On-Q/Legrand Cat 5 Color Bullet Camera Kit, 2 Cameras
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Product Description

On-Q packages together everything you will need for a basic indoor/outdoor camera monitoring system. This innovative system uses standard Cat 5 cable to deliver crisp video images, power and audio (optional) back to the wiring panel. And, our new custom camera mounting plates cut installation time in half. Get piece of mind with the new Category 5 camera offering from On-Q/Legrand. This innovative line of cameras uses standard Category 5 wire to deliver a crisp video image, audio and power back to the wiring panel. This means that all the cameras in the home can be viewed over the Internet, TVs or monitors - all at the same time. Installation is easy! Just run one length of Cat 5 from the wiring panel to the camera. Plug your Cat 5 wire into the back of the camera wall plate. Twist in your camera, and you're done!

  • Everything you need to install a color camera system
  • The kit includes two color bullet cameras, main camera module, and power supply.
  • Bracket included
  • Camera images can be viewed over the Internet or on a TV at any time
  • Cat 5 wiring makes installation easy and efficient