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Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 64-bit for System Builders - 1 pack
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Product Description

Please note: This OEM software is intended for system builders only and cannot be transferred to another PC once it is installed. The purchaser of this software is required to comply with the terms of the System Builder license, including the responsibility of providing all end-user support for the software.

Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 is the choice for those who want to have it all. Easily shift between the worlds of productivity and play with the most complete edition of Windows Vista. Ultimate provides the power, security, and mobility features needed for work, and all the entertainment features that you want for fun.

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Use Instant Search to quickly find the information you need. View larger.

Windows Vista Aero provides spectacular visual effects such as glass-like interface elements that you can see through.

The redesigned Windows Media Center in Windows Vista lets you enjoy your media throughout your home, even on your Xbox 360. View larger.

Improved Reliability and Performance
Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 and improvements delivered by hardware and software partners increase the reliability, performance, and compatibility of Windows Vista-based PCs.

With Windows Vista with SP1, many of the most common causes of operating system crashes and hangs have been addressed. Windows Vista includes new, innovative technologies that help pinpoint and diagnose issues reported anonymously by Windows Vista-based PCs from millions of users who have elected to have their PC send us system information.

Windows Vista with SP1 supports a number of important new technology standards, so it will keep making your PC easier and more enjoyable to use for years to come.

The most complete edition of Windows Vista--with the power, security, and mobility features that you need for work, and all of the entertainment features that you want for fun
When you want to have it all, including the ability to shift smoothly between the worlds of play and productivity, there's Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1. You'll never have to worry about having the most advanced capabilities?they're all here. This edition of Windows Vista offers an advanced, business-focused infrastructure, mobile productivity, and a premium home digital entertainment experience, all in a single offering.

Specifically, Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 offers all of the features found in Windows Vista Home Premium, including Windows Media Center, Windows Movie Maker with high-definition support, and Windows DVD Maker. It also offers all of the features found in Windows Vista Business, including business networking, centralized management tools, and advanced system backup features. And Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 has all of the new security and data protection features that help take Windows Vista to a whole new level of dependability.

In addition, Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 includes support for all of the new mobility features in Windows Vista, including Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, Windows SideShow, Windows Mobility Center, and other new, advanced mobility features.

Exclusive to Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 are Windows Ultimate Extras. Windows Ultimate Extras are add-ons that extend certain capabilities of your operating system or just make using your PC more fun. Windows Ultimate Extras currently available include:

  • Windows DreamScene, an Extra that enables you to use looped, full-motion video as your desktop wallpaper instead of a static image
  • Windows Hold'em, a poker game for players of all skill levels
  • Language packs for Windows multi-language interface, where users can install and use multiple languages on a single PC. Great for multi-lingual households or if you are learning a new language.
  • Secure Online Key Backup, where Ultimate users can store their BitLocker recovery password and Encrypting File System certificate on Windows Marketplace's Digital Locker website for access to the key anytime, anyplace, and from any computer that has an Internet connection
  • BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool, an automated tool which removes the complexity of setting up your PC to use this exclusive data security feature.

Whenever a new Windows Ultimate Extra is ready for distribution by Microsoft, you will see the Ultimate Extra control panel inform you that there are new extras to download. Simply download and install the Extras and begin enjoying these exclusive software and services that give your Windows Vista experience an extra lift!

If you want a single PC that fulfills all of your work, travel, and entertainment needs, or if you simply want to be confident that you have the very best, Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 is the no-compromise edition for you.

Windows Sidebar gives you quick access to gadgets like picture slide shows, Windows Media Player controls, or news headlines. You pick the gadgets you want to see in Windows Sidebar. View larger.

Use Flip 3D to navigate through open windows using the scroll wheel on your mouse. V iew larger.

Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 helps protect your family and your personal information from threats from malicious software and phishing scams and helps you keep your PC backed-up and running smoothly.

Parental Controls help parents keep children safer while using PCs through convenient tools to manage and monitor children's computer use, access to websites, and ability to play certain games and use certain applications.

PCs running Windows Vista are 60% less likely to be infected with viruses, worms and rootkits than PCs running Windows XP SP2.

Windows Internet Explorer 7 helps protect your PC and your personal information against malicious software, fraudulent websites, and online phishing scams. New phishing attacks are more than 25 times as common as new viruses, and over 20,000 fraudulent phishing websites are created every month. Internet Explorer 7 is now blocking nearly one million inadvertent attempts to access fake phishing sites per week.

Help defend your PC against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software with Windows Defender. Windows Defender in Windows Vista automatically scans Internet Explorer 7 downloads to help bring spyware to your attention before it can infect your computer.

More easily back-up the content on your PC--including digital photos, music, movies, and documents--with Scheduled and Network Backup.

If you have serious PC problems, Complete PC Backup and Restore makes it easier to restore your PC by not only backing up all your files, but also the entire operating system and all of your applications.

Help ensure that the data on your computer stays confidential, even if your PC is lost or stolen. windows BitLocker Drive Encryption provides full-volume encryption and boot integrity monitoring (alerting you if someone has tampered with your PC).

Windows Vista with SP1 is more entertaining. With Windows Media Center, you can enjoy your digital photos and music on your TV as well as on your PC. And it can turn your PC into a digital video recorder, so you can record TV and watch it on your schedule, not theirs.

Sit back and enjoy recorded TV, photos, music, home videos, games and DVDs from the comfort of your couch with Windows Media Center.

Access and project your TV, music, photos, and movies to any room in your house using an Xbox 360 console connected to your wired or wireless home network. It's like having your Media Center PC wherever you have an Xbox 360!

Author and burn movies, photos, and music to DVDs you can play on your PC or a DVD player with Windows DVD Maker.

Live the game! It's easier for you to find, play, and manage your games with GAMES EXPLORER. Games Explorer provides detailed information including when you last played, game genre, and rating of your games. With DirectX 10, play vivid and engaging games with unrivalled realism. Also, use the same game controller with both your PC and your Xbox 360 system.

It's easier and faster than ever to find, use, manage and share the information on your PC or on the Web with Windows Vista with SP1.

Most Windows Vista-based PCs boot in less than a minute, which can be an improvement over Windows XP boot times.

The Windows Vista sleep and resume features can bring your PC to life in a snap. The vast majority of Windows Vista-based PCs resume from sleep in less than six seconds.

See everything you're working on more clearly with Windows Aero and quickly switch between windows or tasks using Windows Flip 3D.

Find it fast! Simply type something about a file, picture, or song, such as a word contained in a document or e-mail message, the artist of a song, or the date a picture was taken, and Instant Search will bring back any matches instantly.

Organize a lifetime of photos and movies with ease using Windows Photo Gallery. Tag your photos by date, keyword, star rating or any identifying label you choose--so you can find them anytime you want them.

Display live information, like weather, stocks, and news, directly on your desktop with easy-to-use Gadgets and Windows Sidebar.

View multiple web pages simultaneously with Quick Tabs in Windows Internet Explorer 7.

Get up and running faster than ever with Windows Easy Transfer that automatically copies your files and settings from your old PC.

With special features to help you go mobile, Windows Vista with SP1 makes computing and connecting away from home or the office easier than ever.

Work the way you want with touch and digital input and handwriting. Tablet and Touch Technology makes your notebook PC experience truly personal.

Set up a wireless network at home with Network and Sharing Center--so you can experience the freedom of working virtually anywhere in your home. Then easily find and join a wireless network at your favorite hotspot--so you can stay productive wherever you go.

Optimize your power and mobil settings centrally with Windows Mobility Center.

Easily sync and manage your music, contacts and pictures across your devices and other PCs with Sync Center.

Share your desktop or any program with Windows Meeting Space. Co-edit documents, and pass notes in class, a favorite hotspot, or where no network exists.

This product is an OEM package designed for system builders. The certificate for the OEM package is on the shrink wrap for this product. Do not throw away the shrink wrap without removing the certificate first! The most complete choice for your business just got better. Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 helps you Focus on what matters the most: you, your business, and your customers. Special enhancements and security protocols help make this Vista truly ultimate. This is the most complete edition of Windows Vista - with the power, security, and mobility features that you need for work with fun entertainment features. Windows Vista Ultimate has an advanced, business-focused infrastructure, Mobile productivity, and a premium home Digital entertainment experience, all in one box. It combines all of the features found in Windows Vista Home Premium (like Windows Media Center, Windows Movie Maker with High-Definition support, and Windows DVD Maker) and Windows Vista Business (like business networking, centralized management tools, and advanced system backup features). It also has all of the security and Data protection features that you need. Found only in the Ultimate edition are Windows Ultimate Extras, add-ons that extend the capabilities of your system including: Windows Defender & Windows Firewall - safeguard your PC against security threats Easier use of a PC with Windows Tablet & Touch Technology - pen-and-ink functionality, improved navigation, improved handwriting recognition & built-in touch screen support Collaborate & share documents with Windows Meeting Space Enjoy Windows Media Center on your TV with Xbox 360 & other devices Business networking Connectivity with Networking Center & Remote DesktopSystem Requirements 800 MHz processor & 512 MB of system memory 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space Super VGA graphics supportIf you want a single PC that fulfills

  • Windows DreamScene - use Video as your wallpaper
  • Windows Hold'em poker game
  • Use multiple languages on 1 PC
  • Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption for your entire hard drive. Only you have access to that information - even if your PC is stolenOther features include -
  • Complete PC Backup & Restore - Back up your files including Operating system files & programs

Customer Reviews:

  • Make sure you know the major differences between this 64 bit and the 32 bit versions of Vista
    Runs most 32bit Vista applications. Programs like system diagnostic software and antivirus software are not all able to run on Vista 64.

    Will not run any 32bit drivers. Cell phones, PDAs, webcams, network cards (wired & wireless) and others will not automatically work. If you have something that plugs in to your computer and cannot function with a generic driver, it will not work unless a specific 64bit driver is available for your device. A lot of older hardware (2years+, I know that's not really old) will not work. However, its easy to check. Just go to the manufacturers' website and look for vista 64bit software compatibility.

    Vista 64bit can be reactivated if you change your hardware. The downside is that you may have to call in and reactivate it over the phone. I've had to do it twice now and it was painless (I mess with the insides of my computer a lot).

    So why should you buy this version?
    If you use more than 3GB of system memory, 32bit Vista will not use it to its full potential. You will need 64bit Vista....more info
  • Does not support 16 and 32 bit drivers!! Piece of caca
    I can no longer use my USB data cable for my cell phone and use Bitpim to up and download data files. stick to XP, old but good....more info
  • Love Windows Vista
    Vista 64 flys. Let me tell you if you have a core duo or a quad core you need Vista 64. I have had no driver problems,and really no problems at all. I do wish the browser handled FTPs a bit differently but it's really no big deal. There is also a really annoying security pop up that appears when you install something or change a setting but this can be turned off in the control panel.

    Something also to consider with this product is that because it is OEM it has no tech support. I personally never use windows tech support but if you think you may need it at sometime in the future them maybe its better to pay a little more and get the non-OEM version of Vista. If you like to trouble shoot your own problems then there is no reason not to get this product....more info
  • Cheaper but no Micorosoft Support
    This version of Windows Vista is the OEM version, which means that it does not come with a box or a manual, just a "Quick Install" guide. This is the FULL version of Vista but another thing that it is lacking is support from Microsoft. Because this version is intended for (as the title suggests) system builders, whoever that may be, they are the people who are supposed to provide the End User Support not Microsoft. It does, however, still include Windows Update so there do not think that you will not be getting updates from Microsoft, because you do. But if you are building a computer for your grandmother, and she BSOD's Vista, its up to you to fix it; Not Microsoft. Another difference between this version and the full 400 $ version is that this version only comes with the 64 Bit version of Windows Vista, but the full version comes with both the 32 and 64 Bit versions. So if you are pretty technology Savvy and you do not need Microsoft's support and you know what type of processor (64 or 32 bit) then the OEM version is the version for you....more info
  • NOt bad but still needs many fixes
    I bought Vista 64 in the hopes of building a decent gaming system. I have an Athlon 64 X@ 5600 processor and and NVIDIA 9800GT graphics card and 4GB of RAM. My problems frst began with installation. Vista would not load and I kept getting BSOD. After some research it turns out Vista will not install with over 3GB of RAM. I reinstalled with only 2GB and everything works fine. I still cannot use all 4GB but other than that I'm happy. Everything runs perfectly fine on 2GB and I hope Microsoft can fix this issue soon....more info
  • now i have a dual OS
    mac enables the owner to load windows with VMware fusion software. and i love it!!! the ability to open vista on my mac is the bomb. the software is very powerful and i love being able to open vista whenever i want.... i feel its a great OS. i would recommend anyone to use vista however you get it on your computer system....more info
  • Ultimate Worth It?
    For the price I could not really tell a difference between the Home premium on my other computer than this one. The differences as far as I can tell is security and backing up data but other than that minor things that were improved. 64 bit drivers might be hard to come by for some but out of everything I had running only one program didn't support it. I am happy overall with my six gigs of ram being recognized and the speed difference is better than with my 32 bit Home Premium. A lot of features for the price I think I should of just gone with Home Premium 64 bit instead since it is cheaper and not that much of a difference. The ordinary person probably doesn't really need all the features of Ultimate but look at the differences and decided for yourself and make sure 64 bit is looking good for what you have (meaning drivers). If you don't want to invest wait for Windows 7 since from what I have heard is kind of nice. Keep in mind this is OEM software so if you upgrade to a new computer this will become pretty much obsolete so make sure you want to invest before you do....more info
  • OS not ready for the prime time..
    I just completed the installation. OS and drivers load fine but this is one hell of bloated OS with just too much overhead. My drive's constantly running with just a minor modification. With 8GBs of RAMs (800Mhz, 4-4-4-12) with QX9650 (3.66Ghz) I expected a substantial gain in performance but might have expected too much. If you want 8GBs of RAM with overwhelming gain in performance with the stability and compatibility, I recommend the Win XP x64 Edition. No doubt Vista has quite a fancy interfaces and somewhat stable, but it could get sluggish due to multiple background (Windows) processes running for the reasons I have yet to find out. I am doing a lot of works getting data from network drives via 1GB LAN connection. With WinXP x64 it only took 10~15 sec to transfer 750MB but took more than 2 and half minutes in Vista. Dvix encoding also took much longer to complete in Vista. It's all about looks but if you want to get some work done, get WinXp x64 instead. ...more info
  • Great price and quick delivery time make for good business

    Although I had my own personal hardware problems getting this version of Vista setup, I was eventually able to persevere.

    For those that meet the hardware requirements for this software, I would recommend this highly. I have not gotten a chance to tinker with the exclusive ultimate features quite yet as I am still getting a handle of navigating the new Vista layout of its interface. But so far everything is great and I am really enjoying Vista Ultimate. Besides hardware and driver issues that you may experience if you are considering buying this product and installing it on your own system there are definitely certain applications that Vista 64 bit will reject. So know that you can't install any old x86 32 bit program on this OS. But if you think you can cope with reduced software functionality this may be the right OS for you....more info
  • 64bit Wonde
    Personally I think that this is Microsoft's best build, but be aware! You have great advantages with the 64bit platform in that you are able to utilize up to 128GB of ram etc but make sure that you have at least 2GB for the OS alone. This OS is a resource hogg but nontheless a great OS. One other note, expect a miriad of blue screens without SP1 installed. I could not get around all the dumps until I installed the SP and after this I have had not even one "blue screen of death". I give this product a 4/5. ...more info