Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle
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Product Description

This jungle of fun includes a rocking croc, an elephant with a ball-drop trunk, and a 360-degree spinning hippo with an appetite for ball-dropping fun. Animals feature fun lights and sounds to reward baby. As baby grows and is ready to stand and cruise, this inviting jungle provides a sturdy place for her to hang on to for support. Once she reaches the top jungle rail, your little explorer can spin the sun mirror, swat the wiggly-jiggly tree frog, flip the click-clack butterfly wings and bat the colorful rollerball with rattle beads. Baby can place the balls into the monkey's hands and watch as the monkey sends them down the spiraling ball shoot, and surprise! The balls will pop out of one of two ball ramps. Features music, lights, songs and sound effects, plus six colored balls. Requires three "AA" batteries, included. Some assembly required. Measures 36"L x 24"W x 22"H.

Whether your baby has just mastered sitting up, crawling, or walking, the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle provides access to a wide variety of fun, stimulating activities. As long as your baby is three to 36 months old, he or she is set to enjoy finding, grasping, and rolling six brightly colored balls with the singing monkey at the center of this sturdy, jungle-themed play set.

What We Think

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The Good: Jungle-themed play station designed to benefit children as they grow and develop

The Bad: Large footprint; may not keep the interest of older children

In a Nutshell: With flashing lights, jungle songs, and colorful characters, this set inspires interactive play

At a Glance

Ages: 6 to 36 months
Requires: Phillips screwdriver for assembly

Children will be delighted by the songs and flashing lights of the Musical Jungle. View larger.

The Musical Jungle features sturdy construction that won't easily break. View larger.
Innovative Jungle Encourages Active Play
This durable, plastic play station is set up as an arc, with a slide for balls wrapping around the center support and a bright orange monkey sitting above the slide. The monkey's hands are cupped so that kids can practice balancing balls in them, and his arms move. Each time your child uses a ball or their hand to move one of his arms, he breaks out in song and stimulating, colored lights on the front of the jungle flash.

One song with a fun beat begins, "Walk like an elephant, stomp, stomp, stomp." Another says it's "time to move, fast or slow." Kids ability to clap with these tunes or sing along really makes playtime in the jungle more fun. Best of all, there's several different songs, so parents and kids don't have to keep listening to the same tune over and over again.

In addition to the music and the slide for balls at the center of the jungle, there's a spinning hippo at one end of the arc and a big blue elephant at the other. The hollow elephant has openings in his ears, and when baby drops a ball into them, it comes shooting out his mouth, often eliciting a bout of laughter. If your baby is crawling or walking, he's sure to tire himself right out chasing after run-away balls. There's another set of fun features to help keep the jungle interesting for younger children, especially those who are not yet cruising around on their own. There's also a hanging rattle ball, an alligator on a swing that moves back and forth, and a safe, plastic mirror shaped like the sun so that baby can contemplate her reflection. All these different toys mean that the Musical Jungle stays interesting as children develop new skills.

Durable, Dependable Construction for Safety
We really appreciated how strong the top arch is. Despite being made of plastic, our adult tester was able to lean on this arch without feeling like it was about to break. This is good news for parents of children who are learning to pull themselves up or still need to hold onto an object while standing, since there's no need to worry about the sturdy, stable Musical Jungle coming apart and hurting or disappointing a child.

All in all, we found lots of ways to have fun with the Musical Jungle. Despite the fact that this set is recommended for children up to 36 months old, we found the activities it offers and the infant-friendly look more suited to younger children. There are many great reviews of this jungle set out there, and it seems like most often they come from parents with a child who has not yet turned two.

This toy requires adult assembly. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver and a little bit of patience. While the included instructions do an excellent job of illustrating each step in the assembly process, snapping the pieces together and getting the screws secured takes a bit of effort. Despite the time involved, we really appreciated the fact that this activity set uses real hardware to provide a very solid structure.

The Musical Jungle is much stronger than plastic toys assembled solely from snap-together pieces, and the parts can be unscrewed by an adult if you want to disassemble the jungle for storage, another feature that similar products often overlook. Three AA batteries are included to power the lights and sounds.

What's in the Box
Six balls, monkey, elephant, hippo, center arch, sun mirror, rattle ball, base, two arch ends, two tube pieces, two ramp pieces, two legs, 16 screws, three "AA" batteries, and instructions.

The monkey's cupped hands will hold a ball.
View larger.

The hippos large mouth holds many balls.
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Putting a ball in the elephant's ears will cause it to shoot out of its mouth.
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  • The Crawl and cruise musical jungle offers endless fun and activity for baby
  • Baby can put and take 1 of 6 balls in the hippo's mouth as he spins a full 360 degrees
  • The hanging jingle bell rewards baby with music and lights as it is batted
  • The crocodile rocks back and forth as baby plays, acivating music, lights and motion
  • Baby can also place the balls into the monkey's hands and he will drop the ball down the spiraling ball shoot surprising baby as the balls roll out of one of the two ball ramps

Customer Reviews:

  • good toy
    my daughter got this for toy for christmas when she was 5 months old now she's 10 months and she loves it. she put the balls in the right hole and clapps when shes done. she likes to try and dance to the music. she really enjoys this toy....more info
  • Maddox's toy
    My first grandson--just turned 6 months --absolutely loves his new Fisher Price Precious Planet Jumparoo!! Even if it was late for Christmas it was well worth the wait. Thanks for suggesting the "new" version!...more info
  • Grows with your child
    This was great for my daughter when she was just starting to sit up on her own. She would reach for the hanging toys and play with the colored balls. Now that she can stand, she pulls up on it, activates the music and dances. She also loves to drop the balls down the slide and never seems to tire of it. We love this toy!...more info
  • Mom of 3
    I do like this toy. After reading all of the reviews I thought my baby (9 months) would absolutely love it. She does like it, but really doesn't play with it all that often. My boys 5 and 3 sometimes play with it. It is very durable though and I like the music....more info
  • Great fun!
    This is a fun toy. It helps the baby with pulling up and is sturdy enough and will not fall over. Also it has nice melodies and plenty of different things for the baby to do....more info
  • My 1 year old loves this!
    I bought this for my daughters 1st birthday. She loves it! She mastered all the controls right away. She dances to the music and likes to play with the individual balls. This play center will also be great for my next baby when he can sit up and play on his own. It is pricey, but worth the hours of fun entertainment!...more info
  • Wonderful!!!!
    The Fisher Price Crawl and Go Musical Jungle is absolutely amazing!!! I bought this item for my 8 month old daughter for Christmas and she loves it. There is lots to do and she can pull up, walk around or sit to play. It teaches them where to put things and such. Wonderful toy and I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • very nice
    i highly recommend this product ..
    you will not regret and you will make your love of your life happy...
    ...more info
  • Go Baby Go Crawl & Cruise Jungle.
    Bought toy for baby who is only 5 months old. She basically sits under it and looks at the stuff as us adults play with it. When the baby starts sitting up and walking, I am sure the gym will be much more beneficial for her. Only thing is when you see the advertisement on the box (and sometimes in the TV ads) it looks like the monkey actually juggles the balls. ...more info
  • A must have for any child!
    This toy is worth every penny!! My daughter has been playing with it since birth. I don't know how many times she has fallen asleep in front of it! She loves the music, the lights, and the animals. She loves their big eyes and really loves the red frog. The balls are fun for her to watch right now, but she's only 6 months so she hasn't grown into the toy fully. My toy poodles sure like the balls though :) and they are durable enough for them to play fetch with :) They love to try and catch them as they swirl down to the bottom. It's very entertaining for me and my daughter :) I think everyone should buy this toy for their kid or it's a great gift for any expectant parent....more info
  • My Daughter hated this toy
    She is just learning to cruise and this toy frusterated her to no end.
    If your child isn't content to either sit & play or if your child is not walking already this may not be the toy to buy.
    Not to mention, it's huge. It's now taking up a small area in the corner so that we don't trip over it.

    ...more info
  • Great buy!
    I wanted to find a toy for my 9 month old son for Christmas that would stimulate him to walk and interact with his toy. I got an amazing deal and a great product, no complaints here!! I love that he loves this toy and he loves making it make music and noise. I would buy it again and recommend it to anyone with a child under 24 months. My niece who is actualy about 27months loves it as well and has a blast playing with it and showing her baby cousin how to use it too!...more info
  • My 14 month old LOVES it!
    Santa brought this to my 14 month old for Christmas. He LOVES it. He likes to make the music go and put the balls down the chute. He dances to the music. This was definitely worth the money....more info
  • Fun Toy!
    My son received this for Christmas from Santa and he loves it. He's 10 months old and uses it to walk around - he dances to the music and loves playing with the balls. ...more info
  • Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle
    My 11 month old and four year old both have so much fun playing this together...more info
  • Great for multiple ages!
    I bought this toy for my 8 month old granddaughter and 2 1/2 year old grandson. They BOTH love it and can play with it together. It has so many little features, it keeps them busy for hours. It's a favorite!...more info
  • Lot's of fun.
    We have lot's of fun playig with this toy. There is some exploration and learning as the balls move and come out in different places. The music is entertaining and flashing lights keep him coming back....more info
  • I'd give it a B
    My 9 month old recieved this for christmas and I think my 3 year old enjoys it as much as her. It is very sturdy and she loves putting the balls down the slide. I do think it is a little overpriced though for the few features it does have. Overall it was a good purchase though :)...more info
  • Great fun!
    My 7-month old loves this toy. He can sit up and hit the toys or he lies on his back and uses his feet. It entertains him for quite some time. I highly recommend this....more info
  • Wild Fun For My Little One
    This toy has been fun for us so far. My little one is too young to do many of the activities for herself, but it is a great opportunity for us to work together as I show her how it all works.

    I would like to see the music be triggered by more actions and would like for the songs to be a bit longer. The hippo and elephant on the front are both cute and prominent but have no real level of interactivity attached to them.

    All in all it was a fun toy for my 6 month old, but I'm not sure that will last very long....more info
  • Great Toy
    The Fisher-Price Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle is an entertainment toy of fun. My great niece just loves this toy and it has helped in her development, as well....more info
  • Good toy
    I bought this for my 7 month old son who was just learning to pull himself up. Because of this toy he is now a master at it. It's also helping him to start cruising. He loves to take the balls out of the hippos mouth, and to chew on the sum mirror. Overall it's a great toy, it's keeps his attention very well and has helped him master some very important skills. My only disapointment is the price....more info
  • Christmas surprise BROKEN PIECES
    The toy was not opened till christmas morning. In laying out the pieces the ball that is supposed to be attached was broken off the only way this could be was it was a toy that had been previously returned, so we decided no sense in returning it at OUR cost to possible go round 2 with something else broken. My 6mnth old grandson absolutely loves it anyway. The balls are his favorite....more info
  • Very Fun and Entertaining
    My daughter really enjoys this toy. It is perfect for when babies are learning to stand and walk. There are so many things for them to reach and grab. She loves the music too, and bops around as it plays....more info
  • Braden Toy
    8 month old grandson loves his Fisher-Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle well Grandpa loves it to. Helped him in learning to pull up and stand....more info
  • Lots of fun, but at a price.
    Walk like an elephant, stomp, stomp, stomp. Chew like a hippo, chomp, chomp, chomp. Play like a monkey in a tree. Do like the animals that you see...

    This song will haunt your dreams.

    The toy itself is reasonably easy to put together, if you're familiar with assembling toys. Fisher Price is one of the few companies out there that provide instructions that aren't written by and for masochists. Keep in mind that it is quite large, and once you've put it together, that's it. It isn't designed to be taken apart and reassembled multiple times.

    When the music and lights are turned on, this is probably one of our daughter's favorite toys. She's had it for about three months now, and it's really interesting to see how her motor skills and interests have developed between 6 months and 9 months. There are enough things to play with on this that it's kept her interest going, especially now that she's using it to pull herself up to stand.

    Keeping a close eye on your baby is a must with this toy, especially once he or she starts standing. The palm leaves above the elephant and hippo aren't sharp, but they are pointy. In the picture, the green dome below the monkey is where the balls come out after they've gone down the ramp -- if they're the balls that came with this toy. If you have any other toy balls around, your baby will almost certainly find them, drop them down the ramp, and get them stuck in the dome.

    My only real contention with this toy is the price. On one hand, yes, it's built very well. But on the other, 95% of this toy is just injection-molded plastic from China. You're paying a huge premium for the Fisher Price name and about four dollars worth of electronics....more info
  • gift
    My son used this before he could stand, walk or crawl. Now that he is just about walking, he still likes to use it. He learns something new all the time! He also thinks it funny when Mommy sings that it plays!...more info
  • My 9 month old nephew loves it!
    I bought this for my nephew for Christmas. He's 9 mo. old and loves it! It has lots to do and he crawls and climbs on it. My sister said he bounces along to the music too. It was the BEST price I found all Christmas and the shipping was free. GREAT deal!...more info
  • cute, but not so educational
    Cute, but not so educational! This is made more for crawling infants. My 13 months old granddaughter was walking when I purchased this for her, it didn't hold her attention for more than 10 minutes. ...more info
  • Great for my Girl!
    We bought this for our 8 mo. old for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! She spends so much time playing with it, learning how to make the balls move and making the music play. She actually crawls right up and pushes the ball to make the music play and then turns around to play with something else, when the music stops, she crawls back over to start it again! This toy is a hit!...more info