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Sony DVP-NS700H/B 1080p Upscaling DVD Player, Black
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Product Description

Play the DVDs you love, upscaled to beautiful 1080p resolution with this sleek silver 1080p upscaling DVD player. Breathe new life into your DVD collection with the DVP-NS700H upscaling DVD player. Plus, with BRAVIA Sync, you can easily power on and synch the inputs of compatible Sony AV devices connected to the players via HDMI for hassle-free enjoyment. DVD/DVD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-R DL/DVD+RW/DVD+R/DVD+R DL, CD, MP3 and JPEG Playback Bilingual Carton Design (English and Spanish) Bilingual Basic Set-Up and Operation Guide (English and Spanish) Ports - 1 Coaxial Audio Digital Output (Rear), 1 RCA Audio Output (Rear), 1 S-Video Output (Rear), 1 Composite Video Output (Rear), 1 Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output (Rear), 1 HDMI Connection Output (Rear), and 1 Optical Audio Digital Output (Rear) Dimensions - Width 17 x Height 1-9/13 x Depth 8 3/16 (430x43x208mm) Weight - 3 pounds 14 ounces (1.73 kg)

  • 1080p Upscaling through HDMI? Connection
  • Precision Cinema Progressive? Technology
  • BRAVIA? Sync
  • High Resolution JPEG Output
  • Precision Drive? 3 System for Flaws in DVD Discs

Customer Reviews:

    My Optoma 50" HDTV has no adjustable color settings menu when using HD DVI input, which was frustrating. I was really pleased to discover I can adjust color and hue using the Sony NS700's menu. (See page 33 of the manual.)

    Features-rich menu, simple set-up, sleek/slim design, reasonable price.
    The longer I own it, the more I like it....more info
  • Sony DVP-NS700H/B
    Works as expected. No complaints. Have only been using for a couple of DVD's....more info
    My Optoma 50" HDTV has no adjustable color settings menu when using HD DVI input, which was frustrating. I was really pleased to discover I can adjust color and hue using the Sony NS700's menu. (See page 33 of the manual.)

    Features-rich menu, simple set-up, sleek/slim design, reasonable price.
    The longer I own it, the more I like it....more info
  • nice player
    Have had this player for a month now, and overall I am very pleased with it.
    I use an HDMI cable to connect it to my month old Sharp Aquos 37inch LCD display. Sometimes when you connect the HDMI cable, it does not recognize it and the blue light on the front of the player fails to come on! Just unplug and replug!!! This usually does the trick.
    My DVD's look really good thanks to the upscaling, (I am not planning to move right over to Blu-rays right now) so this will do good for a while.

    What surprised me most when I got this unit was the size of the player.
    Tiny!!! next to my old DVD/VHS player, this one seems to fade away! Very light-weight and sits nicely on my Comcast HD box. Loading of a movie is a little slow, but overall very very happy.

    Will recommend it, thanks sony!...more info
  • good dvd player. looks good and works well.
    dvd playback quality is an improvement on this dvd player vs older ones without upscaling. nowhere near bluray quality, though -- dont let reviewers fool you. in order to truly experience 1080p quality video, you need a high quality video, for one, for two, you need a quality, 42+ inch tv, with 1080p capabilities, and for three you need a quality playback device and cable. theres just no comparing dvd to hd video. those who have truly experienced hd video on a true hd setup know what im talking about. great if you want to take an affordable step up from older dvd players -- not comparable to bluray, though. the player itself is fine, but some of these reviews are obviously from people who havent seen true high definition....more info
  • No Closed Caption
    Honestly, it's a nice little player but just wanted to let those who need CC this player does not send the CC signal in upconverting mode.. It can send the signal on composite but not component. ...more info
  • Happy with purchase
    I recently purchased the Sony DVP-NS700H/B to replace my 8 yr old DVD player because it would not play many of my 3 yr. olds DVD's. So far all of her DVD's play great on the Sony. I don't have a TV with a HDMI hook-up so I am using component video hook-up and not getting the full 1080p upscaling but still think the picture is better than my old Samsung. Very please with the purchase for the price ($62 on Will probably purchase a blue-ray player when I get a TV with HDMI hook-up but this is a great temporary DVD player....more info
  • Happy With DVD Player
    My old Sony DVD Player stopped working and Sony wanted $135 to repair or replace it. I ordered the NS700H for $75 and am very happy with it. It was easy to connect, but in the beginning the picture did not look right.
    I realized that I did not adjust for TV Type (page 55 of the manuel) and now everything is fine....more info
  • Locked to one region with no unlock code
    As others have noted, the DVP-NS700H is a fine upscaling DVD player and it works well with my Sony HTCT100 Soundbar and 1080p monitor, all of them HDMI. As usual, the player is locked to a single region, in this case region one, but unlike almost every other DVD player on the market, there is no unlock code to change this setting. That was very disappointing, because a third of my DVDs were purchased in Europe. Had I known this limitation, I would not have purchased this player. Nevertheless, I gave it four stars....more info
  • Great DVD even at a higher price!
    This DVD player is so crisp - after reading the reviews, we chose Lord of the Rings for our first viewing to see if the video quality was good or not. Well, it was GREAT. We were up to 3AM watching the trilogy. The DVD player is so thin and sleek, there is no hesitation with the buttons and the ability to recall where you left off up to 6 DVDs is amazing! No more upset kids in the morning when we watch a different movie at night! This is a great DVD player at an incredible price. Can't wait for other old players to stop working so we can get another. ...more info
  • Sony...what else can you say?!
    I returned a Panasonic that skipped and froze. I looked around and found this one. I've had it for over 6 months and it performs like a champ. It has never frozen on me. My 3 year old has decided he wants to "be a big boy" and put the DVD in himself and push the buttons. Luckily, he's born with some engineering traits and is able to do it without destroying anything, although he gets his finger prints on the discs. Once in awhile I have to clean the discs because of this, but the machine tries really hard to play it anyway and will skip a little. I highly recommend this if you're looking for something that gives good picture quality AND is dependable and functional. ...more info
  • Ok
    Great product... GREAT price. The prob that I had was that my old DVD was not compatible with the high def TV so the pic quality on my new TV was really crappy. WHAT A JOY when we got this DVD player. Apart from the slow tray and the fact that the buttons on the console is hard to see (do not lose your remote!!) we are very happy with this DVD player....more info
  • Great DVD Player
    I've had this player for about 2 months now after upgrading from an older 5-disc tray DVD player. As soon as I connected this to my 40" LCD TV with an HDMI cable I was very impressed with the image(720 P). It is not going to look like Blu-ray, but with the current prices for Blu-ray being a couple hundred dollars why bother?

    It does seem to take a while (a few extra seconds, not minutes) but I'm assuming this is part of the upscaling (and maybe buffering) used by the player.

    I have no works as hoped. I would highly recommend this player. I would definitely buy another one if it was lost or stolen....more info
  • Best DVD Player I have owned so far
    This one worked so well I bought a second unit. I have bought half a dozen dvd players over the years, this one by far is the best. Even plays poor qualtiy netflix dvds I could not get other dvd players to play.
    ...more info
    The spin motor broke after 2 months and it cannot read any DVDs. Nice Sony, 2 months. . .Amazon won't return after the 30 days. I'll call Sony now which will be quite a hassle. How about just making a good product instead Sony?...more info
  • If you're not ready to buy blue ray & change all your DVDs this is the ticket
    This sony DVD player with the 1080 upgrade is all and more than advertised. It might not be blue-ray but it is a definite upgrade for
    watching the DVD collection that I have accumulated over the years. Thanks Sony !!...more info
  • Up converting DVD player
    I bought the Sony DVD player because of the upscaling to 1080 - I'm not ready to spend the extra money for Blue Ray
    from the reviews I read a lot of people tried this technogigy and say it almost the same as a Blue ray player close enough it very hard to tell the difference - and after using the prouduct I also think so - it makes a for a great image on the screen - I like the Sony because I have a standard Sony DVD player and it will play disk made on a computer and 2 other unit we had will stop and hang - it's does a great job of tracking - I would have to rate this unit as a 5 star - no problems - I use the HDMI cable out put - you don't need a an expensive cable - I got one at 2.00$ and it works fine...more info
  • Great player for the price
    The Sony upconverting DVD player is definately an upgrade from our old player(a 480p LG). The picture is much more clear on our LCD Sony TV and the sound is better as well. Until Blu-Ray prices come down, on both players and movies, the Sony Upscaling DVD player is an excellent alternative. ...more info
  • Solid Standalone Player
    I bought this player to replace a 9-year old Sony Dream HTIB system because I was tired of dealing with all the speaker wires and was only using the DVD player on the unit anyway. While the upscaling capability didn't really blow me away, it is a solid standalone player and a great performer for the price. If you have a newer LOCD or plasma, the chances are that your TV has a better upscaler than this DVD player, so you might not notice a huge difference in picture quality with your existing DVD collection. What I do really like is that the player is small, sleek, and very light, and looks great with my exisiting components.

    Bottom line: if you're looking to get the absolute best picture quality from your existing DVDs, you may want to spend a little more for a better quality DVD player. But if you're looking for a solid product that performs well for less than $80, this is the one for you....more info
  • Good DVD
    The picture that is displays on my 750p tv is excellent.
    Glossy black finish looks very nice. However, the on/off and open/close buttons are located on the top edge of the unit and have to be found by touch, rather than site - not the hardest thing once you have done it a couple of times.
    It does take a while to load up a DVD initially, but less time than the Bluray units I have seen.
    ...more info
  • Sony DVP-NS700H/B not universally HDMI CEC compatible?
    For those inclined to take advantage of the SONY Bravia HDMI CEC connection feature, be forewarned that it may not be compatible with your other AV equipment. This seems to be a grey area with manufacturers: suggesting in the specs that they are HDMI CEC compliant, but at every opportunity noting that the feature (branded Bravia Sync by SONY) works with their own equipment - but not being fully clear about whether it works across brands.

    I purchased this unit to find that it does not communicate with my new Samsung TVs - neither the A450 or the A550 series. After considering the effect of the cables and then turning to the manual, I saw that Samsung states (in tiny type deep into it) that their branded Anylink+ HDMI CEC feature works only with Samsung.

    HDMI CEC as a standard is new and evolving but it is not TODAY kind of new. These devices should be talking to each other. If you are considering cross-mating brands, be warned that the HDMI CEC standard appears to be anything but a standard. ...more info
  • Read the instruction book.
    I know, I know. Connect the HDMI cable and plug it in, what else do I need to know. That is my usual approach. But if you do that, you might find that certain decoders - like DTS don't seem to be working. So read the booklet and go through the setup process. It just takes a few minutes and now most of the DVD decoders work just fine. I haven't had this very long, but it seems to be a very competent product. This will work fine until Blu Ray settles down to a version that reaches something approaching its final evolution. For now (and I suspect for awhile,) this is just fine....more info
  • My last SD DVD player
    Purchased this to use with my 42" 720p Panasonic Plasma. Picture looks great! I like the thin and shallow design of the DVD player. The remote has pretty small buttons but the player itself is great!...more info
  • very happy
    I was actually going to buy the Sony BluRay (model 550) when I realized that soon enough Sony is sure to come up with a wifi-enabled bluray player - a feature which will become more and more prized as content becomes downloadable - and therefore, decided to wait a while before sinking the $350. For now, I am very happy with my stop-gap upscaling DVD player. Of course it is not 1080p but quite easily comparable to the cable HD channels (720p), not bluray. But for a price in the mid-60s it's unreasonable to expect bluray quality. overall, very satisfied. As for shipping, I bought this at the end of Dec (2008). It took a few days to arrive with free super saver shipping but tracking information was accurate....more info
  • My old dvd player died
    I'm not a technical person. I don't know what upscaling or upconverting means, but my old dvd player died. Since I own a Sony Bravia HDTV and have had good luck with Sony products, I looked at the DVP-NS700H, which was advertised as being compatible with my tv and could play scratched dvds, which I understand. The installation was fast and the picture was incredible. Did I say my old player was about 8 yrs old? Very happy with the DVP-NS700H player. Like I said, I've had good luck with Sony products....more info
  • Very good buy.
    Sony is always of the highest quality and that is true for this DVD player which "upscales" your regular DVD movie into a virtual HD. It's like watching the movie for the first time when viewed on a large screen flat TV....more info
  • Fits my needs....
    To celebrate the dreaded DTV change-over debacle, I decided to get a new DTV and a DVD player. Unfortunately, the only TV that would fit in my cabinet was limited to 32". Since the "720 vs 1080" debate doesn't seem to matter as much in TV's under 40", I went with a 32" 720 Sony Bravia from Sam's Club and saved a few bucks. Now, for the DVD player, I had to decide between an up-converting model or Blu-Ray (B-R). Here again, not sure if I could notice a significant difference with my 720 TV, I decided to go with the Sony up-converting DVD player rather than a B-R. Besides saving a couple of hundred dollars, the image is FANTASTIC. I can't imagine it getting much better without a significant hemorrhage of cash from my wallet. Besides, who knows if the B-R phenomenon will ever really take hold? By the time it does (in this dismal economy), there will likely be something "bigger and better" out there anyway. Yes, I know there will be 'fire, brimstone and gnashing of teeth' from persnickety videophiles who read this - but, I am completely satisfied with my meager setup - it does me good....more info
  • The Average Guy's Quest for HDTV
    I'm not quite ready to step up to flat screen and blu-ray as that will probably cost a small fortune + the expensive DVDs + the redecoration my better half will likely impose on me....maybe in a year or two. But, I needed something to tidy me over and I found that in this great DVD player from Sony. I figured I would always have a use for a DVD player as I can always find a use for it in a spare bedroom or somewhere.

    This player's biggest selling point is that it advertised that it upscales DVD signals up to 1080p. I'm a fairly technically competent person so connecting this DVD up to my relatively simple setup was a snap, aside from having to turn a 250lb television and deal with the myriad of cables from the receive box, the Bose, the TIVO, my little girls' computer, the XBOX, and an old VHS -- that can create quite the tangle. All in all it took me 15 minutes to plug in but since I don't have an HDMI output, I had to plug in via YPrPd. The results are FANTASTIC! My HDTV television has never looked so good - there is clarity in my DVD movies that was never visible before.

    - Very Cheap DVD player (thanks to Blu-ray which is depressing DVD player prices)
    - Great Sony Quality (everything works perfectly)
    - Great Sony remote control (they pay attention to how people use remotes)
    - Easy Setup (nice menus on screen and easy navigation)
    - Easy plugging in to the TV
    - Lots of connector options in the back (RCA Video, Component, HDMI, Optical, S-Video)
    - Great Video Quality
    - Its very thin

    CONS of the Player
    - Its not quite HDTV (good quality but not HDTV), can't blame the DVD player, you just don't have enough information stored in the disks to rev up to 1080i that I have on my TV
    - Its upscaling is to the HDMI cable only so, if you plug in via any of the other analog connectors, you're going to get 480p or something like that in quality (which is what I think I have)
    - Its thin and shallow so doesn't sit square on top of my Tivo...there should be some standard on making these things shaped in similar dimensions so that they look aesthetically pleasing.
    - Doesn't have a coaxial input or output (I know the industry has moved on but sometimes that's nice)
    - Doesn't come with an HDMI cable
    - Doesn't come with Component cables
    - Only comes with RCA cables

    Overall for the Player
    - This is a great DVD player (not Blu-ray quality - close but not quite)
    - If you buy this DVD player and are looking for upscaling, consider if your TV has HDMI connector so that you can take full advantage of the upscaling (not quite to 1080p but good, if you can get to it) - most older HDTV sets don't have HDMI or don't have the right version of HDMI.
    - I found the video quality to be very very good and far superior to my Bose 3-2-1 DVD player

    ...more info
  • If you're not ready to buy blue ray & change all your DVDs this is the ticket
    This sony DVD player with the 1080 upgrade is all and more than advertised. It might not be blue-ray but it is a definite upgrade for
    watching the DVD collection that I have accumulated over the years. Thanks Sony !!...more info
  • Great DVD player - sharpens DVD images and enhances color for a great experience on HDTVs!
    The image quality is obviously not going to be as good as HD with this player, but it is much sharper than you'll be able to get out of a non-upscaling DVD player. I feel as if I'm back in the theater watching all of my favorites again for the first time! For example, with my old DVD player I could barely stand to watch Lord of the Rings for five minutes on my new HDTV because of how dull the colors were and how fuzzy the image seemed. With this upscaling player I am hooked once again and loving it! I think this is the same feeling that moviegoers experienced during the Wizard of Oz when they saw a film in color for the first time!

    With intense scrutiny you will be able to see that the image is not up to HD standard but, seeing as you're getting such a sharp image out of your old DVDs for a fraction of the cost of a Blu-Ray player, it's well worth the money. At times you will realize that the faint patterns on someone's vest or the little wrinkles at the corners of someone's eyes are actually visible for the first time! This is pretty amazing compared to how dull the image was prior to this player.
    Where I think this player really stands out is in the vibrancy of the colors it outputs onto an HDTV. I would compare the range of color to that which you will find on HD TV channels or Blu-Ray discs, which goes a long way to making your old DVDs look new again on fancy flat screen TV's. I would definitely recommend this player to those who want to continue to use their old DVDs on their new HDTV but who don't have the money or desire to buy a Blu-Ray player and discs for the next year or two. In my case, I found a deal on a 26 inch Samsung HDTV and was hoping for a cheap alternative to Blu-Ray. This totally fit the bill.

    Installation was very easy with the HDMI cable (buy one online because retail outlets charge WAY too much...) and my only complaint is that the audio effects built in to the DVD player caused an odd echo effect and buzzing on my TV's built in speakers (were the TV not also trying to create audio effects out of the two side speakers built into it I think this would not have happened, but I can't be sure). Once I played with the settings on the DVD player to stop it from altering the sound everything worked just fine and sounds great. I can't say there's any improvement in the sound, though, when compared to my old DVD player. But be aware that you may have to fiddle with the settings, and if you're someone who likes to plug and play with no hassle then you might be a little bit annoyed with this, depending on your hardware. Generally there aren't that many settings you'll need to change, though, so it shouldn't be a reason for most people to stay away from this player.

    I also am not a huge fan of the remote that comes with this player. It has extra buttons meant to allow you to control your TV with it as well, but they don't function with my TV and so they are more along the lines of useless clutter for me.

    The actual look of the player is great. It goes so well with my Samsung HDTV that they almost look as if they were meant to be sold as a set. It also is smaller than many DVD players I've had before and I love that that frees up space on my entertainment system for other things. I didn't like that there was a sticker on the top of it, though, because that left a small mark in the DVD player after I took it off.

    I really think this player is a great intermediate step for those who just bought an HDTV but who don't want to have to get into Blu-Ray yet. I own so many DVDs and love the fact that they're coming down even more in price thanks to Blu-Ray (I just bought eight more of my favorite movies on DVD from Amazon for under $70!!) that this is definitely the smartest choice for me and those who are in the same situation.

    DVDs become extremely watchable thanks to this player and I'm really glad I bought it!

    Edit: Another great feature of this DVD player that I've found as I use it is the fact that the buttons on the player itself are positioned on the top front of the player rather than on the face. With my old player it would move backwards slightly every time I ejected a disc and eventually I'd have to rearrange that entire shelf of my entertainment system, but having the buttons on the top makes it so that pressing buttons will not move the player around. It's a very smart design and once you get used to it you'll come to appreciate it as you use the player. ...more info
  • Probably one of the best upscaling DVD player's out there
    I have two Upscaling DVD players (this one, and the Philips DVP5990), this DVD player is by far one of the best upscaling players out there. I would highly recommend it, especially if you have a Sony TV.
    * The picture quality when using HDMI is simply amazing, the colors are extremely vivid and the 1080i upscaling is great.
    * The surround sound option is phenomenal,(this is by far my favorite of all of the features on this product) and you can hear so much more on the DVD that you would have missed on a standard player. The 'dynamic' surround sound setting is great for action movies.
    I really cannot think of any cons for this player, I have had this for about 6 months now and have had no problems with it....more info