PlayStation 3 Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel
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Product Description

Make your racing experience even more realistic. Enjoy unprecedented integration with Gran Turismo 5 game functions, while advanced force feedback recreates bumps, crashes and traction loss with jaw-dropping realism. Sequential stick shift - Go through the gears for the ultimate in control Rubber-over mold rim - Enjoy a comfortable grip during intense races Solid, one-piece wheel construction - Drive with confidence knowing this rigid, sturdy wheel won't squeak or flex during aggressive maneuvers Custom tuned for popular games - See and feel every bit of wheel movement reflected in game, without dead zones or lag Ultra-precise optical encoding - Experience reliable and accurate handling

  • 24-position realtime adjustment dial: Fine-tune brake bias, TCS, and damper settings on the fly for unprecedented control over your car's performance.
  • 900-degree wheel rotation: Go 2.5 times around lock to lock, just as you would behind the wheel of many real cars.
  • Force feedback technology: Feel every inch of the road for maximum control and the ultimate racing experience.
  • Gas and brake pedals: Get precise throttle and brake response with true-to-life pedals.
  • Sequential stick shift: Go through the gears for the ultimate in control.

Customer Reviews:

  • Its ok for the price
    It is a good force feed back wheel but I have tried many force feed back wheels and have never found one I love for the price and shipping (under 100)it's a good deal.PlayStation 3 Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel...more info
  • PS2, PS3 and PC, yep!
    Just got this wheel the other day from Amazon, and I can say that this is the best wheel I have used to date.

    I previously used a Thrustmaster Enzo, which while it had strong force feedback, had a bad dead spot, and wasn't very easy to drive. Also, the pedals needed to have a 50lbs dumbbell set behind them so they wouldn't move. Also, the feedback was rather clunky, but better than nothing.

    Next, I moved on to the Logitech Momo (which is essentially a Driving Force Pro for the PC; same motor, gears, and bearing system). A better wheel than the Enzo in some areas; the pedal setup was miles better, with the (probably) patented carpet tack thingy found on most Logitech Wheels, but also not as strong a feedback motor as on the the Enzo. Also, the force feedback never felt as fluid as I would have liked, and as a result I sometimes didn't have the confidence I should have when trying that overtaking maneuver at speed.

    Which brings me to this wheel, the Logitech Driving Force GT. I purchased it mainly because my girlfriend has a PS2, has GT4, but doesn't have a wheel, and my Logitech Momo wasn't recognized by the PS2. As I'm sure you all know, playing GT4 without a wheel just simply won't do. Also, I'm buying a PS3 as soon as GT5 comes out, so I thought I might was well kill several birds with a single stone.

    This thing is the bee's knees. Yes, it works on your PC, in case you were wondering. So if you've got anything other than the G25 wheel, get this one, and sell the one to cover your losses. I play racing sims a lot; GT Legends, GTR2, rFactor, LFS, and just for fun (not really a sim), Test Drive Unlimited. On the PS2, just GT4. I haven't purchased a PS3 yet mainly due to the fact that the ONLY game I care about for the PS3 is GT5.

    So now that you know that it works on your PC, PS2, and PS3, I'll try to let you know how well it works.

    I've used the fabled G25 wheel before. It's $300, and I'm not so willing to shell out that kind of money for a video game controller, but yes, it is nice, and is one of the best force feedback wheels you can purchase. Well, this one uses the same force feedback motor, gears, and sample rate, and cost less than half as much. It is miles ahead of my Logitech Momo. 900' of rotation I thought at first would be a gimmic, and something I wouldn't ever use... wrong. It makes the fine control of the car that much more realistic, and therefore makes driving quickly and precisely that much easier. It makes for a totally immersing driving experience, which is what a force feedback wheel controller should be all about.

    The wheel is thinner than the Momo, but a lot more comfortable in hand. It's also much larger in diameter than the Momo or Driving Force Pro, which really helps with the overall feel. I also found the build quality much higher than the Momo and Thrustmaster Enzo wheels I have used. The wheel simply doesn't budge under load, whereas the other wheels you could flex the wheel up, down, and sideways while driving. Most of the buttons on the controller can be mapped in the PC, but not all. More than enough though.

    The force feedback is forceful, but really, REALLY precise. There is a lovely deadzone right at the middle that just smooths in to progressive feedback, and there is no sudden feedback area, it's just so smooth. I can't say enough about the force feedback; simply awesome, very much like driving a real car at speed. The amount of data sent through the steering wheel is just awesome. You can trail brake going into corners, use the throttle to turn the car coming out, and it never feels unnatural or forced. It just feels fluid, and really gives you confidence to drive faster, find a better line, brake later, and get on the power sooner.

    For those reviewers who said the wheel has too much feedback? Go to the gym. If you're having problems turning in with this wheel, it's you, not the wheel. The pedals are the same as on the Momo, and while not world class, like on the G25, they do the job, and again have the retractable carpet tack system found as found on the Momo, which makes it completely immobile on carpet.

    So in conclusion, if you have the older Driving Force Pro, sell it. Get this one instead; it's in a different league. The fact that you can use it on three different platforms is a huge plus in my book as well. I promise you won't be sorry, and will be grinning like an idiot for weeks to come. ...more info
  • 4-star product if used with GT5P only
    This is a great gaming peripheral addition to your PS3 if you're a fan of racing games, particularly the 'Gran Turismo' series. It is, however, important to note that this particular Logitech wheel was specifically designed to be used almost entirely for current and future iterations of the GT game series (the nifty backlit 'GT' logo on the horn should be a dead giveaway) and therefore if your intention is to use this product on other PS3 racing games you won't quite get the same 4-star experience as you would with GT.

    With that out of the way, coming out of the box the wheel feels quite sturdy as is the pedal board. The main hardware components are all quite responsive and unlike many similar products manages to stay grounded in place no matter how hard you think you are pushing it. The wheel itself is capable of a very smooth 900 degree rotation and the contextual force feedback is accurate and greatly enhances the overall gameplay experience. Another great future when used with 'GT' is the hardware addition of a real-time adjustment dial allowing you to tweak settings as you'd like on the fly, in the middle of your game.

    Some minor caveats - shifting is counter-intuitive as the device requires you to up-shift to drop gears and vice versa. Also, as mentioned above this product doesn't function quite as smoothly when used with non 'GT' driving games. There is a fairly comprehensive option menu that allows you to adjust the wheel for other games but it is a rather long process and will take awhile to get the proper setup in place. That said, if 'GT' is your thing the wheel is a terrific complement that will greatly enhance your 'GT' sessions....more info
  • Decent Wheel
    I'll confess, I'm not really a wheel guy. More to the point, I'm not much of a racing guy any more. Those games tend to do little more than piss me off, frustrate me, and generally rub me the wrong way. As such, I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed playing the latest Gran Turismo title using this control interface.

    I should say right out that this was my first experience with a force feedback wheel, so I don't have much basis for cross-comparison, but with that in mind, it was certainly a better way of interacting with my game than I have previously had available to me. The wheel feels pretty tight for a two-thirds size plastic toy, and the feeling you get while driving is.....well, it's not a perfect replica, but it's still pretty authentic. All of the buttons, switches, and levers are located in easy to reach areas from your natural grip on the wheel. The only mechanical element that really bothered me was the gear shift level, which doesn't have as much wiggle and slide to it as I might have preferred, but otherwise it's pretty exceptional.

    That's not to say that the device doesn't have its problems. I personally had a problem with the gas pedal disconnecting from the wain wheel assembly - the pedals would walk progressively further away as I operated them. If you want to work the device from your lap you're probably up to the creek as well, as the whole controller is just a little bit way too humongous to fit comfortably in your lap and still work. I couldn't expand the clips far enough to slide the wheel onto my coffee table either, which is partly the fault of my gargantuan coffee table and partly the fault of Logitech not making the clips expand another half an inch to slip on.

    On the whole, I'm not sorry that I have the device, and it's made the PS3 my future platform of choice for those racing games that I do decide to get. However, it should be said that this wheel isn't going to change your life. I'm not sure I could advise anybody to spend over a hundred dollars on a device like this that isn't really interested in racing games as a genre. For the price of this device, you could get two other new release games that will probably entertain you longer than the wheel will. While it's a great piece of technology for people who know they're interested, I'd say that at its current price point, it's probably still a toy for the hardcore racer crowd, though those folks should be reasonably pleased with what they get here....more info
  • Great!
    I haven't tried the most expensive version of Logitech Racing wheel, but this one is great. You feel the bumps in the road! ...more info
  • Excellent but for the wires
    I don't play games that much (wife complains they take too much time) but when I do this wheel is excellent (with GT5). I know it's expensive to most us folks but if you have money buy this Wheel ([...]). Only complain I have is the wires. I wish they made this wireless (this day and age)....more info
  • Great wheel with minor flaws, BUT: support lacks from games...
    Having used the Microsoft Wireless Wheel on my kids' XBOX 360 I decided to get one for my PS3, thinking that it would be great to dust off the amazing-looking Motorsport. Much to my dismay I found (and I truly hope someone will call me an idiot and show me how to make this work) that Force Feedback is not supported in that game. The steering wheel is extremely awkward to use in Motorsport without the FB motors spinning as it is almost the same feel as with using the sixaxis feature.
    The wheel does work well with GT5 however I do not like that game that much. I ding the wheel therefore with one star as it lacks game support.

    About the wheel itself: it looks and feels nice in the hands and the 900 degree rotation is a cool feature. What I do not like is the clamp: these are screw-type clamps to connect the wheel to the table. It lacks an easy on-off mechanism like MS built into their XBOX wheel. Little disappointing as this wheel is 20 bucks more expensive than the XBOX MS wheel.
    Also, the screw-clamps lack 'room' to clamp on more modern / thicker tables (Ikea coffee tables) so if you have a table edge beyond 1.5" you will have to find something else to clamp onto. This also made me deduct a star as not eveyone will have a table that fits this mechanism and they should have created a quick connect feature / system like the MS wheel. ...more info
  • Feel the road, be the car
    This product, when coupled to real racing PS3 games, transforms the experience. You become connected to the experience, you feel the road, you are the car. Very powerful forces pulling and tugging and shaking at all the right points. Really is a different game from playing with a joystick controller -- now you are driving! The important part, the wheel, feels real and feels solid. The pedals are accurate and also work great.

    I love it. Two young lady drivers (6 and 9) loved it. Has all the PS3 controller buttons built right in, so navigating the game options is a breeze. There are, however, two downsides I gotta give you a heads up about. One is the wire-fest. This ain't bluetooth! You've got a powercord, a USB to the PS3 -- not long enough for those of us with big screens -- and a cable between the pedals and the wheel. Arghhhhh. The second gripe is something that would be harder to fix, as it's the problem of what to put the wheel/stick shifter on. The two clamps are OK, but some tables are too thick, and others are too tall or short. I found a sideways dinner table chair worked OK for the girls, but was really too low for me. Be prepared to fiddle with tables and whatnot to get a good setup. But when you wire it all up, all is forgiven as now you get to go racing. Not play a video game on a joystick -- but get lost in an amazing racing experience....more info
  • Good product!
    I own Logitech Driving Force Pro for PS2. I bought this unit for PS3. As same as Driving Force Pro, this controller is very slick and love it.
    Besides the product, the shipping from Amazon is quick and very much satisfied....more info
  • perfect on GT5 ...but some other games beware..
    This thing deserves a 5 star rating just for GT5 alone..
    i will warn you that MOST other driving games you WILL rather use a game pad...sorry to say ..

    i think that for an amazing game like GT5 its totally worth spending 105 bux at amazon for this controller...or even 227 for the G25.

    I did test this with Nascar 09 and have to say it ran VERY well also..
    too bad i don't like nascar 09..but to each his/her own.

    now on to the steering wheel.

    its solid construction, densely built..tough durable plastic shell .. don't feel flimsy. The wheel seems rugged for gaming abuse, and is super comfortable to handle.
    there was NO dead spots whatsoever. the clamp to my simple half inch shelf fit perfectly, it doesn't get loose or slide. i love the clamping on this thing despite what other reviews have works for me and is mounted firmly...has not come loose.

    nothing was needed out of the box with was meant to be.

    other DEMOS i tried it with.

    1. GRID -tough to control needed adjustment but i gave up
    2. GTI -potential there..but im still working on far, no go
    3. Motorstorm PR -wouldnt work at controls..anyone have any luck with this amazing game and this steering wheel? please post i would love to know.
    4. Wipeout HD , pedals wouldnt work with the game, the steering worked..but..i didnt even try to adjust anything..the lack of pedals working took away my ambition to play with it.
    5. Pure- Good potential..but no pedals once again...i guess stick to gamepad
    6. Nascar 09 - Worked VERY well..a pleasure to play actually..more fun than a gamepad

    i strongly encourage anyone skeptical about this wheel and GT5...dont have to feel it to believe will not be able to go back to anyhting else. I just hope more games come out in time to utilize this wheel more...but if not..i think ill be happy with GT5 for the rest of my life hah....more info
  • Its almost the real thing
    I really like this wheel i use it on NASCAR 09. I have plans to use it on futher driving games. But it really differcult driving on NASCAR tracks i guess i gotta get good at it.The Dual Shock is so realistic and will satisfy any NASCAR Fan.Like when you hit the wall or another car you will feel the vibrations. Maybe Someday sony will create a virtual reality NASCAR game that will make you feel you are there competing against pros. I highly recomend getting this Logitech Driving Force GT if youre really into NASCAR racing. ...more info
  • racing wheel
    I bought this for my son and husband. They love it! They say it's just like driving. Works great and fun!...more info
  • Wow, took a while to get used to...
    The Logitech Driving Force GT racing wheel took me a while to get used to. It's not as precise compared to real-world driving as it claims to be, but after you get used to the handling and nuances of it, it really is fun and makes the perfect compliment to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

    The biggest point I do have to make about this, however, is that it's really designed for a gaming seat, and is a pain to use without one. The wheel is mountable on other surfaces, but we've had a hard time getting the perfect setup without an actual gaming "driver's" seat to compliment it.

    Other than that, it serves it's purpose and delivers on pretty much everything it claims, and we haven't experienced any glitches in gameplay or controls which is a major plus. I'd highly recommend this to anybody who's thinking of getting or already has Gran Turismo....more info
  • Kids love the wheel for the PS3 racing programs
    My kids (9-12 years old) love this wheel for the various car racing programs they play on the PS3...more info
  • Logitech Wheel and pedals
    Makes GT5 prologue much more enjoyable and usable. Works well with "DIRT", though I haven't had enough time to comment further.
    GET THIS UNIT. ...more info
    I am not a big "gamer" but I bought this because I was always intriged with 'ol school car racing video games. I got a playstation 3(mainly to watch blue ray movies)and wanted to try using the game fetures. Wow, i was so impressed with the way this little device works. It feels so real. When you go over ruff terain, you can feel it on the wheel. I have to give this thing a thumbs up....more info
  • Overall a terrific choice for a PS2/PS3 wheel
    The Logitech Driving Force Wheel for Gran Turismo offers a state of the art driving experience when coupled with the game it was designed for. The force feedback is overall fairly realistic, occasionaly you will feel like you might be grinding the mechanisms inside the unit when you are fighting through a turn but the wheel is durable and made for this. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could also hook this wheel up to my PS2 and take the old GTs out for a spin. I did much better with this wheel than the Dualshock of yore. When using a control stick for driving games you really just move the stick left or right when you want to adjust rather than laying into it throughout the turns etc.. With a wheel like this you are involved with every tire on the ground, through every turn until the duration of the event. While it is smooth sailing with GT this wheel can be a little cumbersome in other games, Rally style driving games seem to add too much rumble and control somewhat spastically (DIRT being the exception, it is terrific with this wheel) and other driving sims might take a little more tuning with the wheel to get it where you are comfortable,(I am looking at you GRID). The mechanism that attaches this wheel to a table is very well designed overall and fits over almost any edge and thickness of surface. The pedals are nice just acceleration and brake on this model however. The gear shift functions as shifter (or ebrake in some games). If you have a need for speed on you PS2/3 this wheel is the right choice. The components feel well made and if you have enough driving titles you will find yourself using it more than you think. Recommended especially for GT titles....more info
  • saaaaaweeeeeeet !!!!!!!!!
    Excellent all the way around.....ordered this with 1 day shipping and had it 17 hours later (and I live in the boonies!)! Couldn't be happier with the wheel, it is all I hoped for and more. You have to play around with the settings for each course you drive but there is no way you would go back to the hand-held controller after running even one race with this wheel! Only down-side is that I lost a whole day playing my PS3 'cause I was having so much fun.
    I made the final decision to buy this because of all the positive reviews posted on Amazon and am happy to add another glowing report on this fine product! Thank You Logitech and Amazon!...more info
  • Despite the hype - Not a Great Wheel - but what choice do you have?
    If you are considering a wheel (any wheel) over a joystick type controller then I'm in complete agreement with the other reviewers here at Amazon. A wheel is far better than a joystick in any driving game --- but this wheel could have been far better but your choices are limited to older Logitech wheels

    Also worthy of note is that a number of the positive reviews here are from members of "Amazon's Vine Program" who are supplied with a free product to review.

    I purchased this wheel strictly for use with the PS3 game Gran Turismo 5/Prologue. It has proven to be a major disappointment, although as already noted, a wheel/pedal combination is far superior to any type of joystick controller. I should also point out that I had previously used a Microsoft force feedback wheel/pedals with older PC games for a number of years. So, I don't think my expectations where unreasonably high when I purchased this wheel.


    The wheel has three cables. One that goes between the steering wheel and the gas/brake assembly. A second cable for AC power and a third (USB) cable to connect to the Playstation. All the cables are reasonably long.

    The wheel will clamp to a wide variety of tabletops of varying thicknesses that DON"T have a lip. However, the clamping mechanism is not well designed and I find that often, mid-race, the wheel has detached itself from my desktop. I have not found a solution to this. The wheel can not be used without a tabletop, it is simply too unwieldly to place in your lap.

    The pedal mechanism (gas/brake) have excellent feel and travel. The pedal assembly is rock solid on my carpeted floor. The pedal mechanism have small retractable teeth on the bottom that lock perfectly to my carpeted floor. I can't speak to how well the pedals work on a smoother surface.

    The wheel has well integrated buttons on it - duplicating ALL those found on the Sony joystick controller.


    The real problem is with the Force feedback. It is just terrible and prevents you from taking full advantage of using a steering wheel. Simply put: the force feedback is excessively high, even on its lowest setting and it often kicks in at the worst possible moment, making the wheel very hard to turn. For example: when an opponent crashes into you, the force feedback goes crazy and the wheel almost locks - making it very difficult to steer. The wheel has a poor center feel and generally communicates with the "driver" poorly. Despite claims otherwise - there appears to be very poor integration of this wheel to the PHYSICS of Gran Turismo. The wheel only provides force feedback relating to the surface of the roadway and crashes. The least intrusive setting I've found is force feedback "1" (lowest), power steering off, mode = simulation.

    Serious design flaws: If you make the mistake of turning power steering on in Gran Turismo the wheel will oscilate back and forth - right to left - repeatedly - on a straightway. You must grasp the wheel to prevent this. The solution is to turn the power steering off which greatly lessens this effect - largely eliminating it. But the question remains how this wheel could be released for sale with such a defect.

    Logitech includes no manual in print (no CD is provided) or at their web site!! A tiny booklet is included which consists of a few crude drawings showing how to use the desktop clamping system.

    Logitech did not respond to my customer support questions. It has been over 30 days now without any reply from Logitech's "support" team.

    A friend reports identical problems on his wheel purchased a month later so I don't believe this is a problem with my particular sample.

    UPDATE: As noted I've only used this wheel with the game Gran Turismo 5. A recent game update changed the way the wheel interacts with the game and what an improvement! I encourage everyone to go on-line and let the Playstation update this game. The wheel can now be set to have much less forcefeedback. I would now award the wheel a solid three stars. What is interesting is that the power steering setting, which previously had made the wheel oscillate and increased the heavy handed force feedback now does the opposite. Turning the power steering ON - now lightens the force feedback - my major complaint. The oscillation is also largely gone. Still the programming changes in Gran Turismo 5 are uneven and depending on the car, the wheel can still be very heavy handed. For a wheel designed specifically around one game it was and remains poorly executed.

    New Recommended Settings:

    Mode = Simulation
    Power Steering = ON
    Force Feedback = 1

    My complaints about the clamping system, the fact that there is no manual and Logitech's non-existent customer support still stand. ...more info
  • Worth every penny.
    This driving wheel is worth every penny. It has a 270 degree turn angle, the force feedback is great, the stick is great, and it works on PC's with a simple driver from Logitech.

    It DOES seem like theres a lot of cable though. Nothing a few twisty ties can't handle....more info
  • Very good -IF the wire stays connected, which it doesn't.
    Okay first of all I'm a serious gamer and this is not the first wheel I've owned although it's my first PS3 wheel. It has numerous extra features that I liked to help pinpoint precision of your racing in GT5. The feel of the wheel is very good and the buttons are pretty well layed out although the buttons on the top part of the central steering column are practically impossible to push when driving. -At least I never needed them.
    Now the VERY bad part. The pedals that come with it are connected by this VERY flimsy serial type connector that doesnt latch on or even screw on (like a monitor cable) and when moving the wheel, just the normal racing movement, the connector falls right off and you CANT use the pedals any more. This is VERY frusterating and made me lose TOO many races because of this. The pedals go out and you've lost your acceleration and brakes.
    It's a Huge Aquiles Heel to such a mighty wheel. I'm giving it a one star because although it's packed with goodies whats the point if it all depends on a flimsy little connector that 9 out of 10 races fell off.
    Logitech shame on you!! -A cheesy little screw could've solved that problem. I will be returning this product....more info
  • What a jerk! :D
    I will never play a driving game without a wheel again. The force feedback is very strong (and can be adjusted) and works with several games...apparently... I don't know, the PS3 has just been playing GT5 Prologue since I got this awesome wheel. Grid is a great game with it also.. It makes it real. Daytona is actually a fun track to constantly go around and around and around.

    One note, make sure it's really attached to the table. You'll never realize until you have this wheel not completely secure.. on how much one pulls "down" on a steering wheel vs. rotating it....more info
  • Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel
    This wheel adds a whole new dimension for GT5P. The Force feedback is amazing! You feel the road, the bumps of the red/white curbs, weight distribution of the car in the turns(sudden lane changes too)...Also, the pedals are solid. The base does not move on my carpet when I depress the gas/brake pedals. You have a better feel for the car with the pedals as opposed to the analog sticks/buttons on your dualshock controller(no full on gas/brakes.)
    All in all, a solid performer for a racing wheel(with GT5P.) I have not tried any other racing games with the wheel, but I will be heading to my corner rental retail store and try some out!
    As for the money, I leave that up to you(its worth it to me!)
    --Now I need to take some driving lessons--...more info
  • Great Game Experience
    The Driving Force Pro GT wheel is an excellent addition to your gaming experience. I use this wheel with Nascar 09 and it deffinitely makes the game that much better. Of course if the game that you're trying to use the wheel with isn't very good, then the wheel can only do so much...BUT, if you already have a driving game that you enjoy then this will be the icing on the cake. If you're able to purchase or construct some type of gaming chair that will be the optimal scenario....more info
  • Wheel of delight
    I have to confess, I haven't played with this wheel - I got it for my husband, who had a wheel (older model) but it broke. I told him he could have it but he would have to give me a comprehensive review of it.

    He loves it. I said that's not enough information. Why do you love it? How and why is it better than the previous wheel. Well, this one isn't broken. I don't think he gets the whole review thing.

    But finally he got into it. This one is better because it feels better, turns better, the gears work better. Generally it's all better and all good.

    I had to accept that as enough. He's happy, and in fact happier than he was with the first wheel....more info