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Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 (Blue)
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $32.95

You Save: $17.04 (34%)


Product Description

The Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 features Windows Live compatibility, world class VGA optics, superior low-light performance and a fun flexible design. Share more experiences with family and friends.

  • World Class VGA Optics - see more clearly with 2x the light collection than regular VGA optics
  • Superior Low-light Performance - auto-adjusts for low-light conditions
  • Bend, fold & shape the flexible base for the best angle on laptop screens, flat panels & traditional monitors
  • Take 1.3 megapixel photos to share with friends & family
  • Built-in microphone automatically picks up your voice with remarkable clarity

Customer Reviews:

  • good quality
    We installed the software waited for the return email confirmation and everything worked as advertised. With family scattered around the country it comes in handy getting to see a family face.
    Works great ...more info
  • Great camera for the price
    Just purchased this camera and for the money, no complaints. Was bought to do video calls with my family while they were on vacation in Australia. We are connecting using Skype and it works flawlessly. There is no delay between the calls and my family can hear/see me with no issues. My only gripe with this cam is it doesn't come with any software to allow you to change/alter your voice (at least I haven't found any drivers that allow it). Overall worth the price....more info
  • Nice 'entry' camera, but too basic of instructions?
    Sure, it's meant to be PnP (plug and play), but even I was surprised with the lack of documentation that comes with this entry level webcam.

    And as far as entry level webcams go, for this price point, you really can't go wrong with this pick.

    Straight out of the box, the contents are three: 1) Camera, 2) ver 2.0 software on CD, and finally, 3) little quad-fold english/spanish intruction sheet. Really? A small plug and play instruction sheet? Yup, that's it. Not that I'm a huge fan of overly complicated and awe inspiring manuals, but for the juggernaut that is MS, I was a but dissapointed with the lack of a written manual. It seems on something like this, it would be a no brainer to include even an abbreviated manual for non-techies to understand how to operate once installed. No, you're on your own by visiting the MS web page and sifting through thier documents.

    Also, out of the box I recommend, (like another user suggested), to go straight to the support site and download the newer software and not even use the enclosed disc. It ships with v2.0 software, but as of my writing 2.04 is available.

    The camera itself is pretty impressive. In my office, the picture looks good under low light conditions, it's picture clear, the built in mic does it's job once configured (an important step you should not skip). The base, while a nice idea, isn't as robust and sturdy as the box copy proclaims, but adequate enough to do the job. Some may find themselves using a piece of tape or other weighted object to keep it still....a clamp option would have been nice.

    But the reason I'm knocking this down a star is based on the lack-luster descriptions and "how-to's" for the software. Once you download and get the camera operational, again, you're on your own to figure out how to record, what your effects options are, what file extensions are used and default storage. For intermediate and advanced users, this may seem like a no brainer or intuitive, but for can feel a bit lost. It's as if if MS says "Here you's your webcam" and walks away.

    Some of the bundled software or apps you can optionally load seem like aesthetic window dressing...for fun...Take effects for example: There are plenty of cool effects, but some are pretty lame, and the icons really don't help explain what they are until you click and discover for yourself. Some nice toys to play with, but they lose their novelty value fast.

    I was really hoping for some documenation or pointers on video blogging, atleast the basics...but're on your own. Looks like I'll be printing out or buying additional manuals later, but what do you expect from a sub $30 price point? A little more consideration to the entry level user would have easily given this 5 stars. Overall a good camera in a sea of over-priced mediocre ones....more info
  • Terrible software problems
    This would probably be a great cam if the software would actually detect the damn cam. I don't know what Microsoft is doing putting out crap code like this. Just another reason why I didn't bother upgrading to Vista....more info
  • Awesome
    I bought six of these for my entire family, because everyone lives so far away. It is great we can see each other whenever we want and everyone has been asble to see the 2 new babies. It was so easy to hook up and use. Most of my family is pretty technology challenged and no one has had a problem yet. It is a great picture and sound. ...more info
  • For the price
    This is great for the price. I mean what do you really expect over the internet? And if you are using Skype, then the most problems you will have will be Skype, not the camera. Visual quality is fair and the audio works also. ...more info
  • Look, there's my grandson
    I'm still trying to figure out how to make it work exactly as I want it too, but it did let us see the grandbaby in real time, which was great....more info
  • bringing us closer
    easy to install & use. our family bought 4. now we "visit" regularly with distant family members including one daughter who lives on the other coast & is expecting. being able to see her during her pregnancy has been especially wonderful. ...more info
  • Nice Webcam
    Form Factor : 5
    Picture Quality : 4
    Lifecam software(special effects) : 5
    Video Quality : 3 (motion blur)

    Overall excellent camera for the price. ...more info
  • A great buy
    I found this same web cam for twice the price at office depot, so I'm very happy. Visual is very good and clear, the audio does have some delay transmitting but it does not impair the quality of the product....more info
  • Great clarity, decent colors
    I bought this product to learn to do education video podcasts for an elementary classroom. I was using this in conjunction with Vlog It and a green screen. It worked really well, and I was impressed with the clarity of the video. I was a bit disappointed by the color and tone options. I had to rely on Vlog It to color correct. The problem was that I am very fair, and for whatever reason, me against a green screen reflected the green onto my skin. It was a bear of a problem. I kept adjusting lighting and settings in the program to make it so that I did not disappear a bit with the green screen. But if you are looking for a decent and affordable camera, this is a good one to start with....more info
  • Works great with skype for linux & windows
    Great little webcam with included mic. Works great with skype in linux(ubuntu 9.04), vista & windows 7 RC....more info
  • Best Webcam Ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the best webcam out there for this price i would reccommend this for anyone that wanna keep in touch with there friends and family. This is the best.Thanks Amazon and Microsoft !!!!!!!!1...more info
  • Great for the price
    I bought this webcam for video chat and it is quite sufficient. I've tested it on Windows XP and Vista and it works with both. For the price, I went ahead and bought a second one. My only negative comment is that the software is nothing special. Also the resolution is 640x480, which isn't a problem for webchat, but might be an issue for more demanding applications. ...more info
  • Lifecam VX-5000
    To test the microphone out, I went on xfire with my friends and everyone actually understood everything I said, some even complimented my mic. Honestly, I never expected it to work on messenger but i'm glad i can talk to people instead of basic typing. The most important thing about a webcam however, is the picture. This webcam captures video
    at 1.3MP, so you don't ever have to worry about having a stretched mosaic. It comes with a control applet allowing you to use digital zoom to make things appear bigger. Personally, I find this to be a cheap way of providing a zoom function. One nice thing is the low light sensitivity, which when turned on makes it VERY easy to see in the dark. Every product has at least one annoying feature, and the LifeCam was no exception. The single most annoying feature on the LifeCam is the button on top of the camera. The Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 is available directly from Microsoft. MSRP: $49.95, what needs improvement: Annoying button placement, high price, and non-motorized movement. webcam got a 7.6 because I compared it to others in its price. I think it should be in the $20-$30. To customers looking for a webcam this one is a good deal so i would rate it 9/10 because i found it simple to use and install....more info
  • microsoft web cam
    i ordered this item and am very pleased with it delivery was a little long but product works great!!!...more info
  • Excellent Choice
    A good webcam... it has got lot of options... eg. to put a mask and select different views of a person... ...more info
  • Good for Price Range
    I got this cam for $33, which I feel is quite good. Easy to install on Vista, working as expected. I would recommend this one for people who doesnt want to spend more money with decent quality.

    ...more info
  • A good webcam for the price!
    This little web cam with built in microphone was a great buy. I bought this for my son so I could see my little grand-daugthter online with Skype. It had a good picture and I was very happy with the purchase as was my son. Good product for the price!...more info
  • LifeCam VX 5000 review
    This product fully met my expectations. It arrived quickly via Amazon .com, was easy to install, and was reasonable priced including shipping and handling. The product offers still shots, microphone, and videos. (As an aside, it works best with Google Chrome/Google Chat and Skype. I would recommend it to others....more info
  • Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 (Red) review
    Pro: Great Price, Very good picture quality (even in low light), built in mic also works fine
    Con: Add on software is slow and very basic
    Overall: It works as CNet and other tech site stated: great webcam for the price range but webcam application that comes with it isn't anything special but it does the job. Works fine with MS Instant Messanger for video conferencing. I use it for online video chat with family over sea without any issues. I would recommend it...more info
  • Nice Webcam
    Form Factor : 5
    Picture Quality : 4
    Lifecam software(special effects) : 5
    Video Quality : 3 (motion blur)

    Overall excellent camera for the price. ...more info
  • Good Quality, Excellent Value
    I bought this webcam to use with skype. It works great. The video quality is good even in full screen mode on a 17" monitor. I also have a Logitech Quickcam Chat and Quickcam Fusion. This camera is much better. What I liked best is the video quality under normal and even low light. With the Fusion, I always needed a lamp, even with good room lighting. For $25, you really can't really find too many flaws with this cam....more info
  • great picure
    Works great, bought this web cam so I could see my grand kids on Skype. This works wonderful at an amazingly low price. My family were so impressed they also purchased this web cam! Buy it and don't think twice!...more info
  • Works great
    In less than 10 minutes was up and running Google Talk and talked to someone in NY from So. Carolina as easy as if he was next door. Recommended....more info
  • Pretty Decent
    This is a decent webcam. It comes with lots of fun features like little cartoons you can add to your video or cool distortions.

    My only problems are that whenever I turn off my lappie or unplug the camera, the camera is no longer recognized on my lappie until I restart it. The other thing is that it is an MSN camera, and any time you adjust the camera you have to be careful because there's a button on top that initiates MSN webchat. ...more info
  • Works with Mac OS 10.5.6 out of the box
    Plugged into MacBook Pro and works without any configuration with Skype, iChat, EvoCam, QuickTime Pro and possibly iMovie.
    Nice compact design.
    Flexible, rubber-coated base adapts well enough to any situation.
    Nice long cable allows for pointing it around the office or out of the window.

    Too light sensitive in a bright room or if person faces a window.
    This results in shiny spots on face, purple fringing and washed out areas.
    It's like overusing the Shadows and Highlights Filter or the Posterize Filter in Photoshop.
    This cannot be adjusted even with iGlasses, which is a software to tweak webcam settings within OS X.
    The cable appears to thick and uneven for the wires inside.
    Another drawback, although most webcam may have this fault is that you cannot focus closer than ~20cm. It really would be nice to have a manual adjustable lens, so one can show small items or document text.

    Overall a decent camera, except for the overexposure issue.
    Although the resolution of 1.3MP seems to be the same as the build-in iSight it cannot match the picture quality of the iSight because of overexposure. (May be a problem on the Mac only)

    Would buy it on sale again, but keep on looking for a simple webcam that can deliver on image quality.

    ...more info
  • Small camera, great picture
    Got this for my grandkids and they got it working with no problem and it has an excellent picture and sound. Now we talk and see each other at least weekly. So much better than just a phone call....more info
  • Works great with skype for linux & windows
    Great little webcam with included mic. Works great with skype in linux(ubuntu 9.04), vista & windows 7 RC....more info
  • Beware
    If you are running Windows 2000, Microsoft no longer supports it and they didn't make a driver for this product for this OS. I wish that I could tell you how it performs but I'm our of luck....more info
  • great price / benefit ration
    I bought this little camera for my sister so that we could skype while I'm out of the country. Nice picture, nice sound for a fair price....more info
  • Above average Cam
    I would have given this Web Cam 5 stars if the software had been a little better. I think that Microsoft could have come up with more options in their software for the camera. Having said that I have used this camera for 1 1/2 months with no problems at all and the sound and picture are as good as I have seen. I now have purchased 3 more for family and friends. I got mine for $18.99 a real good price haven't seen them under $28 since ...more info