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Acer V173b 17-Inch LCD Monitor
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $92.51

You Save: $7.48 (7%)


Product Description

This Acer 17" flat panel offers color and contrast to dazzle the eye.

  • Size/Type: 17" TFT LCD
  • Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • Maximum Refresh Rate: 75Hz
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Response Time: 5ms

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Bang for Buck
    I purchases 7 monitors for my staff and they all love them. An inexpensive investment in their mental and workspace health. No installation or performance issues after 4 weeks....more info
  • Great LCD!
    The monitor is working great and definately gives out more space to my desk. I am very satified with it and looking forward to purchase another one....more info
  • 17-Inch LCD Monitor
    Excellent product displaying large screen with clear print, a necessity for aging eyes! I am very happy with the size & clarity of the screen!!!...more info
  • Nice monitor
    Nothing fancy, but a nice monitor that does the job its supposed to do. Set up was easy; just connect the data cable (included), plug it in and turn it on....more info
  • Good monitor for the price
    I like this monitor every thing works great easy setup it replaces my old Dell crt monitor clear picture. I thought I got a real good deal free shipping and monitor all for under a hundred dollars...more info
  • Great monitor
    Our HP monitor konked out after a mere 3 years of use, wasn't going to spend $300 for a new one...saw this one, it came highly recommended from a couple of employees from "major electronics stores"...Amazon had it for the lowest cost, AND free shipping, no tax ;-) So it was the best deal in town!

    Monitor is great quality, solid, great color, EXTREMELY easy to set up...take out of box, plug it in, ready to go! Highly recommend!...more info
  • Great Deal
    A really great monitor for a really great price!

    I always wanted a flat screen LCD monitor, and when i saw this one, I couldn't order it fast enough - and I'm SO glad I did! Really nice to get that hulking big old CRT thing off my desk (not to mention the power savings too!)....more info
  • Crisp but small
    back in the day this screen would be very very good. today, after having such high resolution and really bigger monitors in general, i would this is "small"
    i purchased it for the office. the office room itself is bare, thus when i look at the screen it is "small"
    the color quality is acceptable. i have turned down the lux, to save energy. if you have smaller space, then it would be 4 star. consider the HP w1907 monitor....more info
  • Definitely Worth the Buy!
    I bought this monitor based on the price and the past reviews! Everybody that raved about it was absolutely right! You can't beat the price and the brightness and sharpness were perfect from get-go with no tweeking that had to be made what-so-ever! The set-up was SUPER simple and done in less than 15 minutes tops! I highly recommend this monitor for anyone who's new to LCDs (like I am), and who's low on cash but needs a TERRIFIC monitor ASAP! This one's the one to purchase!...more info
  • Good Value Workhorse
    This is a very nice monitor, and a great value, too. The 3 year manufacturers warranty is definitely a selling point, as LCD monitors of all brands can have issues. Many other brands come with a 1 year (or less) warranty and cost substantially more....more info
  • Best bang for the bucks
    I researched brick and mortar stores as well as other internet sites selling monitors for my dell computer. The Acer V173B 17" LCD Monitor was the best choice as a result of my research.

    The installation was easy and quick. The appearance was cool. The images were clear and crisps.

    I was very satisfied how easy and quick it was to install and start using. It is better than the Sharp monitor it replaced.

    Finally, and most importantly, I didn't have to leave an arm or a leg on the table to get it!...more info
  • nice monitor, low price
    I got this as a second monitor to pair with my 23" Acer monitor. It works great! No complaints. I even bought a second for a friend to replace his old CRT monitor. We both love them!...more info
  • Acer V173b 17-inch LCD Monitor Purchase
    Acer V173b 17-Inch LCD Monitor
    This is a very good LCD Monitor and I love it. It's well worth the price!...more info
  • Very nice monitor
    Acer V173b 17-Inch LCD Monitor I was using a 19 inch wide screen Samsung LCD TV for my PC monitor. I found that moving the cursor was tedious. My new Acer eases much of the problem and I have a very nice clear picture that can be adjusted to full screen for online poker. I have Parkinsons disease and am now forced to use my left hand for mouse operation and my Acer set up works great. ...more info
    I bought this monitor to replace an old clunky monitor that I kept with my old computer. I love this monitor and can't believe how nice this product is for the money. Easy setup, slim, looks good. I love the fact that it is square and not a widescreen monitor. You may or may not notice that yourself so thought I would mention it. I love the free shipping when it's available and the delivery was unbelieveable. It actually came within 48 hours and I'm sure I checked the "free shipping" box. Oops, I better check that. Thanks again, Amazon, for great shopping....more info
  • Works Just Great Out of the Box
    Outstanding build quality not to mention superb picture quality. Replacing
    a 6 year old Dell 17" CRT. I should have bought this earlier. Will now attempt to see if my other computers are compatible. If it is, will be ordering 2 more for my household. It my makes work a pleasure since the picture quality is both bright and extremely clear. Love the square format since widescreens give me a headache....more info
  • Very happy
    The price was right and the monitor works really well. Very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Excellent monitor.....
    Easy to install, plug and play. There's no dead pixels, bright, has color management buttons right on the front of the monitor. Awesome buy!! I bought two and both are perfect. Highly recommend!!...more info
  • Acer a-ok
    I was concerned about buying the least costly monitor I could find but it is very good....more info
  • 17 Inch LCD Acer Monitor
    Good Monitor easy to install -- does not adjust height so most will need a monitor stand. Good picture ...more info
  • Acer Monitor Review
    This was my first LCD monitor purchase. Thank you Acer for making a high quality product. ...more info
  • Great Monitor, Great Price
    Replace your old tube monitors! Make space on your desk! I had retired a computer because the screen took up too much desk space. Now I have my old computer back in action! ...more info
  • A Great Purchase
    I've been using this computer for about a month now and so far I have no complaints. It was cheap and it works well. It's big enough but not too big for my desk, and I like the color and images look great on it. Very vivid. This was definitely a great purchase....more info
  • It's More Than I Expected
    My OLD Elephant monitor died and I researched several monitors before deciding on this one - mainly because of the price. I was delighted with the clarity and how easy it was to install. I would recommend the Acer to everyone looking for a monitor....more info
  • Clean and Crisp
    This product has a clean and clear picture. Easy installation and great price. Screen may be 17" not so wide. My kids computer so it works....more info
  • Great Monitor, Great Price
    It arrived quickly, works perfectly, and has finally freed up some space on my desk for my other piles of work!

    Graet monitor though. Nothing bad to report....more info
  • Very good buy
    Recently bought this online. Turned out to be a good buy. I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • Good Product but poor customer service
    I am satified with the quality of the product. I am most disatisfied with the customer service.
    This company appears to be in the midst of combining Gateway Computers/etc with a Japanese company. One is located in Denver and the other in Californa,
    When I tried to register product, on line, it would not take the S/N, I tried it several times. Then I called into the # given and the recording accepted all my inputs except the S/N. Then the recording gave me no other choice. I had to find another # to call via google. It was Gateway in Denver, she did explain some of the functions, but didn't know why the S/N would not take except she said that it was California's responsiblity. I called California and they said I had to write them an e-mail. [California did say the S/N given by me was correct and didn't know why their systems would not accept it.] I wrote them an e-mail and my product registration was finally accepted.
    There really didn't seem to be anyone that truly cared OR was willing to step up to help.
    My issue was MY time spent which should have taken 2 minutes....more info
  • Great monitor, square 17 inch
    I shopped many stores trying to find a monitor that would work with my computer. The new widescreens did not match the pixels on my older computer--they all stretched the display, so I needed a square monitor. This size is no longer sold in most stores. This square monitor was perfect for me. I don't use it for games or anything fancy. Good picture, compact size, great price for LCD monitor....more info
  • ACER Monitor V173, EXCELLENT
    ACER Monitor V173 is an EXCELLENT monitor, The image is very good, and the controls for the almost functions are automatic. I recommend it....more info
  • Perfect for us!
    My husband and I are not big time users of all of todays electronics but
    we enjoy our desk top computer and are very happy with this new monitor!
    I actually 'installed' it (my son-in-law is so proud) and we love the bright colors, space saving convenience and it's energy efficient. It's perfect for us! ...more info
  • Great Replacement Monitor
    This monitor was purchased to replace its predecessor. I didn't want anything fancy or too large. I just wanted a monitor! The Acer 17-inch LCD monitor is not fancy. The black plastic looks like plastic. The screen will tilt, but it's not a job to do with one hand. It takes two. But screen clarity is fine. Where performance is all that is required, this monitor rates 100%....more info
  • Help with printing overlap
    I hope someone can help me. I got this monitor and it works fine and was easy to hook up: except on some websites the printing will overlap at the bottom of an insert. I needed to fill out a form but the bottom part would overlap and couldn't fill in the blank. I don't know if it is the monitor or if it is a setting. If it is a setting, please tell me how to change it....more info
  • Very happy
    The price was right and the monitor works really well. Very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Great Value!!
    I bought this Acer 17" monitor to replace my 6 year old 15" HP monitor that died last week. I didn't want to spend a lot but was afraid a low cost monitor would not be sturdy or look very good. However, I am well pleased and would recommend it to anyone who needs a good monitor without having to spend a lot of money. Way to go Acer!! Thanks Amazon for a great deal!!...more info
  • Nice for the price
    Can't complain about this product. Its a very nice monitor for the price. I find it hard to beleive flat panel cost so little compaired to years past. I would definatly recommend this product....more info
  • Nice, small, inexpensive, 4:3 aspect ratio
    I must admit that the new wide screen monitors drive me a bit crazy. It seems like you're getting a big monitor when you buy a wide screen 22" monitor, but since the screen is measured on the diagonal you could conceivably buy a screen that was 21.9" wide and 1.25" tall! Besides since most of us want to use the full screen you often get objects that are distorted: elliptical circles, squashed people and cars, etc. The more square aspect ratio doesn't normally do this.

    A 17" 4:3 monitor is only about 6 sq. in. smaller than a 19" 16:9 monitor!

    Nice picture, good contract, little ghosting. ...more info