As Seen On TV SDWSC1 Wireless Spy Camera
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Product Description

Ever wonder how your babysitter treats your children when you are not there or what your employees do when you are not at your business? Now you can watch them with the Wireless Spy Camera. This miniature high-tech spy camera is so small you can hide it in virtually anything for covert monitoring. It transmits clear color video via the included receiver to any monitor or TV set. You can then record the video using your VCR or recordable DVD player. The camera comes with a receiver and two 9 volt battery clips and all cables needed to connect to a TV. It is so easy to set up and use that anyone will be able to open the box and begin using the camera within minutes. A optional AC to DC 9v to 12v 500mA adapter can be used for the receiver and an AC to DC 8v 200mA adapter can be used for the wireless camera. The transmission range and915;distance between the camera and the receiver is 300 feet unobstructed or approximately 150 feet indoors depending upon the number of walls. The minimum illumination is 1 lux.

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Customer Reviews:
  • Be aware, do not buy it!
    This product comes with not batery nor adapters, so I had to buy one batery for the camera and use an old adapter for the receiver. In the first 15 minutes, the camera worked well. The image is clear if there is a lot of light. The camera began overheating by 25 minutes working and then it stop working.
    I waited for it to cooldown and tried again, but I couldn't get a single image any more, just noise. The camera overheats now just in seconds.
    I'm about to complain with the seller.
    I'm surprised seing how much one little thing can overheat in such manner and so quickly....more info