i think they should of put a santa lego on dec 24th..other then that it was great...more info
  • Great holiday calendar
    This was a fun way to celebrate the season. My favorite advent calendar so far!...more info
  • Falls short of Lego's exceptionally high design standards
    I was excited when our 2008 Advent Calendar (7724) arrived, as our daughters enjoyed the 2006 one I bought. However, I was disappointed with this product. First, there are no pictures to show what the individual kits are (beyond the assembly picture). Many are obvious but some are difficult to determine what they are. For example, I have no idea what the kit on Dec 20 is, and there are no pictures to show how it is used. Secondly, the perforations on the doors on individual days are not good. Most times it actually rips the whole section off. This product falls far below Lego's exceptionally high design standards....more info
  • A bit tough to do with multiple kids
    It's a lot of fun for the kids to open a door each day and make a new lego toy. The only downside is that I purchased it for my three children to share, and we quickly discovered that the person in the #1 spot got all the lego people, and the other two got the accessories. I pulled the tray out and reorganized it to be sure each one got plenty of people, so it worked out just fine....more info
  • Mother/child psychologist/leggoafficianado
    We have been getting the advent calendar for years, it gives the kids a fine little surprise gift everyday up to x-mas that lasts forever, and of course sparks the imagination with every little piece.
    [...]...more info
  • My son enjoyed waking up each morning to this fun calendar
    My son couldn't wait to open his calendar each morning. The pieces were fun and the set-up easy to open and compact. We will definately look for another calendar next year....more info
  • Thought it would be a bit better
    The idea is a great one - get an advent calendar for your children where they get to open it and have a new little Lego toy each day leading up to Christmas. Well, each toy isn't exactly what I expected. About every third day, you get a Lego person, which my children love, and then the next two days, you get a "prop" to go along with that person (a 6 pc. Lego BBQ or a 10 pc. Lego Ice Cream cart). Most of the props are things my kids won't use with their current Lego sets, and trying to split the days among the three kids meant that some days, one child would get a silly prop toy that doesn't do any good without the next day's prop toy and the previous day's Lego person. Overall, a bit disappointed, but I'm glad we tried it once - won't be doing it again, though....more info
  • Great way to count down to Christmas
    We do an Advent calendar every year and this is our 2nd time doing Lego...and not our last! My 3 kids take turns opening up a new little Lego treasure every morning and building a little "Lego City." Fun Fun!...more info
  • A Great toy for kids of all ages
    This item is one of the better Lego Advent Calanders that I have ever seen. A great buy but VERY hard to find...more info
  • Lego Advent calendar
    If your kids love legos, they'll love this! It stretches Christmas out for almost a month. My boys are 7 and 9 and they really enjoyed it. Some of the other advent calendars (My little pony and Littlest pet shop for example) give the kids just a few toys and the other days they get stickers to put on the box or cardboard items to use to play with their toys, like a cardboard pet bed or bone. Cardboard? Seriously? Those are going to go right in the trash. Lego has it right. The kids get a Lego minifigure or the pieces to make a lego item EVERY day. No cheating here. I'm very happy with what we received. I'll be looking for these from now on. Thanks for reading! ...more info
  • A Good Pick for Little Builders
    My almost-five-year-old granddaughter (and her parents) have been having a great time with the Lego Advent Calendar. I am far away and have not seen it, but they report that finding the daily project, and sometimes combining it with previous projects, has been lots of fun. Glad I picked it!...more info