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Xanadu - Magical Musical Edition (With Complete Soundtrack CD)
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Product Description

Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 06/24/2008 Run time: 96 minutes Rating: Pg

A wimpy remake of an already anemic movie (the 1947 Rita Hayworth vehicle Down to Earth), this glitzy musical from 1980 improbably stars Olivia Newton-John as a heavenly muse sent here to help open a roller-derby disco. Gene Kelly is mixed up in this well-meaning but goofy effort to fuse nostalgia with late-'70s glitter-ball trendiness, and he looks just plain silly. Directed by Robert Greenwald, the film doesn't even work as decent kitsch. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • El mejor musical de todos los tiempos
    La pel¨ªcula es exactamente la que usted vio en el cine hace tantos a?os, adem¨¢s la versi¨®n que trae el CD de m¨²sica le permite a uno disfrutar de la m¨²sica mientras conduce o en su equipo de sonido en la casa. Incluye las canciones de Olivia Newton John y las canciones de electric light orchestra que aparecen en la pel¨ªcula.Me gusta ver musicales y creo que ¨¦ste es uno de los mejores que se han hecho. Aunque supuestamente los expertos no le dieron una buena acogida a la pel¨ªcula, como una pel¨ªcula de entretenimiento vale la pena comprarla y verla de evez en cuando....more info
  • the lies about complete sound trak
    the only improvement is the animorphic widescreen. the sound track that comes is exectaly the same as the one they releised as a single cd. the two missing songs that were reliesed as the flip side of the 45's are still missing from the cd that comes with it, making it incomplete....more info
  • A neglected gem, ahead of its time: Xanadu is not a xanadud!
    Why is this movie so badly rated?

    * The acting: Yes, some of the side parts are pedestrianly acted. But the leads (Newton-John, Beck, Kelly) put in competent performances. Acting grade when averaged: B

    * The movie's concept: Follow your dreams despite the harshness of reality. Re-live your past upon the realization of age. The concepts are presented without so much a hint of malice or irritability. But more on presentation in a moment. If anything, it's simple by today's standards. In 1980, it must've been too much for ordinary audiences. Concept grade: A-

    * The movie's presentation: In a word - "conceptual". Roll with the concept and you'll be hooked from the start. There is an innocent, organic, "real" feel to a movie that uses visual cues more often than dialogue to promote its point. Case in point is the opening ~10 minutes. An annoyed artist who feels pursuing his dreams is a waste of time takes a distinguished sketch and tears it up; the shreds floating down and, without explanation, causes these mystical painted figures to become alive -- the expressions on their faces is that of the joy of escaping a painted backdrop. It's almost the perfect metaphor for life in general: A soul released into the world... The grade for presentation: A-

    * The token tacky moment: An inverse grade; every movie has one really cringe-inducing moment, and it's a matter of judging how infamous this moment affects the whole movie experience. For me, said scene is the roller skating with the sync-clapping "extravaganza". Yes, this is where some legitimate vomiting would be allowed. Wonderfully choreographed, yes, and impeccable given the fantasy nature of the film, but it feels claustrophobic in spite of it all and it's also the sort of thing you would not want to see if you went to a skating rink for real. Especially if someone sneezed at just the wrong moment. Fantasy is surely more than a big roller skating rink, how much in 1980 was? Mind you, this scene is the climax of the metaphor OF the roller skates, which is whimsical freedom. Token tacky moment grade: C. (at least it isn't A, which for any other category would be an F...)

    * The songs: A perfect fit for this movie; these songs hold up on their own extremely well and are, in a word, "enchanting". Now ELO is not usually my "cup of tea", but their song "I'm Alive" is one of the most uplifting songs I've ever listened to. Never mind Olivia's "Magic", which is more powerful than a chorus of Sirens... A definite no-brainer, the grade for the songs: A+

    * The special effects: Many were easy to achieve in 1980. Not all were so easy, and in 2008 they look dated. All effects do. While not perfect, then or now, they do adequately convey the feel of innocence we all need more of in our lives. Grade: C+

    Overall rating: B+

    All in all, I just can't understand why this movie is poorly rated. Make your dreams or be a slave. And the movie makes the point without being sarcastic, callous, or jaded. The goal is success, not hate.

    It's a neglected gem.
    ...more info
  • Xanadu!!
    This movie is the ultimate 80's guilty pleasure musical! Where else could you possibly get rollerskating muses, Solid Gold dancers, AND a trumpet playing, tap dancing Gene Kelly? Xanadu is simply pure fun! The music, the hair, the clothes are all wonderful throw backs to that time right at the end of the "disco" party and before the huge shoulder pads of the 80's really took over. When girls (and guys) rollerskating through the park in too tight, too short shorts seemed absolutely perfect! You just can't help but love it! ...more info
  • I love this movie!
    I am so glad that they finally released this movie on DVD. I used to watch this movie as a teen and loved the romance of it. As an adult, near 40, I still love it just as much. The soundtrack is also fantastic. Olivia Newton John plays a good role in this movie and is absolutely gorgeous. It's a bit cheesy because of the time frame it was made, but overall, it's a good, non-thinking, just want to get lost for a little while, need a break kind of movie. Fairly clean too so the kids can even watch it....more info
  • Xanadu
    Xanadu is disco colliding with the Ronald Reagan, Urban Cowboy era. Critics loathed it. It will not go away. It opened on Broadway in 2007. New York stage shows normally become movies. Xanadu reversed the process. ELO saved their best music for Xanadu: I'm Alive and Magic. The Muses in the mural coming alive is delightful! Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem echoes: "In Xanadu, did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree: Where Alph, the sacred river, ran through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea." A few tweaks could have made Xanadu more palatable. John Travolta opposite Olivia Newton-John would have broadened its appeal. The garishness of certain scenes could have been toned down. Its redeeming element will always be its soundtrack.

    ...more info
  • As an 11 year old, I wanted to be a muse like Olivia!!!!
    I am so tired of people laughing at and making fun of Xanadu! All I have to say is if you cannot see what is so beautiful about this film I am very sorry for you. The concept is exquisite. "Kyra" is one of 9 muses, a daughter of Zeus, and she appears to inspire a disillusioned painter and a musician in the autumn of his life.

    I can watch the opening sequence "I'm Alive" over and over again! When the mural of the 9 muses comes to life, with each ancient sister encircled in colorful light and they start to dance...Sandahl Bergman looking spectacular! still takes my breadth away. Enjoy it. Please. As Kyra says, "come take my hand..."...more info
  • Unless you absolutely need it now, wait until after June 24...
    Xanadu:Magical Music Edition DVD is being released by Universal on 6/24 (SRP also $19.98). Extras will include the Going Back to Xanadu featurette and the film's theatrical trailer, along with the complete soundtrack on CD. It would be nice if it had two DVD commentaries, one featuring the Director, ONJ and Michael Beck and the second featuring comments from Jeff Farrar and Jeff Lynne. One hopes the complete soundtrack CD also includes Fool Country, Drum Dreams and the instrumental opening score.
    However, if you must have a copy RIGHT NOW of this great campy flick featuring great tunes by Electric Light Orchestra, and Olivia Newton-John (duetting with ELO, Cliff Richard, The Tubes and Gene Kelly ... take that Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett!), you can't go wrong with this currently available edition of this nicely priced DVD, which features the original trailer and actors and production credits....more info
  • XANADU: A Lovely Musical Masterpiece!

    My Boyfriend told me about this movie nonstop. Because he keeps saying, "It didn't deserved to FLOP!" After he showed me the movie XANADU, I started saying it too. In my opinion, I think it's a lovely musical movie well done. Olivia Newton-John made a beautiful muse. Why would movie critics bash a good movie like this down like that? Because they don't have good taste in movies anyway. That's the real answer. This movie had everything in mind I needed to see. And that's:
    1.A Beautiful Muse.
    2.A nicely-written story plot
    3.Lovely songs to sing (soundtrack wise)
    4.A wonderful couple (Olivia and Michael) and
    5.Alot of dancing and many dreams coming true. ...more info
  • Awesome movie! It's one of best from the 80's
    Xanadu is one of the best of the 80's. Thank you for putting this on DVD. The transaction was smooth. I love doing business with Amazon I find things here that you can't find anywhere else!...more info
  • fun and cheesy
    I had seen Xanadu only once back in the early 80's. I know, I's a cheesy movie, but the music is amazing, and the movie is fun to watch. It's an interesting concept, and in my mind, a cult classic. The picture re-mastering and the 5.1 sound is pretty good.
    The bonus soundtrack audio CD sounds WAY better than the Japanese import I had from a few years back....more info
  • We love this movie!!!!
    I remember this movie from my childhood, and it was great! What's better than Olivia Newton-John for a 7-10 year old girl who also loves to skate??
    My three daughters have been watching this for the last month from Netflix, and I am going to buy a copy. They are now roller-skating and singing and having a great time, just like I did.
    This movie won't solve all of the world's problems, but it is good, CLEAN, fun. No sex, no risque anything, really. A few chaste kisses, one woman in a bikini. Lots of music and dancing.
    Goofy, yes. Worthless, no.
    Watch it and have fun. Laugh at the special effects. Find a roller rink and take your kids skating. Leave the cellphones at home and have some real fun.

    Lea...more info
  • XANADU revisted
    A wonderful departure from today to a time of 'feel-good' entertainment. Music is delightful and the cast needs no introductions. It's great to have on hand for viewing over and over.

    ...more info
  • A Magical Movie
    I love it! This was a childhood favorite of mine. I was 3 when I saw it in the theater and I can remember it well. The soundtrack still rings in my ears from in blaring in my cousin's compact car stereo. "Theres party all over the world!" I am very glad this was put to DVD. Its quality is amazing. I would have liked to see more extra features, but perhaps in a later release. ...more info
  • If there's any film that DEFINES guilty pleasure it's this one.
    I'm a little bit embarrassed about liking this, seeing as though I'm a dude. I mean this film exudes so much estrogen I get hot flashes just watching it. However the letters, ONJ and ELO make it all worth watching. That is Olvia Newton John and Electric light orchestra do the soundtrack for this film. Not too mention the film stars the beautiful Aussie ONJ in all her youthful glory. This was before she got the lesbo cut for the physical video.

    The dialog is so silly that it just screams for Rocky Horror like audience participation quips. Here's an example:


    Sonny:So do you think we could-

    ONJ:See each other again?

    Sonny:Yeah would you like that?


    Sonny:I don't know I don't have a very good reason. I just wanna see you again.

    Smooth Sonny, real smooth.

    The whole plot is so baffling it's really not worth going into. But I'll try. ONJ plays Kira one of Zeus's daughters, the muses. After watching this though you may think she's really one of Zeus's other group of daughters, the three fates- the one the cuts the strings that is.

    Sonny is a starving artist forced to take a corporate job in order to make ends meet. Kira shows up and tells him to follow his dreams-build a huge roller disco. Wait a minute that's not his goal at all! Kira's goal is to build the roller disco-she just tricks this poor boy into thinking its his idea!!!

    Apparently being a muse means making guys fall in love with you in order to inspire them and then leaving them high and dry. Thanks a lot Kira, you inspire me to do something really stupid like build a huge neon roller disco and leave me with the huge bills that are sure to accompany it.

    There's a cool cartoon sequence, a song they sing while skating in some studio of the future where they are attacked by what looks like a huge Dalek, as well as a song where they are picking out clothes and being followed by a bunch of gay guys.

    The music really holds this film together and if you don't like either artist, ONJ or ELO I would not recommend you watch this because you will find yourself in a world full of hurt. If you like these artists however, you should find this film very entertaining.

    ...more info
  • Junk food for the soul
    What is it with this movie? The acting, such as it is, never rises above what you'd experience in a high school play. The director was obviously busy doing something else. The choreography is laughably dated. The special effects -- including Olivia Newton John's "youthful" appearance -- are cheap and ugly. The songs are catchy, but still utter crap. And lastly, did Olivia Newton John, Michael Beck or Gene Kelly spend any rehearsal time on roller skates before the cameras started rolling? The three of them are clearly uncomfortable on wheels, awkward and clumsy --especially ONJ and Beck; in a few spots both actors appear close to taking a spill. All that being said, I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I didn't see XANADU when it was released in 1980; in fact, haven't seen it until November 2007. A feature article in Entertainment Weekly magazine on the new Broadway musical based on the movie is what interested me. "Could this movie be as bad as everyone says it is?" I asked myself. Well, yes. And no. The movie is a classic piece of ineptitude, but it is fun in spite of itself. It inspires the same sort of embarrassed enjoyment that hearing an REO Speedwagon song does: if we're with friends we laugh at it; if we're alone, we know every lyric and sing along. We might be a bit embarrassed, but it's not hurting anybody else (unless, of course, the neighbors can hear)....more info
  • Love this movie!
    Already had the original DVD but wanted the upgraded audio and video quality! Well worth it!...more info
  • Worth Buying Again!
    The video and audio quality of this new edition of "Xanadu" makes it much superior to the previously available edition on DVD. The packaging is also very nifty!
    The only disappointment is that Olivia Newton-John is not interviewed in the short documentary that is contained in this DVD's "Bonus Features." ...more info
  • From Bad Movie to Broadway
    "Xanadu" has gone from being the "trainwreck on the screen" to being a Broadway hit,and possibly winning Tonys.

    "Xanadu" has a simple storyline-a struggling artist feels "inspired" to open a roller disco. Olivia Newton-John,as a roller-skating Muse,comes to his aid. Gene Kelly,in his final film,stars as an aging artist who has had a creative brain drain. There are numerous bizarre production numbers,such as a cartoon by Don Bluth,and Kelly dancing around as a pool ball. The conclusion is a mash-up of Golden Age Hollywood musicals and '70s disco. With roller skating. ELO provides a fun soundtrack,beginning with the opening "I'm alive."

    "Xanadu" is a guilty pleasure and endlessly watchable. It's so bad it's good! Olivia Newton-John still sings the title song of this movie on her live tours. It's essential to any Bad Movie Film Festival. Break out the popcorn and enjoy!...more info
  • Has Universal done right by this?
    Last time they released this soundtrack in the USA (after an Import from Australia had been available for years) and didn't bother to add the B-sides of the original 45's. Short songs from the ending - "Fool Country" and "Drum Dreams" - and ONJ singing "You Made Me Love You" from the record that Danny buys....these should have been added. And yet they sat still gathering dust in the Universal vaults.
    Leaving those of us who bought the Australian edition looking at the US release and thinking, "So..?"
    If this edition doesn't include those songs...and the promotional special, "Making Xanadu" that includes interviews, behind the scenes shots and footage of the wrap party...why release this?
    If Universal is listening and this edition doesn't have this, there's still time.
    Paramount just pushed back the release of "The Invaders" to add commentary and a recently rediscovered long version of the pilot episode.
    We'll wait a little longer for you to do right by this "guilty pleasure" film and excellent soundtrack.
    UPDATE (8-2-08) Universal didn't listen. No 45 B-sides on the soundtrack. And I still look at this and think, "So? What's here that I don't own already?" Govern yourselves accordingly. I'm going to watch "Toomorrow"... :-p...more info
  • Love Xanadu
    I recently saw this play and it brought back so many memories that I just had to get the movie. When I realized that this purchase had the CD as well I had to have it. The icing on the cake would be the song book but they stopped making it many years ago. This was an excellent purchase....more info
  • Xanadu
    You know, I saw this when it first came out. I loved it back then. But then I was a teenager at the time. Watching it now it really is very badly acted (except for Olivia). I'm still glad I bought it though. I love the concept and the music....more info