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Now with blazing 802.11n, the affordable AirPort Express is powerful enough to run a home Wi-Fi network, yet small enough to take on the road. Share your wireless network with up to 10 users, print documents, photos, and more from any room in the house to one central printer, play iTunes music through your stereo or powered speakers using AirTunes, and more.

  • Take the music from the iTunes library on your computer and sends it wirelessly to any stereo or speakers in your home
  • Print wirelessly through AirPort Express--its almost like having a printer in every room of the house
  • Wirelessly share photos, movies, and other files without having to worry about slow data transmissions
  • The AirPort Express Base Station now features 802.11n, the next-generation high-speed wireless technology included with most shipping Mac computers and some newer PCs with compatible cards
  • Industry-standard encryption technologies built into AirPort Express, including WPA/WPA2 and 128-bit WEP, plus a built-in firewall that creates a barrier between your network and the Internet

Customer Reviews:

  • Apple Airport Express
    Was purchased as a gift - works the way they wanted it to. Have had no issues....more info
  • Ideal for Slingbox
    The setup directions are almost useless, not unusual for consumer networking devices no matter who makes them. The most important thing to keep in mind is it takes time for the unit to connect to your router, just restarting after being powered off is slow. So don't get impatient.
    The instructions included in the review by S. Monroe "gadgethead" are very helpful and will get the job done just follow them and allow time for the device to connect.
    I use it to connect a Slingbox as well as the Air Tunes feature. It's perfect for both and is easily the most stable wireless access point I've used.
    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This device is wonderful. It's simply amazing how some products just work. I bought this device for the express purpose of streaming music to my Living Room. I have an Apple wireless network already. I configured this device as a client, hooked it up to a pair of JBL speakers, and Viola!! Where I had no room for a stereo of any kind before, I now have access to my endless iTunes library of music. A perfect choice for anyone looking to do the same thing. Oh...and if you have an iPhone, the free REMOTE APP lets you control the music from your phone. ...more info
  • Works, but SLOW network
    As a typical Apple product, the setup of the Airport Express 802.11n was really easy. I had it up and running in ~10 minutes (each config change requires a reboot, which takes up to 2 minutes).

    Unfortunately, the network access is too slow for me to actually use. I could not get more than 3-4MB/s over wireless, which is unacceptable for HD streaming.

    So, why two stars? I'm thinking I'm going to keep it because of the size and ease of use as a travel router. Most hotels don't give you that fast of a connection, so this will be plenty fast for those situations....more info
  • USB Printing
    I purchased the Airport to replace an older Buffalo wireless router with the plan to incorporate centralized wireless USB printing through the router. As a wireless router it was easy to setup and provides a stable and strong signal to both my PC and Apple based laptops.

    As for wireless printing, it has been a long and ultimately unsuccessful process. My HP printer has always worked flawlessly through my Macbook/Leopard laptop with no need for fuss or frustration. The Airport Express apparently does not have the capability to work with printers like mine (HP 3845) even though the printer works fine when plugged directly into my MacBook's USB port.

    This was most definately not a case of "it just works". Given my expectations for centralized printing this has been a disappointing purchase.

    I am hoping future software/firmware updates from Apple will correct this problem and meet the standard "of it just works" for all printers currently supported by Leopard. In the meantime I will continue using this router for it's other excellent wireless capabilities.

    ...more info
  • Did what i wanted it to do. Couldn't be happier
    I bought this device to help expand the range of my airport extreme base station and to share a printer over a wireless network. I have been pleased with the results. Internet has never run smoother....more info
  • Airport Express works as advertised
    I ordered this two months ago and it works very well. I advise using the digital optical output as opposed to the regular analog output (buy the right cable) as the sound is much better. I did an "A B" test and couldn't discern any difference between playing my orignal CD's and piping the ALE files from iTunes through my stereo. I use the iPod remote software as the interface to select songs to play - a true couch potato's paradise!...more info
  • Horrible product, decent support. Get the Xmod
    For $99 this seems like a great deal. It is if you can get it to work. I spent 2 days trying to connect this to my Windows network and failed miserably.

    I broke down and called support. It didn't take long to get through which was very nice. I spent about 20 minutes with a rep saying, "I already tried that" over and over. Then they sent me to 2nd tier support. We spent about 2 hours fiddling with it. I was happy once it was working. However, the next day it wasn't working any more! I was too frustrated to call support again and sent the unit back. I did some research and found that a lot of people have issues setting it up. Take a look at some of the Apple forums.

    I picked up the Creative Xmod for the same price. Setup was about 5 minutes (no need to connect to a network) and the sound is even better than the AE. Happy now!
    ...more info
  • Great Router
    I have an Apple Macbook. This is my third router and it is wonderful. My Belkin used to drop me time and time again ... we could never figure out why. I ordered this and it is tremendous. The only time it has dropped me is when the microwave is on ... no big deal, just have to be careful there. It t took my daughter about five minutes to set it up.

    Definitely recommend this one....more info
  • Totally Cool
    This product is a marvel in a small case. It works like a charm right out of the box (especially if you have a mac). I had previously acquired a different wireless router that couldn't function with some complicated DHCP servers. This one didn't even blink. And to top it all, I can carry it around when I travel....more info
  • Great (when it worked)
    I loved this thing the few months that it worked. Used it to broadcast iTunes to my stereo. When it died, I was very sad and ended up spending $80 and about 4 days running wire thru the walls of my house. ...more info
  • Great Apple Product
    I have had a great experience with the Airport Express. I live in an apartment and it is MORE than enough to serve as my wireless basestation alone. I love that I am able to hook up my USB printer and share it wirelessly, especially since my printer IS wifi capable, but only b/g, so now I can use the wireless N only (faster than making it backwards compatible) and still use my printer wirelessly. I also have my desktop speakers hooked up to it so I can play my music via my laptop from anywhere. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Only piece of equipment I've ever thrown away in frustration
    Bought mine about three years ago. After 6 hours trying to make it work, I succeeded after following the advice on this forum and others. Then I bought a standard linksys wireless N router, decided to use WEP security, and my laptop would not recognize the AE again - even after another 4 hours of trying everything that had worked before. 80-90% of the world still uses Windows. The fact that Apple makes it so hard for Windows users is unacceptable - they should instead state it is a Mac only product so the rest of us don't waste our time. ...more info
  • Excellent device
    This gadget is amazing, started only as a router, then it extended to being a music transmitter and a wireless printing router. I own an Imac and what's good for most people is that it works with Windows. Listen to your itunes music in any Home theater or Stereo in the house/office.
    The instructions are not that clear for people without some experience on setting up wireless routers, but still is an excellent device and it has a great range....more info
  • love it!
    i own two airport expresses, both of which are hooked up to surround sound stereo setups up and downstairs, plus an airport extreme and time capsule on my network, and it rocks! highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Exasperating
    Three hours into it and I stopped being able to think clearly. Using this with Windows is likely the culprit, along with the ridiculous setup instructions included in the box. Online support at equally unhelpful. I'm giving it another try tomorrow, with S.Monroe's instructions (above) here on Amazon. I observed an Airport Express being installed from an iMac over the holidays and figured "I can do that." Au contraire: While it may ultimately work, it's been fruitless effort so far trying to install it with Windows. ...more info
  • pretty good
    the item was in great condition, but they only used its own packaging when they shipped it, it wasn't in any sort of extra protection, and there was packaging tape all over the box.

    other than that, great experience. a little more care in shipping would have gotten the fifth star....more info
  • Great for Airtunes, even better as a wireless-N access point!
    Most of us have a number of different AV components in their entertainment center, and getting content from the computer to their AV receiver is a challenge. This little device turned out to be the missing link for me.

    Just a little background--I use iTunes for almost all of my audio and video content. Between my TiVo HD and Xbox 360, I can easily stream video to my TV, but music content has been a hassle. First, neither work with iTunes. Second, neither can play protected AAC content. Third, you have to have your TV on to pick your music or select a playlist. Its a big hassle.

    I remember reading about this device back in 2004, when it was just wireless-G, and considered buying it back then but held off because I would still need to be at my computer to select music/playlists, and there was no (at that time) remote control for the Airport Express. But now with the advant of iPhone/iPod touch (and the Apple app "Remote" which allows you to use your device to select and play music off iTunes on any computer in your house), I finally saw a solution to my troubles.

    The Airport Express (AE) came neatly packaged in a very small box that's typical for Apple. As expected, it did not have any cables. I fortunately bought a 3.5mm-RCA cable and had a spare ethernet cable lying around.

    I decided from the start that I would use the AE with combination with my existing wireless network, but not as an extender, but as a separate wireless-N based access point that could eventually be used a dedicated access point for future N-based devices. I was planning to convert my existing PCs to wireless-N which would connect to this AP with the highest throughput. Since I have existing G-based devices (two TiVos and an Xbox 360), they could continue to use my old G-based wireless AP without interfering with the N.

    It appears the AE is quite versatile, although I haven't tried the other possible configurations. It can act as an access point, it can extend an existing wireless network, or it can connect to your wireless network and just act as a node for a print server/Airtunes.

    After sticking the installation CD in my computer, the Airport Utility stepped me through the setup. It was able to see my AE without any problem. The wording of some of the options and questions were a bit confusing, but in less than 5 minutes, I had the AE setup as an N-based access point in "bridge mode" so any N-based devices could still use my existing Netgear router for DHCP. After completing the setup, I was easily able to go back and modify some of the settings manually to fit my needs.

    This is the sweetest part of the deal, and the whole reason I dropped $100 on this little device. I opened iTunes and it immediately recognized that there was an Airtunes device on the network and allowed me to select it as my preferred speaker (a drop down menu appeared in the lower-left hand corner of iTunes). I picked up my iPod touch, tapped on "Remote", and was picking songs from all over my house. It worked exactly as I expected.

    A bit pricey solution for getting music on your AV system without wires or need for an "iPod dock" (or a complete upgrade of your receiver). Hidden gift was the fact that it also acts as a wireless-N access point for future wireless expansion at much higher throughputs (without having to buy a new router). ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The Airport Express wireless worked flawlessly out of the box. It didn't take 3 minutes to set it up with my Linksys 4 port router and CableOne cable modem. My Macbook gets 5 bars anywhere in the house and backyard, maybe 100 feet maximum as I've tested it so far. Ordered direct from Apple ($99 US) and had it here in 2 days....more info
  • Did what I wanted it to do
    I needed to extend my WIRED network via a wireless method. Basically, I extended an XBOX 360 onto my network with only this device. I have Mac and pc's and the 360. All work smoothly and flawlessly, an added benefit is the extension of my I tunes into the room, this too was very easy and works flawlessly. I could not get a clear answer if the 360 would work this way, but using the set-up software and plugging the 360 directly into the device works and it is as fast and clean as when it was plugged into the router directly. I got mine for $59 on macmall so it was cheaper than the wireless adapter for the 360....more info
  • Airtunes is Awesome and Playback is Gapless
    I bought this just for the Airtunes feature to stream music from the computer in one room to my stereo in the living room. It works great and was easy to set up. In case anyone is wondering, playback is gapless (no pause in between tracks) so no worries when firing up a multi-track mix.

    For Vista (and presumably any other version of windows) you have to connect the AE via Ethernet cable to your router when first setting up, which the directions fail to tell you. After wasting some time trying to figure it out, I followed the first 5 steps of S. Monroe's instructions (currently rated most helpful review) and then followed the setup wizard from there on out (thanks S. Monroe!). Everything worked fine after that.

    Also, note that it doesn't come with any cables whatsoever. If your receiver has an optical input, I recommend a toslink to mini toslink adapter such as this one: 6ft Toslink to Mini Toslink Cable. That will give you much better sound quality than the standard mini to RCA connection and it's pretty cheap.

    One issue that I haven't figured out how to resolve is that you can't play music through your computer speakers and stream it to the AE at the same time. Well, you can, but because the AE is wireless there is a slight delay between the stereo playback (wirelessly through the AE) and the computer speaker playback (direct wiring to your sound card) and it's really un-listenable due to the echo effect. If I figure out a way around this, I will update my review (I'm hoping you can add a delay to the wired signal in millisecond increments via the AE software and I just haven't found that option yet).

    Bottom line: the AE works great for streaming music and set-up is a breeze for PCs if you follow S. Monroe's instructions instead of the instructions that came with the product.

    Cheers...more info
  • Not like I had a choice...
    I bought this product because I needed to get a wireless connection to my G5 Tower (across the house) that did not come with an airport extreme card (isn't compatible with the standard Extreme card). I would need to buy the Airport Extreme/ Bluetooth card for $140 and the "run away (runway?)" card for $40. Not going to happen.

    I was sold on the Airport Express because it had an ethernet port, so I figured it would pick up the wireless signal from my Linksys WRT56G router and wire the Express to the G5. Also, the fact that I could print from it was cool because I have a Powerbook as well, being able to print from the laptop was a nice bonus. I also have a PC that was getting a weak signal from the Linksys router, so I figured this might help as it works as a repeater as well. All this for $100? not bad...

    Here is where I ran into problems. I had a REALLY hard time getting the Express to work via ethernet with the G5. The guy at the Apple store said this would work. After a LOT of configuring, doing a lot of research, I was able to get it to work. Later on I was on the phone with Apple Care and I asked them if it should have been this hard to get working. They said that it should not work as the ethernet port is ONLY to connect to the Cable Modem, it is only supposed to receive the signal, not output it.

    Somehow I was able to get it to do that. No problems since.

    Then, for some reason I figured it would be a good idea to upgrade the firmware. BAD IDEA. It would connect to the internet for about 20 minutes, maybe less. Then it would lose connection to all the computers. I couldn't even change the settings with my powerbook, it would NOT recognize anything. I did the factory reset by pressing that small button with a pin. I would go through the whole set up again, and the cycle would continue. I had to go back to the first version of the firmware to get it working again.

    Since I was using the Express with a Linksys router, the Apple Care people said they really couldn't help me trouble shoot because I wasn't using an Apple Base Station (I would if they were reasonably priced).

    The documentation and instructions are very incomplete. There is nothing to help you trouble shoot the Express, and there is nothing to explain the different Wireless options available.. I could go on and on.. Since Linksys doesn't make OSX friendly drivers, and because I don't want to spend almost $200 on a wireless card for my G5, I'm stuck with the Express.

    The Express would NOT work when I set it to act as a repeater using WDS, again, no info on how to configure. I set it to "Join an existing Network"
    and with addition tweaking, it is sending the signal to my G5 via the ethernet port. But is it also sending the signal wirelessly as well? Why isn't my PC picking up its signal? (network security isnt the prob, that is fine).

    I would say I am a "techie" person, I am always able to get computer related things set up and working, I built my own PC, so I should be able to trouble shoot this thing with little effort.

    I'm a big fan of Apple, but the fact they make expensive networking products that only work if you use them only with other Apple products is a joke.

    Final word is: This is ONLY a good product if you are using it as a portable router or have an Airport Base Station and your computers already have everything they need to receive a wireless signal.

    ...more info
  • How simple
    Just plug it it -- connect the internet cable -- the light turned green and instant wireless internet access in my daughters dorm room! Couldn't be simpler.

    Did I tell you about connecting to my home stereo? Requires a special cable -- but now my iTunes is available throughout my house.
    Apple AirPort Express Stereo Connection Kit with Monster Cables - Power / audio cable kit - mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm , mini-phone 3.5 mm / TOSLINK (M) - RCA, TOSLINK (M)
    Great product!...more info
  • WIth a little patience...
    Another great product from Apple. This dual-band wireless device did exactly what I needed. I have a Dish Network DVR that has an ethernet port, but it is nowhere near my network. I use the Airport Extreme Base Station as an access point and this is plugged in near my television. At first, I didn't see it on the network. I first needed to plug the ethernet port from this to one of my LAN ports on my base station. Then I could see it and configure it to join a wireless network and to allow ethernet connections to it's ethernet port. That was it. Now, plug it in (and wait a few minutes) and it shows up. My DVR was able to get a network address and save me a little money each month. Even better, I have the audio jack connected to my home stereo and can stream my iTunes music down there as well! It's connected and forgotten and works great!...more info
  • Works great on non-Apple wireless networks
    The Apple AirPort Express works great on a non-Apple network as a way to stream music from iTunes to remote speakers or an audio system. You do NOT have to have an Apple base station for your wireless. I have a Linksys router and Windows, and the set-up was easy. If your current wireless network has security and encripton, as it should, you will need to connect an ethnernet cable directly to the AirPort unit to select the wireless network and enter the keys. (The AirPort Express unit requests and is assigned an IP address by DHCP automatically.) Once you set the keys you can unplug the ethernet cable and use the AirPort express like any wireless remote device. I use it with the free "Remote" app on an iPod Touch which lets me control iTunes from any location reached by the wireless. The Remote app also works with iPhones. Remote and iTunes also let you control which of several speakers, each with its own AirPort Express or hard wired to your computer sound card, gets the streaming audio from iTunes. ...more info