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iGolf neo Pocketsize Golf GPS
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $134.95

You Save: $15.04 (10%)


Product Description

Know Your Distance. Now.

The smallest and most affordable device available for golf, iGolf Neo is a revolutionary device that will change the face of golf forever. Weighing in at only 2.5 oz, it fits in your pocket and works on any course in the world.

  • Easy to use
  • Automatically tells distance to key points on the course
  • Shot Distance feature shows you how far you hit each club
  • Weather resistant, durable construction
  • Lower your score and handicap

  • Compatibility
    The iGolf Neo is ready to use out of the box without the requirement of any additional software or hardware if you want to map your own golf course. However a computer and internet access are required if you would like to download pre-mapped golf courses from In order to download pre-mapped golf courses you will need a Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me or Windows 98* computer with a USB port. You will also need a subscription to

    *Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

    • Instantly displays key distances on the course
    • Holds 10 GPS course files
    • 4 custom points per hole
    • Uses an internal Lithium-ion battery
    • Works on any course in the world
    • No aiming or line of sight required
    • Improves course management
    • Accurate Shot Distance feature
    • Helps lower score and handicap

    Package Includes:
    • iGolf Neo
    • Power Cord/Adaptor
    • USB Sync Cable
    • Software CD [Drivers & Sync Application]
    • Belt Clip
    • Quickstart Guide
    • User Manual

    ** $34.95 Annually for course download. Or courses can be mapped by you for no charge. Membership not required for unit to work.

    Tired of feeling adrift on the course? Turn to the iGolf neo pocket-size GPS, a handy golf-course aid that automatically displays the distances to key points on any golf course in the world. The iGolf neo features such construction details as a 80 x 120 high-contrast LCD screen, a lightweight, compact housing, and a built-in SiRF Star III GPS receiver. Once you step on the course, however, form takes a backseat to function, as the neo displays the distance to the front, center, and back of the green, while also letting users add up to four custom points per hole. As a result, you can estimate whether you'll carry the water hazard with your 3-wood or whether you should lay up, and you'll have a better idea of when the sand traps come into play. Estimating your club strength is even easier when using the shot distance feature, which shows you how far you hit each club on average.

    The iGolf neo holds up to 10 course files at once, and you can easily download other courses from when traveling beyond your home turf. It's also easy to map any course or add custom points yourself, should the downloaded info come up short. Best of all, you don't need to aim the neo or see the hole to receive accurate results. Simply choose the corresponding setting and you'll have all the info you need to pick the right club, swing with confidence, and enjoy the game more.

    The iGolf neo is ready to use out of the box without requiring any additional software or hardware for custom mapping. However, you'll need a computer and Internet access if you'd like to download pre-mapped golf courses from (subscription required). The iGolf neo--which comes with a USB cable, software CD, and a belt clip--runs for up to 16 hours on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The unit itself measures 3.25 by 1.75 by 0.75 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 2.5 ounces.

    • Accuracy: Within 1-3 yards
    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • Battery Life: Up to 16 hours
    • Weight: 2.5 oz
    • Screen: 80 x 120 High-contrast LCD Screen

    Customer Reviews:

    • great product
      bougt the neo about 3 wks ago used it 4 times (that is the max on battery use) performed great. played with a guy with a sky caddie our yardage were within 2 yds needed tech support when i first downloaded the courses and got a voice msg on hours (cal pst time) waited till noon eastern time got busy signal and thinking i am shipping this thing back called about 1 hr later got thru in an instant. the tech walked me completly thru it (not a big deal but i am not good on computer) cost 35 dols for a year but that is good for 50 courses (each 9 holes is one unit) so if you can think of 50 courses you mite play in your life it is the only time you will have to pay. does not work on macs. plug in wall charger works great. i have no bad beefs with unit but i wont use the belt clip. i would buy this unit again in a minute...more info
    • Great little pocket caddy!
      The hubby had hopes for a bigger one with lots of picures on it. HOWEVER...he's used this one twice and says it really has all the info on it he really needs. He's happy to have one. It's very accurate and very simple to use. The downloading of the golf courses wasn't difficult either for the techno geek he is NOT! great little gadget!! The clip is cheap and doens't work well...reason for the 4 star instead of 5 star...will work fine in pocket however....more info
    • A wonderful device -- but check for courses available
      I have had the iGolf Neo for a week now and couldn't be happier. My golfing buddies drool over it! The device is very fast and very accurate and I love its small size. As reported in various golf forums, the only problem is the belt clip holder: the first time I played with the Neo, the device fell out, and I had to re-trace my steps on the golf course to find it. Whew! However, I now simply stuff it in my pocket, and that works fine. Other electronic devices tend to get more expensive as they get smaller -- not so with the Neo, which is much less expensive than the competition. I was ready to buy a Skycaddie 2.5 until I came across the lower-price and more convenient Neo. A real winner!
      Note: Here is a follow-up to the above review, written two months later: I continue to be very satisfied with the Neo. I have used it many times at my home course and have also used it at several other courses, both in Canada and the US. Only 1 of these courses was not available for downloading from the website, and this may be due to the fact that this particular course (where the PGA holds a tournament) provides a caddie (i.e., the caddie had a yardage book and gave me my distances for every shot). Customer service from iGolf is pretty good: sometimes the iGolf website has been down; sometimes the live customer support is not available; and, a couple of email inquiries have gone unanswered. But all in all, I am extremely happy with the Neo....more info
    • A good product at a good price.
      The iGolf neo does exactly what it is advertised to do - It gives you accurate distances, it is easy to use, it has a good battery life, and it is easy to carry. I had some problems downloading course data to the unit until I installed an updated version of the software and it seems to be working well now. The plastic holster that comes with it is not good; mine hasn't broken yet but the unit has fallen out a couple of times. But it fits in a pocket so easily that the holster is not necessary. Overall a good bargain, even when compared to the high-priced GPS units....more info
    • Neo is Great value
      Totally happy with my purchase. Best little golf GPS on the planet. Easy to map courses. Easy to use. And of course very inexpensive.iGolf neo Pocketsize Golf GPS...more info
    • So far, so good!
      I have only played one round with this little gadget, but it really seems to help. I played a cheap muni course, so I figured the yardages would be good, but they were spot on.
      It was good to go right out of the box. Just install the software and it'll help you download courses to it. I paid the yearly ~$35 fee and I can now download all sorts of courses.

      You can REALLY easily figure out how long your shots went (which is rather depressing in my case). You can also easily mark certain trouble spots on the course easily as well.

      My buddy has the Skycaddie 2.5 and the big difference between the two seems to be the intelligreen on the Skycaddie. You can figure out yardages not just to one spot on the green but many with the skycaddie, but honestly who needs THAT sort of accuracy. I don't think the $100 upcharge is worth it just for that one additional feature.

      I would recommend this to anyone who wants a simple GPS device that gives yardages to front, middle, back of greens, and also wants to keep track of how far they hit the ball.
      ...more info
    • I Golf
      Excellent product! This is my first GPS system of any kind and it has lived up to all the previous reviews I've read about the product. Easy to use, program and carry. The belt clip isn't good but you don't need it and it could be improved with a slot made for the top of the clip to fit into, you'll see when you get it. I have used this unit 4x now since I've received it in December and it works great. I have compared it to courses with GPS in the carts & also compared it with the markings on the course, it is definitely more accurate. It quickly picks up the satellites and it gives yardages without any hesitation. The only problem I have is how much I am going to charge my friends for all the extra walking I have to do to give them thier yardages!!!!...more info
    • excellent golf gps
      I was looking for a golf GPS for few months. I tried some of the software only versions of golf gps on my iPhone. However, none of them perform well compared to iGolf neo. The iGolf neo is very fast to get location,small enough to fit in a pocket; belt clip does not work well, accurate,easy to use. Battery life is good; provided you turn it off if not in use. I wish it had built in feature to turn itself off. Keep in mind you have to subscribe to get the downloads of courses; an additional cost of 35-45$. I wish it would have the ability to download courses directly to the unit instead of sync via PC.
      Overall; for the price its a great unit. It will save you a lot of TIME on golf course and improve you score.
      ...more info
    • iGolf Neo Review
      Excellent product for the price. I would have preferred more detailed instructions. I did have some trouble getting the course data to transfer to the GPS device. Eventually, I got it figured out....more info
    • Great GPS Golf Device for me
      The iGolf Neo arrived here and was everything it was advertised to be - and more.
      Installation and course downloads were very easy. I do not relish spending a lot of time on that sort of task so I was very satisfied.
      The courses available included a local nine hole executive length muni here. I practice there often and that signalled a quite complete the database.
      I use the distance to green but now am also routinely doing the shot distance routine.
      I can fish this small unit from my back pocket - check the distaces/set the shot distance monitor - whatever - and toss it right back in there and take my next shot. Good battery life so far - good signal acquisition - very affordable....more info
    • Great Entry Level Golf GPS
      I wanted a GPS device so I could stop pacing off yardages on the course and have an enjoyable game and make correct club selections. I compared quite a few and wanted a entry level GPS, certainly Igolf Neo fits the bill.

      1. Great entry-level price.
      2. You don't know it's in your pocket.
      3. Fast downloads to sync courses to handheld device.
      4. Lowers your handicap by making accurate club selections on GPS distances.
      5. Igolf website user friendly.
      6. 20 channels

      1. Only holds 8 courses on the Neo.
      2. Lots of ghost readings, 9999 to front of green.
      3. Discrepancies in distances to front, back, middle of greens.
      4. Buttons hard to push.
      5. Annual membership fees.

      Overall, I recommend the Neo to anyone wanting an entry-level golf dedicated GPS device. Price is great, information is easy to read and user friendly. I will look to upgrade to either Golf Buddy or Golf Guru. I don't want to pay annual memberships and simply want more golf game management information.
      ...more info
    • A must buy for sure!
      Wow! What a value. I was reluctant to buy a range finder or GPS due to the price and I was not sure if one would help my game. I purchased the Sonocaddie V100 because I found a number of good reviews. I want to add mine to the list.
      I have used it on 3 different courses and the distances and hazards are "spot on." It is easy to use and is easy to read without my glasses. It has already shaved 2 to 4 strokes off my game. My playing partners are now asking me for distances. I find it especially useful as I play a lot of different courses here in central Texas and I am not always familiar with the layouts. I can't remember being so happy with a product of any kind since I got my first bicycle 45 years ago!
      ...more info
    • Not bad, really
      It does a pretty good job. SOFTWARE DOES NOT WORK FOR MAC. Holds about 10 courses at a time. Software takes some getting used to on a PC only. I do like knowing how far the next shot is without looking around for markers....more info
    • iGolf Neo
      I bought the iGolf Neo for my husband for his birthday because the price was right and he wanted a golf GPS and he just loves it. He says it has helped his game tremendously in just the first week he has had it. He highly recommends it. I guess I picked the right one because he's very happy with it....more info
    • My Secret Weapon!
      I purchased the "Neo" last week and right out of the box I charged it and went straight to my golf course and mapped the first nine holes. Later that afternoon I played the nine holes with a foursome and boy did I have the advantage. I didn't let them know I had the "neo" and I hit every green in regulation. I have a 20 handicap, because my putting is the weakest part of my game. (maybe they will have a gps for my putting game!

      Well back to the game...I hit fade off the tee which put me in bounds in the opposite fair way, my neo said a 118 yds to the center of the green, that I could not see low bushes. I knew the exact club to pull and bam I hit it just right, these guys were amazed at my pin point accracy. The "Neo after 2 hrs and 15 min. still showed a full charge. I was pulling clubs with confidence and hitting away. I knew what I needed to carry water and when to lag up! WOW... Sky Caddie will now have to drop their price or go out of business, or try to buy out itechnology which I don't think so. I was waiting for a price drop on sky caddie but then I found "neo" and waited no more! The Neo fits comfortably in my cargo pant pocket on in my shorts. They're right the clip that it comes with is very loose and it will pop out. I will not be using it!!!

      I have not down loaded the courses yet, so I will update when I get that up and running.
      I'm very happy so far with my purchase and I love the igolf website for posting my score and getting real time handicap rating.

      Pros: Light weight, accurate, great battery life, easy to operate, small, but very readable,
      Cons: None so far! ***Will update after I sync my first course and play it! I mapped my own course and it gave me the advantage. I think the "Neo" was made just for me!!!!

      C. Spaulding ...more info
    • Listed in the wrong Price
      The item was listed at $14.99 and I bought it. The next day, I was given a refund 'coz they put the wrong price (should be $149.99). I thought I should be granted 'coz it's their own mistakes. Bad experience....more info