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Samsung L200 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Red)
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Product Description

3x Optical Lens / 2.5? LCD / Digital Image Stabilization / Face Detection / 11 Scene Modes / Auto Red Eye Fix / Self Shot / Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • LCD Display Technology .

Customer Reviews:

  • great camera
    This is a great camera, not to mention the price. I got it for $95 on thanksgiving day it was free shipping and it was delivered to my house in two days.I gave it 4 stars only because its very slim and feels weird in my palms but it should be o.k for someone with smaller hands....more info
  • Great features on paper, horrible camera.

    10.2 megapixels, relatively low noise, especially at higher ISOs compared to other consumer-grade digicams.
    Optical AND digital image stabilization.
    Very compact.
    Macro shots work well when light is plentiful.
    USB cable allows camera to act as high-speed mass media storage access, and charges the battery while it's connected to the PC.
    Good quality xvid-encoded video. You can zoom in and out while recording video, but the sound drops out. Also has an anti-shake feature while recording.


    The autofocus is the worst I've seen on any digicam in years. It usually takes 3-4 attempts before it's able to get a clear focus on anything. As long as you're taking pictures of trees it's fine, but good luck trying to snap something moving. It also renders the ISO1600 setting relatively useless due to it's inability to focus on anything remotely dim, even when using the integrated autofocus lamp.

    The major flaw is the autoISO feature. Most cameras will pick the appropriate ISO given the amount of light present, right? This little beauty will also, but the catch is IT WILL ONLY USE ISOs UP TO 200. For the vast majority of point-and-click consumers, this translates to unusably blurry indoor shots unless you use the flash, which makes everything look washed out. The real pity is that the higher ISO modes (800 and 1600) are fantastic quality. It's a shame that Samsung allowed this oversight, and didn't include an auto400 and auto1600 mode.

    Also sorely missing is a "last 3" or "last 5" mode that many comparable models offer.

    Other Thoughts:

    I've attempted to contact Samsung multiple times regarding the ISO issue, but have yet to receive any response. Assuming their lack of response is indicative of their customer service, that could be considered another negative.

    I'm very mixed on the camera. On one hand, it boasts some very advanced technology for the price. On the other hand, I get the feeling that usability was not high on Samsung's agenda. There are dozens of useful features offered by competitors, yet instead of matching those features, Samsung chose to include bells and whistles like in-camera musical slideshows and post-processing.

    Even the camera strap is indicative of their simple oversights. Most camera straps have a little "cinch-up" band that keeps it from sliding off your wrist. This one doesn't have that, making the camera prone to slide off your wrist and kiss the pavement. I replaced mine with a wiimote strap....more info
  • Good one for less price
    This is a cute little camera with good number of features for a reasonable price. It will definetly be a good competitor for Canon SD series. I bought it to gift someone and they really luved it. The pics have come very good. Most adorable feature is its size which snuggly fits into ur shirt or pant pocket. Its a good buy for point and shoot models. Need to see how it performs in long run....more info
  • Awesome camera
    I love my new camera. I've had it for a couple months now, & it works great. I LOVE the size, b/c I carry my camera almost everywhere & need something small & thin. And it takes a really good picture. Great buy for the price. I would definitely recommend....more info
  • It's better than my EasyShare
    I don't recommend it to anyone. I tried to get pictures of my son's first time in the snow and ALL of the pictures are blurry. Thanks for the lasting memories!

    The camera takes forever to snap the picture, so by the time it actually captures the image the moment is gone (even when the flash is off). I can't tell you how many pictures of backs of heads and animals running away I have.
    ...more info
  • Awesome Camera!
    I bought this camera as an upgrade from my previous camera. It is a great camera. It is super easy to use and very user friendly. I also love the editing software that comes with it. You can do some great things to your pictures....more info
  • Style Slimmed to Perfection
    I just got this camera today so it won't reflect too much on technical aspects/features. First of all I want to say that the picture featured here and Best Buy for L200 isn't correct. If you want to see the accurate picture then find L210 model and L200 looks exactly like that model. Only difference between the two model is L200 has Digital Image Stabilizer and L210 has Dual Stabilizer (both optical and digital).

    I was really surprised at how small this camera is. I know lot of people actually coomplains of the compactness of some digital cameras, now I see their reason for complaint. Because it really does feel like it might slip and fall. But I like compact/thin cameras so it was big plus for me.

    It comes with an AC adapter so you are not stuck with USB cable to recharge the camera through your computer. Also included in the package is A/V cable to view pictures or video directly through TV monitor.

    Manual that comes with the package isn't much help since it's just a quick reference with 10 other languages. So you need to download the manual through the CD-ROM and it is 102 page worth of info that needs to be digested before actually appreciating all the features this little camera comes with. I took about 30 picture today and all of them look superb and I was twicking with different settings and modes.

    Best reason to get this camera is the price.

    Update: I have been using this camera for 15 days and I love all the quick scene modes and program mode. Auto mode does everything really well, too. One complaint I've is that it doesn't let you delete a shot during preview. For example, after you've taken a shot you can view it from 1-3 sec but you won't be able to delete the shot then rather have to go to picture view to delete. But I'm very satisfied with the quality pictures.

    Update 12/05/2008: Still satisfied and still 5-stars. I do have one suggestion though: I found that leaving the setting on AUTO mode or Scene Mode is the best option. Also, if one turns off the flash then there's no guarantee if the picture would look blurry or not. Unless one have surgeon precision hands or a tripod, then don't risk setting the flash off. There's DIS (digital image stabilizer) which is for low lighting condition without flash and the image isn't blurry but that takes few seconds to actually take the shot, so not a good option on the fly. But with auto flash on the pictures are of amazing quality....more info
  • A GREAT, simple, inexpensive camera!!!!!
    This is a great camera. I bought one for myself and then i got my sister one, and no problems so far except, a SDHC memory cards slowed down the camera and then it wouldn't even read the card and said file error, and no the memory card was NOT locked when it started giving me that message, but REGULAR SD Memory Cards work smoothly. It has many useful features and has a info buttom you can press that will tell about each button you press or feature you use. Anti-shake works well....more info
  • great camera
    This is a great camera, not to mention the price. I got it for $95 on thanksgiving day it was free shipping and it was delivered to my house in two days.I gave it 4 stars only because its very slim and feels weird in my palms but it should be o.k for someone with smaller hands....more info