7th Heaven - The Sixth Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 06/10/2008

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  • The last great season.
    7th Heaven - The Complete Sixth Season is the last season I felt was excellent. The rest of the seasons lacked strong storylines and way too many new characters were introduced after the absence of Barry Watson and Jessica Biel. Good thing both those actors are featured heavily throughout season 6, Matt starts med-school and secretly marries a pretty, Jewish girl and Mary starts to reform her life from bad girl to good girl again. Lucy is probably my least favorite character, she's always complaining! Check this season out, enjoy!...more info
  • Another great 7th Heaven
    The cast has done it again - handling tough issues, especially the ending one of the marriage. I learn so much from each of these seasons - how to parent, when to see that I am wrong, how to be a good spouse, and so much more. It's so nice to see TV that's wholesome and that you can let your kids watch with you (most of them). Thanks to the producers for thinking up some great story lines and casting the actors so well. Buy this one! You won't be sorry!...more info
  • Seventh Heaven Season Six
    Great family story with down to earth values. Problems could be anyone's.
    I think the writers hope that it will touch someone personally and they will be able to identify and hopefully get the help they need. A great
    show for all....more info
  • I
    loved this show when it was on regularly and I ienjoy watching it again whenever I want. I am an adult now but grew up in a family of eight four girls 4 boys. MY dad was Lou. both my parents were PK's. So I know what that is like. MY grandfather always knew when we were up to something. Growing up we believe he could see through walls and see around corners. I Miss his show I WONDER HOW THE ADULT CHILDREN WOULD BE HANDLING their familes...more info
  • 7th Heaven-sixth season
    My daughter and I have purchased all six seasons from Amazon and are eagerly waiting for the rest to come out on DVD. GREAT family show!...more info
  • 7th Heaven 6th Season DVD
    7th Heaven: The Sixth Season I could write the same review for all the seasons of this wonderful series. My wife and I enjoy the series very much. It provides a weekly lesson on ethics and morality.

    We are anxious for the release of the next 5 seasons on DVD.
    ...more info
  • Love this show!
    Watching this show with my 10 year old daughter has been very enjoyable, as well as a great springboard for "life discussions." We will be disappointed when the final season is reached....more info
  • 7th heaven
    it is a great series and i cannot wait for the next series hope it is out soon...more info
  • Great family show
    &th heaven was one of the best family shows I have seen. Season six was one of the best seasons of the show....more info
  • 7th Heaven season 6
    The complete 6th season of 7th Heaven episodes are
    great. But the disc layout is boring silver no color
    like the last 5 seasons. I wish the words on the
    discs were black to stand out. The words are just
    cut outs just hardly readable. I hope the following
    seasons aren't like this one as far as the discs
    layout goes. They are 100% better with color.
    I truly do enjoy the show itself....more info
  • 7th Heaven Review...All about Heaven
    I have watched the show for years...I love it and could not imagine not having it. 7th Heaven offered me so much hope and inspiration. I would love love to have 11 seasons on DVD--with the original music of course, but it seems as though that has edited out. Either way, I am so very happy that the possibility of having all 11 seasons seems to be more attainable now than it did a few years ago. In my opinion, this is the best show that has been in TV and I have a lot of favorite shows--but nothing will EVER take the place of 7th Heaven. If I am lucky enough to marry someday, I am doing my best to make my home a Heaven on Earth. Great show...great cast. Sadly missed...I would love to meet the primary stars someday--especially Catherine Hicks and Stephen Collins...Christy in KY 7th fan...more info
  • 7th Heaven season 6
    Wow this season took forever 2 realease but well worth the wait if you are a true fan because this season and the rest after this season shows the growth and maturity of the camadan kids and we see Lucy make the right choice in boyfriends go Kevin and Lucy Kinkirk hopfully season 7-11 is not far behind ...more info
  • The best show ever
    I am totally in love with this show the characters played by the actors and actresses seem to be one. It is wholesome while it addresses real life issues.
    I miss it so much,and I wish, even though nothing good ever seems to last, that it would have continued on and never ended.
    This is one DVD collection I will always cherish.
    ...more info
  • The Camdens are back and ready for more drama in Season 6!
    With the release of this 6th season quickly approaching, that means that more than half of the series is already out, so being able to collect Seasons 1-11 seems more attainable than ever! Sadly, it appears that the poorly edited episodes and all-too-typical music changes probably won't be addressed, but if you're a big "7th Heaven" fan, you can't deny that it's better than not having them on DVD at all.

    Like many others, I grew up with this show. I was a fifth grader when it all began, and by the time its last episode aired, I was almost done with college. I think this show will always hold up as one that was brave enough to deal with contemporary issues in a tasteful way, all while portraying a loving American family that managed to stick together, even though they were far from perfect. With each passing year, the social issues presented got deeper without steering away from their classic "family friendly" ways. I have to admit that Seasons 1-5 were probably the best, and the first two years were my all-time favorites, when the original Camden kids were young, and before the storylines started getting more complex to accommodate the classic "growing pains." It was around Season 6 that I started seeing the show weaken a little bit, but of course, at this point, they were only midway through the series as a whole, and as the kids grew up and new characters were introduced, there was plenty more of a story that the writers wanted to tell.

    Season 6 finds oldest child Matt getting into med school at last and receiving his first glimpse at the girl he will eventually marry, whose Jewish roots create a serious clash between the two families. Former "fallen angel" Mary, who is trying to deal with her mistakes and has shaped up quite a bit in the past year (despite having a shameless lapse of good judgment every now and then) trains to be an airplane pilot, struggles to rebuild her relationship with her family, and has two men eager to marry her. Good girl Lucy, who convinced her parents to let her get engaged right out of high school at the end of last year, returns home after a summer with her fiance, and chooses to mope around and cry instead of explaining why the ring is suddenly off her finger. Teenager Simon enters a more rebellious world of alcohol, dating, and driving, while sassy young Ruthie--who is probably the most intelligent of the Camden bunch--corresponds by letter with a soldier in the Marine Corps and comes face-to-face with an emotionally damaging teacher from her past. Youngest Camden offpsring Sam and David are only about three now, so there isn't much to say about them (although I can't say there really ever was much to say about them, to be honest). Also present in this season is the infamous "bad boy" Robbie Palmer, who begins building a better reputation for himself and serves as both a son and an older brother to the Camden family. Then, of course, there's Eric, who continues dealing with the various trials and tribulations of being a Reverend (which includes coming to terms with his oldest son's desire to convert to Judaism) and Annie, who takes a teaching job at Ruthie's school and finds herself in the middle of a student's domestic problems.

    Guest stars include singer Joy Enriquez, the memorable Andrew Keegan as Mary's former boyfriend Wilson, and a first look at the infamous Kevin Kinkirk, who may have what it takes to piece Lucy's broken heart back together. In short, it's not the very best season of the series, but it's still a pretty good one with some very nice moments, most notably (in my opinion) the episode "Suspicion," where 10-year-old Ruthie meets a serious challenge in her young life when she chooses to defend her friendship with a Muslim classmate. If you're a "7th Heaven" enthusiast, you'll want to add this one to your DVD collection. Is Season 7 on its way, too? I am confident that it is!

    Additional Note: After picking up my Season 6 DVD today (June 10), I noticed that the six individual discs are now grey and do not have the art that the previous 5 season sets had, with the pictures of the Camden family members. There is also a note on the DVD box that they edited some scenes out, and boy, did they ever! The bad thing is that they take a random line or two of dialogue out right in the middle of a scene, so even if you've never seen the episode in your life, there's a really good chance you'll be able to tell, anyway. For instance, Eric's classic "Popeye the Sailor Man" joke to Annie in the season opener is removed, which means that Annie's little rant before that is very abruptly cut off, and in the September 11-centered episode, 11-year-old Ruthie is supposed to sing and dance to Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" in the first and last scenes, but because obtaining music rights is such a hassle, they opted to omit the scenes altogether, which is a real bummer, because those two scenes were a pretty big part of the episode. Sadly, they are putting these sets together more and more carelessly with each season, but just the same, I look forward to watching the episodes tonight. If we want these sets on DVD, this is the kind of stuff we must deal with. The good news is that because there are no special features or anything extra, the price is pretty low if you buy it at the right place (Target, Walmart, etc...)

    ...more info
  • Nice Clean Cut Family TV....
    Loved 7th Heaven since the very beginning in 1996. I have to admit I was quite sad to see the show come to a definite end in 2007. I grew up with this show. What I love about it is that it's totally shameless family tv. Not the find of thing that you have to worry about your kids watching. There needs to be more shows like this. 7th Heaven always send out good signals to teenagers about making the right shoices in life. They would bring up true to life issues & watch the characters resolve these issues. There is loss, romance, happiness, success. It's just an incredible show & you have to watch the characters evolve from the beginning to the end to truly appreciate the show as I do. This is one show that will definitely be missed. Can't wait for the next season to come out. Hope we don't have a long wait again!...more info
  • It's about time!
    FINALLY 6th season is posted! I thought I was going to die of old age before it came out! Make sure that season 7 comes out shortly after season 6!...more info