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Burn Notice - Season One
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Michael Westen is a trained spy who receives a "burn notice" for an unstated reason & effectively is fired. Penniless he returns to his hometown in Miami and freelances while trying to find who burned him.System Requirements:Running Time: 530 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 024543519317 Manufacturer No: 2251931

Burn Notice is a canny, clever comedy-thriller show about a covert operative with a heart of gold. Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) is in the middle of a top-secret mission when he discovers he's been "burned"--basically, fired without warning. After barely extricating himself from danger, he wakes up in Miami, where the government has abandoned him and locked him out of his own bank account. To make ends meet, he takes on private detective jobs (helping an old lady who's fallen victim to a con artist; rescuing a young girl who's being tricked into white slavery; helping a mother whose son has been kidnapped by the boy's father... only it turns out the father is the rightful parent and the "mom" is an assassin sent to kill him--a nice guest star appearance by Lucy Lawless, Xena: Warrior Princess), while trying to figure out who burned him and why. Westen tries to remain clinical in his approach to these problems, but he always ends up protecting the helpless with his sophisticated spy skills. Over the course of the first season, he gradually uncovers a mysterious conspiracy that plans to use his talents for their own nefarious ends. Burn Notice deftly mixes the old and the new. The old: Our hero has a hot ex-girlfriend (Gabrielle Anwar, Scent of a Woman), a goofy sidekick (cult hero Bruce Campbell of the Evil Dead movies), and a meddling mom (Sharon Gless, Cagney & Lacey) who help and hinder him in his investigations, as well as a MacGyver-esque skill for making deadly devices out of common household products. The new: A media-savvy way of deconstructing the tricks and techniques of spies and government agencies, often resulting in smart and highly entertaining plot twists. Donovan, handsome but cheeky, combines a light comic touch with a convincing secret agent cool, and the supporting cast fill their niches with aplomb. Their escapades are pretty breezy and occasionally skirt being glib, but most of the time the show finds an extremely entertaining balance between action, romance, and humor. The extras are few (some montages of characteristic moments from the series, including one of the many bikini-clad girls the Miami locale provides) and the commentaries, rather than covering entire episodes, just discuss a few select scenes from each show. Fortunately, the series itself holds up; imagine a cross between Magnum, P.I. and The Wild Wild West (the classic series, not the insulting Will Smith movie) and you're on the right track. --Bret Fetzer

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Customer Reviews:

  • Burn notice season 1
    Burn Notice season 1 on DVD is awesome. I did not get to see the entire season 1 on TV so I knew that I had to have the DVD's. I got them at a great price from Amazon. They arrived Quickly and in perfect condition. ...more info
  • Fast and Exciting
    What a great series, I hadn't heard of it before since I don't have cable but my wife and I watched the entire series in just a couple of days, We couldn't quit it was so exciting, I can't wait for season two to be offered...more info
  • tv i pay attention to
    donovan could wear an aqua- and- white gingham tablecloth shirt, two weeks of facial hair growth with fried egg stuck in it, and id still be fond of him. and anwar is something.
    the suits, the location, the pretention, the schemes, the home-made artillery, the booby traps, the shotguns, the chop shops, the chemistry it....more info
  • Clever and well written
    The chemistry of the main characters is excellent, the dialog is snappy, and the plots are juicy. Can't wait until the following seasons come out on DVD.

    If you haven't seen the show, it's worth taking a flyer on....more info
  • Burn Notice++++
    I love to watch Burn Notice. It is almost as good as James Bond 007....more info
  • Burn Notice
    Burn Notice, is one of the most exciting and fun series I've seen in a very long time.

    Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless steal every scene they are in.

    Watch the the first episode and you too will be hooked...more info
  • Great hidden gem of a show.
    I took a flyer on this show as I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell and Entertainment Weekly mentions it now and again. The show is definitely a hidden gem. All the characters are likable and the writing is quite good. Pick it up and be entertained. Oh and Gabriel Anwar is too damned sexy. Ay yi yi....more info
  • I never thought I would...
    I've always seen the commercials for this show on USA during another great show Psych. Every-time I saw the commercial I thought, that just doesn't look good how do enough people watch it to make another season. Well one day I was flipping through the channels and there was a marathon on. Nothing good ever comes from an 8 hour marathon because not only did I get hooked, I almost broke my TV wanting to watch more. The show is about a spy who is burned which means he is stuck in Miami doing work to help people out while he figures out who burned him. Each show is funny and contains a lot of information that although might never be used, if you end up in a situation that he is in you'll know exactly what to do. Sexy, Funny, and Entertaining are three words that come to mind when I think of Burn Notice. Watch one episdoe and you'll understand why....more info
  • Burn Notice Season 1
    My Girl and I watched the whole season and we both enjoyed it very much....more info
  • Burn Notice
    This show is the greatest. I saw the second season on cable and purchased the first season on DVD. I will be watching the DVD over and over until the second season comes out. I love the characters and am very invested in them. The show is a quality production - great writing, beautiful camera work, fantastic acting by all involved, and the best plots. I highly recommend it. A MUST SEE! ...more info
  • burn notice season 1
    I loved this set. I have been watching this show since day 1 and it is a great show. I intend on getting the next 2 as soon as possible. I love the play button. You turn it on and watch the whole thing. ...more info
    "Burn Notice" should be in the top 10 of TV shows! "... let me tell you a story" is a quote from one of the promos on the USA network. We watch it every Thursday nite and the season one dvd set is great!!! Lot's of extras but mainly just excellent shows. Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) is to America what James Bond is to England. For hours and hours of action, humor and great stories, I highly recommend this show to anybody who wants to be thoroughly entertained!!!...more info
  • Great Series!
    My 13-year-old grandson fell in love with this series and we bought him the Season 1 videos for a Christmas gift. He loves it! It's good to go back and see the start of the series again. ...more info
  • Burn Notice season one Dvd
    I ordered Burn Notice for my mom as a Mother's day gift, it came on time and was in execellent condition....more info
  • Great, original show from USA
    This is a great show with a great cast, and it immediately can count itself amongst USA network classics like Monk and MacGyver. A funny, down to earth intelligence officer/agent has been "burned" by his handlers (declared unreliable) and is confined to Miami where he must work under the table as an "investigator" while he figures out his situation. Its not really that deep or ground breaking, but it works as an original series.

    Caveat, I saw this at the store for 39.99, regular price. That is too high, don't pay more than what is advertised here. Show is great, but you only get 11 42 minute episodes and the video quality is mediocre at best. 25.99 is a fair price. ...more info
  • Sometimes the truth hurts. In these situations, I recommend lying.
    There are some very nice features in the Burn Notice set, including the original audition footage done by Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar. I'm thinking that Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless didn't have to audition -- I mean, really, they're so accomplished, would you ask them to do a reading? Too bad, because you just know that a Bruce Campbell audition would be riotous. And, for Sharon, she was fooling around with a funky wig for Madaline. The wig, in fact, is on her head in the pilot -- then gone forever! Matt Nix, creator of Burn Notice, nixed it.

    The extras include some very casual -- but enjoyable -- episode commentaries that include all the principals, i.e. Nix, Donovan, Anwar, Campbell and Gless. There's a gag reel, a character montage, and a Girls Gone Burn Notice feature. The latter is clearly there to pump up the Miami/skin factor.

    The real joy of the DVD set is actually all 11 episodes, starting with one of the best pilots I've seen in a long time. What made it so good is that all the elements of the show were laid out, starting with how Michael got burned and left in Miami, how Fi and Sam figure into his life, why he's stuck in South Florida, the complication with his loving, but annoying mother, and how Michael is going to survive. By the end of the pilot, in a very concise and unforced way, Matt Nix has set it all up perfectly, right down to the yogurt in Michael's industrial loft over a nightclub.

    Every episode includes formula elements -- which I think is a good thing in this genre -- like Michael's voiceover information, the tongue-in-cheek titles ("Barry - Money Launderer"), and the transition images that include attractive use of the Florida locale, like those girls in the bikinis (which do nothing for me, but I'm sure are eye-candy to the guys).
    ...more info
  • I love this show!
    The Burn Notice is awesome! When it first came on I thought it was stupid and the character, Michael Weston, was too arrogant. But then USA had a Burn Notice marathon and I was hooked! The first season is a bit edgier, but it's all good!...more info
  • One of the best and brightest.......
    With the recent endings of some of the most highly acclaimed shows in television history (The Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield) it might be hard to jump right into something new but take my advice and give this show shot. No weak spots to be found here - everything is pretty much spot on - and be warned you might not be able to turn it off once you watch one episode - its one of those shows that will have you hooked. It may not be on that high level that we've all been spoiled with the last several years but it is definitely the best of whats left....more info
  • Burn Notice --- Entertaining Funny Different
    Sick of Blood and Cutting up of bodies? You don't get this on Burn Notice. Good character development and interesting plots. It is a must see....more info
  • HO HUM
    I don't get the 5 star reviews. There is nothing original about this show. This guy isn't a convincing character either. He's just a little too cool for school if u catch my drift. I have only seen 2 episodes, so it's possible I missed the good ones. But I doubt it varies much....more info
  • Came in great condition, awesome show
    The package was not tampered with and the show itself was amazing an awesome. It has a little romance, action, humor and intensity that I just can't wait to get the second season....more info
  • Funny and Suspensful
    I love this television series. It has a great mix of CIA/Black Ops and comedy....more info
  • View Only with a Refrigerator Stocked with Yogurt
    One of the best shows on American TV in the last 5 years, Burn Notice is worth buying on DVD. While most DVD commentary is dull, meaningless and redundant, these commentaries are playful quips exchanged with all the major stars of the show, and they are only provided for a handful of scenes which means at no point are the stars stretching for something interesting to say. But don't forget to make a trip to the store for some yogurt before you pop one of these discs into your player. It's downright evil, the way they make you crave the stuff.......more info
  • Great Gift
    After watching a couple of reruns and seeing how much my friend Vickie enjoyed the show, I bought her the complete 2007 season. She is estatic. A great way to watch without any interruptions. If its your type of humor, you can't miss with this show....more info
  • Burn Notice is HOT!
    Far too often I get invested in a new TV series only to have it go off the air in less than the span of a season. It's nice to finally see a TV show that won rave reviews from critics and has proven that it has staying power. The MacGyver-meets-Miami Vice vibe and the amazing chemistry of the cast make this series a sure bet (not to mention Bruce Campbell is superbly cast as smart-mouth Sam Axe). Part spy-drama, part romance, part comedy, part action-thriller... Burn Notice is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats anticipating future seasons!...more info
  • A great show on many levels
    This show is great on many levels. The characters are interesting and engaging and their interaction is entertaining without getting too cutesy. Bruce Campbell and Sharon Gless deserve best supporting actor awards. The overall story arc is intriguing and the week by-week-plots are very entertaining. A lot of smart humor also adds to the mix. I really enjoy Michael's voiceovers explaining the tradecraft and devices he is constructing and using. This show is definitely a winner. ...more info
  • awesome tv series!
    this is one of the best tv series around!!....the characters are fun to watch with their personality quirks and the stories/plots keep you interested....michael, the main character, is like a HOT macgyver with a great sense of humor with 2 quirky sidekicks!!....i absolutely love this show and i hope they stay on the air for a long time!...more info