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Logitech 981-000068 ClearChat Wireless USB Headset - Black
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $69.88

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Product Description

Enjoy high-performance, stereo audio for PC calling, music, and games from up to 33 feet away from your computer.

  • 2.4 GHz wireless: Move freely up to 33 feet (10 meters) away from your computer.
  • Laser-tuned audio drivers: Advanced laser design technology delivers high-quality, uncompressed, stereo audio.
  • Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear conversations and voice commands.
  • Quick-access audio controls: Adjust volume and microphone mute right on the headset.
  • For use with: PC games; movies; music; and common calling applications including Skype , Yahoo! , Windows Live?, and AIM .

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great with Vista
    It was so simple to set up, and the sound is great! I use with HP and Dell laptops with Vista Home operating systems. Works well with my Naturally Speaking Dragon Speak programs, dvds, and other media programs. Worth the money. ...more info
  • Bad design choices.
    This headset had me hooked and I preordered it months before I finally got it. I didn't want to review it until I put it through it's paces. Sadly it comes up short in more ways than I expected. But I'm a fair guy, so let's start with the Positive:

    1) It's cordless, gets decent range ~10m in my testing.
    2) The sound quality of the headset and the mic are both pretty good (i.e. no complaints in game chat).
    3) Headset cushions are top notch.
    4) Quality construction - they aren't breaking anytime soon.
    5) I was impressed with the ease of setting them up. Plug in the USB dongle, turn them on, set games to use the new headset.

    And on to the negative:
    1) Granted, I have a fairly big melon, but these have a really tight fit and start to fatigue the ears after a few hours of wear.
    2) The Battery life is not much over 3.5 hours in my testing. It doesn't matter what app. I found myself plugging in the power cable to continue (what's the point of cordless?!) and shutting them down even for quick breaks while idle in games.
    3) No interchangeable batteries (well, I didn't take them apart to see, but then the case isn't made to be taken apart).
    4) Proprietary power cable? Come on! Why this wasn't mini USB, I'll never understand.
    5) The Mic only comes down on the left hand side, which I find to be an annoying engineering limitation for no particular purpose.
    6) Mic is static - no way to flex it other than up or down. Though it seems to pic up my voice fairly well.
    7) I didn't think this was a big deal at first, but now It might be the most annoying thing: The USB Dongle connected to the computer FLASHES green incessantly until the headset is turned on and they sync. Now, I'm a computer guy, I've a truckload of LEDs that keep the office well lit at night, but NONE of them blink and draw attention to themselves except for a few moments. This stupid thing won't stop. I have to put things in front of it to keep it from annoying me.

    So, I'm disappointed in this thing. Logitech makes good gear, but engineering needs to review this one and make the following changes for version 2:
    1) Use standard USB to power the headset. If you must have a charge indicator, just build it into the headset as another LED and forget the proprietary cable.
    2) If you have to drop both earpieces to fit a larger head, there should be an adjustable top pad so it stays in place.
    3) Make it so that the mic can flip either way, and the Left/Right speakers change accordingly.
    4) Beef up the battery power and make it so it charges faster. 3 hours? Come on... even 6 hours isn't much for marathon MMORPGs or LAN Parties, and your headset came nowhere near that mark. It's not cordless if I have to keep the power cable plugged in. Suggestion: 12 Hours minimum, even if it adds to bulk a little bit. And that's actual 12 hours, not some mathematical estimate.
    5. Use two different colored lights on the USB dongle instead of flashing the same one. How expensive can that be?

    And for those of us that wear glasses, please make a model with convex earpieces, the concave ones put pressure at the top of the ear and they smash the earpiece of your glasses against the skull. Unpleasant. Okay, this one's more of a wish, but the others above are absolutely requisite.

    There you have it. The decent sound quality, construction, and cordlessness don't come close to outweighing the technical issues. I'd give this a 2.5, but when it costs close to a hundo, the price factor says all of these things should never have been a problem. If the next version sucks the same, I'll be looking for another manufacturer (and I'm a Logitech fan)....more info
  • Some pros and cons
    1.) Headphone sound quality is better than expected.

    2.) USB transfer distance is quite far. It can easily go through walls for me.

    3.) Even early windows xp versions was able to recognize this device with no drivers installed.

    4.) No static even used in a room filled with running electrical equipment.

    1.) Big head users will find this uncomfortable. Small head users will be just right. I am sure even little kids can wear this headset, and not find it too loose.

    2.) If you unplug the usb detector, you will need to reboot to pick up any sound again.

    3.) Microphone quality could have been better.

    4.) The headset is rather heavy. I don't see how people can wear this for 3 hrs straight....more info
  • Does what's advertised, but could be better
    I bought this set of headphones to use in my home office. I work from home 1 or 2 days per week and usually spend several hours on the phone participating in teleconferences and video conferences. I wanted the flexibility to get up and move around my office, grab a drink, etc. The corded headphones that I have (also Logitech) don't allow me to do that.

    After using these for a week I can say that I like them. Sound quality is fine. Range is okay for what I need. They are comfortable and so far I haven't had a problem with battery life. The setup was very simple with my HP laptop and Vista. Overall I'm pleased with the purchase.

    Some suggestions to improve the product:
    1. Charging should be via USB, not an AC adaptor.
    2. I'd like to see a hard case included with these.
    3. It would be nice if they folded up into a smaller package for storage.

    Take the plunge and buy these headphones. I don't think that you'll be disappointed....more info
  • Mic is too short
    My main problem with this headset is that the microphone arm is not adjustable in length, and as a result, I am unable to get the microphone close enough to my mouth to pick up my voice clearly....more info
  • Not too bad
    I bought this, my first wireless headset, to satisfy my need for hands-free gaming, but I found a wireless headset had other benefits, such as wandering about the house listening to music and talking on Skype while in bed or cooking dinner. Another advantage to a wireless headset is that there are no wires to catch yourself upon. I cannot tell you how many previous headsets met their demise after I ripped the plug out of the computer or yanked the phones off my head after catching the wire with my foot or under my chair as I stood up. Wired headsets seem doomed to have a 6 month lifespan in my house...

    But I digress. The built-in battery, while diminutive and lightweight, seems to last me a long time. I can't really complain about that. The headset is also light and not a burden to wear. The mute button is easy to hit as are the volume controls... too easy, if you are laying in bed and a pillow presses against them... but I doubt that will be a problem for most people using this headset. I'm the odd-ball end user that uses products in unconventional ways and places, which prompts the manufacturers to create humorous labels about how NOT to use their products. Yeah, I'm THAT guy.

    Anyway, the headset fit might be a bit too snug after two or three hours of use. Also, the datastream gets garbled if the computer thrashes the hard-drive or thinks to hard. Other times, there is a second or two of garbled transmission for no apparent reason. The range, while impressive, is not all that it is advertised to be. I am able to be about 25 feet from the antenna before the signal drops. However the signal does go through floors easily - I have the antenna on my third floor/attic office and I can be in my ground-floor kitchen cooking lasagna as I talk on Skype.

    Would I buy it again? Yeah... but I might shop around a bit more first to see if there were any other price-comparable headsets around with better reviews.

    ...more info
  • So Far, So Good . . . .
    I received the headset today (free shipping) and am using primarily with Skype for work conference calls. Sound is good both sending and receiving. I can walk 30+ ft away with no real sound loss. Going farther, the call cut-out but picked-up again when I walked back into range. I am using 10Mb cable connection to the internet which may be a root issue of those complaining about choppy sound - the other perhaps being processing power. Unsure, but I don't have any of those symptoms.

    It took longer to cut open the plastic packaging than to setup the device on a Windows XP Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with 2Gb RAM: I plugged in the USB antenna to the laptop and the headset into power (to charge), set Skype options to "Logitech Wireless Headset" and was talking.

    Comfort is fine (snug) and they feel like a good quality headset. External noise is blocked rather well by the earpiece cushioning. On-headset controls for volume and mute are GREAT including a red LED indicator on the mic boom when mute is on (lest you get into trouble).

    Music sounded great with good crisp detail, although the low end was a just a little bit thin.

    Overall, very pleased as compared to my other somewhat cheaper wired headsets (Sennheiser - no on device controls, Plantronics - wire shorted out but I like the USB 'sound card' quality).

    Would definitiely recommend, however, I have not compared to other comparable wireless sets nor tested battery life.

    -JK...more info
  • Good sound, no wires
    On my mission to eliminate wires in my home office I finally got around to upgrading my headset. The Logitech promised good sound and easy connections, and scored on both counts. I've received unsolicited compliments on my improved audio during video conferences, and the comfortable headphones give excellent renderings for both voice and games. Good choice....more info
  • headset wireless
    i got not much time.....product is excelent...i have it 1 month....battery may last longer...and music listenig is not like with hi-fi headphones,but ok for wireles...amazing for skyping and rest...i recomending it....more info
  • Very delicate USB drive
    Every thing was fine for 2 weeks.Later on USB cable stopped recognizing to my laptop.I tried for 2 days.Still not working.I decided to return...more info
  • Works for me!
    I have an average size head so headset is comfortable for me, but there's lots of room to spare. My computer is located in the corner of the house so I bought 2 usb ($5 ea. at Amazon) extentions cables totaling over 40ft. Now it's super clear all over house and outside too. Solidly built. I also leave my wired headset plugged into my computer. My advice is go Best Buy first and check it out!...more info
  • Outbound audio is awful.
    I was going to buy these but I've been helping a friend debug problems with his - the outbound sound quality is hideous -, it sounds like it's going through a signal chopper, like talking into a fan. I wouldn't
    go anywhere near these things until logitech addresses these problems. BTW this when used with the USB ports
    on the Macbook Pro. I suppose it might work with other machines but really if it doesn't work with the MBP, the best most wanted laptop out there, that's pretty dumb.

    [..]...more info
  • Bad for games/music/etc. Good for voice.
    Executive review:
    The sound is good most of the time, however at least once a minute you will get very noticable digital distortion for a second, many times making whatever was said at that time inaudible. The range and battery life on the headset (About 10 meters and 3-4 hours respectively) is definitely top notch. It has an easy to recharge plug that you can snap it in while talking in case you need longer than 3-4 hours. Best use for this headset would be professionals who use SKYPE or other VOIP services where having the richest sound quality is not important. No complaints about the microphone from anyone I've talked to with it on Skype & Ventrillo. Can get very uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour.

    Full review:
    This is probably the best of a weak lot. When it comes to high quality wireless headsets at an affordable price, the market is pretty bare in this category. While some gamers always just want to get the newest "toy" because they assume wireless = better than wired, I would say take a step back and think for a moment.

    If you have 5.1 surround sound headphones, the audio experience will be MUCH richer on those than these could ever hope to achieve. They are a stereo headset. If you listen to music while playing games, using your computer, these would not be the optimal choice. You can not plug these directly into your computer, so you will always have a wireless signal that often gets distorted (About 1 second every minute or so) and the normal sound is your standard stereo setup. So you won't have the 5.1 surround sound headphones when playing FPS games, watching movies, etc.

    The best, and realistically only use for these headphones are for purposes of calling over a VOIP client (IE: Skype) and not needing to be tied down to your computer while on the "phone". If you get these with the expectations that they will enhance your gaming experience, or music experience, you will be very much disappointed in these.

    Additional info:
    The install process could not have been more simple, you literally plug in the USB receiver and turn on the headphones and you're good to go in under a minute.

    I use these with Vista 64.

    Bottom line:
    Unless you actually need a wireless headset (IE because you're on VOIP talking to people and don't want to be tethered to your computer) don't get it.

    ...more info
  • Wireless and Happy!
    I bought this for my dyslexic son who uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to do his typing for him. He has also used it in computer chat situations very successfully. I have also used the headset. They adjust fine to my Adult head and back to his Child head. I have used it with mostly music related software so I can listen to music and tune out the world.
    Here are some good points and areas they could improve on...
    - We do not get 33 feet of range. It's more like 20-25 and thick walls do interfere with it although when you step back in range it does reconnect on it's own.
    - We love that it's cordless.
    - Sound quality is good
    - Ear cushions are really nice and cushy.
    - Seems to be build solid.
    - A breeze to set up!
    - Battery life is not quite what they advertised. It's more 4.5 hours. My son and I would both like a longer batter charge. I'd like to suggest a 2nd battery that could be charged outside the headset, then we can just switch back and forth, therefore not adding to the weight.
    - Everything is proprietary - power cable too.. Any reason it couldn't have been designed to use the pc's power?
    - I was surprised to find that the Mic only comes down on the left ear. That works for me as that's my preference, but ya'd think they'd design it for right eared people too.
    - Mic works fine and picks up both my son's voice and my voice.
    - The tower thing blinks to tell you that's it's not connected which is great because sometimes I haven't plugged everything in right so it's not working and that's the first place I check. If the blinking light bothers you , turn it around so you can't see it or unplug it when not in use. Next time design it using a red light and a green light instead of blinking.

    So, we are happy with our wireless headset and plan to buy another for my work place, since other's don't like to hear music and I can't stand the silence. I hope Logitech engineers look at these reviews and make a few adjustments for the next version of these. One additional note is that I'd really prefer an ear type or behind the head as this over the head style messes with my hair...

    ...more info
  • Does what you want it to but should be a bit more comfortable.
    My basic premise for this rating is this: I've just spend >$75 on wireless headphones. I would EXPECT them to be comfortable and have pretty good sound / microphone performance. These do. I like the clarity of the sound produced. I primarily use them for telecommuting and work phone conferences and I've gotten pretty good reports from my co-workers on the sound quality. I've found the range to be decent (I can make a cup of coffee in the kitchen while still listening on a call when my office is the next room over). All-in-all these provide what I want from a set of wireless headphones. My only complaint is the earphones. After 3-4 hours of phone calls during the day, my ears start to hurt. I do not wear glasses but do have a pretty large noggin. I would almost prefer for the ear pieces to encompass the whole ear rather than rest on top of them....more info
  • Works great!
    This headphone is simple to use and works well. Its nice to have a two way wireless voice and audio. Range is comparable to Bluetooth.

    ...more info
  • Almost perfect
    I received mine today. Work just fine with all of the applications I have tested....iTunes, Ventrilo, World of Warcraft, etc. My Vent buddies tell me they sound better than the wired headset I was previously using.

    I can get out of range when moving laterally 25 feet or so, but it re-acquires the signal after I move upstairs and get within 20 or so feet line of sight.

    Setup was super easy; plug in the dongle, turn on the headset, and DONE.

    Very happy with this purchase; Headset is light and comfortable. The boom mic will not interfere with pizza slices or martini glasses.

    I only wish the volume/mute controls were on the left side so I wouldn't have to take my hand off my mouse - lefties rejoice!

    Agree with previous comments regarding adjustability for large heads...I wish it had an extra 1/2 inch to expand; hence only 4 stars....more info
  • problems with microphone
    I had at first high expectations of the product as it has relatively good reviews but I was very disappointed almost immediately when I make calls on skype or yahoo messenger. The person on the other end couldn't hear me well - the complaints are distortion of voice, volume going up and down throughout the conversation.
    The sound received on my end are however quite good. So if you just want a headset to listen to music then it will serve you ok. ...more info
  • Work really well
    I have had these for a couple days now, and I am actually really impressed with them. I use headsets a lot for work, and have tried other various wireless ones and have always just accepted that with wireless you were giving up sound quality. Thats not the case with these though, they sound just as good as regular wired headsets. I not only use them for skype but also for listening to music, which is a first for any wireless skype headsets I have tried. The range is really good too, I can walk around my entire apartment and get a strong reception.

    Some cons:
    I have a fairly big head and they don't quiet fit, even when fully extended. They are just barely too small, by like a half inch. I can move them back further on my head and make it work, but it would be nice if they could extend just a bit more.

    This is pretty minor, but the wall plug is kind of cumbersome. I'm not sure what about it I don't like, I think just that I hate wires and its one more loose wire I have to deal with. There isn't a base to set it on or anything, just a wire that plugs into the side of the headphones. Tends to fall behind my desk, etc....more info
  • Not for large people
    The headset itself works great, the sound quality is fine for voice chat (I only use a headset for vent, normal speakers for everything else). The battery life is good. I was playing 4-6 hours and it never died. The range is great. I could go downstairs and out into the garage with now problems (range probably varies based on building, atmosphere, etc.).

    The CON:

    The ear cups are small and press against the ear instead of sitting out side it. After about 2 hours my ears started to hurt and I had to keep "taking breaks" form the headset. If you are a large person with a hat size around 8 or so, take this into consideration. It probably doesn't put as much pressure on a person with a smaller head.

    I will be trying the Creative HS-1200 (also small ear cup but different design) to see if they feel any better....more info
  • It's Good, But....
    The Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset is a good product, and it does what it says it do. I love the freedom to move around and listen to my music or talking to friends on Windows Live Messenger while i'm doing different chores around the apt. But, i also found and just ordered another Digital Wireless Gaming Headset HS-1200 made by "Creative",and their claim is that their headset battery can be charge using any USB Port instead of using a wall outlet, and their Distance is good for up to "72" feet instead of the 33 feet by Logitech. And their hardware does come with a software CD....more info
  • Missed the mark
    Logitech missed the mark on this one focusing more on style than functionality.

    First, it looks more comfortable than it really is with the padding stiff and the fixed band rather rigid. My ears became fatigued after only a couple of hours use.

    Second, Logitech didn't take a cue from their mice and design a clip or sleeve to attach the dongle to the headset. I have already made a couple of trips where I had the headset, but the dongle was sitting at the office or home.

    Third, proprietary power interface. I thought everybody had learned their lesson on this and now used mini-USB? Means you have to drag the charger with you.

    Speaking of that, the unit comes with a USB stand for the dongle, would have been nice if the headset could charge off of it.

    Next, there are pros and cons to the actual capabilities of the product. It is designed as a headset first and stereo headphones second, so you get only basic headset functionality, Microphone mute, Vol Up/Down. This means the unit works with most computers without any software installed, but would have been nice to have a Volume mute and basic media controls as well. One nice feature is the LED in the mic boom, so you can tell when you the mic muted.

    Finally, audio quality is okay, but not great. Again, headset was first priority, so you get clear crisp audio in both directions, but music is thin with little dynamic range or separation....more info
  • Very Unimpressed
    reading reviews and scores i was expecting much more, the headset itself as looks is great, nothing wrong with the design, but the performance.. where do i start, just dreadful. I properly followed all instructions, charged it, and have been using it for around 4 hours now.. around 5 minutes after turning it on it started making noisy vibe sounds in the middle of the music i was listening too through the headset which was a major flaw, and now between every several minutes its starts to lag again giving bad noisy vibes whether if i'm gaming or listening to music. I had high hopes for this headset, and there all demolished, i don't know if its just my headset or all headsets in general, but i do not recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Poor Construction
    I am deeply sorry that I purchased this unit. Though I treated it like a newborn baby, it fell apart nonetheless. The microphone is poorly designed and does not adhere well to the unit. I work online for a living and I was deeply disappointed by this product. If I could avoid Logitech products, I would. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • Wireless problems
    I own the wired version of these, so that is the basis for my comparison:

    Quality: there is a noticeable degradation of the outbound audio. Like a previous reviewer mentioned, it sounds like it's being chopped up and put back-together. Music lovers aside, the quality of skype/google-talk conversations is no-where near the quality of the wired headset

    Connection Problems: The wireless headset begins cutting out 10-15 min into the conversation, creating static, fuzz, garbled words, etc. Reconnecting the receiver resolves this, but after 10 minutes or so the same issues come back.

    As great as wireless freedom is, I really cannot recommend this product over the wired version. ...more info
  • Wireless stereo headset done right
    I just got my Logitech ClearChat Wireless headset today, and so far so good. It is the third wireless stereo headset I've tried and it is by far the best of all three. After using my first two wireless headsets, I switched back to my wired one due to echos during Skype calls, poor headset volume (I had trouble hearing people), and low mic volume (people had trouble hearing me). I haven't experienced any of these problems with my new headset. Of the four calls I've made so far (3 Skype to Skype and one SkypeOut) the only comment I received was that I sounded a little more "electronic" then normal. To be fair, the same person who mentioned this, also asked for the product info at the end of the call. Below is a summary of the pros and cons that I have found so far.

    Audio sounds great (using both Skype and iTunes)
    No echo when used with Skype
    Volume is more than adequate and louder than my previous wired headset
    Comfortable fit (my wife disagrees with me here)
    Easy to use volume controls on headset
    Slightly better than advertised range (I got about 35-40 feet from the USB dongle before losing reception)

    Although the range seems to be a little better than advertised, I'd love to see a wireless headset that gets twice this range.

    I've been using this headset every day for the past 9 months (mostly for Skype) and it has worked great up until today. All of a sudden the headset started making a funny buzzing sound. I removed the headset turned it off and on and noticed the power light was red. I plugged in the headset and it remained red. The buzzing noise has stopped, but now the headset won't turn on. Looks like it's back to my trusty wired headset for now :(
    ...more info
  • Heaedset
    This product works well, but the charger is problematic. An LED tells you when the headset is charging and when it is done but the connection is often faulty. Other than that I would rate this an excellent purchase....more info
  • Broken on MacOSX 10.5.4
    Recording sound wasn't working with this headset. Every 40 seconds it would garble the sound.

    After returning one headset and getting a new one, at Logitech support's suggestion, I rebooted my MacPro into Windows.

    Worked great in Windows, not at all on Mac, on the very same machine.

    Conclusion: Broken in 10.5.4 at the very least.

    So hold off if you're on a Mac. ...more info
  • Excellent headset but problems with Mac OSX 10.5.4+ out of the box
    I recently purchased the Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset to use mainly with my MacBook Pro while traveling for business. I enjoy using Skype with video to chat with my family back home. I was especially excited to find a wireless headset of good quality and I purchased this item to give it a try. The output sound was great and the range was more than adequate for my needs (I haven't tested the range boundaries yet). The battery life seems to be quite good also and since I would never continuously use the headphones for more than an hour or two. It is unlikely that I would ever reach the ceiling for battery life on the ClearChat Wireless. The one dissapointment was that the input quality on any Mac running 10.5.4 or greater would frequently garble and distort. I tested it on my Windows notebook and it worked fine. After reading posts on the Logitech forum I realized that something changed in the Mac OS and that the firmware on the USB dongle needed to be reflashed. I contacted a Logitech rep on the forum and he responded the next day with a message letting me know he shipped me a replacement dongle. I received it several days later and now the Logitech ClearChat Wireless USB Headset works perfectly on my MacBook Pro!...more info
  • DOA
    Bought mine, but could never charge it. charger plug lit up when plugged into headset, but even after 15 hours unit was dead. If I connected the charger I could hear the PC, but it was 8 seconds of sound then 4 seconds of silence, that just repeated. Even tried 15 hours of charging with the power switch ON. Same results. I'm sure the lithium battery was just not connected right or it was on the shelf uncharged for too long, but there's no way to open it to check the battery. Just instructions on how to pry the unit apart to properly throw the lithium battery away safely after its eventually no longer chargeable (I guess throw away the headset too?). Too risky to pry it open (and bust it) to check the battery and not have them accept it back. Oh yes the blinking (no connection)light IS ANNOYING!...more info
  • Good product...
    The reason that I put only 4 stars is because the receiver could be smaller like the nano mouse. Good & clear sound....more info
  • Be free
    I've had this headset for about 4 months now and use it mainly with Skype to call other Skype members and to call phone numbers with Skypeout.

    -Great sound quality. I don't have a landline so I use this to make calls out (very cheap with Skypeout and toll free numbers are free which is nice when you are on hold for 30 minutes with a company). The sound quality is the same as a landline which is better than a typical cell phone.
    -Very comfortable. Everyone says I have a big head and this headset accommodates me with room to spare. The ear pads are cushy.
    -Decent range. Goes about 30ft through walls so you can walk around a bit. You can use the included USB receiver stand to get the receiver away from computer interference and to place it higher both of which may help increase your range.

    -Doesn't shut off automatically. If you forget to turn it off, it'll be dead in a week or so. Even if you shut it off, the battery will slowly drain so you still need to plug it in every couple weeks or just leave it plugged in.
    -May cause your computer to change its default sound settings. I use Vista and this caused a problem initially but not since. If you can't hear the other person or vice versa, go to your Skype Tools-Options-Audio Settings and change speakers and microphone to USB audio device. You'll find similar setting adjustments in any computer chat program.
    -No stand. That little stand that you see in the picture is for the USB receiver, NOT the headset. It would have been nice to have some kind of charging stand so you don't have to lay it flat cluttering your desk or hang it from the monitor where it tends to fall off.

    Overall, this is a great computer peripheral. I previously used a Plantronics wired headset which was good but this Logitech is much more comfortable and convenient. It allows you to walk around pockets unencumbered while being hands-free, wire-free, and bi-aural....more info
  • These are amazingly good
    THese are amazingly good. I am pretty sure they use the Avnera technology, I dont think there is anything else out there that it could be. I use them to listen to music and to make skype calls - works great for both, no switching back and forth, it just works. Music is spectacular since it's full spectrum 20Hz-20KHz, and (since I think this is Avnera) no lossy compression like bluetooth etc that messes up the music experience. It certainly sounds like they are lossless.

    Skype calls are very clear, the equivalent to a wired headset. Range is very good, better than they claim, I have walked 50 feet away from my PC and still had a perfect connection through walls and doors, which is nice. No interference from/with wifi or bluetooth as near as I can tell.

    Installation was nice - I plugged in the usb dongle, and that was it. Vista switched me over so that was my default audio device. Literally no software, no hassling with settings, etc - they just worked right out of the box.

    I think my only complaint is that sometimes the battery doesnt last the full day with continuous use. But that's a fairly minor issue to me since it's rare that I have them on for 8+ hours straight, usually I plug them in to charge at lunch or when I go to a meeting.
    ...more info
  • Need to rate down a couple notch
    The construction is good. Comfortable to wear. Takes no effort to install on Mac. No said input problem on my MacBook 1.5.4 so far.
    This is my first wireless headphone so the freedom it brings feels GREAT. Being able to talk on Skype with no wire attached is wonderful. The sound quality is also much better than I expected. Pop music and casual listening are very good. Don't know the battery life yet.

    I noticed with the Plantronic USB headphone, iTune automatically go into pause when I dial on Skype. This unit does not do that and I had to turn off iTune manually. Would nice to have that.

    Additional review:
    After using it for a couple months. I feel I have to mark it down to about 3. The main problem is the mic problem. My voice went through the mic got chopped very badly whether I use Vista or Mac. I tried some recording and Skype. Sometimes it is good but most of the time, the other side cannot understand me. I have not yet found the source of the problem.
    The headphone is comfortable and provides good listening. However, if it cannot be used for VOIP, it is missing the point....more info