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GolfLogix GPS by Garmin
List Price: $299.95

Our Price: $231.97

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Product Description

Garmin GolfLogix GPS-8 features:

  • Large LCD screen (1.25"W x 2.25"H)
  • User friendly software and hardware
  • Auto-advances to each target on the course for completely hands-free use
  • Large number displays are easy to read for all ages and eye-visions
  • Personalized name on main screens for security and anti-theft
  • Excellent visibility in direct sunlight with adjustable screen contrasts
  • Backlight screen setting for dark playing conditions
  • Completely waterproof case
  • Shock-proof and impact resistant for rugged outdoor use
  • Displays in yards or meters
  • Includes multi-use belt or bag clip
  • Up to 22-hour battery life
  • Instant distances to greens and hazards
  • Holds up to 20 courses

    Minimum System Requirements*
  • PC with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
  • 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 2X or higher CD-ROM drive
  • USB Connection or RS232 Serial Port
  • Internet connection

  • Enjoy the advantage of GPS mapping on the golf course with the GolfLogix GPS-8 handheld unit, which calculates and displays distances to the front, center and back of every green along with hazards. The most precise, durable and user-friendly golf GPS on the market, this new version of the GolfLogix now recognizes what course you are playing automatically.

    You get the distance to the front/center/back of green for each hole.
    The GolfLogix GPS-8 includes Garmin's high sensitivity, 12-channel GPS receiver which ensures faster satellite acquisition time and superior accuracy. Nicely compact in your hand, it weighs 5.3 ounces with batteries and measures 1.2 inches thin. The case is 100 percent waterproof (submersible in water per IPX7 standard tests) and is shock-proof and impact-resistant for rugged outdoor use. The large LCD screen (1.25 by 2.25 inches) has a 64 x 128 pixel resolution and features excellent visibility in direct sunlight with adjustable screen contrasts and backlight screen setting for dark playing conditions.

    Wherever you are on the course, GolfLogix displays the key distances to hazards and the green in big bold numbers all on a sleek black palm-sized device. The screen advances automatically to all of the targets on the golf course so there are no buttons to push or lasers to point during your round. The GolfLogix GPS-8 can store the following data on each hole: front/center/back of green; hazards; bunkers; water; lay-ups; and carries.

    Easily download course data using the GolfLogix software, and store up to 20 courses in the GPS-8 at one time.
    The included, simple-to-use software lets you download up to 20 golf course maps on your unit at one time. Simply connect your GolfLogix GPS to your personal computer, and the software walks you through a few easy steps to download golf course maps from the GolfLogix database of more than 15,000 golf courses. The software is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista as well as Mac OS X (Tiger/Leopard). Download your favorite course for free or become a member for a low annual subscription fee and gain access to the entire worldwide database.

    Other features include:

    • Distance of last shot feature
    • Large number displays that are easy to read for all ages and eye-visions
    • Personalized name on main screens for security and anti-theft
    • Displays in yards or meters
    • Includes multi-use belt or bag clip
    • GolfLogix Course Manager software with USB drivers
    • 1-year warranty

    What are the advantages of GolfLogix GPS versus other yardage devices?
    A handheld GPS device, such as GolfLogix GPS, offers more flexibility during a typical round of golf. You can bring the GPS to the ball and get more accurate distance data. Unlike other laser devices, there is no need to point and aim or have a direct line of sight to the hazard or hole.

    How do I get golf course maps on my GolfLogix GPS?
    Included with your initial purchase is access to download a single golf course map of your choice. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the Quick Start Guide located in the box to download the Course Manager Software from the GolfLogix Web site. Then follow the registration and activation screens on your computer to obtain your free golf course map. With a $29.95 annual membership, you can download an unlimited amount of golf courses worldwide (currently more than 15,000 in the database) and have access to GolfLogix product enhancements and upgrades.

    Is using a GPS distance device allowed under USGA regulations?
    The USGA and R&A both recently sanctioned the use of satellite-based yardage measuring devices during competition. Specifically, decision 14-3/0.5 allows a committee to permit the use of distance measuring devices by Local Rule. Golfers should check with their golf professional prior to use in a USGA sanctioned event. GPS devices have always been permitted in handicap scoring in recreational rounds.

    What's in the Box?
    GolfLogix GPS, USB cable, belt/bag clip, 2 AA alkaline batteries, printed instructions

    • User-friendly, golf-oriented GPS unit for displaying key yardage distances on the course
    • Calculates instant, precise distances to the front, center, and back of greens, plus hazards; unit holds up to 20 courses with more than 21,800 available
    • 1.25-by-2.25-inch LCD offers excellent visibility in direct sunlight; waterproof and shockproof
    • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 and Mac OS X; up to 22 hours of battery life
    • Includes belt/bag clip, USB-serial cable, and AA batteries; measures 2 x 4.4 x 1.2 inches (W x H x D)

    Customer Reviews:

    • by Garmin ?????
      I just ordered the Golflogix (have not yet received) and expect it to be a good device. It is heavily advertised as "by Garmin" etc., but, when I contacted the Garmin web-site help desk to ask why this device is not on their site, they said they have nothing to do with Golflogix, they supply the case. and do not supply any support. They did refer me to the GolfLogix web-site. What's up with this? ...more info
    • Golf Logix A Home Run
      As a previous owner of a SkyCaddie SG2 all I can say is that the GolfLogix GPS is definately a step up in reliability, design and construction. I owned my SkyCaddie for about 2 months and had to send it back because it just stopped working and getting an RMA number from tech support was a real challenge. After sending it back I kept calling to find out when it would be returned and kept getting the runaround until it finally was returned a month later. The unit never really worked correctly and kept dropping Satellites and reporting incorrect distances to my targets. The GolfLogix GPS on the other hand is a work of art, you turn it on and with in minutes its up and running giving me all of the data that I need to know to play a competitive round of golf with all of my trouble targets and green information needed. And the construction is remarkable, it just feels like it is indestructable. And the battery life is remarkable, I would be lucky if I completed 27 holes with my SkyCaddie before it ran out of power. But not with GolfLogix, it just keeps going and going, two rounds now and it still has over 75% power left! Do yourself a favor, if you are considering a new or replacement GPS for golf, don't hesitate get GolfLogix GPS by Garmin you won't be sorry....more info
    • Hand held golf GPS
      This product GolfLogix GPS by Garmin works as advetised. It can become addictive. The only problem (1 time) I have experienced was accidentally turning the unit off when I retrieved it from the belt clip.

      Bill from Hilton Head Island, SC....more info
    • GolfLogix Performs as Advertised
      Setup was pretty straightforward. I initially had a problem that was due to the connection not being in correctly. It is a lttle tricky because it seemed like it snapped in but it didn't work until I popped it out and then in again. It was easy to load all the courses I expected to play locally as well as one I was planning to play in a few weeks in another state. I've now used it for 4 courses and the only issue I had was a short course (par 61) that had totally reconfigured their holes 3-4 years ago. I was surprised this course was even available but it was obvious it had not been updated. The other courses were more typical par 70-72 courses and everything worked fine. ...more info
    • Abysmal Customer Service
      When my Golf Logix GPS-8 was working, life was great. When it stopped working, life went downhill.

      This really isn't just a review of the GPS-8. It is also a review of the non-existent customer service/technical support from Golf Logix in Scottsdale, AZ. I purchased my directly from them, so I had NO place to go, other than Golf Logix. I started with emails, but didn't get responses. I tried calling, but nobody seemed to be manning the phones. I finally got a response to my emails after several attempts. The tech told me to do a hard-reset on my unit and everything should be fine. I did as instructed, even reloading all of the courses. I went to back to my home course... same problem (it would freeze up on the same hole every time).

      I tried to contact them again to let them know that I did as instructed (several times, in fact), but that the same problem resurfaced. I have never heard back from them. I even tried a local golf shop. They said they would try to contact the rep. They failed. Twilight Zone?

      I understand that there are mistakes made in manufacturing. I understand that mistakes are made in design. What I don't understand is how a company could so blatantly turn their back on a paying customer.

      I will never buy another product from them, and I hope others reading this will think twice about purchasing from them this time....more info
    • GolfLogix GPS Awesome
      This product is awesome. It was a gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it! Thanks!...more info
    • service hah support
      Golflogix is a good unit when it works. When it fails the customer support line has hold times the exceed the concert appearance of "The Boss". Pray that you don't get disconnected for any reason. I've experienced hold times from 45 minutes - 1:30 minutes. I've had 9 holes rounds that were shorter. It's ridiculous! Buy one of the other guys if you can, or find a comfortable chair and a lot of free time for any issue....more info
    • Golf Logic by Garmin
      I like knowing the distance to the front, back and center of the green. It will give you the yardage to a fairway trap, as well as over it, and will give you the yardage needed to layup to the 100 yd marker, 125, and 150. The only flaw I can find is if there is something in front of the green such as water or trap, it doesn't give you the yardage to clear it. Since I play a lot of run up shots that makes it difficult....more info
    • GolfLogix GPS by Garmin
      I love my new GolfLogix GPS by Garmin. It performs just as advertised. I can find the correct distance to the front, middle and back of the green and know what is required for layup shots to avoid local hazzards. Several of my friend have purchased their own GolfLogix GPS units after seeing how mine performs. I like the fact that the info is always on the screen and I don't have to push buttons or use menus to find what I want, it is simple there to see! The display is large enough and can be contrasted so that I have no problem reading the information without my glasses. This is a great product and a real boon to the game of golf! ...more info
    • First Time GPS User
      Sets up easily and operates as advertised(GPS8). Has improved club selection and speeded up play, which alone is worth the price. From a technical point of view, it would be nice if they added a scoring application that would contain the given course scorecard and give you all the feedback(gross and net, bogies, birdies, fairways, greens, putts, etc.) Should be a great, new competitive selling point. ...more info
    • Wonderful Tool
      The GPS by GolfLogix is a wonderful tool to assist you in your golf game. All the features described in the ad help me to select the proper club. You can see how far you are from the bunkers, the hazards and especially the front, the centre and the back of the screen. It allows you to load up to 20 different courses. You must select the course yourself before playing it. Well worth the price!...more info
    • GolfLogix GPS
      A very useful aid. Easy to read. Minimal effort to utilize during the golf round. After almost a month of use on flat courses in Florida I have found the readings to be consistently accurate. Loading new courses a snap. Intial use caused some negative comments from golfing buddies. Now they ask me "How far ?". ...more info
    • Garmin Golflogix
      I received my Golflogix in two days. I had a problem with the set up, due to the age of the computer I was using. However, once I switched to another computer is was a snap. I have tried my Golflogix 3 times and I am very impressed with the performance. The yardages are dead on as compared with the yardage markers and confirmed with a laser. I did not need color or the shape of the green, so this has realy fit the bill as a great value. What I like the most is that it minimally distracts you on the course. Everything is automatic. The belt clip is very substantial and works great. ...more info
    • Great
      This works really well. Just as advertised. I bought the subscription for $30 and all the courses I play down loaded. The only negative is that for the price they could add a shot counter and when you add a course to the device you have to reload the courses already installed. Overall I am more than pleased with it and glad I bought it!...more info
    • GolfLogix GPS case
      The product is just what I expected. It does the job, however the openings for the buttons could be a little larger. Otherwise workmanship is good. You pay a little more for the GolfLogix logo, but a reasonable value. The belt clip on the GolfLogix is not as functional as I'd like, but this case works well....more info
    • very satisfied
      Very satisfied with purchase. Product works as advertised and have had absolutely no problems....more info
    • A very good golf GPS
      I am a 2 to 3 times a week golfer, a 20 handicap and recently purchased the Garmin GPS-8. I found that it gives me the information that I need and is accurate as to distances to hazards and to the green. It starts the holes (except par 3's) by giving the distance to hazards and then to lay-up distances. When you get close to the green it gives front, middle and back distances. I found the contrast on the screen to be excellent and easy to read in bright sunlight. There are more expensive models that are in color and show the shape of the hole and custom distances but this is the model for the average golfer. The yearly subscription allows you to download an unlimited number of U.S. courses to your computer for $29.95 per year and load 20 course at a time onto the GPS-8. Unlike the Skycaddie which limits you to your states's courses for $29.95.
      If you do not renew the subscription after a year Golflogix appears to automatically delete the downloaded courses from your computer but it would appear that if you have loaded them onto the GPS-8 and they are the only courses that you are going to play and they are not changed by redesign, then you would not need to renew the subscription.
      Golflogix offers one free download with the purchase which you can choose to test the unit. What they do not tell you is that if you choose the free download, without purchasing the subscription, that when you check "MY ACCOUNT" it will show that your unit is a GPS-7. It will not show as a GPS-8 until you purchase one of the subscription plans. I would recommend this unit to my friends and would purchase it again....more info
    • Pleasantly Surprised!
      I purchased the Golflogix GPS primarily based on what I as willing to spend on a unit. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this unit is deathly accurate and reliable. I read some of the other reviews about not being able to scroll to hazards farther away until you pass the next hazard in line but that's not true. I can scroll all the way from the T-Box to the green and get distances for everything. I also read that it went through batteries like crazy and that wasn't true either. Mine lasts for about 4 rounds of golf and that's the way it's advertised. It doesn't have all of the fancy graphics and touchscreen operation like some of the fancier/more expensive units but that isn't important to me. I've even seen some that allow you to move the pin on the display to give you the ability to make very minute changes in distance for pin placement. I couldn't care less about that because my 112 yard swing is the same as my 117 yard swing. The course management software is easy to load and easy to manage. I've only found one track that I couldn't download into my GPS and it's under construction (customer service shot me an email to let me know that).The only thing I'm not sure about is the "last shot" feature. It allows you to track the distance of your last shot so you can dial in the distance of your clubs. It's way off because I know I hit my Driver a lot farther than that (Joking)! For the price, I couldn't be more pleased with this unit. ...more info
    • Golflogix GPS
      Works as advertised. Some holes are a little off on the measurement, a function of the mapmaker not the GPS. Easy to read even without the bifocals....more info
    • Excellent Piece of Equipment
      This is a very good addition to a golf bag. Very easy to use and can be used on any course in the world....more info
    • Works as advertised
      Delivery was timely. Downloading the courses was a snap. I have used it on 3 different courses and it doesn't quite pick up the couses as advertised but there is no problem in manually selecting the course. I am quite satisfied....more info
    • Solid GPS Unit
      I purchased the Golf Logix about 10 weeks ago and ahve been very happy with it. The first set of batteries lasted 6 rounds. There was still juice in them, but I changed them anyway. The device is easy to use and appears to be very accurate. I have seen an improvement in my score and club selection is so much easier now. It is amazing how easy it is to estimate your range and be a club or two off (particularly if your ball lands outside the fairways as mine sometimes do). This device makes the selection crystal clear for you.
      I played with a new person today who was frustrated because he could not load the course on his Sky Caddie because they have it available. The Golf Logix has every course I could drive to within 50 miles.
      I am very happy I chose this GPS finder....more info