Make Money Teaching Online: How to Land Your First Academic Job, Build Credibility, and Earn a Six-Figure Salary
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Did you know you could teach from home and earn a six-figure salary? Thousands of people make a great living teaching online courses from home, and the more classes they teach the more they earn! If you want into this exciting profession, this guide will show you how to get started, find great jobs, and earn more than you thought possible.

Customer Reviews:

  • Works
    There are many good teachers who can get back to teaching by learning how to do it online. This book explains the ins and outs of how to go about doing this. However your experience and building your own network can be a bit different. Promises of high income are also promises of high demand on your time and limited flexibility in your schedule. All this taken into account this book will open your eyes to great opportunity. The future of teaching is online to a high degree, this book helps you make the leap....more info
  • Thank You For Sharing Your Knowledge!!!
    Drs. Babb and Mirabella show their commitment to student success by sharing their knowledge and experience with readers. This book is written in real-world language, demonstrates their expertise in the arena of online learning, and demystifies the prospect of teaching online and building a career in this area. Though encouraging to students, they also offer appropriate direction to readers regarding the do's and the don'ts of making connections and establishing credibility. Moreover (from my perspective as a counselor), even though both authors are in the business and technology field, they offer readers vocational direction and guidance in evaluating their motivation for teaching or wanting to teach. They do an excellent job with writing on direction, guidance, and motivation. I would recommend this book to anybody considering making a career, whether full or part time, out of online teaching. Drs. Babb and Mirabella clearly understand both students and the academic community. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I read this book and registered on their website. So far I have not heard back from any potential online schools. Book is okay, but it is basically a very general overview of the online school teaching environment. ...more info
  • Encouraging!
    As a teacher who is seriously considering a shift into the online teaching profession, I must say that the authors of this book were very encouraging and provided helpful advice, websites, and resources about starting out. I have a bit of time before I actually leave my current job and put their advice into practice, but I definitely feel more confident and informed about my decision and the work and effort it will take to make the transition.

    Easy to read and understand, and very realistic in the presentation of the profession. Great job!...more info
  • Very good start
    I bought the book as soon as it came out and read it right away. The most helpful part of the book is the strategies that one needs to take to heart and apply. I was one who had zero college teaching experience two years ago and now teach at 7 regionally accredited Universities (6 online and 1 onsite) kidding! I will be adding an 8th school later this year(confirmed).

    I am ABD and expect to complete my PhD over the next several months What one needs to understand is to get to the 6-figure income will require one to have a PhD and understand which schools pay the most. And whether or not one teachs graduate or undergraduate courses. It also helps to teach courses that are in demand. Understand the different schedules, how the schools hire, understand that most institutions are highly unorganized and that one needs to apply a persistent strategy to get in. Use networking, referals, do other work etc. It takes time to work up to a 6-figure income teaching online, but it is not impossible and it won't happen without a clear understanding what is involved. This book will help you get on the path....more info
  • Online Teacher
    I think this book was excellent, it gives you all insight and information needed for those who wish to become online teachers!!!

    Deanetta...more info
  • a good introduction
    The authors provide a nice overview of online teaching, including a lot of important considerations for job seekers (many of which apply equally well to those looking for jobs outside the realm of online education). The advice seems honest, and the authors admit that, unfortunately, there is no single source, website or service that will provide you with access to all the job listings/opportunities that are available. I didn't find anything new among the websites they suggest monitoring for job opportunities, but this doesn't mean that you won' may depend on how much research you've already done. Their advice on strategies for making inquiries, even when no opportunities are listed, seems reasonable and should be helpful to many.

    There was a good deal of emphasis on how to use and maximize current technologies, along with accounts of the authors preferences. I had hoped there would be more focus on the actual online teaching process...e.g., tips for addressing common problems students encounter in adapting to discussion forum-based learning, etc. Granted, the advice may help you to be more organized and efficient, and therefore give you more time to think about how to manage e-classroom issues and improve your teaching techniques. Nevertheless, managing relationships with institutions, administrators and other online-teachers is covered reasonably well, but not so extensively for the online student/teacher relationship. I can't fault the book too much for these issues however, as the title is "Make Money Teaching Online," and not "How to Teach Online."

    This brings up another aspect that I found troubling, in the subtitle implication that the book will show you how to "earn a six-figure salary" from online teaching. Although I don't doubt that it is possible for those who manage their time exceptionally well, I have my doubts as to whether this is realistic for all but the most committed and hardworking teachers, as well as some others who may likely be precariously overextended and therefore of little utility to their students. The advice in this book may well help online teachers to be more organized and maximize their time, possibly allowing them to take on extra work. However, is it really necessary or advisable to promote online teaching in this way? Overall, the book does makes a pretty nice guide for career exploration, especially for those who already have a little bit of classroom-based teaching experience and are interested in pursuing online opportunities. I wouldn't recommend going into this field if extremely high earnings are your primary motivator however....more info
  • Book Review
    This is an excellent resource for those wishing to begin teaching online. I have met and taken a course from one of the authors and I highly recommend this book. It contains detailed information on what to do and not do....more info
  • It Works
    i wanted to buy this book for myself, but my fiance wouldn't let me. It turned out she told her brother to buy it for me for Christmas.
    Well, I read it, and put it to work. It took a few tries, but Dr Jim and his co-author put together a good set of tools that you can use to find that online teaching job. Now, here I sit, just finishing grading papers even though I'm still a PhD candidate myself. While I can't teach PhD level courses, I found after reading this book that I could teach at the undergraduate level, and found myself a position with a school that does offer graduate programs, so once the PhD is complete I'll be able to transition into the higher-level courses. Thanks Dr Jim!...more info
  • The one book you MUST have to teach online!
    This book provides the basic step-by-step outline of what you need to do to start teaching online. I got my first online position after following the steps outlined in a matter of a few weeks! Everything you want and need to know - and more - is included in Make Money Teaching Online. I recommend it highly, particularly if you don't have a doctorate! Yes, the book even describes what you can do with a Master's or even a Bachelor's Degree to teach online. If you are looking for an online teaching guide, this is the one to have!...more info
  • Good Information for the Rookie Online Educator
    I am a new adjunct teacher with goals of teaching online. I thought this book would give me a good foundation to begin my preparation. I was not disappointed by this purchase. The book provided good informaiton on the different online programs available, the politics related to being an online adjunct, the available compensation and strategies to consider as well as the technology necessary for this type of work.

    Steve...more info
  • A One-of-a-Kind, Must-Read
    As a current student of an online advanced-degree program, who is considering teaching in the growing online educational industry, I highly recommend "Make Money Teaching Online." It is one of those rare reference (how-to) books that is actually compelling and provides helpful insights in every chapter (note: I found that skipping around by chapter and segments provides information but reading the book in totality really maximizes the overall experience). The authors both have doctoral degrees and solid histories of teaching online, but unlike typical research work, the book includes their personal insights and stories which make the information easy to understand and retain, in a one-on-one coaching style.

    This is an excellent book for those interested in teaching online and even for those considering enrolling in a school with online degrees (as it provides a clear, inside perspective of the online education industry). From its initial information on the credibility of online schools, to its step-by-step job hunting directions, to what to expect in benefits and compensation, down to its "Must-Have Technologies" chapter, this book has been thoughtfully and meticulously written. I appreciate that it is not a glossy motivational book but one that is seemingly grounded in reality and honesty.

    My only question was why these authors have so generously given of their experience and information which will only increase the peers who have had classes facilitated by Dr. Mirabella have said that he is extremely responsive and intensely focused on their learning, so I have to assume it is about the genuine passion to teach and help others (book royalties only go so far)...Whatever the reason for their book however, their enthusiasm and dedication make for a refreshing, must-read.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Pre-read for Adjunct Career
    I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get into online-adjunct teaching. I especially enjoyed the section on required software and technology in order to aid new teachers with teaching online. It is written in a candid voice and includes examples to get anyone headed in the right direction!...more info