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Rocketfish Wireless Multimedia Bluetooth Keyboard and Laser Mouse
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Product Description

Product Height Keyboard: 1.1"; Mouse: 1.6" Product Width Keyboard: 19.8"; Mouse: 4.6" Product Weight Keyboard: 1.6 lbs.; Mouse: 3.2 oz. Product Depth Keyboard: 8.3"; Mouse: 2.6" Keyboard Design Wireless USB Keys (Number of) 104 Multimedia Keys Yes Internet Keys Yes Cordless/Wireless Yes Palm Rest Yes Batteries Needed Yes Battery Type AA Battery Quantity 4 Port Connection USB Compatibility PC Mouse Included Yes Scrolling Wheel Yes Tilt Wheel Yes Type of Pointing Device Laser mouse System Requirements PC with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista; USB port; CD-ROM drive

  • Up to 60' wireless range
  • 104 keys and 10 one-touch multimedia keys let you conveniently work, surf the Web, or control digital media
  • Laser mouse features 4-way scrolling, 4 multimedia keys and ergonomic rubber side supports for quality functionality and comfort
  • Acts as a Bluetooth hub, so you can transfer digital media to and from your computer or Bluetooth device (Bluetooth adapter included)
  • PC compatible

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
    I absolutely love this set. My main motivation for getting it was that I bought a new laptop which has built-in Bluetooth. I had previously used a wireless keyboard/mouse set from Microsoft, but since it had receiver which had to plug into the USB port and that included a pretty long cord, I wanted to take advantage of my Bluetooth and free up some USB and desk space. I have Vista, and it was a snap to set up. I move my laptop around a lot (keep the keyboard/mouse on the desk though) and when I used to bring it back onto the desk, I'd automatically try to use the mouse (didn't work, cause the USB receiver wasn't yet plugged back into the computer). Now I don't have to worry about that, I go near the mouse and keyboard and they work.

    Note: Although the clutter-free aspect is the biggest issue for me, if you want to use this with a non-Bluetooth computer it comes with the USB stick to plug in and use as a receiver. It's tiny and protrudes an inch or two out of your USB port, much much less in the way than those Microsoft receivers with the long cords....more info
  • High maintenance peripheral
    I have a great theoretical setup of my computer system. All in my living room, 50" TV as my monitor. Bought this keyboard to work from the couch. Great idea and when the keyboard is working, things are great. I like the keyboard because it is a good weight - not heavy, not light (too light = floppy on the lap). I use the keyboard for two different computers so each time I have to re-register it with the computer I am using. It seems that this is not a problem specific to Rocketfish but to Bluetooth in general so I am hoping for a general solution in the future.

    Mouse works flawlessly every time.

    Keyboard is another story (or, more likely, the USB dongle because I have an alternative dongle with which things function better).

    Every time that I re-register and type in the code, the code is accepted so there is connectivity. Immediately and consistently, the signal gets dropped (and signal meter goes to zero). To fix this, I have to go to my "Services" (Windows XP, btw) and restart the Bluetooth service - sometimes multiple times. Then the keyboard starts working and usually has no problems for the rest of my session.

    This is a big pain. I now have a shortcut to "Services" just to deal with this constant problem (thank god the mouse does not have the same problem so I can always deal with it from across the room). I have found that on my XP machine, my non-Rocketfish dongle works better than the supplied but I have to use it for my other computer because the Rocketfish does not have drivers for Linux (Ubuntu) so my middle mouse wheel and keyboard home, search, volume, etc buttons will not work in Linux with the Rocketfish dongle.

    Of all peripherals that I have ever used, this is the buggiest. Of course it was cheaper than a lot of competitive products but two months after I buy something, I no longer care about the price - just the performance. Since my problem is probably an easy software fix for Rocketfish, hopefully you will have better experiences by the time you purchase the same.

    If you buy, I recommend buying a non-Rocketfish Bluetooth dongle to go with it.
    ...more info
  • Inexpensive, but not that great..finnicky bluetooth and mouse broke after 9 months
    Nice in that both the keyboard and mouse have media buttons and it comes with a USB bluetooth dongle.

    I've had problems with the bluetooth on my laptop. I often have to make the computer re-recognize the mouse and keyboard to get them to function properly. This might be my dell or the keyboard not sure.

    The mouse left button has been wearing down since about 8 months after purchasing. Now at 12 months it us basically unusable.

    ...more info
  • Don't give up on it so fast, Very good product, work with it.
    OK, I've heard a lot of users say that it doesn't work with Windows SP3. Well I'm currently typing this review sitting 10 feet away from the dongle, In front of my HDTV, on a computer with XP and SP3. Yes, the set up was a b***, but I kept working with it and its great. I did have a little trouble getting the keyboard to pair, but after reinstalling the software, I'm back on the road. This thing has some killer range, and great response time. The scroll on the mouse worked right off the bat. The hot keys are very well blended into the mouse and keyboard and are hardly noticeable(required no setup either). They are killer but only seem to work for WMP and opening new Internet windows. Product support is a different story. Just go to the website, and I strongly advise you do before you buy this product, because your going to find this product was discontinued and that there is no customer service factors about any of their products. Good product and if you can deal without any product support, then you'll be ok. . If you don't mind tinkering with it and have a brain, you'll love it. ...more info
  • I have had big problems with this
    How much do I hate this product? Well, I just spent the better part of half an hour trying to get the keyboard to reconnect, if that tells you anything, and it's FAR from the first time this has happened.

    I got this keyboard and mouse about 6 months ago. I had a little trouble getting it to pair at first but after that, it was great - or so I thought. My PC started getting lockups, which almost never happened before I installed this product. Much of the time when I reboot, the computer fails to recognize either the mouse or the keyboard, so I have to go through the whole connection routine again. The mouse is usually fairly easy to connect. Not so for the keyboard - on those few occasions when it is actually detected, I generally have to attempt to connect at LEAST 10 times before it connects, if then. I am sitting about 6 feet away from the transmitter so operating conditions could hardly be any better.

    Once everything is finally reconnected, it works well enough, except for two things. First, if the keyboard hasn't been touched in a while it pauses for a few seconds before processing any keystrokes. I assume this is because it goes into some kind of hibernation mode for power conservation. Kind of annoying, but not a big deal. The other problem is that the scroll wheel stops working. I haven't found any way to restore it except for rebooting.

    Keyboards and mice should things you don't have to think about, unless maybe occasionally when the battery goes out. This has turned into an almost daily struggle, and I'm done with it. I highly recommend avoiding this product....more info
  • Pretty good product for $40 price tag
    The following things are in the package.
    - one Bluetooth keyboard
    - one Bluetooth mouse
    - one Bluetooth adaptor for your pc/laptop.
    - installation CD and batteries

    Good things about this product
    - The keyboard and mouse works with any standard Bluetooth adaptor.
    - Works with my PS3 as well
    - Good value for money.
    - Solid keyboard style and a good mouse
    - The Bluetooth adaptor can function with any Bluetooth compatible device
    - Automatically reconnects with my desktop.
    - The keyboard and mouse goes into a power saving mode when not used. When any key is pressed on the keyboard or mouse, it comes out of the power saving mode.
    Bad things about this product
    - The keyboard does not have proper CAP/NUM/SCROLL lock indicators. (No big deal, you can type it to find out)

    I would recommend to buy it for the above price....more info
  • perfect mouse...less than perfect keyboard
    Our office purchased the mouse/keyboard set in order to make AutoCAD corrections to floor plans instantaneously from our conference room without having to move the laptop on which we run the program. The mouse is awesome, connecting automatically when the laptop is started up, ready for the abuse of a full day of drafting, the keyboard on the other hand rarely connects...

    We have tried restarting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling software, having the keyboard right next to the laptop at start up and leaving it in the conference room for start up, nothing seems to make it happy. A recent development is that it has stopped connecting at all (very frustrating when clients are in the office...). The range is fine because the mouse works from the conference room (granted there is a bit of a lag in time between the movement of the mouse and the resulting location of the pointer, but that is the screen, not the mouse).

    Just wish there was a sure-fire way to fix the problem that didn't take ten to twenty minutes everytime...we spent a lot of money purchasing all the other components to be able to do this kind a presentation and now we cannot take advantage of it :o( Also wish there were more long range keyboards on the market to choose from, though I'm sure that will come in time...ones that are more compatible with Windows (we run on Vista but this particular product seems to be feisty with Windows in general)

    I hope this review helps anyone looking to purchase this product for home or office use......more info