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Sony STR-DG520 5.1 Audio Video Receiver - Black
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Product Description

Get amazing 1080p video and 5.1 channels of pristine surround sound. The STR-DG520 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver delivers the Full HD 1080 experience to your Home Theater System. This 1080p A/V Receiver features HDMI Pass-through and 1080/24p capability. Special Digital Signal Processing allows for lip sync delay to adjust matching the refresh rates of today's advanced flat panel televisions and micro displays. The STR-DG520 also features a DIGITAL MEDIA PORT DMP connection, expanding the flexibility of the STR-DG520 to play back music from various audio sources with one of the various accessories. Powerful HDMI connectivity allows for uncompressed 1080i video to pass through directly to your HDMI capable television. Speaker placement, distance, and delays are all calibrated automatically to ensure a worry free listening experience. Sony's original Digital Cinema Sound(TM) technology uses exclusive DSP technology to recreate the precise environment of three Hollywood Dubbing Stages where your movies are created. dts Decoding A/B Speaker Switch Mic - Mono Digital Cinema Auto Calibration Push Banana (A), Push (B) Speaker Terminal Type Ports - 2x Composite Video Inputs (1 Front/1 Rear), 1 Composite Video Output (Rear), 2 Optical Audio Inputs (Rear), 1 Coaxial Audio Digital Input (Rear), 4 RCA Audio Inputs (2 Dedicated Audio/2 Audio/Video), 1 Subwoofer Output (Rear), 1 AM Loop Antenna Terminal (Rear), 1 FM 75-Ohm Antenna Terminal (Rear), 1 Headphone Output (Front- Silver), 2 HD Component Video Inputs (Rear), 1 HD Component Video Output (Rear), 2 HDMI Connection Inputs (Rear), and 1 HDMI Connection Output (Rear) Dimensions - 16-15/16

  • 5.1 Channel Audio/Video Receiver
  • 100 Watts X 5 Power (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz,.09% THD)
  • 1080p HDMI Pass Through (2 In / 1 Out)
  • Accepts 1080/60p and 24p video signal via HDMI
  • Digital Media Port

Customer Reviews:

  • No HDMI audio Only 1 optical input for HDMI Not addressed in manual
    This reciever is nothing but a headache. If you only have one HDMI input great get it. If not throw this out the window and move on. I have a Dish reciever and a PS3, THE TWO CANNOT BE CONECTED BOTH BY HDMI AND HAVE 5.1 AUDIO. It as two optical ins but only one is assigned to the hdmi port. Think about that. Terrible...more info
  • A really good buy.
    As to be expected with Sony, this is a really solid product and a good deal for the price. The only drawback is that it only has 2 HDMI inputs which can be a bit limiting if you have a lot of devices. Other than that, I fully endorse it....more info
  • Great Receiver
    I bought this Receiver for musical purposes only. I don't have surround speakers, so that's why I didn't buy a 7.1 system. It works perfect with my stereo speakers, and does the job neatly and with no sound distorsion. The machine is also very well made. I Don't give it the 5 stars because I think even though it is a cheap machine, Sony could have added the other dial for tunning purposes like in the expensive models....more info
  • Great Home Theater Value
    Initially had hoped for more powerful A/V capabilities, but soon realized the emphasis of this product is Home Theater 5.1 AMP. AUDIO: The (3)digital inputs are pristine and the custom control features are slick, straight forward and sufficient. VIDEO: Basic I/O switching does not cross between types i.e. composite to HDMI or component....more info
  • dont buy this, unless you 17yrs old....
    Burned out my old faithfull Yamaha(thats what you get for putting the cable box on top), ran out and got this sony.
    I didnt use any hdmi cables or anything new just rca cables. What a mother to hook up!
    And thats not the beginning, twiking with the sound, balance eq that stuff....Wheres that d@mn manual! The preset is stuff is easy but anything more in depth.. Better be a engineer. Where did knobs go?
    But it was cheap, and sounds good enough. For this level manufacture buy Yamaha or JVC....more info
  • But can you connect a turntable?
    For the benefit of other greybeards like myself who may still want to be able to play their old vinyl, I should like to add that of the STR-DG520, STR-DG720, STR-DG820 and STR-DG920, only the last-named has a phono input!...more info
  • Nice But!
    No tape loop or pre in or outs... Impossible to connect EQ, or other processors. The following is my contact with Sony tech support...

    Is it possible to connect an equalizer to the STR-DG520 receiver?

    Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

    I'm glad to assist you with connecting of the equalizer to your Sony Receiver. An equalizer needs to be connected to the tape monitor loop on a AV receiver in order to operate. The current line of Sony receivers do not have a tape monitor loop. For this reason, it is not possible to connect an add on equalizer to current Sony AV receivers.


    * The addition of an equalizer is not needed, and would provide no additional benefit to the overall sound output of the receiver.
    * BOSE speakers that require an external equalizer are not compatible with Sony AV receivers.

    What were they thinking?...more info
  • Can't beat it for the price.
    If you already have a grasp on home audio and are looking for something basic to push your surround sound system this is a great bargain. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has never owned a tru surround system without professional or experienced setup assistance. Great product overall....more info
  • Best Bang For Your Buck
    As an IT tech, I research my products before I buy them. The Sony DG520 does exactly what it's prescribed to do, and well. It has a limited number of input/outputs compared to higher-end models, but if all you're doing is watching tv, dvd/blurays, playing video games and listening to music, this reciever will do it all. It also has enough controls that you can tweak it's sounds to your preferences as much as you'd expect a $150 model to do. So if you're an audioholic, maybe this isn't for you, but as a professional, I can assure that this reciever can put up a good fight against pricier models for atleast three rounds....more info
  • Great receiver, great price
    wonderful receiver, cannot beat the price. 5.1 surround sound system is everything you are going to need....more info
    I installed this unit to replace an older RCA surround unit that didn't have HDMI connections for my new HD LCD TV and SONY BLUERAY player. It seems to have a problem with the RCA surround system speakers. It keeps going in to PROTECT MODE and turning off, what a pain in the middle of a movie. I never had this problem with the RCA unit. But I wanted to go all SONY to cut down on my remotes....more info
  • A bargin for 154.00 New
    This was the perfect recever to replace my old shelf unit; it fits on top of my pc hutch; has the digital input that makes a big improvement in sound over my pc mini jack; runs cool the big heat sink and 6.5" hight help. I looked at onkyo yamaha both were too deep (16"to 17") one was 20.00 cheaper the other 20.00 more. Three negatives no analog 5.1 input for 6ch sacd; the remote is fussy about the angles you use; for direct tuning its hit or miss; but once I had all the presets set direct tuning lost its luster; Im not using the 5.1 or HDMI I got that covered with 7.1 and 5.1 systems; Overall its a solid unit if you have 3 or less digital out puts this might be the one for you. ...more info