GPS Golf Guru Grayscale GPS Unit
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Product Description

The GPS Golf Guru is the product for golfers who want the smallest, lightest, and most accurate full-featured GPS Golf handheld on the market. The only Golf handheld licensed under both the pioneering 5,364,093 US patent and applicable international patents, the Guru is the product of 15 years in the GPS Golf business. In addition to getting distances to bunkers and other hazards on the course, the Golf Guru is equipped with the exclusive Guru Smart Green technology, enabling golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach, both on or off the fairway. At only 3.6 ounces, it is the lightest and most compact GPS golf rangefinder on the market, but it is so much more than just a rangefinder. Patented GPS Golf handheld technology No cost for course downloads Smallest, lightest, most sensitive and most accurate GPS Golf handheld on the market Large, 160 x 128 pixel screen is easier to read and can present more information clearly Most advanced distance marking features on the pun intended Fits comfortably in your pocket Advanced Smart Green system that even allows you to have smart greens on courses you map yourself Advanced, 16 channel, high-accuracy, high-sensitivity GPS technology designed for golf by the team that originally invented GPS for golf Easy to use, one-handed operation Innovative bottom screen design allows you to reach, and comfortably operate all the buttons with one thumb Powered by a 14+ hour lithium rechargeable battery The Guru is durable too. We have drop tested the Guru on a concrete floor from 4 feet from all angles over 100 times, and the Guru is just as accurate as ever Standard USB connector, AC adapter, car charger, solar charger, battery, holsters and much more. You can buy them from us online. Water resistance for play in all weather conditions Guru comes with USB Cable, Quickstart Guide, and AC USB Wall Charger.

  • Golf Guru Handheld Grayscale GPS Unit
  • Smart Green with adjustable pin location
  • Library of over 10000 courses
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • This was a great gift!
    We bought this as a gift for my dad who is an avid golfer, even more so now that he's retired. He LOVES IT. I have to hear even more anecdotes about his golf-successes and "how much $ he's unloading from the guys" because this product improved his game so much.
    It came on time, is small and easy to wrap....more info
  • Golf Guru
    The support that I got from Golf Guru was excellent. They answered my questions very quickly. To bad they can't help with the weather!!!...more info
  • Golf Guru
    I purchased this device about 3 weeks ago based on all the positive reviews and comments on Amazon.
    Glad I waited for this unit. I had been researching for a couple of years to buy the right one the first time and I believe I have found it.
    I am impressed with it's accuracy and ease of use. With very little time spent on reading a manual I can operate this unit very handily.
    Note. This is only after one use.
    Key points.
    1) Device is intuitive, fast, and nimble.
    first time I used it I was able to keep my score, round stats, and track shot distances without slowing my pace. Same size as my Palm Treo phone.
    2) Website is friendly.
    I was able to download my courses very quickly online with the supplied USB cable and free downloaded software. Can save my personal courses on their site. I also picked up most of my user tips online.
    3) Device is accurate.
    The various distance comparisons to GAM markers on the course I played were right on.
    4) Device screen read great in bright sunlight.
    5) No changing batteries.
    Just plug into supplied wall charger.
    Uses Li ion polymer batteries. They sent me an email instructing me how to get the most efficient use from the batteries.
    6) Sufficient memory.
    Stores 20 community mapped courses and 20 self mapped courses. to get the full 40 just place 20 of your community mapped courses in your self mapped folder and 20 more in the community mapped folder. You don't have to map your own courses. Courses are easy to add and remove, so 40 courses really are a lot to have. More than I will ever need on there at one time.
    7) No annual charges to download courses.
    Also, on their site the president said he will honor all original purchasers with the free download agreement if the free downloads are ever discontinued.
    8) Customer support is great. They will load courses that are not mapped on their site within days after a phone call from the customer.
    Read their story online. They have been doing this longer than any of the other Golf GPS companies. They built the first golf cart supplied units years ago.
    9) Price.
    For $249 is very reasonable compared to the other GPS units out there that do not deliver nearly as well as the Golf Guru.

    There are many more features I intend to use once I read up some more.
    Like marking additional hazards.
    Most importantly it did the main job I bought it for. It did improve my shot preparation speed because I knew my distances instantly. No more looking for markers and pacing off.
    I could not imagine why anyone would buy any of the other devices out there. They do not seem to compare.
    Thank you Amazon and Golf Guru.

    ...more info
  • Good unit, With excellent customer service
    First unit did not work. I should have known when I saw "refirbished" units. However,the company was very responsive when the problem was brought to their attention. I spoke to a real person,"live",who was very helpful.They exchanged the unit with no hassles. New unit worked perfectly.I would highly recommend this unit and company as they give a quality product and good "Old Fashioned" customer service....more info
  • It lives up to all the claims
    I have had a sky caddie SG2 for several years. This year when it came time to ante up for the membership, I decided I had paid out enough over the years. I decided to check out some of the units that do not charge a fee and the golfguru topped the list in terms of features as well as price. Overall it is smaller, more convenient, and much faster to register distances. I have only played 5 rounds with it so far but it has yet to lose a connection with the satellites which was a common occurrence with my sky caddie.
    The responsiveness of the support section also lives up to its billing. My regular course is doing some modifications and has changed a par 4 hole to a par 3. I made the request in the morning and by evening the course was updated.
    I have done a little course mapping and overall it is equal to or better than the sky caddie. The smart green feature is pretty impresseve.
    Needless to say I am now a golfguru fan ...more info
  • Best Golf GPS with No Annual Fee!
    I had been in the look out for a good, simple black and white GPS for quite some time and has flirted buying one of these golf gurus several times. Most of my friends had the Golf Logix and since it was the only one I've seen in action, I almost ended up getting one. What stopped me from getting other brands was the Annual fee you have to shell out to retain service, while others make you pay for course downloads. The only other golf gps I know that did not make you pay was the golf buddy pro which had the courses pre-loaded but bad reviews and sattelite connection feedbacks was the dealbreaker for me there. I finally got the guru and here's what I have to say:

    QUALITY: The black plastic shell is well made and durable and buttons are very responsive and easy to reach. The screen is easy to read especially under direct sunlight but hard to read in dim lit rooms. I installed a protective LCD cover to preserve the screen but it seems durable enough even without it.

    EASE OF USE: The website offers tons of tutorials and information to guide even the most tech challenged individuals. If you do not understand the owner's manual, just watch the videos under "getting started" and follow it step by step. Downloading courses was a snap. I also moved the courses I played the most to "my mapped courses" to save space on the "community mapped" to make sure I make full use of the 40course capacity of the unit. How do you do this? simple, download the course you want, and once loaded on the guru, go to "map course" and select 'load course'. choose the course you want to move on "my mapped" and once loaded select save. you will then get a duplicate copy of the course called "my whatever course". When you log back in to golf guru, uncheck the original whatever course and this will remove it from your guru when you 'sync'. Use on the course was very easy and it reminds you to enter your score after evey hole before moving on to the next one. It also shows you your score card after the game and when you go online with it the next time, it 'syncs' your score to the guru server and keeps it there for your record.

    SATTELITE CONNECTION: It takes roughly 3-5 minutes to get a signal and once connected, it doesn't go offline. It tells me how many sattelites it's using and has atleast 6 sattelites locked on everytime. Signal bar doesn't go below 3 bars and it works even inside the house with 2 bars. I tested the gps status while driving around in my car and the speed was right on with my speedometer (a little experiment) so I know that the gps on this baby was accurate! Even shows you your altitude how cool is that!

    BATTERY: Even after a round of golf (4-4.5 hours) the battery was at full charge. I didn't bother recharging it, just turned it off and put it in my table drawer. I'm going to try to see how many games it can last without charging...

    All in all I am extremely satisfied with the purchase and I will have to admit that it gave me the confidence to hit the ball without thinking of anything else and just trusting my swing. I did not have to second guess my club selection and will probably help me guage distances by eye the longer I use it. So if you were like me, an undecided in the golf gps caucus, I strongly urge you to get out and vote and reward yourself with the GOLF GURU!

    ...more info
  • Great!!!!!
    I purchased this device based on comparison reviews on the internet. I was particularly pleased with the offer of the thirty day opportunity to evaluate. I had some difficulty at first with getting the download and syncing operating correctly, but that was clearly my technological incompetence rather than the instrument. I immediately contacted the support, but since it was the weekend I had to wait. I played around with it some more and figured it out; however, on Monday I received an email from support which spelled out exactly what I had discovered on my own. I also had difficulty on a specific course; I was disappointed because I had used the guru on two other courses and it worked perfectly. I didn't know what was wrong on this course. Again, I received an email indicating that they had contacted the course and re-calibrated everything. When I played on the course three days later, the Guru was right on. Incredible service.

    No monthly or yearly subscription. The courses checked on were in Florida and New Jersey. My golf still is not very good, but the guru is absolutely excellent in the accuracy, adaptability and service. Would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Top Notch Golf GPS & Outstanding Customer Service
    I've now owned the grayscale guru for about 6 weeks. I've used it about 8 times on courses in NY and FL and it has worked perfectly in all cases. It's accurate, typically within +/- 1 yard, and it's simple to use. The mapped courses provided by Golf Guru contain plenty of detailed targets and you can add your own if you want.

    Their customer service is outstanding. Calls are taken by knowledgeable product specialists in Texas and these folks know the product well. I have had a few simple questions and they've been great to deal with.

    Also, I have requested a couple of courses be mapped and they were done within 2-3 days! They will map any course within 7 days. I did find a couple of maps that lacked detail and only had basic green info, and upon contacting their customer service, 2 days later they had updated the maps with plenty of detail. One course was updated in 4 hours! They apologized for the inconvenience and said the maps in question were old versions and they are updating all old maps.

    I have no regrets about this purchase and would recommend to anyone. There are flashier GPS units, but for those that want substance over style, this is an excellent product. A couple of my golf buddies are buying one based on what they've seen of mine....more info
    I have used and played with guys who have skycaddies and other GPS golf units in past 2 years. I just received my Golf GURU (made in USA) this week. Used it this weekend. IT WORKS AWESOME. Extremely accurate. When you read some reviews about golf GPS units, you'll see people concerned that their particular device does not "match" up with the fairway sprinkler heads or markers- forget that. Who knows when or how those measurements were made etc. I took my busnell yardage pro laser rangefinder with me just to "check" the accuracy of the Guru. Let me say this- IT WAS ON THE MONEY FOR EVERY MEASUREMENT. It had no problems quickly obtaining satellites and never lost reception as I have heard other units will do. The Guru uses more satellites than the industry standard and this makes a difference. No delay in updating distances as you move down fairway.

    I literally would walk off yardage while looking at the GURU and when I stepped my foot on the front of the green, the "near" distance went to zero!

    I hear the customer service is great; however, I have not needed it and probably won't! It took all of 10 minutes to download courses and get things set up. Let me also say that the size surprised me pleasantly. I have a Blackberry Curve. The Guru is literally almost the same size- slightly fatter, but that's it. Easily usable in your pocket to walk out to shots off cartpaths. Having used a laser rangefinder for years, thinking this was all a golfer needs, I have changed my tune. It's actually quicker to obtain distances/yardage than using the rangefinder, straining my eyes, trying to hold the rangefinder on target etc.

    Finally, initially, you would think that the buttons being on top of screen would be awkward, because after all, the blackberry and other devices we're used to are set up the opposite way. THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE. Having actually used it now on the course, I see why they did that. For ONE hand operation vs. two. It only takes one hand and when you get used to it after a hole or 2, it's fine. Perfectly balances fine in one hand. Not an issue at all.

    Overall, I'm pumped about the product, plenty of courses (all the ones I need) and it works great. I can't wait to go out and add a few customized yardage marks to my home course (it lets you add up to 30 per hole) and I can't wait to set up and use the stats feature as well, which is cool.
    I'll never use my laser rangefinder again!...more info
  • Very Convenient Golf GPS
    Used the Golf Guru several times now. Very easy to use. It provides accurate and effective information. No annual fee....more info