American Red Cross FR150 Microlink Solar-Powered, Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger
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Product Description

The Eton American Red Cross FR150 Microlink AM/FM/NOAA weather radio is an ultra-portable device that's ideal to have on hand when you're roughing it. There are no plugs or wires required. Instead, turn the hand crank to power the built-in rechargeable batteries, or capture the sun's energy and run it on solar power. You'll always know what's going on, thanks to the AM, FM, and weather bands.

  • NOAA weather with all 7 channels plus "Alert"
  • Built-in hand crank power generator recharges the internal rechargeable Ni-MH battery and cell phone batteries
  • Built-in 3 LED light source
  • Can be powered from 3 different sources
  • Solar power

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful, but doesn't hold a charge very well.
    I left it in the sun for 7 hours and turned it on but it only played for 20 minutes, I thought it'd have at least 2 hours of play time on it. I had to crank it for 2 minutes then I got about the same amount of playback in comparison to the direct sunlight, so its great if you're listening to it out in the sun cause it pulls power well. However the crank is the invaluable part to it, if it was solar powered only it wouldn't be worth 30 cents. Plus the flashlight is great, its bright even in daylight so if you're looking for a radio/flashlight and dont wanna spend your monies on batteries then get this thing.

    It even gets the weather channels that most car radios can't pick up! Listen to a 3 day forecast or await instructions on how to kill the undead during the apocalypse. I'll have this thing with me up in the mountains during 2012, so yay judgement day!...more info
  • Good Survival Radio
    This a great radio for those looking for a survival type product. It gets good reception on the radio, can charge phones, and has the flashflight -- can't go wrong with this product. ...more info
  • emergency radio
    Although it is much smaller than it looks, it seems satisfactory. I gave it as a Christmas gift. I may order another one for myself....more info
  • No cell charger
    Great little device! Smaller than expected. Sturdy, with good AM reception and loud volume. Light and solar panel appear to work as well.

    One problem - you need an adapter to charge your cell phone, but I can't find the adapter anywhere (amazon, ebay, etc). So, the cell charging functionality is null. If you find it please let me know and post it here!...more info
  • Red Cross Light Weight Well Equipped Emegency Radio a "Must Carry!" It can save lives & despair.
    After nearly forty-five years in security & emergency services as both vocation & avocation & having lived in the Midwest ("Tornado Ally") for seven years & listening to NOAA Weather Radio Alerts on less than perfect portable radios---I purchased two [American Red Cross FR 150 Emergency Radios] from Amazon, sight unseen. Amazingly they work REALLY well! One was a present to my grandson who has traveled all over the country (soon around the world) into some very rough & tricky weather conditions, including tornadoes, hurricane-force winds & rain, floods, earthquakes & other natural disasters as a professional Supercross Motorcycle Team Mechanic. It seems to be the ideal gift to save him from some dangerous situations & give him a heads-up to steer his team mates around the danger zones, on very short notice! So far, so good.
    This is the first time I have seen ANY combination of all the ingredients / elements necessary to handle a disaster in one tiny, weatherproof, lightweight unit such as the FR 150; along with AM & FM Broadcast Band, solar & wind-up power generating capabilities & a powerful flashlight, with an easy rubberized grip! Very impressive & surprisingly inexpensive! I carry mine on every trip & keep it handy by the bed at night. Thanks Amazon. Curtis Patrick, Henderson, NV 89052
    ...more info
  • Red Cross Solar Flashlight/Radio
    Ever go to grab a flashlight only to find the battery is dead? They all are in my house, except for this little unit that's kept on the window sill to keep it charged. Handy and always ready to go....more info
  • Eton FR150 Emergency Radio
    Good product with great features. Seems to be well-constructed. Small size is easy to store in an emergency kit. Built-in LED flashlight is good for emergencies but not as bright as a 2 D-cell regular flashlight. Hand-crank recharging feature works well but cable to charge cell phone is not included. Owner must send in coupon with model number of cell phone-good luck finding the model number of your two-year-old cell phone. Reception of weather band broadcasts is not as clear as reception of AM/FM, and is not equal to other weather radios I have owned, otherwise I would rate it as 5 stars....more info
  • The best $30.00 NOAA radio out there!
    This is a fabulous radio for only $30.00! I live 12 miles from a NOAA transmitter in a house with 9 inch thick stone walls and this little set pulls in a strong, clear signal at all times! I previously owned a Midland WR10 which under exactly the same conditions could barely recieve with two antennas sometimes. I threw it away the minute I turned on the Red Cross(Eton) radio. ...more info
  • Ohpattigee
    I have bought a lot of sub-standard kinetic emergency radios and flashlights under 70 dollars, but mostly 20-50 dollar range. I think everyone should reduce their battery buying, buy energy saving products that are safe and excelant for emergencies.
    It's very hard to find these kind of products that delivery all that for a reasonable price.
    I bought this American Red Cross FR150 Microlink and it is MUCH BETTER than all the others in its price range of 30 dollars, from Amazon. Today I am leaving it in my sunny Ohioan window to listen to the radio. I just realized it played all day long on solar power! I tried the flashlight and though it isn't super bright LED bulb, it is not real weak either. I can go down my dark basement and read the water meter.

    Like my other emergency radios I take them out and crank'em to see if they are working well.
    I have wrecked a couple of Dynamos by not turning off the radio/flashlight...
    The crank action seems to be real solid on it, not wimpy like the others I have come across.American Red Cross FR150 Microlink Solar-Powered, Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger (White)
    Unless you have experience tuning into the weather band, a novice might give up trying to tune in on this item or one like it. I used to give up but now I realize it takes practice and patience to find the weather band forecast.
    That is about it. If you are looking for something for emergency purposes or an entry level solar product for a small moderate price, I would recommend this FR150...more info
  • Always has power
    No batteries, so you never turn it on in an emergency only to find out the batteries are dead. ...more info
  • Self Powered Radio
    Have only briefly tested it, but it had good reception and everything appears to work well...more info
  • Cheap product with little use
    This radio is so basic! you can use it while camping or other outdoor activities, however if you need a radio to be used in an emergency, buy a better one....more info
  • Just as described
    Haven't tried the cell phone charger yet, but everything else works just as promised. Radio reception isn't the best, but for the price? Great gadget - my 10-year-old son loved it as a birthday present and has been using it daily since then. We'll be taking it camping soon. ...more info
  • American Red Cross FR150 Self-Powered Radio/Flashlight/cell charger
    Good things come in small packages! Small, but does everything well. The cell phone charger is a great added plus. The light is surprisingly brilliant for its size. A perfect item to have around for emergencies. ...more info
  • just another chinese made plastic radio
    i ordered this after seeing an advertisement for it. i am a big am/fm radio fan and my frustrations are that that the dying medium has been reduced to cheap plastic poorly made devices. i had hoped the eton radio would be different. it is cool, does seem to work as described and the crank functions well.

    the box says canada then in small print it says designed in california assembled in china... translation MADE IN CHINA just like every other crappy plastic piece of electronics you'd find at a dollar store. it feels like a chinese made device. lacks the rigidity and quality of something made in north america. nothing special about it's construction at all.

    for 10 bucks i wouldn't mind but for $40 and the glossy advertisements that wreak of integrity i had hoped for a quality american made product not just another chinese made piece of soon-to-be-broken plastic....more info
  • Radio, Flashlight, Phone charger
    Great little radio. And I do mean little. I've put off buying a self-powered radio for my emergency kit because so many were larger than I wanted. With several ways to obtain power, a built-in flashlight, and the ability to charge my cell phone [I requested the proper tip for my phone from the manufacturer online and quickly received it for no extra charge] this device is an esxcellent addition to my kit. And I like the red color....more info
  • Seems fine for intended use
    Although it is smaller than I expected, this radio/light/charger seems like the perfect Christmas gift for my nephew, who likes to camp....more info
  • Outdated cell phone connector
    Would have been nice if the cell phone charger fit more recent cell phone models. The cell phone charger slot doesn't fit Blackberry models or Motorola models....more info