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Wii Fit Balance Board Pink Silicone Sleeve
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $4.85

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Product Description

With this stylish silicone sleeve, you can protect your Wii Balance Board from the wear and tear of every day use. The soft silicone material acts as an absorbent to lessen the impact of steps taken on the Balance Board, which is sure to happen with active game playing. This sleeve has cut-out openings in areas that correspond with the bottom of the Balance Board and front switch/ LED indicator, allowing easy accessibility. Perfect for preserving your Wii Balance Board in mint condition, this silicone sleeve is a must have for every Wii Balance Board owner.

  • Pink Silicone Sleeve for Wii Balance Board
  • Elastic Mold for Perfect Fit
  • Cutouts for Easy Access to Switch/LED Indicator
  • Soft Silicone Material Acts as an Absorbent to Lessen the Impact of Steps Taken
  • Protects the Wii Balance Board From Wear and Tear of Every Day Use

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice product, if used carefully!
    With all of the use that my Wii Balance Board gets, my family thought we'd invest in a protective silicone sleeve, to avoid our board becoming dirty, scarred, or damaged in general. We priced around, read some reviews, and tried to pick a brand with a decent reputation for quality sleeves.

    My only concern with this sleeve, is how thin it felt, when trying to wrap it around the balance board. I'd read other customer reviews about their sleeves ripping when placed on the board, so I was extra careful about pulling or stretching too hard, when attempting to make it fit.

    Slide the cover on very carefully, and watch the seams and edges when placing it on your balance board. Taking a few extra seconds to make sure you're not putting too much stress on the silicone sleeve, is going to be a lot easier than having to return a ripped product.

    When placed properly on the board, it protects your Wii Fit investment, and provides a workout experience that lets you better balance and pose during your program exercises. I also recommend picking up a pair of Yoga toe socks to wear while on the board, for added comfort, support, and stability.

    In short, be careful when installing the sleeve. You'll regret it, if you don't!...more info
  • Great
    I bought this because our FIT board kept getting dirty. Once recieved, it worked great! It was thicker material that never seemed like it was going to rip... contrary to what other people have reviewed, so I seem to think that the thinness was possibly a certain batch or these people did not know what they were doing.

    Moving on, I have no qualms with this cover. It even has "screw hole plugs" that go inside the bottom of your bords holes so that the cover stays into place.

    One of the best uses of $3 I have ever spent. Great product, highly reccommend....more info
  • Reviewing the cover, not the game...decieiving question above.
    This review is for the cover that I bought.....the game is questioned above...but my son bought it quite some times I can't answer questions about the game actually. BUT the cover is softa nd durable and feels YUMMY on your footsies!...more info
  • A must have....though I recommend a different color
    If you have a balance board and don't want to risk slipping, this is a must have (I don't even have to take off my socks with this). It helps prevent the board from getting dirty as well as prevents slipping (falling during rhythm step is your own fault). The cover is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth, though I recommend getting a different color (like black) if you have pets or girls with long hair because the hair will stick to the silicone and looks, well, ugly... Check for sales of silicone sleeves, you can get them as low as four bucks so if you want to just toss them out when they get too dirty, it's not a big deal. Overall, I highly recommend getting a sleeve to protect your balance board investment and prevent slipping....more info
  • Cool product!
    The product is great, and it didn't give me any of the trouble that some other users found.

    It gives good protection to the Balance Board, and doesn't get in the way when using the Board....more info
  • wii fit balance board
    Not only am I having fun with the wii balance board but I am losing weight as well. I love the 2 combination (fun and weight lose)....more info
  • Not much to it.
    It came very fast. It helps to keep from siding on the board and I'm glad I decided to finally get it. The only problem I have with it is how it attaches to the board underneath. It has little pieces sticking out to go in the holes underneath to hold the edges on. It works fine until you slide the board on carpet and the edges come out. Not a big deal and it would not stop me from buying it again or one for someone else....more info
  • great cover
    I love this silicone cover. It went on really easy, and it really does glow in the dark. It's been great to keep our fit board clean. It's easy to wipe off. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has the wii fit. ...more info
  • Ripped While Putting On The Sleeve
    The sleeve ripped while putting it on the balance board. The rip occurred near the opening for one of the balance board legs. I was careful putting the sleeve on the balance board after reading the reviews. Unfortunately the quality of the sleeve got the best of me....more info
  • good product
    After reading some of the reviews, I thought I was getting a piece of Saran Wrap or something similar :) But instead the product is durable and fit perfectly....more info
  • Wii fit balance board cover
    I love it! Alot softer on the feet and just makes it look better! Plus mine glows in the dark, so we like to use it with the lights off!!...more info
  • Not a perfect cover
    This sleeve is a great way to protect the Wii Fit board, but it does not fit snugly. It is a loose fit, and in some exercises folds up under the feet.
    My wife and I also noticed that the weight it shows is less than the weight shown on our weighing scale. I had read in another review that this happened to some one else as well, not sure if it was this sleeve or the other one sold by
    But since Wii fit is not a weighing scale, but more of a tool to track progress on weight - we did not mind that much....more info
  • worth the money
    My whole family (ages 8-45) have enjoyed this product immensely for 2 months now. We each have our favorite uses, but have all had fun competing against one another for 1st place in each WII Fit Sport category and have been able to get a moderately aerobic workout when desired. Especially good with We Ski by Namco....more info
  • So What's the Verdict - good or bad/
    i just bought a Fit, and am not too keen about putting our bacteria-laden feet on the board. Do any of those Wii Fit skins work?

    Thanks, Ron...more info
  • Gets the job done but does not hold its place well
    This sleeve does a good job of protecting the balance board and creating a non stick surface. It wraps around the corners, not the entire board. I wish it would have wrapped fully around the center of board. The problem I have is that with some Wii Fit exercises the sleeve can stretch and bunch under your foot. Usually the two snaps on the back by the power button come out of place making the sleeve some what loose....more info
  • Be Careful
    Shortly after getting the sleeve and installing it on my balance board, I began to get an error message (please step off the board) when I was not on the board. Wii tech support suggested I re-initialize my balance board without the sleeve and try it without the sleeve. It has worked fine since I've gone "sleeveless."

    Your mileage may vary.......more info
  • Fragile
    The sleeve is nice looking and comfortable, but it tore as I secured it over the corner. No tugging, or catching on anything, it just tore....more info
  • Wii Fit Balance Board Sleeve
    Have had it about 4 weeks now. Works great. Has all the right holes for everything that sticks out like the feet and the activation button. Little nubs on the sleeve fit tightly into screw holes on the back of the board keeping the sleeve in place and worry free.

    Heard about problems with the sleeve tearing during installation so I took my time and didn't just stretch the sleeve indiscriminately. In this way, I encountered no installation problems.

    Picked 'green' because it glows in the other color concerns....more info
  • save your board
    a cute cover for your WII board. it does not slip however does stretch if pulled from behind - pink is a great color to introduce the concept of WII to younger girls - mine (ages 2 and 4) now love it...more info
  • Highly recommend this sleeve!!
    Great addition to a great and fun fun product. The sleeve adds security to your footing as you go through you routines. The kids (they are a little more active) are able to do everything needed on the Fit Board without slipping off and injuring themselves. It's a great item for the money. The installation is easy and very secure....more info
  • Great for keeping your fit clean!
    This item is a good product. It was easy to put on the fit and it did not break for me like other customers. I don't think it is worth a lot, but if you can find it for cheap, I would recommend this product....more info
  • Does what it's suppose to do
    I got this cover to protect the surface of the balance board and it does just that. We have had no problems with it slipping and, in fact, you wouldn't even know it was there - what more can you want?...more info