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Sony STRDG720 7.1 Audio Video Receiver - Black
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Product Description

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  • 7.1 Channel Audio/Video Receiver
  • 105 Watts X 7 Amplifier Power (8 ohms, 1Khz, 1.0% THD)
  • Accepts 1080/60p and 24p video signal via HDMI
  • 1080p HDMI w/ Active Intelligence (3in/1out)

Customer Reviews:

  • great avr
    I just recieved this from amazon.Great avr for the price.Lots of power does audio through hdmi.It will also handle lossless audio through hdmi as long as your hd source decodes it.I don`t know why sony avr`s take such a trashing on web sites like avs forum.I have an onkyo 606 which is a good avr, but i can`t keep it from buzzing and running VERY hot.This sony plays as loud and clean as the onkyo without the buzz and heat. I have the moody blues lovely to see you on bluray, awesome!The only negative i have with this sony is that the auto speaker program does`nt set the subwoofer.For the money i don`t think you can beat this sony.Highly recommened!...more info
  • Automatic
    I use this for movies, sports, and gaming and it gets the job done. I do my "hi fi" listening at my computer and have a whole nother setup for that (look at my reviews) and couldn't be happier.
    This receiver is just totally awesome! It takes the mystery out of setting up your surround and HD system. It sounds great, recognizes everything you plug into it and just works. I matched it with 4 Sony speakers a decent sub and a nice center and run my Xbox360, Blu Ray player through it. Buy your cheap HDMI cables on amazon and make sure to grab a cheap TOSLINK cable so you can rout surround sound from your HDTV channels to the receiver and you are set. I also found the Logitech Harmony 550 to be the ideal remote to run all of my gear after using the remote that came with it to set this receiver up. I'm super stoked about this receiver and have owned it since last summer.
    ...more info
    All I have to say is excellent unit for the price. Been looking for a long time for a 7.1 receiver. The prices were out of my reach. Fortunately this unit was well in my reach and it being a SONY unit is a extra plus. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a 7.1 unit....more info
  • Good value
    My Blu-Ray has built-in DTS and Dolby HD decoders so this receiver's straight pass thru works great. Set up was relatively easy, but the auto-mic setup doesn't work in large rooms (my rear speakers are 15' behid the seating position), so I had to do a manual speaker distance adjust. Took some time, but no big deal.
    The specs (particularly THD) aren't great, but I've (only) got a couple of grand in speakers total, so it's good enough. ...more info
  • Working well
    I could not hook it up myself but after the local geeks got done all is operating as advertsied.

    ...more info
  • Excellent receiver for the money
    The microphone provided with the setup procedure worked great; the system was rocking within 30 minutes. This receiver replaced my 12 year old Harmon Kardon and the newer technology was easy to use. The HDMI connections simplified my DVR/Satellite equipment integration and the sound is more than enough for the average listener.

    My system is stereo with a subwoofer and this is a great product for the money....more info
  • Bang for the buck.
    I bought this as an open-box [...]. It didn't come with the auto-calibration mic, but not a big deal. This receiver was so easy to set up using just 3 HDMI cables. I hooked up my PS3 and my cable box(DVI to HDMI) to the receiver and the third HDMI cable to the TV. Other than the speaker wires, there are only 3 other cables stickin out of the back of this thing. No birds nest behind my TV anymore.

    If you are not looking to spend a bundle on a receiver, I highly recommend looking into this one. It sounds great. It's easy to set up using all HDMI cables, [...] you'd be hard pressed to find something of similiar quality. ...more info
  • Lame front look and but works great.
    I liked the look of the Onkyo's and Harmon Kardon's, but for price and function, this receiver works great. It's easy to install and easy to set up, for me anywayz. Navigating the menu's was hard at first but only because it's unfamiliar. After having it for a few weeks now, i'm all good menu's and functions. would definetly recommend for beginner systems and for how inexpensive it is. Dont spend the extra 150-300 dollars on more expensive receivers....more info
  • Very Capable Budget Receiver
    The STRDG 720 is very capable for the price, with lots of options for customizing your home theater experience. Sound quality is typically budget-Sony and I am good with that. I use the receiver in concert with a Panasonic HDTV and Blu Ray player, as well as a Wii system, all controlled via a Harmony 510 remote (well, not the Wii). This setup is very affordable and does a fine job. If you're looking for an affordable HDMI receiver it will be hard to beat this one for price and features....more info
  • A fine fit for moderate priced home entertainment system
    This item was ordered through Amazon and shipped by Electronics Express, arriving on time and in well-packaged condition. I researched specs and prices for a moderate priced receiver which was still full-HDMI capable and settled on this Sony STRDG720. It is connected to a Samsung 240HD 24-inch LCD HDTV (which was also needed as a larger-screen secondary PC monitor for a laptop)with HDMI cable. Sound is supplied by a Polk Audio RM 6750 5.1 channel home theater system (also an Amazon/Electronics Express purchase). Everything is set up for a 12 x 14 living space, and it looks great, works great for DVD movies, cable tv and OTA AM-FM radio programming. ...more info
  • amazing sound
    after i connect this sony to my lcd tv , dvd player and 9 speakers and turn on the power, wow the sound was amazing. but i need to read the manual very slowly and do it step by step. everything is under control with my hand right now....more info
  • Why bother with a more expensive receiver?
    So far so good. Not very hard to hook up to my Sony Blu Ray and Sony 46 inch Bravia TV and cable box. Yes takes awhile to understand settings but that would be with any receiver. I blasted movies in surround sound to test it out and it was great, even with 10 year old Sony 5.1 surround sound speakers (one day will upgrade to a Bose speaker system). What else do you need in a reciever to spend so much more? Here you have the Sony name and a great price....more info
  • Great amp for the price.
    We are not on the cutting edge of the latest in sound systems, but this one works for us. My only problem is the volume variation from HD to standard digital. Some stations vary in volume as well. I'm enjoying surround sound TV. Radio stations pick up well, even AM....more info
  • Great for HDMI, Not so great otherwise.
    I bought the Sony STR-DG720 for the 3 HDMI inputs. They work great, and are easy to setup.

    Everything else is a pain in the neck. The remote, menus, and instruction manual are all difficult to understand and navigate.

    My HDMI inputs are:
    - Tivo HD player
    - DVD player
    My HDMI output is:
    - Home Theater projector

    The sound comes out of speakers or headphones.

    This works well for me, and was fairly simple to setup. ...more info
  • Works Great!
    My Sony Strdg720 7.1 works like a dream. I switch over to an all Sony format as to be able to get all down to one remote. Using this reciever allows me to do that. It is so much better than before when I had 4 different remotes. Also I only have one wire going to the wall mounted HD TV. Neat and clean. I am glad I did it. I am not a tech guy just someone who wants it all and not have to jump through hoops to make it work. It was simple to set up with all those HDMI slots....more info
  • HDMI Issues
    I like the stereo but I bought it for the HDMI switch. I hooked up the DVD player it didn't work I hooked up my computer no good. The only thing that did work was the satellite. If your buying this thing for the HDMI switch buy another unit....more info
  • Sony 720 Receiver
    Product works OK, however it does not upconvert any signals to HDMI. The unit will only send like signals to the TV, ie., this means that if any of your peripheral devices aren't HDMI compliant, like a VHS for example, you'll have to run the appropriate cables to your TV, ie., composite, component,s-video, etc etc and you'll wind up with a bunch of cables instead of just one cable to the TV, which is one of the reasons you bought an AV receiver in the first place. pay the extra bucks and get a unit that upconverts, so you'll only need one cable, ie., HDMI out to the TV. ...more info
  • This receiver wasn't too good to be true!
    What an amazing deal, this receiver has it all. I'm not an audiophile by any means - but I wanted to hear Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio on my new Sony setup (SS-F6000s in the front, SS-CN5000 center, and SS-F3000 rears). Paired with the (about to arrive) PA-120 subwoofer from PremierAcoustics, this receiver is going to rock my house.

    I ran MONSTER Cable to all of my speakers. Now, Monster Cable is highly overrated, but we had a gigantic spool of pre-monster-fame cable in the garage, worked great for being like $[...] bucks for a couple hundred feet eight years ago.

    I used the calibration microphone, and within a half-hour had The Dark Knight playing.

    I've got it all setup sans sub, but I am pleasantly surprised by the clarity and processing this thing manages. It takes my two-channel stereo mp3s and brings them alive, along with my Blu-Ray and other various sources.

    The HDMI takes the LPCM 7.1 from the PS3, in which the PS3 decodes the Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD/MA and sends it down to the receiver... effectively giving me the functionality of a receiver three times the price.

    Don't expect the best audio quality, but everything sounds great and clear on my end - so I'd say go for it!...more info
  • not what we hoped for
    Perhaps a case of "you get what you pay for". It wasn't till we had the receiver all hooked up that we realized you can't play speakers A and B simultaneously, defeating our purpose of music in 2 adjoining rooms. Sound quality was poor, as was the FM signal for all but 1 of our local radio stations, even with a power FM antenna. Maybe this is more suited to a home theater set-up, rather than strictly music? We have since returned the item....more info
  • Excellant for the price especailly
    What doesnt this receiver do.. had it 3 weeks now and still reading instructions.. have it hooked up to a 6 in 1 receiver system as big as my living room allows me.. great with some decent speakers to go along with it and for the price... very happy with it.....more info
  • Nice features/poor sound quality
    The Sony STRDG720 has nice features for the price. You cannot find any other new receiver that can process audio over HDMI at this price (at this time). It is easy to use and will fit right in with anyone who is both on a budget AND who does not really care about the audio quality. (Although if you don't really care about the audio quality, why are you buying a receiver?)
    That being said, the audio quality is poor. I understand the concept of "you get what you pay for," and some may believe this receiver would exemplify that, but even at this low price it is not worth the lack of quality. I returned the receiver and will be receiverless until a better receiver falls into my price range....more info
  • Best Bang for the cash
    This receiver works great with the PS3 or any HD Player that has a decoding capabilities.

    What more do you want for sub-300 receiver?

    PCM sounds awesome. ...more info