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Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School
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Product Description

This kid-safe, kinder-friendly laptop builds confidence in young ones by teaching important school skills. It plugs into your computer via an easy-to-use keyboard (QWERTY) to provide learning fun throughout five learning centers and one field trip activity. The centers are: Reading, Writing, Math, Art, Music and Science. Activities in each center can be accessed by the simple push of a button. Children can also print out reward certificates and supplemental worksheet-type activities for further encouragement. Plus, parental controls keep kids away from Mom and Dad's desktop, prohibit internet access, and limit the number of prints your child can create. Expandable system includes keyboard, writing tablet with stylus and CD Rom software. Measures 20.25" x 4.25" x 11".

Computer Cool School is sure to get your young ones excited about learning. Whether they are in school already or haven't started yet, this easy-to-use educational toy will get kids ages 3 and above writing, reading, counting, painting, and more!

Children will learning using a real full QWERTY keyboard. View larger.

Kids can write and draw using the tablet and stylus. View larger.
What We Think

Fun Factor:


(what this means)

The Good: Easy navigation and crisp, clear graphics that are fun and colorful without being cloying.

The Bad: Can't adjust the volume while playing the game.

In a Nutshell: Kids will enjoy the wide variety of activities and will associate learning with fun!
At a Glance

Ages: 3 and up
Requires: PC with minimum of:
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP
Processor: 1.2 GHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 MB available
Video Resolution: 800x600 32-bit color DirectX9.Oc compatible
CD or DVD drive
USB port
Recommended: Printer, Internet Connection (for software updates)
Fast and Easy Set-Up
With bright, animated graphics and big controls that are easy for young hands to use, Computer Cool School hooks up to your computer via a USB cable. Once you've completed the quick software installation, kids are ready to start learning and playing. They'll love Leo the friendly leopard who leads them through the game, and all the other colorful creatures they meeting along the way.

Computer Cool School requires that you connect the Computer Cool School keyboard to your computer with a USB cable and install the game's software on your computer via a CD-ROM. The installation is fast and easy; the software's set-up wizard walks you through the process. Before letting your child play, you can use the parental controls to set things like volume and number of copies that can be printed. Parents can also create a password that protects their hard drive and prevents their child from going on the Internet. These parental controls are easy to find and set. The helpful instructions thoroughly describe the setup process and all the different options for play.

Kids play using the sturdy plastic Computer Cool School keyboard. It has big, colorful buttons that your child will learn to use quickly, along with a drawing "tablet" and attached stylus they can draw with. The layout of the QWERTY keyboard is clever yet simple, with buttons along the top and side that let your young ones navigate to different parts of the game. They'll not only have fun, but they'll also feel "adult" because the keyboard looks so much like yours!

Learning Equals Fun!
Each time your child starts to play Computer Cool School, they go to the home classroom where Leo the leopard greets them. From there they can visit one of the four learning "centers," including reading/writing, math, science, music, and art. There is also a "field trip" they can go on, which takes them on a fun-filled visit to a farm.

Each of these centers is unique and filled with great information and stimulating activities. Kids can choose to click on different things and learn about them or participate in a more interactive way, with quizzes, games, or writing and art projects. In the art center, for example, they can create original drawings with a range of tools and colors, and then print or save them. In the science center, they learn about different kinds of environments and the plants and animals that live in them. But they can also choose to play games that test their knowledge and help them learn more.

The graphics in Computer Cool School are crisp, clear, and fun to watch. The colorful creatures, buildings, objects, and environments are beautifully rendered and the animation moves at a good pace -- fast enough to keep your child's interest and let them participate, but not so fast as to be dizzying. The audio is equally clear, and in fact can be very loud -- so be sure to set the volume low to start with. Though kids will be learning constantly throughout the game, they'll also be having fun, which is how learning should be!

Your Child Will Feel Like a Star
We really liked how the software uses your child's sign-in name in the classroom in various ways. For example, there's a sign in the classroom that says "Star of the Day" and your child's name is on it. We also especially liked the art and music centers, which will inspire your children to creative heights. In the art center, you have a huge variety of colors and virtual art implements to use, as well as "stamps" and backgrounds that your child is sure to love. In the music center, children will learn about different instruments and play them in combination with all (or none) of the other included instruments. The clear and colorful (but not cloying) graphics are another high point of this game.

In general, Computer Cool School is very thoughtfully designed, enabling kids to navigate a wide range of play options with a few simple touches of a button. Our only complaint was that we couldn't find a way to change the volume settings once we'd entered the game. In order to change the volume, we had to back out of the game and reset the parental controls.

There is a short learning curve for figuring out how to navigate through the centers, but once you know how, it's easy to do. Your child will be up and running in no time, having fun and learning at the same time.

What's in the Box
Computer Cool School keyboard with USB cable; templates for practicing writing numbers and letters; software; instructions.

  • Includes a kid-friendly keyboard, writing tablet, stylus and CD ROM software that helps preschoolers in getting ready for school
  • The ready for school center is an expandable system with each additional piece of software consisting of five Learning centers and one field trip activity
  • The five centers are reading, writing, math, art, music, and science
  • Each center is represented by a physical button on the base hardware that are used to access those activities additional figure keys unlock new functionality
  • Children can also print out reward certificates and supplemental worksheet-type activities

Customer Reviews:

  • Grtandchild's Christmas present
    As an educator and a grandparent, I was looking for a toy that would withstand an active child, keep her attention, and be able to be used for the next child. So far, it is living up to it's promise. We are happy with the product, the software available and the ability for her to jump from one concept to another quickly for those 3 year old minds while sneaking in learning....more info
  • What a racket! U have to pay extra $$$ for more software!
    This product would easily get 4 or 5 stars if it were not for the paltry amount of activities/screens that come with the unit. Come on Fisher-Price- for [...] bucks you should include a few extra discs of software to increase the functionality and value. One can easily spend another one [...] dollars or more just for the software alone! Which is what most parents will want to do, given the pathetically miniscule and cheap amount of activities that come with the unit. What a LOUSY value! You can buy a DELL netbook computer with built in Wi-Fi for the cost of the 'Computer Cool School' unit and the extra software that SHOULD HAVE COME WITH IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!...more info
  • Overall a good product
    My 3 yr old son received this gift for Christmas. Although it is easy for him to use, he does get a little frustrated with having to wait for the thing to stop talking before he can choose what he wants to do.

    The writing pad was fine for writing. He loved to use the cards to trace his letters. However, it is near impossible to use for the other screens. Thankfully we have a wireless mouse for our computer that he could use instead.

    We also found it frustrating that the menu screen listed the other available software as an option even when we had not purchased any of it. So there he is seeing some of his favorite characters and we have to tell him that he can't play those games. I realize they are probably there so that you WILL purchase the other software, but was frustrating for us none the less.

    Overall I would say that he is going to enjoy using the Cool School. There are the few down points to it, but they do not seem to effect him any and was well worth the purchase....more info
  • Great toy for toddlers
    My three year old used to ask for this every time in the store. After getting it for her birthday, she asks to play it every day. It's proven durable, as she knocks it off the keyboard tray a few times a day, while we can also see some improvement in some of the basic number and letter lessons over just the past week.
    The art section are fantastic, letting her draw and paint, and stamp in her favorite characters, letting her make her own scenes.
    Overall a great buy for my 3 year old....more info
  • Great toy
    My 4 year old daughter is captivated by this computer. She is able to navigate it all by herself. She can't get enough. It has held up to my 2 year olds attempt to "play computer" so I have to say it is pretty durable too. I highly recommend this toy!...more info
  • The Best Ever!
    I bought two for my grandaughters for Christmas and they loved it so much I bought one for my nephew for his birthday , I also bought one for my grandson for Christmas.As you can tell I am very impressed with this computer game.The child can't help but learn shapes, colors,numbers, the alphabet etc. It dosen't stop there...It also has music, sience, andthey can even go on field trips!!!!!As they get used to this you can buy different and more advanced game discs.They all just love it....more info
  • cool school computer
    love this! both of my children (ages 3 & 6) love to play with this. educational for both....more info
  • My 4 year old LOVES this! and so Do I.
    My son loves the Cool School, He likes being able to do things himself. I also love it because you can set up a password so your child has to stay in the cool school program and cannot exit into your main computer. Which means I dont have to always be sitting here supervising because theres nothing he can do wrong on it, and he loves playing on the computer, and i like that he is gaining computer skills at the same time. I find that is a expensive toy and the games are expensive to however, I love that there is something like this that keeps my child safe from the internet and all that is included with that, and that it keeps my computer safe while allowing him to experince and gain computer skills and learn. ...more info
  • software issues!!!!!
    I posted a couple months ago. We bought this for our three year old and she played on it for hours. Then the next day it wouldn't start. I had to unistall and then reinstall the software. After a long time on the phone with customer service we returned it And tried another., thinking it was just a bad one. The same thing happened. We'd be able to play it at first and then the next day it won't recognize the program. So we returned it. My post and questin never showed up here??? Hopefully I can get some answers this time !! Mt Dd got this for xmas. A few days before actually....From New York so I was ecstatic that maybe being from a different state we wouldn't have a bad one this time. WRONG!!! It worked the first night and then again every day since I have had to uninstall and reinstall the software for dd to be able to play. You try that every time a toddler wants to play. By the time I do all the uninstalling and reinstalling she's moved on to something else. We love this toy we just wish it actually worked properly. PLease has anyone else had any kind of software or hardware issue. I have a new Laptop and it says I have all the requirements???? HELPHELPHELP I'm about to pull aqll my hair out...more info
  • Cool computer for kids!
    We bought this item for our grandaughters ages 2-1/2 and 4-1/2. The older one took to it right away and with help figured out how to use it beautifully. The younger will need more teaching by her parents when they get it home after Xmas. It hooked up great and very user friendly. This seems a great introduction to computers without them having access to one's adult computer--no mess ups!...more info
  • great for grands
    My oldest grandson, 5 yrs., is having trouble writing his letters properly and this has been great in helping him get them the right way. He and his younger sister just love being able to play on the big computer and are learning alot....more info
  • Great Product
    I have a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. We bought the Sponge Bob and Dora games to go with it. They love it. At first they just drew in the arts and crafts center and I thought...Oh great they aren't going to learn anything! Now, they have started exploring it and it is a great product!...more info
  • great buy
    My daugter received this for christmas and just loves it. She is aquiring computer skills and educational learning. Would recommend....more info
  • Fun, but hoped for a little more
    My daughter just recieved this for Christmas, so I cannot attest to it's durability, but she does enjoy it. She got the Dora game, however she has been playing the game it came with for the past three days and we haven't even opened the other game yet. So far I think the games are cute and appropriate for her age (she just turned 3).

    Although I am happy with this item, I am dissappointed about 2 things. First, my daughter is using a computer that runs Microsoft 2000 and this toy is not compatible. It must be installed on a computer that runs XP or Vista. Very disappointing, but my own fault. I should have checked into this before purchasing. I guess it's time to update. I have installed it on my computer until then.

    Second, this was meant to be the ONLY keyboard for the computer. I was looking for a kid-friendly keyboard that could function with other games/applications so that I would not have to have another keyboard for her to play her other games with. Before purchasing this I was told that it would work, but it does not. I checked the parental control options and it seems there is no way to use it with anything other than the games it comes with. I even tried typing in a word document - wouldn't work. Again, dissappointing, but still happy with my purchase....more info
  • Nice educational toy
    Overall, the Computer Cool School is a great product that is highly interactive and educational. Our 3 1/2 year really enjoys it. The only negative is that when the program is running, the monitor will not go into "sleep" mode until the program is terminated. ...more info
  • Would be a great toy but...................
    My boys love this toy. If it did not malfunction 15 times a day, I would love it too. The stylus pen is apparently already broken (bought it for Christmas and now it is March). We have had a problem with the stylus pen wherein you would not be able to move it to the far bottom of the screen and then you would reboot the game to get it to work again. Now, the stylus pen does not seem to work very well at all. Gonna call Fisher Price to see if they will send me another pen. It seems that you can unscrew a panel and remove the pen (I guess Fisher Price was anticipating the stylus pen to break or they would not have made it removable). Other than that, I love the game and the software does not break the bank (about $20 per disk)....more info
  • love this smart toy!
    I purchased this for my 5 year old step daughter for Xmas and she absolutely loves it. She claims it as her favorite toy of the year.We still have not purchased any of the additional games but the ones that come with it provide hours of fun learning. I would recommend this for anyone preschool to 1st grade looking for an educational game for their kids!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this for my daughter (who is 3) for Christmas. She loves it!! It is a great way for her to learn how to use a keyboard/computer and not get into any of our programs!! It is also just a great learning tool for her. There is a lot of good information and she loves the writing pad!...more info
  • Great Product!
    This was so easy to hook up. My 4 year old loves loves loves it. It is super user friendly for the kids, my 7 year old even likes to play around with it. My 4 year old spends hours on it. He absolutly loves it. Great gift. Not junk or a waste of money would highly recommened....more info
  • Disappointed
    I thought this would be a great toy for my daughter since she is gaining interest playing on the computer. Even though she is only 3 1/2 she is losing interest because there are not really that many different things to play with. You have to keep buying CD's for this product and I hate that. Give me everything in one package and charge me initially for it, don't rake me through the coals initially then expect me to continue to dump money into a bad product. I was just very disappointed that my daughter was bored with this toy after a week and I paid a lot out for it, then I was expected to keep buying CD's for it to regain her interest. Thanks but no thanks. Lately Fisher Price has really disappointed me in many products. Thankfully there are more toy company's out there....more info
  • Great Educational Entertainment!
    I purchased this product for my 4 year old boy, and he loves it. It is very easy to use, has many features that he can easily navigate, and you can expand the usage by purchasing additional software. It is very durable. My son has already dropped it several times, and it is still alive! I recommend this product. ...more info
  • Educational and fun
    The Computer Cool School is a wonderful way to encourage learning in
    young children. My two grandchildren, ages 3 and 4, are having so much
    fun while learning so much....more info
  • So entertaining!!
    My girls, ages 4 & 6 were given Computer Cool School for Christmas. Actually my then 3 year old chose it out of the Target catalog, and I really thought it was a waist of money...but Nana bought it for them, and I am so happy she did!
    It has entertained my girls for countless hours (although I set the timer, so they aren't on it for too long in one sitting) and they have created so many fun pictures. My 4 year old loves spelling "words" and my 6 year old is has fun writing sentences and creating pictures to go along. The addition train has also been a good introduction to addition for my youngest. After 5 months we finally bought two additional games and the girls have a renewed interest in it. Overall...the best Christmas present by far!!!...more info
  • fun To Learn
    I bought this for my 4 year old. We are very pleased with this item. It is a great tool in helping her get ready for kinder garden.I would recommend this product to everyone....more info
  • Fun first computer
    My three and a half year old son loves the computer. He is especially interested in the math/ numbers and the art centers. He doesn't find the ABC center very fun but as a parent, I find the ABC center to be really good. Now if I can just get him to practice writing his letters. The art center is fantastic. There are so many options and creativity. We're looking forward to purchasing additional games/ disks for the system....more info
  • Good toy, but overall too expensive
    My 4 year old son liked this, but he quickly got tired of it. It didn't take him long to explore a new game and then quickly tire of it after he had seen all its features/games. A new game only held his interest for a couple days and the games are pricey. There are skill levels for the math, but it didn't take him long to play all 3 and be bored. Also, there are only 5 or 6 games that go with this system. It is educational and fun, but too expensive for something that isn't going to hold his interest any longer than a day or 2. He's only had it since Christmas and rarely ever plays with it. We have all but 1 game for it. I think investing in a Leapster/Leapster 2 that can grow with your child and has many more games available is a wiser choice. That is what I have done now. ...more info
  • Blown away by the quality and value for money
    I've tried several regular PC keyboards with my 2 1/2 year old in the past weeks, but none were really any good. The Fisher Price computer cool school is different though. The keyboard is very durable, and has a nice long cord on it. You'll need an empty USB port on your PC, but installation is quick and simple. Once installed, a simple press of the power button on the keyboard brings up the software.

    The basic software package has several activities, including music, art, maths and animals. Our daughter learned how to use the pen/tablet pretty quickly and is now using it without any help. The art portion is her favorite, and is a great alternative to using paper and paint, plus a lot less messy!

    All in all, this has been her favorite Christmas toy, and we got several of the "top sellers" for her. Sadly the expansion packs are not always available directly from Amazon, so be careful not to spend more than the $16 MSRP for the CD with Sesame Street, Dora, Clifford or Spongebob....more info
  • Too cool for school? Then go to cool school:)
    We got this for our 3 year old, and she loves it. Depending on your child's level of knowledge on the subjects before they start, you can just turn it on and let them go with it. Easy to use and makes learning fun. Great buy!...more info
  • Computer Cool School: Perfect Gift for your Preschooler!
    The computer cool school is very impressive. My daughter, who is turning 3 in 2 months, has mastered the game already... it is easy to use, but at the same time there are a few things she doesn't understand yet, making it so that she'll grow into it & as she starts to understand it more she will continue to stay interested in the game. It say's ages 3-6, but my nieces & nephews (ages 5-9) all love it as well... as a matter of fact, I love it!!! lol...more info
  • Great fun!
    This is a great investment for your child. So easy to use. My 5yr old just plugs it in the computer when she is ready to use it. She knows how to log in and what activity she wants to do. The keyboard is extremely easy to understand and use and durable for kids. My 3yr old is loving this too. They learn how to write numbers and letters on the keypad and many other activities to learn. Many art activities to do and help your child be as creative as they can be. Music & hide & seek games are plenty. And that is just with the basic set up . You can purchase more software for your child to play and learn more. The possibilites are endless. I cant see how anyone could be unhappy with this product. I did wait and get it at a great price on Amazon. I believe I paid just $39. Great price & look forward to purchasing more software for my girls. ...more info
  • Best educaltional toy I've bought so far.
    My daughter just turned 2 and a half. I figured if she was to young she'd grow into it shortly but she's into this like nothing else. It's very educational and she's eager to learn. I'm amazed at her willingness and ability to figure out how to play all the activities. The only problem is I couldn't get her off my computer so I had to set up her own little computer in the office. Luckily I had a spare pc and monitor in the garage and I found a little pink princess desk at Walmart for $40. I bought the Dora and Diego software a couple weeks after buying this product and my daughter got so exciting when I came home with it. I couldn't believe it! I've never seem her get so excited. I love this game. ...more info
  • Cool Education Tool
    I purchased this for a Christmas present and immediately upon opening it, my nephew wanted to play on it. He is in kindergarten and this is an excellent tool to learn things they are already learning in school. The flash cards of letters also help in learning letters and I like that they included upper and lower case letters. This computer provided cool educational games to learn art and science. It makes for an enjoyable way to learn things and help kids learn about computers.

    I hope that there are more games in the future as we've only seen a couple of them....more info
  • Computer Cool School
    My son LOVES this toy. The only problem that I have had is that sometimes it crashes. So I have to shut down the computer and reload it. That can be a bit annoying, but my son really enjoys playing with it, so that makes it all worth it....more info
  • Cool School is Cool!
    Bought this for my 4 yo for Christmas and she loves it. She played with it a lot the first week or two and has slowed down now, but it is something she can easily turn on, use and then "log off". I haven't purchased additional CDs yet, but so far she is able to practice writing her letters/numbers, performing math problems, and it has limited reading capability. She really enjoys the art option and learned to change the backgrounds, stamps and colors by herself the first day. I am impressed with it; it is easy to use. It was a good investment and I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Gets lots of play in our house!
    I bought this for my 3-year-old daughter for Xmas and she loves it. She quickly learned how to play all the various features and switch from one game to another on her own. I like that I can limit the number of pages that she can print so we don't go through paper and ink like crazy. That said, she does love to print out her art work and coloring pages! Truth be told, her 6- and 8-year-old sisters like to have a turn with the art feature too! My 3 y/o is also enjoying learning to write her letters. I would buy this all over again. ...more info
  • Just Started
    My 3 year old daughter just got this toy and has not been able to stop playing it. It was very easy for her to learn how to use and I am amazed at how she is mastering it. I can't attest to the educational value yet as she has only had a few days on it but I can't imagine that it would be anything but educational since we have had so much success since opening it. This is the best present she received and I am so happy that we bought it for her. I got a great deal on Amazon ($32.99). Well worth the money even at $50. Haven't bought the other software yet but going to get them. Looks like its a little hard to find the Elmo one but I am on mission....more info
  • Grandson loves it and is learning, too!
    My grandson loves this and feels like a grown-up using a computer. He is learning so much. This is a very good product....more info