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Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable System - Black
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Product Description

Do you still have some classic vinyl? Would you like to transfer those albums to your PC, Walkman music player or even your iPod music player? Well now you can bring those albums into the digital world with the PS-LX300USB USB stereo turntable from Sony. Using the USB connection, you can import all that music into your computer and create MP3 files to store on a PC or bring along with you on your favorite portable player. The supplied Audio Studio software makes it easy for you to archive your music from vinyl, optimize the sound, and store it on your PC. The PS-LX300USB USB turntable is also a fully functional turntable that can connect to your current system and playback your classic vinyl albums.

  • USB Audio output
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Built In Phono Preamp
  • Static Balance Tonearm

Customer Reviews:

  • Sony PS-LX300USB USB Stereo Turntable System - Black
    I recommend getting a speaker along with this cause the internal one is barely audible...more info
  • Once you figure out the software, you'll love it
    As a tool for getting your vinyl to CD (or iTunes or whatever), this is a great product. Sure, the whole thing costs less than the B&O crowd will spend just on cartridge, but if you're like me and have a bunch of LPs sitting in the garage feeling neglected, this is just what you need to get the tunes back in your living room & vehicle.

    As others have said, the software takes a little getting used to. It would have been useful if the software's default startup behavior would have been optimized for use with LPs. As it is you have to hunt around a bit to get the recordings to work. Don't be surprised if on your first attempt:
    * The sound on all your programs stops working
    * Your first LP recording sounds even scratchier than the oldest LP you've ever played.

    After a little poking around, you'll get most of it working. Like the others I haven't been able to get the sound to play through my computer while recording, but since I've got the unit hooked up to my receiver, that doesn't really matter.

    Just remember recording LPs isn't like ripping CDs. :) You actually have to play the album in real time in order to record it, just like the old days....more info
  • Yes it works with Mac
    After failing to resurrect my old, unused Philips turntable, I bought this turntable. Plugged it in to my Mac and it works fine.... I used both Audio HiJack and CD Spin Doctor... I also tried out Final Vinyl and it works fine too. So, even though Sony doesn't pack any Mac software with this, it does indeed work with a mac (OS 10.5.6 ... Unibody MacBook Pro). Make sure the Audio Input is set to the USB Audio Codec which will be present when the turntable is plugged in to the Mac. I am very pleased with the sound... Created some MP3's with it and have renewed my interest in the thousand or so LP's I had stashed away... A great turntable. Listened to some of the mp3's on my Ipod while running this afternoon... couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Can this be? No Sound while playing album?
    Can this be? No sound while the album is playing?

    I got this unit yesterday and excitedly dropped what I was doing when it arrived. Trouble is I CAN'T HEAR ANY SOUNDS FROM MY PC while the unit's USB cable is connected to my Dell / Windosw XP PC.

    I called Sony support and spent about an hour with them on calls yesterday and today. The bottom line is that they say it's SUPPOSED to work this way. Even thought the manual for the included "Sound Forge Audio Studio LE" software indicates that one should be able to hear sound while recording! Sony's attitude was pretty much "well, it's supposed to work that way, the manual is wrong, too bad."

    Another reviewer (R.McAnally) wrote:
    "The software instructions in the manual
    will lead you to select a "record" option
    that will prevent you from hearing the audio
    as you record it. This was a little annoying
    until I found the "Vinyl Recording" feature.

    If R. McAnally reads this and cares to comment more specifically about experiences hearing live sound, I'd LOVE it!

    I was using this "Vinyl Recording and Resortation" tool in the software and even selected the "Monitor Input" selection and still no sound.

    In my opinion, if I can't hear live sound from the album I'm recording, this product is worthless junk. I'll be looking to ship this one back to the Amazon affiliate and start shopping for a decent unit!
    ...more info
  • Just what I wanted!
    Product works just as described. Software is easy to use--I'm a novice, so it can do more than I need it to do. Sony brand name is trusted. Seems more rugged than the competition....more info
  • NOT Compatible with Mac
    This item was purchased as a gift for a Mac user. There were no materials that outlined the "system requirements", but Mac users beware, this is Windows compatible only. ...more info
  • Turntable is great, still learning the software
    I haven't had any problems with the turntable, it's being very kind to my old albums. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and am glad I chose the Sony over several other brands I researched. I would definitely recommend this one.
    Like several other reviewers I've had a not so fun time trying to figure out the software. I do have sound through my computer. To make a long story short, here's what I ended up with for my settings: click "Tools" then "vinyl recording and restoration", be sure "monitor recording level" is checked. My Device Properties on the Audio tab is: Sound Playback: Realtek HD Audio Output
    Sound Recording: USB Audio CODEC
    MIDI Music Playback: Miscrosoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
    I can listen to an album even if I don't want to record it by opening up the vinyl recording and restoration window and just letting it run in the background.
    Hope this helps....more info
  • Good for the price, achieves its purpose, but...
    On the whole I am satisfied, but I think there could be some improvements, like perhaps Sony could provide a hard copy instruction booklet on how to use the software, for those who don't like or who are not used to reading online/onscreen help. Also, the webpage showing the product should include vital accessories you can buy together with the set, in particular, the replacement stylus meant for this model.

    That said, it arrived at my place in perfect condition - from the USA all the way to Singapore....more info
  • Don't like...not what I wanted
    This product doesn't work with Windows XP. It has to have its own music player but then you can't hear what you are trying to rip. We are very disappointed....more info
  • Doesn't look expensive, but it works.
    Some reviewers have commented on the "plasticky" appearance of this unit. No doubt, it isn't the kind of equipment you would have expected to be sitting next to an expensive amp, receiver and huge speakers twenty years ago, but it doesn't serve the same purpose.

    The way I look at it, once I have copied my 100 or so LPs to a hard drive, I'll just put this puppy on eBay and get most of my money back. Frankly, for what I spent on it, I could throw it in the trash and come out ahead b/c I didn't have to go out and replace my (some irreplaceable) vinyl with CDs.

    Let's make it plain, however, that converting your LPs to digital (even with the pretty good scratch removing software included) won't render the clean, clear quality of the identical recording which was later released on CD. In other words, this USB player works just fine and the software will allow you to disguise the defects of your old, used records somewhat, but it isn't going to make them new or even come close to a new CD. As for the reasons, lets just say that so much new recording technology has come down the road since you bought your old records that they didn't sound as good as you thought they did when they were brand new.

    Now that we're over those few hurdles, let's talk about the turntable and software. The TT will play 33s and 45s, but not 78s. Well, really - do you care? Maybe. I have about as many 78s as LPs. My wife has a slew of 45s. So, yeah, it might be an issue.

    The TT works just fine with as little "wow" as you used to have on much more expensive units. The stylus seems to be up to the task, also. The software can be a little daunting at first, unless you have already played with similar apps. Actually, once you get over the hump, it's pretty much a matter of play and record. You'll probably just stick with one scratch removal setting and copy all of your records w/o changing it.

    This unit does have a switch which allows you to turn on or off the preamp, which is handy if you decide to use it as a part of your home entertainment system instead of putting it on eBay.

    Incidentally, my unit is hooked up to an XP equipped Dell laptop. Like others, I was surprised and disappointed to discover that I could not monitor the sound through the laptop's speakers while it was being recorded. Other than that, getting it set up and operational was fairly easy (but I do have a background with computers and A/V stuff).

    I recently had the opportunity to set up another brand of unit for a friend. It had a few more features, such as a fancier mechanism for dropping the stylus on a track in the middle of the record and it would play records backwards(!?) But, it cost more money.

    The Sony works well enough that I recommended it (and Amazon, too) to an older friend. She immediately purchased it, but I'm pretty sure her techno savvy son had to set it up for her!...more info
  • Price is right and Sound is Great
    The reason that I'm writing this review is because this product is new and I could not find a single review on this turntable before I purchased it. I had been shopping for a turntable for quite awhile, reading reviews and product specs until I finally decided on the PS-LX300USB mostly for its appearance, price, USB capabilities and the Sony name. I've had this turntable for two weeks now and so far I am very pleased with its performance.

    Here's what I like about this turntable:
    Great sound that surpasses a number of CD recordings of the same music; USB connection that easily allows conversion of analog music to digital files; Even the MP3s that I made sound better than some of the CD versions of the same music; It is black and blends in well with my other stereo equipment and doesn't look like a bloated silver flying saucer (like some other USB turntables); Easy to operate; Price is great; Software works very good once you figure out how it operates.

    As for my opinion of its shortcomings:
    The plastic construction has a light cheap look. The software instructions in the manual will lead you to select a "record" option that will prevent you from hearing the audio as you record it. This was a little annoying until I found the "Vinyl Recording" feature.

    If you simply want to enjoy the great sound of vinyl, and if you want to easily make your own mp3s, and if you don't feel the need to brag about spending $300 + on a turntable and $80 on RCA cables like the audiophiles would have you think is necessary, then this might be the turntable for you. I recommend this turntable and I've been listening to vinyl records for over fifty years.
    ...more info
  • Great Turntable
    Recently purchased this item. I have no complaints so far. It works great, and it is so nice to be able to play records again. My only wish is that it could play more than one at a time like the old ones. One side of a record goes so fast! I have not used it to create digital files of the music yet....more info
  • Once you get past a quirk or 2, good stuff
    Everything plugged in fine, but right off the bat, I couldn't get any sound to come out of my computer speakers. I kept fiddling Options>Preferences>Audio within Sound Forge Audio Studio (which comes with the turntable), changing settings, then putting them back, & somewhere along the line, there was sound & there was ripping off my old vinyl & there was the easiest sound-file editing I've seen. I've quite happy with everything now ... though Sound Forge Audio Studio doesn't always detect the gaps between tracks so it crams multiple songs into 1 file, where the easy editing really helps....more info
  • USB vs. Line Input & Software Choices
    After reading the reviews about my top choices for an afforable USB turntable, I came to the conclusion that unless it had some major flaw that made it unusable or introduced some intollerable noise, one turntable at this price was just about the same as any other. I chose the Sony because it came with software that you couldn't just download for free. Sound Forge Audio Studio is quite easy to use and the the fact that it supports .wma so I can edit clips recorded from other sources.

    I did download Audacity and like it too. In fact, I switch back and forth, depending on the project. What suprised me was that the sofware wouldn't detect the breaks between songs very well while using the USB interface. I think the gain is just too high and can't be adjusted down that I can tell. Luckily, this unit has it's own preamp and allows me to hook it up at line level to the computer's sound card input. Now the software will detect the individual songs and treat them accordingly.
    I don't know if this is a flaw with this particular unit or all USB input. The other benefit of using line level over USB is that you can hear what is being recorded. With the USB input, you can't (unless I'm missing something).

    All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase and even more pleased that my decision to go with the Sony model got me two choices of recording software....more info