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Audio-Technica ATH ANC3BK NoiseCancel Earphone BK!
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Product Description

Audio-Technica's ATH-ANC3 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones reduce distracting background noise by 85% while offering superior sound. Engineered to create a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise, these in-ear headphones feature a miniature microphone in each earpiece that picks up ambient noise. Electronics in the control box create a noise-cancelling wave that is 180-degrees out of phase with the ambient noise. While it acts like a noise eraser, the control box cancels out the annoying sounds that surround you without diminishing the audio you want to hear. Monitor switch deactivates noise cancellation audio Audio functions in passive mode even without battery Sleek control box offers on/off and monitor switches and clothing clip Two-pin airline adapter connects to in-flight entertainment Hard carrying case protects headphones & accessories Y cable includes an adjustable sleeve and extension for secure and comfortable fit A single AAA battery powers noise-cancelling electronics Gold-plated mini-plug provides exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity and low noise Driver Diameter - 12.5 mm Frequency Response - 15 - 22,000 Hz Sensitivity - 104 dB Impedance - 90 ohms QuietPoint Active Noise Reduction - Up to 20 dB AAA (alkaline) Battery - Up to 50 hours, typical (alkaline) Weight - 40 grams (1.4 ounces) with battery

  • Ultra-compact in-ear design is ideal for travel
  • Advanced electronics cancel up to 85% (20 dB) of background noise
  • Innovative ANC circuitry delivers an exceptionally pure audio signal in noise-cancelling mode
  • Ideal for use with all audio sources, including MP3 & other portable players
  • Soft interchangeable ear pieces (small, medium & large) provide a custom fit

Customer Reviews:

  • Great value.
    Great product for the price. The noise cancelling makes overseas flights tolerable, but the sound quality is not superb. If your willing to make the sound quality sacrifice for size and functionality this is for you. Overall, would recommend for budget traveler....more info
  • These Earphones Are Perfect for a Videographer!
    Watch Video Here: As a Full-Time Videographer, I need these headphones to make sure I am getting the right sound at the right moment. When work is done, I just plug right into my iPod, switch on the noise canceling function and go. Keeps my load light and easy to transport from set-to-set! I highly recommend them....more info
  • Sanity saver
    Used for first time on return from a Christmas Holiday flight (Airtran) in the midst of 11 infants and ~15 toddlers. Plus several non-stop blabbering adults.

    Was able to ignore all of the chaos using Airtran's XM/Sirius jack. The sound, particularly compared to the useless headphones Airtran dispenses, was phenomenal. Still a minor background of engine vibration but even that was almost totally eliminated by keeping a slack jaw! 4/5 stars because I could actually use a smaller ear bud than the smallest supplied. ...more info
  • DA bomb!!!!
    I own them both now, the ANC7 Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones(over the ear) and the ANC3 (in-ear) and the in-ear ones ROCK!
    -The skinny head audio jack fits iphone perfectly without the need for an adapter
    -They are so small and save precious space in my backpack on these long flights. specially since I pack light, free space is important to me.
    -runs on AAA Battery which is easily removable.
    -The in-ear fit is great. NOTE: play with the three different ear bud sizes to see which one fits your best.
    -More comfortable and over the year: I can sleep in these and can put my head against the pillow. My ears don't heat up like they do when wearing over the year ones.

    Laundry room test:
    Compared the ANC7(over_ear) with ANC3(in_ear). Both are about the same and I rather pick the in-ear ones.

    Motorcycle test:
    Yup, I commute on the rocket and on weekends ride all day. I listen to music inside my helmet, gets me in the zone and takes care of the loud after market race exhaust, which after all day riding can start to hurt.

    Flight test:(coming soon...flying tomorrow)
    ...more info
  • Meet my needs
    I travel constantly (40+ weeks/year) and have owned Sony over the ear noise canceling headphones for a couple of years. I finally quit carrying them with me due to limited space available in my computer bag, ear fatigue from the noise canceling, and feedback when you tried to lean your head against a pillow on a long flight (which isn't possible to do comfortably with the over the ear design anyway).

    For a few weeks I used the ear buds from my Creative Zen and while they were convenient, the didn't fit well, so music quality was poor. I also missed having the active noise canceling and had to have the volume up pretty high to hear the music over everything.

    I chose the Audio Technica ATH-ANC3 headphones before there were any reviews on Amazon, but based my decision on the reviews for their active noise canceling headphones and ear buds.

    When I first received them, I fitted what I thought would be the proper ear pieces and was less than impressed with the noise canceling. I ended up using the largest ear pieces and seating them all the way into my ears to make a tight seal and the noise canceling was outstanding. Getting a good seal on both ears is the key to music quality as well as noise canceling.

    The audio quality is brighter than the Sony's I had been using. They do have less bass than I was used to hearing, but I was able to hear the upper end of music (i.e. cymbals, etc.) at very reasonable listening levels (1/2 volume or so). Compared to the ATH-ANC3's, the old phones sound murky to me.

    I don't feel any ear fatigue and haven't had any feed back, even when using a pillow. The case is just about the size of an eye glass case, so there isn't any issue finding a spot for it in my computer bag. It has plenty of room for the phones, airline adapter, extra battery and my Creative Zen. The case stashes in the seat back pocket on the airplane until time to put everything away. Battery life probably is on the order of 40 hours or more.

    The electronics module is small, but reduces the convenience of the in the ear design. The most convenient arrangement for me is to put the MP3 player in a shirt pocket and clip the module to the top of the pocket. The electronics module is heavy enough that you'll want to clip it to something.

    I pulled them out and compared them with the QCII's at the Bose kiosk in the Denver airport a few weeks ago and didn't leave feeling I had inferior headphones.

    Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding Produdct
    I have used many different Noise Canceling Earphones in the pass. I have two pair of Bose now. The original set and a set of Bose2 over the ear. The ANC38K'S are as good an any and with the best price. I love them!!...more info
  • great but for the interference
    I'd agree with the other reviewer who noted that the sound quality is not as rich with this model as compared to the over the ear model. Note of caution if you work in close proximity to others and have the earphones plugged into your computer, you will know each and every time someone gets a cell phone call. You'll hear an annoying buzzing sound (if the noise cancel feature is on). Otherwise, great price/performance value; easy to tote around; and comfortable. ...more info
  • nice product from Audio-Technica
    it works nicely. I had a quite time with lots of sleep on my flight....more info
  • great noise reduction ear buds
    I was looking for an ear bud noise reduction unit and this on for the price fits the bill. It come with three different ear pieces so they fit nicely in the ear. The noise reduction is good. I couldn't ask for anything better....more info
  • YEEEESSSS but!
    So I baught them in the end of November.
    Opening the box I saw the straight plug and instantly knew that would be a problem.
    Next I was disapointed not to hear a great difference in tuning the noise reduction on and off.
    Well, that was in my living room.
    On the first Flight everything was VERY different! The Airbus accoustically turned into a noiseless Sailing Plane (No I was not starting in LaGuardia) and I could listen to my Music in the low level, as I love it. And I heard ONLY my music! It is GREAT!

    Earlier than I thought, to be precise, last week after 2 Flights - stuffing it into my pocket rolled over my rather large iAudio X5L as i'm used with my Sennheiser for 2 Years the cable was broken above the plug.
    (By the way and off topic: The Cowon iAudio X5L is a (my) dream of a mp3 player, great sound, 30 Gig, > 36h battery, and usable as external harddisk without any censoring software, AND direct connectible to the Camera (without PC) to empty the ever too small SD-Card. Id didn't even give up heavily used on a 2 week camel track without any electricity around.)
    Today I got an angled connector welded onto the cable, and that should solve the problem.

    A last little problem might come from the anatomy of my ears. Seems my canals are not round, so the tips mostly don't seal completely as they do when I slightly hold my fingertip on them.
    Even if I once after fiddling around some time I get them realy soundtight, swallowing, decrompressing or yawning immediately lets the noise in again.
    So I'll see if I can get individually made ear tips in a shop for hearing aides.
    Then they indeed will be absolutely perfect!

    And, Yes, for me they also have a wonderful clear neutral sound, hearably better than my Sennheisers, which were lot better then my Sony's were.
    And, Yes, the nice carry box with the extra Plane Plug and the extra tips stayed in the seat pocket of the Air Berlin clipper I left in Vienna ;-(
    I love my ATH ANC3BK and Ikea for giving their products nice names!...more info
  • Great in-ear alternative to Noise Isolation
    A colleague let me borrow these, and I've used them around the house and on a recent long trip. I own Bose QuietComfort 2 over the ear, recently tried a pair of ableplanet over the ear noise cancellation, and have a pair of noise isolation (ie earplug headphones) as well.

    If you are looking for in the ear noise cancellation, and are tired of the ear plug-like noise isolation, these headphones are great. the active noise cancellation, while not as good as the gold standard Bose, are as good as the able planet over the ear. I've used these while cutting the lawn, and they significantly mute the lawnmower noise so you can enjoy the music. Significantly smaller to pack, easier to sleep with on the plane than over the ear models.

    overall, a really solid alternative at a good price point....more info
  • Comfortable, small and quiet
    Very small & convenient. Blocks sound well. Very comfortable earbuds - better than most. Good price....more info
  • Audio-Technica ATH-ANC3 QuietPoint Noise-Canceling In-Ear Headphones
    These are fantastic! I expected a decent quality earphone, but was surprised at the exceptionally high quality sound coming out of my ipod. I had used other noise cancelling earphones, and found these in ear phones as good or better. Even the base was amazing from these tiny earphones. ...more info
  • I bought them both.
    I recently purchased both the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC3 QuietPoint Noise-Canceling In-Ear Headphones and the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones. One for me and one for my partner. I used the over the ear one on a recent 8hr flight. Loved them! The sound leak is pretty bad, however, on a plane you could not hear it. At home, others in the room can hear the music just as much at you can. The music tone is great! High, mid and low tones can all be heard. Comfort was good and I did not find them tight. My ears got hot after about 3 hours, no big deal. I just took them off for a sec. The noise cancel was wonderful, not great with out audio. They are big and it makes it difficult to sleep on a plane.
    The in ear type was much better. The noice cancelling was amazing, with or without audio. I was completly blown away. My partner had no discomfort after about 7 hrs of wearing. They also have a neat pause button to turn off the devise for a moment, ie. to talk to the flght attendant without having to take them off. GREAT! The draw back was the sound quality with music. Not very good. No mid tones. For someone, like myself, that knows what you should be hearing in a song, missing it can be a problem. For someone, like my partner, who really does not care greatly about all tones in music, these were great. If and when I have to buy another set, I probably will be buying the in ear type. The pluses out weight the minus....more info
  • money well spent
    I've checked a few noise cancelling headset but no ear-plug. This one is pretty cool and does a good job, considering the fact that it is just an ear-plug. I've used it on a plane, it was good, however it was not able to filter everything out. I'm glad that I've bought it, it is handy, easy to clip-on, good package, good features on a reasonable price....more info
  • I like it
    The short story is that it does exactly what I bought it for and I am satisfied so I plan to buy a second for travelling friend...more info
  • Disappointed
    I was not expecting miracles from the noise canceling due to the fact that they are not enclosed headphones like Bose. I was however expecting much better sound quality. I don't know if I got a flawed pair or not, but compared to the Audio Technica buds, the sound quality of my $10 Sony ear buds may as well have been a $3,000 pair of of Bang & Olufsen speakers. I tried every EQ setting I could think of and it all sounded unbelievably bad. All tinny, mid and high frequency. No low end at all. I listened to a wide range of music too. Everything from 80's heavy metal to ophera. It all sounded bad.

    I also had a problem with them falling out of my ears. I tried all three different sized ear pieces, but they never really seemed to fit right...

    but, Amazon was great to deal with for the return...
    ...more info