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Corel WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray)
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Product Description

WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray is DVD, Blu-ray Disc and video playback software that delivers quality and entertainment in style. Play spectacular Blu-ray and HD DVD discs on your PC, or enjoy standard DVDs with state-of-the-art HD-quality upscaling. Take your movies on the go with advanced battery optimization controls for laptops. Play home movies recorded on the latest high-definition AVCHD camcorders. Choose WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray for the ultimate DVD and video playback experience.

Choose WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray for the ultimate DVD and video playback experience.

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DVD & Video Playback for Today

  • Blu-ray and HD DVD support--Experience stunning high-definition entertainment on your PC.
  • State-of-the-art Upscaling--Play standard DVDs at HD resolution with unique upscaling and motion enhancement.
  • Movies on the Go--Powerful laptop features ensure the best movie experience--wherever you are!
  • Memories--Enjoy the full quality of high-definition home movies recorded with the latest AVCHD or Blu-ray camcorders.

Unique All2HD offers state-of-the-art upscaling.

See more of the action with advanced Digital Natural Motion.

Enjoy your video collection like never before. Watch standard DVD movies at near-HD quality with captivating surround sound.

Watch movies wherever you are.

Play crystal-clear high-definition home movies from the latest AVCHD camcorders.

Stylish Good Looks
The sophisticated graphite interface blends seamlessly with your Windows XP or Vista desktop.

  • New graphite color--Up-to-date and professional look.
  • New layout--A clutter-free and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Compact mode instantly hides navigation controls to show just your video.
  • Boss Key--Now you see it, now you don't! One click pops the player out of the way.
  • Message Center--Don't miss out on product updates, exclusive offers and fun tips and trick

Technology Powerhouse
Maximize your viewing experience with state-of the-art technologies, such as Blu-ray and HD DVD playback, standard-definition upscaling, and unique features for watching movies on the go.

Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD playback

  • Play high-definition commercial titles with interactive features, or recordable Blu-ray/HD DVD media.
  • Enjoy the immersive entertainment experience of BD-J and HD DVD Advanced Navigation features without interrupting your movie.
  • The first playback software to support the new BD BonusView picture-in-picture features.
  • Supports all Blu-ray and HD DVD video encoding formats, such as MPEG-4-AVC (H.264), MPEG-2, and VC1.
  • Supports HD Audio technologies from Dolby and DTS.
  • Complies with Blu-ray & HD DVD content protection protocols to ensure reliable playback.

Make your standard DVDs look like HD video!

  • Unique All2HD upscaling--convert standard DVDs to crisp high-definition video with outstanding color and clarity.
  • Auto-scaling intelligently tailors playback to fit monitor resolution and refresh rate.
  • Advanced de-interlacing auto-detects film frame rate and ensures crisp edges even on fast-moving objects.
  • Digital Natural Motion--choose from several presets for the smoothest possible playback.
  • Image sharpness can be adjusted for a better-than-original look.


  • Extend playback time with Battery Optimization.
  • Be sure to catch the ending with unique TimeStretch playback.
  • Smart Stretch lets you watch your movies in standard or Widescreen.
  • Enjoy Virtual Surround Sound even when listening on headphones and stereo speakers.

Reduce unsightly playback artifacts and video noise.

Add immersive surround sound audio effects.

WinDVD is the best choice for enjoying movies on the go.

Enhance low-resolution video
Clean up digital artifacts from MPEG, H.264 and VC-1 video

  • De-snow filter removes digital noise from low-resolution video.
  • De-block filter removes blocky digital artifacts from compressed video.

Hardware graphics acceleration
WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray supports display cards featuring ATI AVIVO HD and NVIDIA PureVideo HD technologies that offer hardware-enhanced video playback.

  • Enjoy sharper, more vibrant video images
  • Minimize CPU utilization and power consumption, particularly during playback of Blu-ray/HD DVD discs.
  • Apply advanced de-interlacing
  • Scale videos to any size with high-precision processing

The best of the audio world
WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray supports leading audio technologies for an immersive listening experience.

  • Play HD audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus, uncompressed Dolby TrueHD, and DTS HD for commercial Blu-ray and HD DVD movies.
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx--Transforms 2-channel (stereo) audio to surround sound, or expands 5.1 sources up to 7.1 speaker systems. Choose Movie or Music modes.
  • Dolby Digital EX--Enjoy 6.1 or 7.1-channel playback with appropriate hardware.
  • DTS surround audio--Supports up to 6 channels of audio for titles with DTS audio
  • SRS audio technologies--Enhance movie dialog or music, or create a virtual surround effect on two speakers with SRS TruSurround.
  • 96 kHz/24-bit audio decoding--Play back audiophile-quality audio.
  • Dolby Virtual Speaker--An advanced psychoacoustics algorithm creates a 5.1 surround sound environment on two speakers.
  • Dolby Headphone--Processes 5.1 audio to create a vivid surround environment on standard headphones.

More video effects and convenient playback controls

  • Video Effects--Customize and improve the look of movies with Cinema Enhancement, Vintage, Sharpness, and more!
  • SmartStretch--Fills your widescreen display when viewing 4:3 movies by intelligently stretching only the edges of the video and maintaining the center portion of the image.
  • Pan & Zoom--WinDVD lets you click and drag to zoom in and pan across any part of the screen to get a closer look.
  • Playlists--Create your own playlists with audio tracks or video files from DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs and CDs.
  • Bookmark favorite spots and save them as a file (.bmk) for later, or send to a friend.
  • UPnP Client--Plays back content from other UPnP-certified devices within a home network, with enhanced thumbnail views of available clips on the network.
  • Capture Image/QuickClip--The new capture controls make it even easier to grab your favorite movie scene as a still picture or animated clip, that you can easily share with friends via email or mobile phone!
  • Instant Replay--Ctrl-B lets you jump back to the line you missed, or catch that action sequence again!
  • Smooth Reverse Playback--WinDVD 9 supports smooth reverse playback without frame drops.

Complete Format support
Enjoy reliable playback of high-definition or standard-definition video recorded from HDTV, camcorder, or downloaded from the Web.

  • Popular video formats--supports DVD-Video, DivX, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media, and AVI.
  • H.264 Support--Smoothly plays back the next-generation format for premium content and downloaded video, in standard as well as high-definition.
  • HDTV Support--Navigate and play MPEG-2 HD Transport Stream (M2T) video from captured HDTV programs.

Enjoy HD home movies
Today's high-definition camcorders let you record your personal memories in stunning clarity. Play them at full resolution!

  • AVCHD--Supports playback of video from AVCHD camcorders, either copied from the camcorder hard drive, on AVCHD disc, or memory card.
  • Plays HD video recorded on the latest Blu-ray camcorders from Hitachi.
  • HDV video--Play HD video captured from HDV camcorders.
  • Plays video from recordable HD DVD or Blu-ray media such as HD DVD-R, BD-R and RE discs.
  • Plays HD-Rec discs (HD DVD video recorded on standard DVD media).

Compare Versions
WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray WinDVD 9 Plus WinDVD 9 Standard WinDVD 8 Platinum WinDVD 8 Gold
Blu-ray/HD DVD Playback Features
HD DVD Type1/2
HD DVD Advanced Content
BD-RE 3.0
BonusView (BD-Video Profile 1.1)
DD+ multi channel
Dolby TrueHD 2ch
Dolby TrueHD multi channel
DTS-HD multi-channel
New Features
New UI Style
SD to HD Conversion
Full AVCHD Support
DTS 96K/24bit decoding
Codec/File format support (720p, 1080i)
DivX file playback
DivX subtitle
DVD+VR Playback
WMV file playback
QuickTime format support
RealPlayer Format
Audio Features
High definition audio decoding
Multi-channel MP3 playback
Dolby Digital 2CH
Dolby Digital 5.1CH
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Prologic IIX
Dolby Headphone
Dolby Virtual Speaker
SRS TruSorround XT
SRS Headphone
Video Features
Smooth reverse playback
Progressive de-interlace
Zoom and Pan
Other Features
Power Saver
UPnP Client
Notebook Battery Meter
Thumbnail Bookmark
Time Stretch
PureVideo (HD)
hardware acceleration
ATI AVIVO HD hardware acceleration

Does your PC have a Blu-ray DVD drive and you want to watch HD movies? Then use WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray, the ultimate DVD and video player for your PC. It plays Blu-ray, HD DVD and standard DVDs. Supports DVD-Video, DivX, RealPlayer, QuickTime, Windows Media, H.264 and AVI SD to HD Conversion De-snow and De-block Filters Unique All2HD Upscaling Technology DTS 96K/24bit Decoding

  • Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD playback (Blu-ray drive or HD DVD drive required)--Play high-definition commercial titles with interactive features, or recordable Blu-ray/HD DVD media
  • Supports all Blu-ray and HD DVD video encoding formats, such as MPEG-4-AVC (H.264), MPEG-2, and VC1
  • Supports HD Audio technologies from Dolby and DTS including Dolby Digital Plus, uncompressed Dolby TrueHD, and DTS HD for commercial Blu-ray and HD DVD movies
  • Plays video from recordable HD DVD or Blu-ray media such as HD DVD-R, BD-R and RE discs; play standard DVDs at HD resolution with unique upscaling and motion enhancement
  • Includes all the features and capabilites of the WinDVD 9 Plus

Customer Reviews:

  • Unfinished product
    I have installed Corel WinDVD on an XP laptop. It has installed just fine but it won't start. There is an icon on the desktop but nothing happens when I click on it. I have tried to reinstall and gave up after three attempts.

    I have installed the software on Vista as well, and it installed and the program starts. Unfortunately after a few minutes of playing with it, the software froze and the picture disappeared. I have only managed to test a time stretch function, which is silly, because everybody sounds like midgets.

    Corel are not being serious releasing an unfinished and untested product, and I am not going to waste any more time testing it for them.

    By the way, do not be fooled into thinking that your PC will play Blu-ray DVDs unless you have a Blu-ray drive (which most PCs do not have).

    ADDENDUM: It was unintended, but I have spent some more time investigating why it won't install on some machines. I found a fix: instal manually the latest version of Direct X from Microsofts website before installing WinDVD9. It worked like a charm on my XP laptop....more info
  • Had no problems, but seems overpriced
    Unlike some of the other reviewers here, I didn't have any trouble installing this software. Maybe that's because I have a brand new laptop. And it works fine, too.

    My only complaint is that it seems awfully expensive for what it does. I got mine as a promotional version, so I didn't have to pay for it. But I wouldn't pay more than $50 or so. I guess it depends how much you value watching HD DVDs on your laptop. It's not a big deal for me, especially since I've now seen the difference....more info
  • Nice upconvert for DVDs
    Although I don't have a Blu-Ray player yet, I've found that this does do a nice job of displaying DVDs. The bulb on our DLP tv recently burned out, and we had to wait a week for a replacement. Our son needed to watch his cartoons, and was happy watching them on the computer this way....more info
    The application simply will not play a DVD at all nor will it even stay running for any length of time without crashing from a 'WinDVD MFC Application has stopped working' error....more info
  • Waste of time
    Wow, I was really pretty excited to pick this up but man was I ever let down pretty much just as soon as I opened the package. I've got a Blu-ray player in my living room at home & was really looking forward to making my movies mobile, unfortunately though looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer 'til that happens. The installation was pretty simple and straight foward, but REALLY SLOW. After I installed this product on my laptop I was excited to start watching Blu-rays on my laptop. However, it wasn't that simple. I tried a few different movies without success. They would start to play (although I didn't really notice any better quality), but if I tried to rewind or fast foward it would freeze up. After realizing not to do that I did watch parts of a movie, but it would jump ahead on its own. After trying this, I uninstalled the program & tried it again thinking maybe I missed a step. Nope, same things were happening. Needless to say I never did finish a whole movie. I was really disappointed with the Corel WinDVD 9 Plus. I recommend waiting on this product (or buying another) until they figure out the problems. Bottem line, save your money. This was a waste of both time & money, save it for something better that actually works like it's supposed to, I wish I had....more info
  • Does What it is Supposed to... Kinda
    just remember to set the blu-ray region. i had a couple of disks that would not play until the region had been defined, and on forums there are hints of some disks that just will not play. no still capture capability on blu-rays or hd-dvds. boo....more info
  • Solid movie player, a few quirks
    The context of my review:
    - I do not have a Blu-ray drive on any my PC's or laptops so I can't discuss the product's ability to play Blu-ray software.
    - I tried to review this by using it the way 90%+ are going to - not reading the manual and, basically, deciding whether it did what I expected it to do in a way that didn't unnecessarily complicated my life.
    - The platform was a Sony VAIO laptop with letterbox screen, dual-core CPU, running Microsoft Vista.

    The installation:
    There were no significant problems but I found it quite bizarre that the installation wizard suggested that I allowed it to install the RealPlayer and Apple's QuickTime as well. I was not happy but, since I was reviewing the product I said 'yes', curious to see how THAT was going to help in any way. So far, I haven't seen QuickTime or RealPlayer taking over my computer while watching a movie. The first time I started WinDVD, I received a warning from the Vista firewall. Apparently, WinDVD was trying to go out on the Net through a port that the firewall didn't think it should have used. For reviewing purposes, I clicked on 'yes' again. I still don't understand what I gained by making my laptop more vulnerable to attacks.

    Movie playing:
    - The interface is generally okay. The 'fast forward' and the 'jump to the next chapter' functions are accessed by pushing or holding the same one button. Some may like this but I can see how not everyone would.
    - A number of video enhancements are available having to do with sharpness, color quality and, of course, upscaling. For some reason, you have to choose between 'upscaling' or any other picture enhancements. When you go to the upscaling menu, any selections you made in the 'regular' enhancements are wiped out and vice-versa.
    - The zoom mode is not very flexible. Up until now, I was unable to find a way to zoom up the picture so that I get a full screen (cropping off the left/right sides) and there is no zoom available in the 'upscale' mode.
    - On an old DVD that, apparently, was shot at a very low resolution (Stephen King's Misery in wide screen mode), the picture would not fill the screen - I was getting black fillers both on right/left and above/below.
    - The upscaling is actually pretty good. Just in case you would miss the improvement, there is one viewing mode where you can see the non-upscaled left half on the screen next to the upscaled right. Most of the time, you can see a difference. You have the ability to control the 'intensity' of the upscaling - I found that selecting the maximum level of upscale/enhancement was not necessarily producing the best-looking picture.

    Overall Impressions:
    - The product is superior to the WinDVD package that came 'free' with the VAIO.
    - I did NOT have any compatibility problems and it did NOT freeze or crash Vista.
    - I liked the image enhancement mode.
    - There are some interface issues.
    - I did NOT appreciate the installation of RealPlayer and QuickTime and it asking me to punch a hole into my firewall.
    - I am aware that my review covers only a small set of the numerous feature this package offers but the features that I reviewed were the ones I am likely to use.

    I wish I could give this 4 stars but... giving that there were SEVERAL issues as I documented above, 3 stars is what's fair. If I ever get a PC or laptop with a Blu-ray drive and I am allowed to transfer the installation to another computer, I promise to review the Blu-ray capabilities as well....more info
  • Impressive!
    First off, let me just say that I don't own a Blu-ray player and my review is based on DVD's only. Most of the review, however, will most likely apply to Blu-Ray as well.

    >> Video Enhancements

    Here are just some highlights:

    - De-snow, De-block, and up-sampling:
    De-block reduces pixelation and up-sampling is a filter that fills in extra pixels to improve picture quality. I am unable to see an appreciable improvement in the picture quality of the DVD's with these enhancements turned on. The De-snow option, however, significantly reduced video noise and dramatically improved picture quality on some of the DVD's I played.

    - Trimension All2HD:
    Enabling this option helps convert standard videos into "high-definition". The improvements are definitely noticeable - Trimension All2HD reduces noise and makes the picture more crisp. However don't expect the picture quality to be "just like HD." There is even a split screen (or Demo) option where the left side of the screen has Trimension All2HD enabled and the right side doesn't so you're able to see the difference between them.

    Here's a caveat - Trimension All2HD is CPU-intensive, so if you have a slower computer, it may slow the other programs running on your computer.

    >> Color Adjustments
    It goes without saying the WinDVD comes with the standard adjustsments such as Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Color, and Gamma correction. Apart from the Brightness, the colors look great on my player with the color adjustments left at their default values.

    >> Audio Enhancements

    - Virtual Surround Sound:
    If you don't have surround sound speakers, you're in luck. WinDVD uses the patented SRS TruSurround XT technology, which takes 5.1 or 6.1 multichannel content and virtualizes the channels for output to 2 speakers. The result is an immersive audio experience - impressive and the best virtual surround sound I've ever heard coming from 2 speakers!

    >> User Interface
    The user interface is a pleasure to use. I've read complaints that the controls are not intuitive - I don't understand why - but for me I was thrilled at how quick and easy it was to control the application:

    - Click once anywhere on the screen and the menu bar and play controls show up. Click again to hide them.

    - Double-click to go into full-screen mode. Double-click again to restore.

    - Right-click for a popup menu for some quick options like play, stop, repeat, forward, and most of the controls you'll need to navigate through your video.

    - Audio/Picture enhancements and all other options come up in a window overlaid on the video. You can make adjustments (Trimension All2HD, De-snow, color, etc.) on the fly (dynamically) while still being able to navigate your video (pause, play, fast-forward, etc.) unlike some applications where you have to dismiss the windows before being able to access the video controls.

    >> Usability
    My biggest complaint about usability is the application can be sluggish at times particularly when Trimension All2HD, SRS TruSurround XT, and other CPU-intensive options are turned on. On my 2.5 GHz computer, WinDVD can take a couple of minutes to respond to mouse-clicks while it changes the mouse pointer into an "hour glass." Even though the video playback is smooth, it can become out of sync with the audio at this time. However, once the options are fully enabled, video playback returns to its full functioning capacity.

    Overall, despite some issues with the application being sluggish at times, I'm very impressed with the Video/Audio quality. Plus, WinDVD gets high marks for its very user-friendly interface. I was especially blown away by the virtual surround sound feature. So to wrap it up, WinDVD has my vote on being one of the best players!

    ...more info
  • Beautiful. Longtime Nero user has found a new viewer
    I am not someone who watches many DVDs on my computer (that's what my LCD is for). Currently I have Nero 8 on my PC (Dell 710 XPS H2C with dual 768mb graphics cards) and I have only been mildly pleased with it. The video quality never seemed very good (comparing to my LCD TV).

    I was anxious to see what WinDVD would be like. Well, installation was smooth. Everything installed nicely. Upon completion I popped in a couple of DVDs and ran them through Nero and WinDVD. At best I was expecting them to be the same; I was in for a pleasent surprise. There was a definite improvement in the video quality with WinDVD, everything looked sharper.

    I was having a problem with Nero not playing menu systems back properly. Many times the menus would have nasty green lines in them. This did not happen with WinDVD.

    WinDVD is simple to use. The controls are straight forward. Using WinDVD was nothing but a pleasure and I would highly recommend it to everyone. ...more info
  • Best Experience Yet For Watching Movies on PC
    I have used many products to play DVDs over the years. Most have done the job adequately, however I never really saw the computer monitor as a replacement for watching a DVD on television. This has changed with WinDVD9, not only does it do a great job upscaling my DVDs, but it is actually a better Blu-ray player than my PS3. Since I have installed this software I have even removed my trusty old DVD software that I have been using for quite some time....more info
  • Bad product. Even worse support
    I bought this because it claims to support both HD DVD and BluRay playback. Since PowerDVD no longer plays HD DVD, I was looking for an alternative and found this.
    1) HD DVD playback has corrupted video, pixelization and eventually crashes display driver. The machine is way over the minimu requirements and have latest video driver available from ATI
    2) Does not play BluRay disks, claiming region code mismatch (PowerDVD plays fine on the same machine)
    3) Customer support rep was arrogant, rude and unhelpful
    Returning the product as soon as I get to the post office...more info
  • No luck in loading this program onto a Vista machine
    Repeated attempts to load this program onto my Vista laptop have resulted in failure. It hangs at a key point in the process resulting in a forced exit from the loading program. No significant assistance from Corel has been forthcoming. There appears to be a problem which I have been unable to overcome. My experience with Corel products has been a good one thus far so I'm surprised by the difficulty. If there's a change in the future I will revisit this review....more info
  • Seems pretty solid to me
    I don't really do any hardcore video watching on my laptop, so take this as a casual-user review.

    I was able to install the software without problem on an XP laptop and it worked fairly well on the older hardware, but was a bit sluggish on the interface at times. This could be due to my work laptop being a few years old and only having 1 gig of RAM. Video seemed cleaner and better, but not the most astounding difference in the world. Since my laptop is probably three years old or so, the display is not the best in the world and neither is the hardware. I don't really fault the software in this case.

    I removed the software from my work laptop and installed it on a friend's Vista laptop. The installation worked without a problem, so they must have changed something from the version that some others are reviewing. The software worked flawlessly and was very snappy on his new hardware. Blu-ray playback was flawless, but there was no noticeable improvement in picture with this software as far as I could see. Perhaps there would be something if you were displaying the video on a 73" display instead of a 17" laptop display, but it didn't make a difference on Blu-ray on the laptop.

    Testing on poor-quality DVDs was better and the software cleaned up some pretty bad video, making it actually look presentable. I was impressed with the filtering, sharpening and edge detection.

    I was unable to do any good audio tests, so I cannot comment on the audio performance of this software.

    Bottom line: your mileage may vary. I wouldn't recommend this for older laptops, as it wasn't stellar on my old work laptop, but it was really good on a new Vista laptop. Perhaps processing power, RAM and drive speed make a difference, as well as the quality of your display....more info
  • What can I say? I DONT GET THIS PRODUCT!
    Ok...I thought this would be a wonderful and interesting product to try...and after it arrived, seeing the clarity of the pics on the box compared to regular movies, pics etc...I thought it would be great. Well I opened the box, read the instructions, put the CD into my laptop & NOTHING.....crickets. I have Vista...well it claims that it is compatible with Vista...perhaps it is, or isn't...however I cannot even get it to function on my computer. I have even had a buddy of mine who is a computer repairman, and very excited about it, come over and he was even puzzled. I wont rate this as negative because to be frankly honest, I dont understand this. Maybe its my type of computer, Toshiba? Im not sure, I also tried it on a Mac, didnt work with that either, or maybe its just a faulty disc...or it very well could be human if someone knows how to use this disc could be awesome....more info
  • Needs some work
    The program wouldn't run once installed. Click the app and no go. Click an associated file and nothing. No error message, no crash, just nothing. The install went smoothly, even followed the extra "read this before installing" instructions. So is it my PC with Windows XP Service Pack 2, I could try another PC to find out... but this is the PC I wanted it on. It seems from the numerous other complaints about the installs the program just isn't ready for prime time yet.

    I wanted to give it a great review, I've used version 8 which is bundled with my copy of Video Studio 11.5 and it worked fine. I never paid much attention to software DVD (or Blu-ray) players before, they played or they didn't play the movie and some had better controls. But the sales pitch of this one indicated I would see better pictures and cleaner video even with older tech using some cutting edge software magic. I guess however, I'll never know (okay maybe I'll try again in the future, but not anytime soon).

    **** UPDATE 5/15/2009
    I installed it on a freshly loaded computer and this time it worked. It's not a bad DVD player. Not the most amazing video experience ever, but a solid product. The controls were not super intuitive, but guessable, most were an icon that you could hover to see a tool tip that sort of described the feature. A lot of the menus used jargon which didn't make it clear what a particular slide did. But a little poking around and you can figure it out. As for the built-in video enhancements... It does sharpen the video on the fly and can apply a color curve... both of which can improve a viewing experience. But in reality there is no way to add resolution to a DVD... the pixels are just not there, so you do get a little bit more noise in the video with it turned on. They graciously allow you to adjust on a level of 1-5 each effect. I found 1 or 2 to work out the best. If this was my first encounter with the software I'd give it a 4... A little pricey and a little less than intuitive... but a solid performer. Being that my really bad experience happened first, I'd change my rating to a 3 if I could....more info
  • Works Fine on My Machine
    I have a Dell Inspiron 530 with dual core processor, 2-gigs of ram and Vista Home Premium, an after market video card with tons of video ram and an internal Blu-ray player.

    The machine is only three months old, so I take it the Vista install is pretty much the latest going. The Win DVD install took just a few minutes and progressed with no issues.

    The software played several of my Blu-ray disks with no problem. The picture was clear and true. I wont waste space here going over the same issues covered in other reviews and in the package description.

    I do want to mention how impressed I was with the up-converting of standard DVDs by this package. I own an up-converting DVD deck and have never been very impressed with the picture quality it produced (in fact I really couldn't tell any difference).

    There is a substantial increase in quality of picture with WinDVD's up-converter. It is really noticeable

    I'm not sure the feature set here is worth the money, but if you think it's what you're looking for, WinDVD 9 plus does what the manufacturer says it will. ...more info
  • Don't buy Windvd 9 if you need technical support
    Corel WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray)

    After installation, WinDVD 9 failed to recognise S/PDIF and SoundMax Digital HD Audio, with result that audio was only in stereo. Video could also not be adjusted. Corel tech support reply was regurgitation of what manual says should happen. I resubmitted support request, saying they hadn't addressed issue. Their reply was "We have reviewed your e-mail and determined that we can better address your inquiry by having you contact us via telephone."

    Catch-22: They only have on-line support in North America!!!

    Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware!...more info
  • WINDVD 9
    I bought this product to provide software updates on a Dell 1520 laptop running Vista. I anticipated problems with the installation and usage but there were none so far. I have not tried to use a BluRay DVD with the drive and this software so can not comment on it. ...more info
  • Good media player with some great features!
    Overall, I think this is a good product. I have used older versions of WinDVD and always found it to be a decent media player. What sets this version apart is its ability to play Blu-ray media. Of course, you must also have hardware which plays Blu-ray! If you do not have a Blu-ray drive there is no point in buying this version. Non Blu-ray users would probably prefer WinDVD Plus over WinDVD Standard. Both WinDVD Plus Blu-ray and WinDVD Plus include a feature called All2HD, as well as audio support for Dobly Digital EX and Prologic IIX. If you don't need HD conversion or you are happy with Dolby 2 or 5.1 channel audio, you may be content with WinDVD Standard or your existing media player.

    My installation was quick and simple. It used a little under 100MB of hard disk space and took under 10 minutes to install. I have included installation notes and specifications toward the bottom of this review.

    The product promises and delivers excellent video and audio. The All2HD component is really neat! This feature processes your media files so that they are "upscaled" to HD quality. It does so by increasing the frame size and rate. There is a noticeable improvement in picture definition using All2HD. You can also run All2HD in "demo" mode simply by clicking a button. This draws a vertical line down the middle of the screen, showing you the left side in default quality and the right side in "HD", so you can preview the results of All2HD on any DVD video and decide if you want to use it. You are not going to be able to use All2HD on Windows media files, just DVDs.

    WinDVD also includes a Time Stretch feature. Time Stretch allows you to specify the time of day you want to be finished watching a movie and it adjusts the playback speed to meet your goal. You can also input the amount of time as opposed to the time of day. What's nice about Time Stretch is that although the playback may speed up slightly, the audio remains steady and clear. You can also use Time Stretch to slow down playback so you can watch for details you might otherwise miss.

    I particularly like WinDVD's ability to take still frames of media being played. This, in essence, gives me the ability to make a nice digital still photo from a video frame. I do this often, taking these "snapshots' from DVDs of my kids, many of which had been transferred from VCR format tapes from many years ago. It is a nice feature and a way to go back in time and get still prints from events long since passed, where you might have videotaped it but took no still shots!

    One disappointment is the Quick Clip feature. It allows you to click a button to start/stop recording a portion of a video. So if you want a quick highlight you can grab it easily. However, it saves the clip as a GIF and the playback is awful. I tried adjusting the frame size, capture rate and playback in numerous combinations but never got a decent result.

    Not sure you want to lay out the cash for WinDVD 9? You can download it from Corel's website for a 30 day trial period to see how you like it.

    * Blu ray compatibility.
    * Great picture and audio quality.
    * Ability to upscale video to HD quality, using the All2HD feature.
    * Flexible viewing using Time Stretch.
    * Capable of capturing still images and video clips.
    * Free 30 day trial period download from Corel.

    * Quick Clip feature didn't produce good results at all.

    I gave this product 4 stars. I would have rated it 5 had the Quick Clip feature performed well.

    1. Shortly after the installation started, I was prompted to install MS DirectX Feb2007 RunTime and MS Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86).
    2. Another prompt asks to associate some file types with WinDVD. This is a very common prompt during the installation of many media applications. I selected only the DVD association, unchecking the MPEG and CD associations. This is just personal choice! Just remember if you have another media player/application associated with file types, to consider that when you check/uncheck these choices in WinDVD. If you leave these choices checked, WinDVD will become your default player for MPEGs, CDs, etc. as well as DVDs.
    3. At the end of the installation, you will be prompted to install three 3rd party products, Google Toolbar, RealPlayer 6, and Quicktime 7.1. Google Toolbar is a personal choice. If you already have a more current version of RealPlayer and/or Quicktime, you should uncheck the installation boxes for these products before continuing.

    In case anyone is curious what sort of installation specs I used.....


    I installed WinDVD on:

    *Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad T60, which runs Dual Core T2400 at 1.83GHz.

    *2GB Memory.

    *ThinkPad Display 1024 x 768 Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chip.

    *Windows XP SP3.

    This laptop is at the bare minimum specs for Blu-ray play, plus it does not have a Blu-ray drive, so I did my Blu-ray testing on an HP A6567 workstation with a Dual Core 2 Quad processor - 2.4GHz, and 4GB memory. I have a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce video card and 24" LCD. The workstation came with Vista but I downgraded it XP, so I cannot speak to any reports of problems mentioned by other reviewers using WinDVD on Vista. Knowing what I do about Vista, I assume some issues may be related to that OS and not the WinDVD application. I also tried WinDVD with the 24" LCD on both the laptop and workstation. As one might expect, the display from WinDVD was superior on the workstation, although it was also very good on the laptop. The drive I use in the workstation is a Lite-on Blu-Ray TripleWriter, model LH-2B1S.
    ...more info
  • Not ready for primetime
    WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray promises to allow consumers to view DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray movies on their PC, but the technology required to accomplish this is so complex and fragile that it may be beyond the ability of the average consumer to accomplish. The basic requirements are easy enough: Windows XP or Windows Vista, a relatively modern processor, adequate memory to play basic games, a relatively modern (but not necessarily expensive) video card, and a monitor capable of displaying high-definition content.

    Thanks to Hollywood and its benefactors, the actual requirements include a video card, drivers, and a display device that supports HDCP copy protection so the movie remains encrypted from the DVD/Blu-ray drive all the way through to the display. Unfortunately, not all displays support HDCP copy protection and many consumers have no idea they need it until they discover they can't play high-definition movies.

    Also note that WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray requires and installs Apple QuickTime and RealNetworks RealPlayer. The biggest issue here is that RealPlayer has been know not to play nicely with other media players and reports user activity back to RealNetworks.

    I installed WinDVD 9 on a spare Dell notebook computer running Windows Vista Ultimate x86. Installation was relatively painless and WinDVD 9 interface is very attractive and easy to use. The product claims it can enhance standard DVD movies, but I couldn't tell much difference between the standard movie and the "enhanced" version. Unfortunately, WinDVD 9 froze and the screen went completely black a few minutes into the movie forcing me to power off the notebook.

    I tried experimenting with various settings and using various movies, but WinDVD 9 continued hanging a few minutes into each movie I played even after uninstalling and reinstalling the product....more info
  • Fine for DVDs but BluRay / tech support are horrendous...
    If I could give this product less than one star, I would. I have been a computer user since the early 80s and this is one of the worst software experiences that I've ever had. We're talking Windows Vista bad.

    In the course of trying to get this software to work with my Blu-Ray / HD DVD drive, I've upgraded to 4GB of RAM, upgraded my processor from a 2.0 dual core to a 3.2 dual core, completely replaced my hard drive, un-installed and reinstalled the software 3 times, and spent countless hours on end user posting boards trying to get help from equally frustrated customers.

    Why didn't I contact the company directly, you may ask? Well, there's no telephone support. I did send emails to their "support" address. However, they were about as helpful as trying to fix the software by pouring hot coffee on the computer tower. Once they sent me lengthy directions that didn't work and the second time I contacted them, they said that I should un-install and re-install my software.

    While doing this, I discovered a downloadable patch, which made the software sort of work, sometimes. It played regular DVDs perfectly now, but it still got stuck on one still of a Blu-Ray movie and wouldn't advance the video although the audio track was still playing normally, and HD DVDs were a nightmare, most of them would load to the menu, play for 1 to 5 minutes then lock up and the computer would restart.

    My third and 4th emails to support have yet to be answered 3 weeks later.

    Do yourself a favor, if you want an easy program that lets you play Blu-rays with minimal hastle, DON'T buy this program.

    In short, no telephone support, LOTS of compatibility issues, and enough frustration where I ended up buying a different software suite all together....more info
  • Nothing Special
    With this product you receive exactly what is advertised. The program plays DVDs and BLU-RAYs flawlessly. It does have the ability to do screen-captures is nice as well if you are a film student or you just want some Jpegs of certain frames.

    I can't really say anything overtly positive or negative about the program though. It didn't have any major bugs but it doesn't have anything to set it apart from the dozens of other similar programs on the market....more info
  • Of all the gin joints, in all the world ...

    Having been a longtime user of WinDVD in its earlier versions, and long before Corel bought them, I was glad to come across this product as I badly needed to replace my 2002 version that I was still running.

    I installed this on a relatively new version of Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and experienced absolutely no problems at all. Just a word to those installing this program though for the first time. This program forces you to add the dashes ( - ) when you're inputting the serial code to authenticate the installation. In all the years of inputting serial codes, this must be the first time I had to put in the dashes. After it errored out several times and I kept checking it, I scratched my head in wild wonder until it occurred to me to make the adjustment.

    You also have the choice to install Quicktime, which most people should already have and Real Player. In the old days Real Player was the absolute last thing that you would want to put on windows as it had a nasty habit of corrupting the registry. These days, it plays nice and gets along well in the classroom with others. I've used Real Player without any issues for the last two years.

    Even though this program advertises clearly on the box that it's for Blu-ray, you do not have to have a Blu-Ray player to install and use it. One of the benefits of the program is that it has some of the best 1080i upsampling capabilities of any program currently on the market for the same money.

    Out of curiosity I was able to watch several movies that were graphically superior with the program. I watched The Prestige, Blade Runner - The Final Cut, Casablanca (a must see in high def) and Harold and Maude (a real "film" with film qualities and drawbacks and a good test DVD to check out all the cool features offered. The All2HD feature on Casablanca does an incredible job with the blacks and multi-gray tones. But I don't recommend it for older color films that haven't yet been restored as the program works overtime trying to really make it "pop", which causes repetitive video lagging. In these cases I recommend:

    In Enhance Video: Cinema Enhancement - Upsampling - Sharpness.

    If you check these boxes, you'll see a fantastic image without the interference of lag. The audio enhancements are also interesting, but limited depending on the system that your using or connected to. I didn't do anything greater than the default settings as adjusting the audio just caused the sound to seem artificial. These settings are more for home movies or lower-budget films that could benefit from such tampering.

    This is a fantastic program and from what I can see, and the best program to have on your PC to watch movies with.

    The screen cap feature is also easy to use and produces nice quality caps for those that run websites dedicated to just such a thing. I placed two up in the photo section. No, that's not me holding that newborn.

    I guess since I mentioned this, I might as well put in a link just in case you weren't aware.

    ...more info
  • Smooth Interface, Enhanced Playback
    Corel WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray)

    WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray has been highly anticipated as Corel's answer to Blu-ray technology for DVD and video playback. I was skeptical because some reviews state problems running the program on Windows Vista machines, even though the program is designed to be compatible. Others mention skipping and location of controls.

    Notwithstanding, I decided to test the program for myself. (I run Windows XP, Service Pack 3 on my desktop where I often watch DVDs while working on craft projects.)

    Installation was extremely easy and fast, but the performance is what's really exciting. With WinDVD 9 it's possible to make a standard DVD play like High Definition. WinDVD's All2HD upscaling increases frame size to HD resolution and sharpens each image while maintaining clean, crisp edges. Even better, there's an anti-blur technology to ensure smooth action images.

    Hook up your stand-alone speakers for real surround sound or for movies on the go, take your laptop with you. Battery optimization ensures you see the entire movie.

    System requirements (for standard DVD and Video playback - higher for Blu-ray):
    Windows XP, Service Pack 2 or later. (Note Windows Vista is listed as compatible, but check this out as some have had problems.) As a minimum requirement you'll need an Intel Pentium III with at least 800MHz or equivalent AMD Athlon, at least 512MB of RAM, 200MB of hard-disk space for installation, a wide-screen monitor and an on-board audio card.

    WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray supports DVD-Video, DivX, RealPlayer, Quicktime, Windows Media, H.264 and AVI.

    All in all, this is a neat program to enhance your standard DVD viewing, but there are less expensive Blu-ray playback products on the market. However, if you're a Corel fan as I am, this might be the product for you....more info
  • Very nice.....
    I should first say that this is my first use of this kind of software and I am not very adept at it. I am running XP Pro, service pack 3, and loading was a bit slow, and running was a bit slow, though not terrible. The trouble was that I had do not like having to reboot, and for software that is not beta, freeware, or shareware, I expect a full, finished, debugged product. The price is okay, however, I would have been happier seeing it under $50....of course, if I had some of the problems that others have mentioned, free would not be good enough. I guess I am just lucky.....though I have a great graphics card, 4 meg of ram, and plenty of HD space, and I don't have much running in the background.

    Using the software is relatively easy and I am happy to report that if I can use it, anyone can. Viewing standard DVDs does look a bit sharper (I have a 17 inch monitor on my laptop). It also plays DIVX, AVI, Real player, quick time, etc.....The nice thing, also is that it decodes DTS, and for those with 5.1 surround, is much better than Dolby surround. While not as good as some of the newer surround formats, I doubt most people have 7.1 hooked up to there computer.

    Added September 29, 2008

    As I continue to use this I find if more useful than I originally thought. No major problems, and I am still happy with it. Currently, the price is not bad. Could I have lived without it? Yes. Am I happy I have it, yes. Would I recommend it, yes. For me, the extra features do make it better.....again, I have not used any other software like this. My experience previously was limited to Mediaplayer and Quicktime....more info
  • Substandard Experience Overall
    Let's say I am less than impressed. I expected a pretty simple process: application installation, pop in one of my BluRay disks prepare to be wowed. Two weeks later and considerably jaded, I have yet to be wowed.

    I'll start with installation. I run Windows Vista 64, so I am used to things not working quite right, however, the fix is usually straight forward. I popped in the WinDVD disk and installation started, then hung. Prompting the first email to Corel support, I was told to install a couple of MicroSoft redistributables (and given the XP links even though I specified that I was on Vista 64 in the trouble report). Redistributables installed I tried again, still hung. Second email to Corel support, I was told to run MSConfig and disable all third party services and try again, still no cigar; I eventually had to boot in safe mode to get the installation to complete. [Note: WinDVD wants you to install QuickTime and Real Player, even though neither seems to be required to play DVDs with WinDVD].

    I popped a copy of RE: Extinction into the BluRay drive and was prompted with the WinDVD message that the disk region did not match the setting. Apparently that was not set as part of my installation process. No support email this time (apparently this is not unusual) as the correction was in the Corel knowledgebase. Popped the DVD out (you cannot change this while a DVD is in the drive, go figure) made the change and popped the DVD back in. The picture looks like what I would expect for BluRay, although it is right justified in the window. Switching to full screen the image is skewed to the right and the part of the picture shifted off the right side of the monitor is wrapped around on the left side of the monitor. Third email to Corel support, at which time I was told that I did not qualify for email support because I had a trial version (the box looked normal, I'm pretty sure my version was not a trial version) and I should use the customer forums to try to resolve my problem. [Note: Norton flagged WinDVD for attempting to open a port on the internet when first run, not proper behavior from an application without first asking.]

    Bottom line, the software gets two stars for the installation problems, and the runtime problems, but the experience with Corel support drags this down to one star. I will be uninstalling this product and Real Player and going back to my pre-installed HP Quickplay for watching BluRays. P-)
    ...more info
  • Great show!
    Added this to my HP with Vista and it makes my DVDs come alive. Even though I have a standard dvd drive in my box, I still found the dvd to have more punch to it over windvd 8 that came preinstalled on my pc....more info
  • No Blu-Ray Software Works
    I have bought this product and also PowerDVD. They both do not work very well. 1 out of 3 new titles do not work until an update is posted a few months later. Also, when they do start to play, they only make it through the whole move without issue about 80% of the time.

    I built a brand new system to be able to play blu-ray, but the software is not ready yet. Don't bother buying a blu-ray drive (or software) for another 6 months to a year.
    ...more info
  • Great Potential With Unpredictable Results
    Watching DVD movies on your desktop or laptop computer has become very popular these days, and it only makes sense that people are starting to look for ways to watch high definition movies on their computers as well. With the HD DVD standard pretty much dead and buried, Blu-ray has become the standard for HD content. But watching high-def movies on your computer requires the correct combination of hardware and compatible software. Your computer will need a powerful processor, an adequate amount of RAM memory, a fairly high-end video (graphics) card, a Blu-ray optical drive, and a video monitor that supports the High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) system (if using DVI or HDMI connections). There are very few choices for playback software on the market today, and Corel has stepped up to the plate with WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray).

    Early Blu-ray movies were encoded with standard Mpeg2, but most of the newer titles employ the more efficient VC-1 and H.264 formats. While these new formats offer superior quality over Mpeg2, the cost is higher processing overhead, proving somewhat stressful for all but the higher end computer hardware available today. While I do not intend this review to be about the Blu-ray technology itself, I can't stress enough that everyone needs to evaluate their computer hardware properly before planning to watch Blu-ray movies on their PC. With that said, let's take a look at what Corel says their WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray) software will do:

    * Enjoy standard DVDs at HD-quality with theater-like surround sound.
    * Watch movies wherever you are with battery optimization and TimeStretch playback.
    * Play movies in the most popular audio and video formats.
    * Instantly hide navigation controls for a clean, sleek look.
    * Play movies in 4:3 standard or 16:9 widescreen.
    * Compatible with DVD-Video, DivX?, RealPlayer?, QuickTime?, Windows Media? and AVI support.
    * Dolby Digital 2 and 5.1 channel Surround Sound, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Headphone, and Dolby Pro Logic IIx(tm)
    * DTS? audio stereo support and DTS 6.0 digital surround audio
    * SRS audio virtual surround and headphone enhancements
    * Battery optimization for laptops
    * Unique All2HD upscaling technology
    * De-snow and De-block filters
    * Support for the latest video formats, including MPEG-2 HD, H.264 HD and AVCHD
    * 96 KHz/24-bit audio decoding
    * Intel? Clear Video(tm) and NVIDIA PureVideo? graphics processing
    * Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD support

    That is just an overview of what Corel boasts for this product. It can also play back movies directly from your AVCHD(tm) camcorder, has HDTV support, streams SD and HD video from any UPnP device on your home network, and much more. It really seems like the answer to all of your video watching needs. So how well does it work? Well I decided to take Corel's WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray) for a test drive and see for myself how well this product lived up to its promises. I tested this product on a high-end desktop (tower) PC and a fairly powerful notebook computer as well; both running Windows XP (sp3).


    The process is pretty straightforward, providing adequate on-screen instructions that are typical with most computer software. The installer should automatically start when the CD is inserted. If not then you will need to run the setup.exe file from the CD manually. The installation interface is very simple and easy to understand. The only input required is the serial key, which can be found on a sticker, located on the back of the CD sleeve. Of course you will also need to enter your name and e-mail address for product registration. The installer will also ask if you wish to install Apple QuickTime and RealPlayer, which are included on the WinDVD 9 Plus CD. The rest of the installation is automatic, and while fairly painless it does take several minutes to complete. There is a card, which comes in the product box, which will inform you of some potential error messages you could experience during the installation. It explains what to do if you encounter these errors, but I never received any errors during my installations.

    First Impressions

    Upon running WinDVD 9 Plus for the first time, I was impressed by the slick user interface and simple controls. I opened each of the settings control panels and found a plethora of choices for tweaking audio and video settings. If you are not tech savvy, some of the settings may seem confusing. WinDVD 9 Plus allows multiple video enhancements, including Color (brightness, contrast, hue, color and GAMMA) adjustments, Deinterlace, SmartStretch, De-snow, Up-sampling, De-block, Refine, Cinema Enhancement, Sharpness, and several other choices. You can also enable the All2HD feature (although your hardware video acceleration much be disabled for this feature to work), which will allow you to enhance your standard DVD content to look more like HD content. Well, that is what Corel claims anyway. I found the All2HD feature offered very little true enhancement of the picture. It does improve sharpness, which can look overdone at times, but very little else is improved about the picture. Some have really raved about this feature so I guess it is best judged by the eye of the beholder. I personally find it to be a bit of a gimmick. The video control interface also allows you to set the TimeStretch feature, which provides the ability to speed up or slow down your movie playback. I can see where laptop users may utilize this feature, to playback movies at a faster speed, thus saving some battery power. Again I just don't have a use for this feature. The Audio tab offers a couple of environmental enhancements ("Theater" and "Late Night"), which are customizable, as well as a 10-band graphic equalizer for adjusting the tonal quality of the audio to your preference.


    The first time I tried to play a standard DVD, the WinDVD application locked up. I couldn't get it to respond at all. After killing the application from the task manager I launched it again. This time everything ran just fine and I watched at least 20 minutes of the movie, skipping chapters, trying the different TimeStretch playback speeds, and testing out a few other settings within the WinDVD 9 Plus software. All was working just fine until I put in another DVD. The disc was doing just fine until it got to the main (root) menu. From there I selected "Play Movie" and WinDVD immediately locked up at that point. I had to kill the application again and restart it. The DVD played without a problem again; that is until I again changed DVDs. The same thing happened, with the WinDVD application completely locking up after making a selection in the main DVD menu. I decided to reboot my computer and try a Blu-ray movie. After inserting the Blu-ray disc and waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the movie finally started to play. The picture and audio quality were excellent! Everything worked well for about 3 minutes and all of a sudden the application locked up. I killed and restarted WinDVD and started the movie again. This time it played for about 10 minutes before locking up. After messing around with WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray), for another hour or better (including a complete uninstall and reinstall of the application), I finally came to the conclusion that it just wasn't going to be stable on that machine. I decided to uninstall it and try using it with my laptop.

    The installation was just as painless with the laptop. I don't have a Blu-ray optical drive in my laptop so I was only able to test standard DVDs. After inserting a DVD, WinDVD 9 Plus automatically launched and started playing the movie. I ended up watching the entire disc without any problems. I was just about to shut down the laptop when I decided to try another DVD, just to see if I had any problems like I did with my desktop PC. The next DVD spun up but WinDVD would not play it. I put in a different DVD and the same thing happened. I restarted WinDVD and then it would play the DVD just fine. I swapped disks again and the same thing happened. I rebooted the laptop and again played part of one DVD and swapped it for another. This time I was able to get the second DVD to play but only the previews. Just like what happened with my desktop computer, as soon as I made a selection from the main menu the program would lock up. I killed and started the program several times, with the same result every time. During one test the WinDVD application simply closed all on its own. After wasting almost two hours trying to get WinDVD 9 Plus (Blu-ray) to work on my laptop, I finally uninstalled it once and for all.

    I later installed it on my desktop PC again but still could not get it to play an entire Blu-ray movie reliably. I can play entire DVD movies, but many times the program locks up for no reason, or will lock up as soon as I change DVD discs. I just cannot understand what is causing these problems, and I find it extremely discouraging that such an expensive piece of software would behave this poorly. I have since reinstalled my PowerDVD 8 Ultra software, which plays DVDs and Blu-ray discs perfectly every time.

    According to the Corel WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray product website, these are the system requirements needed to use this software:

    * Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
    * Intel Pentium III - 800 MHz or equivalent AMD processor (for DVD in Windows
    Intel Pentium 4 - 1.0 GHz or equivalent AMD processor (for DVD in Windows Vista)
    * Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.0 GHz (for Blu-ray/HD in Windows XP or Vista)
    * 256 MB system memory for DVD or 512 MB system memory for Blu-ray
    * 200 MB or hard-disk space
    * AGP or PCI-Express graphics card with DirectDraw overlay support for DVD
    * NVidia GeForce 7600 (or higher) or ATI Radeon X1600 (or higher) for Blu-ray
    * 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher needed for Blu-ray playback
    * Latest driver versions from NVidia or ATI
    * DVD and/or Blu-ray optical drive
    * Analog, DVI, or HDMI video display (DVI and HDMI displays must be HDCP compatible)
    * Windows compatible sound card and speakers

    As I have worked in the Information Technology field for over 20 years, I can assure you that my computer exceeds these specifications by far, and that I am running the latest versions of video, audio, and chipset drivers, as well as the latest firmware for my optical drives. Therefore I am fairly sure that the problems I am having are not hardware related. I do understand that it could be some sort of software conflict but I cannot seem to put my finger on it. Due to the many other complaints about stability issues with this software, I can't help but feel concerned that Corel may have released this product without enough quality testing. The fact that I can run the Blu-ray capable PowerDVD 8 Ultra, without any problems whatsoever, makes me feel that the difficulties I had with WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray are the fault of Corel's application itself. I will continue to watch the WinDVD product website for future updates to this software and will update my review if I am able to get the application working better in the next few weeks or months. However, at this time I cannot recommend WinDVD9 Plus Blu-ray without a strong warning that you may encounter serious issues when trying to use this software. The product has great potential and a beautiful interface, but the stability and overall reliability are extremely unpredictable....more info
  • WinDVD9 is a definite Plus
    This is an excellent software for PC playback of DVD's, HD DVD's and Blu-ray discs. It automatically detects the disc type and plays back flawlessly.It even works well on an iMac computer running Windows XP. The only drawback is that it does not play individual files as it should be able to do when the file or folder playback is selected as the source in the pop-up menu.I think it is an improvement over the previous version of WinDVD8 Platinum which could play back either HD DVD's or Blu-ray, but not both since one had to select which type of HD disc during installation. The new version also installs quicker and is ready to run almost instantly after installation. ...more info
  • WinDVD 9 is a Winner
    I have to admit, I was not expecting much out of this. I feared the worse, such as error messages and my system freezing, etc... yes, I am a pessimist. But, I am quite surprised and pleased.

    First of all, it plays anything. I was thinking this was disc only, but will support most every file format and can possibly replace any other media player you have enough to remove it... giving you more space.

    Obviously the appeal to this version is the ability to play "Blu-Ray". But, I have to say, normal DVDs look a heck of a lot better and clearer. Everything looks better. You have better control of contrast, color etc. It really turns your computer into a great media-center.

    I decided to dig up discs that just would not play on my laptop, and whatever this software did, I have no idea, but I can now run anything. So this actually resolves issues, and did not create them... that's a first!

    There is no learning curve here, and you can buy without having to worry about anything technical. Just install it, and when you play your media, you will have full control of what you are doing or watching.

    I am thinking the list price is a bit much. I would say about half the LIST price would be a good deal. So it's about 4.5 stars. But based on my personal result, it's worth 5. If it's at least 25% off list, I would say it's a good buy....more info
  • Hardware dependent
    For those of us who have a laptop that's a year old, we're screwed. That's the short version of the review for this not yet ready for primetime software package.

    Oh yeahm, there isn't an upgrade to a Blu-Ray or HD DVD for my laptop, so I either have to buy a new laptop or use an external drive, which aren't available, so that means buying an internal, and popping it into an external case... ok I'm a high tech priestess so that isn't hard but why would I want to?

    So, I have a choice, I can watch my blu ray discs on my PS3 on the monster flat panel in the livingroom, or I can buy an internal blu ray PLAYER (they don't burn yet) and watch a movie (after I upgrade my graphics card) on a 24" computer monitor on my desktop machine...

    Bottom line is that the software I think has come out too soon, before there is ample hardware to support it, and you can't write blu ray yet, so we're just talking about playing them...

    Better to spend the money on PS3, hook up the ethernet cable and watch over your network if you just have to watch it on your computer (I'm still asking myself WHY?)....more info