Remington Short Cut Clipper Rechargeable, Cordless, Haircut Kit
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Product Description

Short Cut Clipper

World's First Clipper Designed For Guys to Cut Their Own Hair Easy, Even, Error-Free.

  • Delivers: Easy, Even, Error-Free Hair Cutting
  • Familiar brush-like design makes cutting hair as easy as brushing it
  • Curved Blade Technology cuts to the shape of the scalp
  • Bi-directional blades cut back and forth; cutting hair in half the time of ordinary clippers
  • Built-in guide comb adjusts to multiple (5) hair length settings
  • Balding comb attachment for ultra close cuts
  • Pop-up trimmer to clean-up neckline & around ears
  • Rechargeable
  • Bi-directional Cut
  • Light Weight
  • Multiple Lengths
  • Rechargeable
  • 4 year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • fast, efficient, but very limited in term of the hair styles this clipper can produce
    For some bizarre reason, prior to actually seeing the product, I was under the impression that one can give himself a haircut with this clipper! Not exactly sure how I ended up with such an expectation - as I couldn't find any references that would suggest this type use. So needless to say, I was slightly disappointed when I actually unboxed the clipper and realize I could not fire all my barbers just yet. With the help from someone else, I did manage to get a hair cut using the clipper. It took the hair cutter - albeit not a professional one - a few minutes to figure out how to use this clipper as it is different from the ones she has used before. The hair cutting did not take very long, and it looked okay - not fantastic. More like a military buzz cut. Not bad if short hair cut is your thing. ...more info
  • Waste of money, a piece of junk
    I bought one of these 2 days ago. I keep my hair very short and from the reviews posted I thought this was the answer. I charged the clippers for 36 hours and it ran out of power after 5 minutes of use. My hair was ruined, it looked like I had cut it with a bushhog or a pair of pinking shears. My hair was gapped up something terrible. I finished cutting my hair with my regurlar old clippers. I had to cut it pretty short to clean up the mess the Shortcut made of my hair. Don't waste your money on this piece of junk. I wouldn't use it again on my hair if I were being paid to use it. This worthless piece of metal and plastic is going back to Walmart tomorrow. Be advised this is a worthless piece of junk....more info
  • David Beckham, here I come
    Dreaming about mean hair cuts? The kind Mark Walhberg gave to his buddy in Three Kings? Or the kind sported by David Beckham or Colin Farrell?
    This is your vehicle. A very convenient, very handy device that has been crafted to answer the needs of those who don't trust other touching their heads.

    The system has an easy grip, very comfortable to hold, and is curved to allow easy sliding around the scalp. User can pick to modify the depth of cutting, from 'extremely low' to 'slightly more than none' (although the box says up to 5 settings). It's also affordable. The instrument pays itself in just 2 cuts (that is if you don't mind this particular hair style and if you currently pay no more than $17 for your hair cut).

    So, if you are always in a hurry, hate hairstylists or paying for your haircut, then this is your product. Enjoy.
    ...more info
  • Clips hair nicely, but failed after 5 months
    We bought this for my son who is in ROTC and clips his hair very short. (Thus use of the product has always been to maintain this short cut, not to achieve it from a full head of hair.) We gave him the clippers for Christmas 2008. The battery charge was fair from the beginning and got worse (wouldn't stand up to a full clip). By May 2009 the clippers had stopped working entirely.

    Theoretically the product has a 4-year warranty so we'll see whether Remington stands behind their product. As a side note, Amazon Help doesn't make it easy to figure out how to make a claim against this warranty (e.g., do we go through Amazon or go directly to the manufacturer?)...more info
  • Yep, it works...
    I tried this product out on my two year-old son at first. He had been getting buzz cuts from the Hair Butchery for a while and he basically screamed bloody murder every time we went in there. I got tired of hearing it and paying good money to do so. I had also been "entertaining" the idea of that hairstyle (if it can be called that) for myself.

    I saw it on sale and with a rebate which brought the total price down to $19.99. I got it home and touched up his little punkin head. I wish I had read the instructions that said the balding comb was attached from the factory. But other than a little bitty bald spot on the back of his skull, no harm was done. It actuaally cleaned up his 'do pretty good. Subsequent uses have honed my skills and he's looking pretty sharp if I should say so myself.

    I threw caution to the wind yesterday and did my own. I guess it looks OK since my wife didn't laugh hysterically or run out of the room when I came downstairs. Feels pretty good now, that's for sure.

    One caveat though; take your time. And if you have a full head of hair to start with like I did, be patient and keep at it. Or you can go one last time to your barber or stylist and tell them it's goodbye. But wait until after they cut your hair......more info
  • piece of crap
    This is the worst clipper I have ever owned and I have been cutting my own hair for years. It takes almost the whole day to charge it and you can't use the clipper when it is plugged. It's extremely weak; although I don't have much hair left it takes forever to clean my head. Although design looks attractive, it's tough to cut the hair around ears. Please don't be fooled by the four stars rating, this is a piece of crap....more info
  • Wahl Balding Clippers worth the money !
    I purchased the Wahl Balding Clippers today and I have to say all the reviews are right on the money. You get a very close cut the appearance of the one day look. I didnt have any nicks or cuts like some experianced. I had a nice smooth shave and I am very happy with the results.
    I give it 5 Stars compared to the other wahl clippers I have purchased at Target. They just never got the closeness I needed without going to a blade.
    Hope this helps your decision....more info
  • easy to use, gives good short haircuts
    I was pleasantly surprised by how well my first haircut turned out. Never having cut my own hair before, I wasn't sure what would happen. I purposefully cut my hair on a Saturday morning so I could still make it to my barber if I ended up butchering my hair. Instead I got a haircut that doesn't look that much different than what I would have paid $28 for.

    As the manual recommends, I started out with a longer setting and then worked my way down. I ended up using the 1 1/2 setting for the sides and back of my head and 3 for the top. This yields an extremely short haircut on the sides and back with just a little bit of hair on top of the head. I've had a couple of friends look at my haircut so far and neither of them could tell it was done by myself at home until I told them so.

    My only real complaint is what others have mentioned: The sideburn trimmer doesn't work that well. I ended up using a small pair of scissors to clean up the hairline around my ears. Because it's really difficult to hold the clipper at the correct angle to make a clean line at the back of one's own head, I ended up using my Body Groomer for that.

    All in all, this is a good product that will pay for itself in just a haircut or two....more info
  • quickest hair-cut ever!
    remington short-cut easy to use for those with already short hair...handles like a brush and in a few short minutes you have a very professional looking cut......more info
  • Highly recommended for people with short hair
    Shortcut Clipper by Remington

    I bought this primarily to cut my sideburns. I often found myself going to the barbershop mainly to get my sideburns trimmed back. I keep my hair fairly short, a number 3 on the sides, number 4 on top. I would imagine it would work well on facial hair, also.

    I followed the directions and charged it overnight. Was very careful to set the length on the controls and took care of my sideburns in about 5 seconds. I may try doing my whole head. For now, I'm happy with it. This thing pays for itself after skipping only two haircuts in my neighborhood.

    Highly recommended for people with short hair, either facial or on their head that don't want to be bother with going to the barbershop.

    Gunner August 2008
    ...more info
  • new to cutting my own hair
    I had always wondered about cutting my own hair ever since it became thinner and thinner but worried that it would look unprofessional. I decided to try the Remington Short Cut and have used it twice so far. The first cut was a learning experience as it takes time to figure out how to hold it and at what angles. Also navigating around the ears is tricky. My wife and daughter thought the first cut( which I did longer than the second) was not that good, but both said my second one looked much better. I think the clipper works best when using the setting at 1.5 or less....more info
  • Buzz buzz buzz ....
    You want a buzz or you want it bald? Those are your options with the Remington Short Cut Clipper. If that's what you want it works just fine, but be aware that this is for very short cuts.

    The whole thing fits nicely in the hand and can be used on oneself. Even on the bald setting there is a guard that keeps you from cutting yourself, which is a very nice feature. It comes with two combs, one for bald and one for buzzes of up to half an inch. The length setting is simple to adjust.

    After charging up it lasts quite a while. My only complaint is that there is no case to store the extra comb, or to carry the whole device and its charger plug. ...more info
  • Remington Short Cut Clipper
    This is the easiest and fastest hair cutting product I have ever used.
    In 2 minutes you are done!...more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    I have bought so many different clippers for my husband and this is by far the best one for us.He likes to keep his hair very short and these clippers makes that so easy!Unlike other clippers we have tried,this one is the best if you need to cut your hair by yourself.My husband can get a very even nice cut alone with these clippers whereas with other clippers I always had to clip the back of his neck and around his ears.It is much much faster than traditional style clippers with all the attatchments and my husband uses it every few days and is done in a couple of minutes.I highly reccomend these clippers if you like a very short cut and don't have a lot of extra time....more info
  • A Good Buzz
    I keep my hair fairly short, so when I saw this product I figured it was worth a try. My first impressions were good, the packaging was easy to open, and the trimmer felt light and comfortable in my hand. The product comes with 2 combing guides, a cleaning brush, some oil for the blades, a charger, and an instruction manual (which was a bit confusing to read). I was disappointed that the product did not include a case to hold the trimmer and accessories, and that it took a long time to charge fully (16 hours).

    After charging it overnight, I attached the adjustable guide comb and set it to the highest setting, which gives a ? inch cut (be warned that it comes with the balding guide already attached). I quickly went over my entire head, since the cutting blades work forward and backward. I then used the #3 setting to trim the sides, which gave me a tapered look, similar to the cut my barber gives me. I've used the trimmer twice so far and it's already paid for itself.

    One thing that is a bit of a nuisance is that the cut hair tends to clog the blades, making it necessary to clean out the loose hair periodically. The unit does come with a sideburn trimmer, but that feature is not very functional. It's difficult to get the right angle when using it, so instead I use my Wahl compact trimmer for the sideburns and around the ears.

    This product does a good job for its intended purpose. It gives a nice short buzz cut, quickly and easily. I subtracted one star because of the few shortcomings I mentioned above.
    ...more info
  • It works... but not extremely versatile...
    I've found that the Remington Short Cut Works pretty well. It is a little faster and easier to use than standard clippers. It doesn't jam or pull hair like some of the lower quality clippers do. You may have to tap some hair out of the cutting blade area once in a while... The cordless feature is nice. The charging instructions seem to be in error in the instruction booklet. This seems to be how things work... There is a blue light that comes on while it's charging. The light turns off when the clipper is completely charged. There is a red light that comes on while the unit is running if the charge runs low. The clipper cannot be run off of the AC adapter if you run out of juice, so you must make sure it's charged before you start.

    On the negative side... It's really only good for VERY short cuts or near bald cuts. Anything over a #1 or maybe #1 1/2 cut (1/8" - 3/16") really needs to be tapered on the sides to look right. I tried a #2 cut (my usual length) with this and it didn't look right. I had to go down to a #1. Also... the built-in trimmer does not trim closely or quickly. It might come in handy for shaping sideburns. It would take forever to do the back of your neck with these and the results wouldn't be great. I did the back of my neck with a regular razor.

    One thing I can't comment on is how close this will shave with the balding attachment. I'm not trying it just for this review... lol. Although, I'd imagine it wont get as close as a standard clipper with no guard attached.

    All in all... I think the Remington Short Cut can make home hair cutting a little easier. But, it's only good for very short cuts. If you like your hair just a little longer and tapered on the sides... or your head completely shaved... you should probably look elsewhere....more info
  • Can't recommend
    This unit does not have enough power, unless you already have hair that is 1/4 inch in length. And the power varies while it is running through your hair, sometimes creating divots. The adjustable guide changes settings unless you firmly grip the number dial while you are clipping.

    To get the cut I want would take a number of very, very slow passes. With a Wahl unit that I purchased recently it is one slow pass and you are done, and has many more length options and more sturdy ones at that. The power of the Wahl is what you might expect at a salon/barber shop.

    Pass on this one and get a Wahl or something similar.

    ...more info
  • Great, but read before using . . .
    When ordering this item through Vine, I figured it was just another hair clipper. In fact, it's a hair clipper designed to cut in the back and on the sides, where "normal" clippers have a bit more problem.

    Although not what I expected, it's a great product - saves a lot of time and hassle and does its with a much-reduced likelihood of horrific accidents. I've managed to have my hair cut using just this and a decent pair of scissors on the top - by someone I might not have trusted otherwise!

    Some caveats, though: You could easily shave your head bare if you didn't pay attention to the instructions and what you're doing. So do read the manual before beginning - unless baldness is part of your look. Also, as many have mentioned, it takes what seems like a long time to fully charge. This didn't cause me a single problem, but I'd hate to be in the middle of cutting my third head of hair with it fully charged! So if you've got a bunch of kids' hair to cut, make sure it's been plugged in long enough to prevent some new form of mohawk....more info
  • It does work, but plan ahead...
    First things first - does the product work?

    Absolutely - as advertised. I used it just 3 days ago and I had no problem doing most of it by myself. I just needed a little help on the back and around the ears, but I probably could have done that with a little more creative mirror work. The charge held well and the cut is even and nice-looking.


    The entire process is time-consuming. It took me over an hour and a half from prep time through clean-up.

    Why so long?

    Well, this little thing creates a lot of mess with little bitty pieces of hair so I cut my hair in the garage so I had to move cars and such. I DO NOT recommend using this clipper in your house.

    All of those little hairs get caught up in the clipper so I had to stop frequently, remove the guard/comb and dump those hairs in the garbage can.

    I still needed someone else to help around the ears and the back of my head. If you were going for the lowest setting this may not be an issue.

    Sweeping up takes a while and you'll have to shower afterwards. I was shocked at how many little bits of hair came off in the shower. I had to clean the drain trap out more than a dozen times while showering afterwards.

    You'll have to decide for yourself if it is worth all of the hassle. Personally, I found that I would save time and hassle by going to my barber getting my traditional buzz cut, even with the driving time included....more info
  • Easy to use
    I bought this for my husband and he says, "In order to keep your hair short it works perfectly. I've only used it a couple of times but I don't need any help to use it and the maintenance is simple. With it's titainum blades and 4 year warranty it is next to none."
    ...more info
  • Easy, and good for babies
    My husband uses this for his military haircuts, and I was leary about using it for anything else. However, our baby has gotten a bald spot on the back of his head, and is only a few months old, and I didn't want to take him to a barber yet. I used these by myself, with the baby on my lap. Because his hair is very fine, this took about 10 minutes to cut the top to about an inch and the sides to about 1/2 inch. His hair looks a lot better, and because you don't need to worry about the clippers being a certain angle to cut, he was very happy throughout the haircut. I had to shake the clippers a few times because his fine hair got stuck in the guard, but it was a million times easier than worrying about scissors or a stranger with clippers on a baby with no motor skills. The haircut looks professional (when my husband got home, he said 'looks like you took him to the barber'). Very very easy to use, doesn't take skill, just make sure that you use the combs with the guard that goes across the bottom in places and not the one that is open at the bottom. Would recommend to everyone who wants to cut their baby's hair, or anyone who wants to do their own short cuts. Do not know about cutting adult regular cuts, because that's not what we've used it for....more info
  • Read the instructions, please
    My husband has male pattern baldness--just some fuzz now on top and a nice fringe of fine hair from ear to ear. He's been clippering his own hair for quite a while now. Says that someone who can comb his hair with a washcloth doesn't need to spend money on haircuts. He does buzz it all over from time to time, but lately has just been neatening the edges, and chopping all the dome fuzzies.

    Things to know: This thing takes a long time to charge. Like a day. The curved shape is nice to hold--fits in your hand comfortably, but it doesn't necessarily match the shape on one's head. The balding comb is pretty fragile. I thought it was a goner trying to get it off. The important thing to know and what you gain by reading instructions is that the balding comb is installed and if you use it from the get-go, you get a buzz. Even on the other lengths, this is intended to give a nice short haircut. So if you're just looking to trim longer hair, you should probably look elsewhere.

    I think once he gets the hang of it, this will be a nice trimmer for him. It did a nice job on the edges....more info
  • fancy piece of junk
    I was super excited about this product. I have my hair cut size 3 even all over. I didn't want to spend 20$ at super cuts and wait an hour to get it done every 3 weeks. But, this has been nothing more than a pain in the butt ... really. You have to go over like 100 times for it to even give anything remote to an even cut.
    I say just go buy a regular clipper. I bought the Remington clipper with vacuum and have been happy so far. Its fast and sucks out 98% of the hair.

    All in all this is nothing more than a fancy idea with little practical use....more info
  • Not the edge I was looking for
    First lets start that I have nothing bad to say about amazon, because they held up their end of the deal. This is totally about the product. The first one I bought didn't hold a charge, even after trying to charge it for over 24 hrs. So had to return that one. The new one they sent me took 18 hrs. to charge and it works for about 1 haircut, then you have to put it back on the charger for a good 12 hrs. Next, if you have really short hair, like skin tight this won't help you at all. I does cut short, but the "balding" cut, isn't "balding" it is more like "fuzzy" cut. So you guys who like to keep your hair ultra close, don't bother with this. And finally, I found that it pulls your hair when cutting, and this hurts! So if you keep your hair skintight or don't have the time to wait for this thing to charge, don't waste your money....more info
  • Good for short-all-over cuts, not for blends
    I've been cutting my own hair for 15 years... ever since a particularly bad haircut from a barber in 1993. I don't use anything except a standard Conair-type clipper and the trimmer function on the back of my electric razor. The whole process is a little time consuming and there are many times when I make blind cuts, which is basically using my fingers to determine length while not being able to see any of the action.

    When I saw this Remington Short Cut Clipper online I thought I might have stumbled into a perfect solution for my hair cutting needs. The design is very innovative, allowing for cutting with either hand that goes more quickly because the blades are wider and they're shaped to follow the contour of the head.

    After receiving the product and trying it on my own hair, I have to give it just an average rating. Here is what the Remington does right:

    1. The fact that it's cordless is a huge plus. No cords get in the way, which has always been an issue with traditional clippers.
    2. The bi-directional cutting is wonderful, and combined with the ambidextrous design this makes the clipper equally useful in either hand and in both directions.
    3. The pop-up trimmer is the perfect size to trim around the ears. It is longer and narrower than typical back-of-the-electric razor trimmers, which makes the hard-to-reach places and angles much easier to navigate.

    Here are the issues I have with the Remington:

    1. Unless you want a true short-all-over cut, this clipper isn't for you. My hair is longer on the top, but very short on the sides and in the back. I like to start short on the bottom and then blend it with longer hair as I move up. That strategy doesn't work well with this trimmer. My personal attempt resulted in choppy cuts that had to be smoothed over with regular clippers.
    2. The contour shape of the plastic length attachment and the blades are only good for the round parts of your head. The sides of my head don't happen to bulge out in a rounded fashion, so it made trimming the sides of my hair very difficult. Navigating around the ears was also trouble.
    3. The plastic attachment quickly fills up with cut hair and needs to be emptied. I would prefer that it just fell off and didn't accumulate in the clipper.

    Maybe I am not the intended user for this product. If I just wore buzz cuts or crew cuts, this product would get 5 stars from me. With that type of haircut, you really will get a quick and clean cut. But I think others like me would appreciate a little more flexibility in dealing with blending slightly longer hair....more info
  • Excellent
    I'm very pleased with the clipper. For me it's serving two for the price of one as I've short beard which gets evenly trimmed at setting 4". Perfect for me. Highly recommend it. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because i prefer to have a little longer hair on head [5 or 6"] would have got my all 5 stars!!!

    Still the best so far!!!
    ...more info
  • Great clippers, slow service
    After three weeks clippers seem to work great. The clippers were advertised as in stock and could be delivered the next day. However, since I took advantage of the free shipping they did not get put in the mail until five days after they were purchased....more info
  • Pays for itself quickly
    I'm happily cutting my own hair (for the most part). My wife helps me get the line straight at the bottom in the back....more info
  • OK but not great
    Ingenious design and would really work good if it had more power. In my experience the motor speed (and cutters) slow down under even a minimal load. Also, the battery life in my clipper was VERY short.
    It's possible that the battery is bad, which might also explain the lack of power. I'm going to send it to Remington to be checked out....more info
  • awesome clipper
    I bought this product on the recommendation from a friend who has one and loves it. Now, I too love mine. I was using traditional electric hair clipper which in my opinion was getting the job done, but somewhat cumbersome and messy. With the style and contour of the Remington clipper the process is much quicker and less messy, although cleaning the blade is
    a little more frequent w/ the provided cleaning brush during use, but an effective product nonetheless. I would recommend this product....more info