Samsung PN50A450 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV
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49.9" screen (measured diagonally) * widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio * high-gloss black finish * built-in digital (ATSC) and analog (NTSC) tuners for over-the-air TV broadcasts (antenna required) * built-in QAM cable TV tuner receives unscrambled programs without a set-top box (cable service required) * 1365 x 768 pixels * 30,000:1 contrast ratio (1,000,000:1 dynamic) *

  • 720p HD Resolution
  • 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio 30,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Filter Bright Anti Reflective Technology
  • 3D Ready for 3D gaming

Customer Reviews:

  • I think I got a lemon
    Got the tv today and the picture went bad after about two hours. Had the previous model (hpt5054) and had no problems with it. I have sent an e-mail to amazon, will post reply when they get back to me. :(...more info
  • Samsung TV
    Great product thus far. Loved the delivery service. Buying a product like this was easier than I expected from Amazon and I will look for my next big purchase to be from too.

    Thanks for making it easy!...more info
  • Great Visual Experience - PN50A450
    Delivery by Amazon excellant - They took off their shoes as they entered the home. We placed this in our family room 18' X 25' and watch it from a average distance of about 12 to 15'. Love the swivel base to adjust to different seating configurations. Very rich color and very detailed definition.

    Also purchased Samsung 5.1 Home Theatre HT-Z410T. This combination fills the room with great visual and sound experience. The HT-Z410T upconverts to 1080i which is a format supported by the PN50A450. The quality of DVD playback depends a lot on the quality of the DVD. Interface between the two devices requires some reading for best results.

    I did a lot of reasearch and think this is absoulutely one of the best values for a 50" big screen experience at a modest cost. Yes, it's not 1080P, but at 12 to 15' you would never know. ...more info
  • Samsung PN50A450 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV
    Picture quality is very nice, but the audio leaves a lot to be desired, especially in the midrange....more info
  • Samsung Pn50A450 50 Inch 720P Plasma
    Purchase experience from Amazon was oustanding with one minor gripe about the shipping/handling. Shipping/Delivery by Pilot was very timely, however, they delivered the TV (in New Orleans area)with only one person - even though the shipping label clearly specified that the delivery was supposed to be performed by a two man team. I had the option to decline delivery (which would have resulted in a delay in delivery), however, I was very anxious to get my new TV so I helped the driver carry in the TV, uncrate and set the TV on my stand.
    I've only had the TV for a week so my personal experience/review is somewhat limited at this time.
    This TV has been beyond my expectation so far! Setup was very simple and easy. Picture and sound is outstanding. This set replaces my older Sony big screen and the picture is far superior to it. I am glad I did not pay extra for a 1080P set since my DVD player is not HD nor am I receiving any 1080P signal from my cable provider at this time - this 720P set is plenty good. Very satisfied with this set and would strongly recommend to anyone in the market. ...more info
  • 50" hd plasma tv
    I am pleased with all areas of this T V and with the timely fashion in which it was delivered. Thanks Amazon.

    David Whitlock
    Bardwell, Ky. 42023...more info
  • Blu Ray looks great at 720p
    My couch is 10' from the wall, the best screen size is supposed to be 50" but the budget meant I had to decide between 50" 720p or 40" 1080p. I decided to trust my research and chose screen size over resolution. I think it's a good choice.

    For a week we watched football, hockey, Discover HD, Palladia, the kids played X Box and it's jaw dropping how great this TV looks. It's razor sharp, great color. Yesterday the Blu Ray player arrived for the big test. It looks fabulous. Granted if I had a 50" 1080p running next to this 720p there MIGHT be a difference but I don't see how it could be much. I know for sure that if I had a 40" 1080p I would be really wishing I had gone with the 50".

    Some of the reviews have mentioned a problem with burn in. I did adjust the brightness, contrast and color settings from the factory defaults using this website [...]

    Also, some websites say that for the first 100 hours you should have the brightness and contrast down to 30% to prevent burn in. I haven't done that. So far no problems....more info
  • samsung PN50A450 720dpi
    I got this 50 inch plasma TV for a GREAT special price thru Amazon. Free shipping, so I paid total $867 for the TV. Has been great so far and I'm very satisfied with the purchase. Even though it isn't the newest technology of 1080dpi, it still has a fantastic and vivid picture just as consumer reports rated it....more info
  • Great Value at a Great Price.
    This is my first HDTV and so I researched this purchase for several days and I simply could not find a better deal for the dollar. The 720p resolution looks amazing and I see no need to shell out several hundred dollars more for a 1080p unless you are purchasing a set larger than 55". Cnet has great reviews and an explanation of why you only need 720p here;txt.

    I have been completely satisfied with the HD quality as well as the processing of standard definition shows. If you have young children I would recommend purchasing TV Armor or some other screen protector as my kids try and touch or hug the characters on Sesame Street at least once a week.

    Finally, the white glove delivery was very good. I live in the Texas Panhandle and the TV was in my home six days after I pressed the purchase button. I was a little disappointed that only one person delivered the unit. If it had just been my wife at home when the unit arrived I don't know how things would have worked out, so check with the driver when they call to setup the delivery.

    Overall, I am completely satisfied and plan on utilizing this set for many years to come. ...more info
  • "You get what you pay for" does not apply here!
    See settings at the end of the review.

    I spent weeks looking at 52" LCDs, 50" plasmas and even some Samsung DLP TVs. I was prepared to fork over close to two thousand dollars for a TV until I got the chance to view this set at a local store with a Blu-ray player hooked up. I was instantly sold and felt a bit stupid for having put so much effort into the higher end TVs. Sure they are 1080p with better processing and darker black levels, but was it worth the price difference? No way. For the money saved over, say, a 650 series or 800u Panasonic, I am now able to afford some much-needed furniture and window curtains for my whole house.

    The accurate colors in this set really give you a great cinematic experience. The black levels could be better, but they're about the same as you'd see in the theater. With the correct settings, the shadow detail is great and far better than the LCDs I've seen, which seem to lack in this area. I also LOVE the natural sharp image from plasmas in general (720p OR 1080p). LCDs and DLPs always seem to have a smeared/unnatural kind of look to me and always seem to either be soft looking or over-sharpened no matter how much I play with the settings. The lack of motion blur really shows in gaming and movies alike. Again, a very theater-like experience. Plasma is THE way to go, and this TV is the best way to get into it without breaking the bank.

    I play Xbox360 with this and the picture is sweet. The racing games have a cool arcade-like feel with no motion blur! That alone makes it seem sharper.

    As far as burn-in goes, just keep the settings reasonable (see below) and you don't have to worry about burn-in. For good measure, I run the scrolling burn-in protection occasionally just to even things out. I went through the break-in with a break-in DVD I got from the AVS forums, do a search. Thus far, I have NO problems with any sort of burn in or even temporary image retention (IR) and I don't bother to stretch letterbox movies to take up the whole screen.

    For watching standard-def DVDs, I have a Phillips 5990 upconverting DVD player hooked up via $1.80 HDMI cable (all purchased on Amazon). This will squeeze out every last drop of quality from the DVDs. I was amazed at how good the DVDs look with this combination. Still nothing close Bluray, but you will appreciate your DVDs all over again.

    Then of course, HD content will blow your mind for the price. For Bluray, I'm using a PC. For TV, I'm pulling OTA HD digital channels from a super cheap RadioShack UHF antenna. I find myself turning the TV on and watching the news or Nightrider just for TV eye candy. My fianc¨¦ was making fun of me for watching Private Practice with her the other day.

    Incredibly sharp picture
    Perfect colors when calibrated
    Built in burn-in protection, but not really needed
    It's a plasma! (A very pleasant and naturally sharp looking picture over LCD)

    Black levels could be better

    Here are my settings, as taken and slightly modified from a calibrator in the AVS forums. Those not mentioned are default. Please note, that if you are used to defualt "Dynamic" or "Standard" settings, the following settings will initially appear very dull and not as bright. I promise, give it a few days, watch a few movies to get used to it and you will appreciate it. Go back to the way you were watching it and you'll see how garish and overblown the default settings really are

    Settings were changed on 1/27/09 to match a new, more accurate calibration from the AVS forums. Stunning picture quality. It makes LCDs look terrible.

    (Viewing distance is 10')

    Mode: Movie
    Color Temp: Warm2
    Cell: 10
    Contrast: 77
    Brightness: 46
    Sharpness: 15
    Color: 47
    Tint: G48/R52

    Black Adjust: Off
    Dynamic Contrast: Off
    Gamma: +1 (actual calibration calls for zero, but I like +1)

    Color Space: Custom
    Red: R50 G0 B5
    Green: R0 G44 B6
    Blue: R0 G0 B50
    Yellow: R47 G48 B7
    Cyan: R0 G54 B50
    Magenta: R63 G0 B50

    White Balance:
    R-Offset: 21
    G-Offset: 25
    B-Offset: 20
    R-Gain: 30
    G-Gain: 25
    B-Gain: 46 ...more info
  • Best Bang for your buck.
    After searching for a HD television for the last few months I came across this television at 6th ave Electronics. I looked at all the the televisions in the store and when I came across this one I was amazed at the picture. I thought it was 1080p because it looked so clear. The sales guy also sold me on this one. Even though this model is a 720p it plays up to 1080i. Outside of the blu ray which plays 1080p there is no channel on television that is 1080p. I have a PS3 and the blu ray plays amazing on it. I can't imagine the picture being any clearer than it is already. Also burn in is not an issue with this tv. I play video games all day and it doesn't effect it at all....more info
  • Talk about Bang for the Buck.
    After much research and a trip to a local Big Box for a look-see, I decided that 1080p had been over-hyped, particulary since nearly all source material is going to remain 720p or 1080i. The argument about the 20-20 human eye not being able to resolve better than 720p if 10 feet or more from a 50 inch screen seemed quite logical too.

    So a name-brand 50 inch plasma delivered for under $900, seemed like a heck of a deal, and turned out to be all that I'd hoped for. The plasma picture in cinema mode is stunning, and a bit more colorful than my DLP projector in the basement. The Samsung has just the right user-friendly features, and cost less than half what a 36" CRT cost me 15 years ago. And to think what these flat screens cost 4 or 5 years ago - yikes, being an early adopter is costly! ...more info
  • My HD TV
    I did a long time research for my Samsung 50" and I'm very happy I bought it. The picture is beautiful and the sound is good. Ihave enjoyed watching many movies with the sound on my home theater. All my friends have bought Samsung HD TV and are very happy with them. ...more info
  • Very happy with purchase..
    I couldn't be happer with this TV. Everything about it is great; over the air antenna looks great, and blu-ray is jaw-dropping. Planet Earth on this set is something to behold. Colors are excellent, and very customizable. I was very pleased that TV settings are source-specific, and the TV remembers what you have set.

    Regular DVD's look awesome; I never knew there was so much detail and color in a regular DVD.

    Wii: experienced some lag; but, this was fixed by choosing the 'game mode' for that particular source. The picture is indeed worse using game mode, but the lag was fixed. This was where remembering settings in a source-specific way was extremely convenient.

    The integration with the Samsung home theater is a little weak, but perhaps I haven't figured it out yet.

    Noticed a bit of image retention after leaving a static display up for about 20 minutes and got worried, but it was gone an hour later. I still need to run the break-in DVD.

    For $900, I don't see how one can beat this TV....more info
  • Smart Chice
    My recent purchase of the Samsung PN50A450 is everything I heard it would be. Taking advice from Consumer Report this television delivers. Buying from Amazon was quick, easy and painless. The set was delivered quicker than I was led to believe. The gentlemen delivering the item were very professional placing it where I desired and firing it up to assure me it was in working order. Would definitely recommend other consumers to refer to the Consumer Report for their future television choice and buy from Amazon who truly delivers ....more info
  • Samsung 50" TV
    So far so good!! Great picture and great buy. Best TV for the money for sure.. Love it....more info
  • Best TV for the price
    TV is as described by the tons of previous positive reviews. I don't miss the 1080p one bit at this size.

    Best deal out there, hands down...and it took me 3 months of searching.
    The free white glove delivery and set up was icing on the cake.

    Thank you Amazon!...more info
  • Terrific HDTV for an Amazing Price!!!
    This PN50A450 is a terrific plasma HDTV -- period. Just amazing picture and quality.

    Now, some folks will tell you that its a compromise because its not 1080p. But unless you sit closer than 6 ft to the TV, your eye is not physically capable of telling the difference between 720p and 1080p. So why pay an extra $700 (almost twice the price of the PN50A450 when I got it for $820 delivered)? Answer:: there is no reason other than the need to say you have the "better" technology.

    The picture is simply perfect. My biggest worries about the plasma were burn in and glare. The glare is a non-issue. The anti-reflective coating is great. Also, I come from a CRT, which had a glass screen, and the glare is better than on that tv (Sony WEGA). The burn in will not be an issue if you run the scrolling feature for the first 200 hours (or just watch HDTV programming that does not have a static image). There is also a free DVD download that you can download at avsforums.

    Not sure what else there is to say. I've seen some of the best LCDs out there and they simply do not compare to this plasma. Maybe in a few years, but not yet. The motion for football and other sports is perfect on this tv, which is not true for the LCDs I've seen -- including the top rated sony XBR.

    If you want a great HDTV for a great price, this is your purchase. Just do it. ...more info
  • big screen value
    I originally decided to purchase this product after reading the Consumer REport ratings on plasma televisions. I wasn't certain whether I wanted 1080p or 720p resolution, however. I selected the 720p based on price, and have not been disappointed. The 'white glove' delivery service was a nice feature but we decided to actually unpack and set-up the unit ourselves. Not only was it easy but it was quick. The most time consuming part was programming channels. We put the unit on its built-in stand on top of our fireplace mantel, where it fits almost perfectly (like it was designed for the space) between two large storage units. I hooked up my Comcast cable box and a DVD player and we have been watching TV programs of all types and On Demand movies, etc for about a month now. The only complaint I have is with the occasional picture sizing differences that occur; I don't really understand why some channels cut off the top and bottom of the image and other channels cut off both sides.
    My satisfaction, however, with this Samsung model is high enough that I bought a second set for our bonus room. This set is hooked up to standard cable and now my wife can watch her programs downstairs on one 50 inch set while I watch my programs upstairs on mine. For the price, I don't believe there is a better value on the market....more info
  • the best I ever had
    The best picture I have ever seen after you do some calibration, I use Digital Video Essentials . It Looks Better than it did in the store....more info
  • Samsung 50" plasma
    Very happy with this tv. Easy to use with a great picture, for the price I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • DANGER!!!
    I am not entirely satisfied with this product. The instructions are unclear (probably because they are written by the Japanese). It took me ages just to figure out how to operate it. Finally, I figured out that the plug needed to be inserted into the electrical outlet. It didn't say that anywhere in the directions!

    When I turned it on, i discovered that it only gets one channel. Every time I plug it in, I simply get a loud "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" sound and a bunch of black and white stuff that moves quickly around the screen. My friend calls this phenomenon "white noise" however, I can see black in there too. It is my estimation that this is probably some show about a swarm of files.

    I also have reason to believe that this device emits harmful radiation. The label calls it a "Plasma" T.V. As everyone knows, Plasma is a state of matter in which gas becomes ionized. This is similar to the state that creates nuclear fusion within stars. Because of this plasma, this device most likely emits harmful gamma radiation! I looked closely at the T.V. and discovered that it says "made in china". This plasma added by the Chinese is likely a communist plot to render the people of the United States sterile.

    One plus is that it doesn't use the vacuum tubes that my old T.V. has. It's also much larger and thinner.

    In the end, I recommend this product to people that enjoy watching flies, and enjoy self sterilization....more info
  • Good set
    Pros : good picture, dark blacks, swivel stand, cool optical buttons, great price!
    Cons : commercials seem very loud compared to my old set. It could use a steady sound option or a half mute.

    If you are planning to transport this set in it's packaging make sure you have a truck, the box is big....more info
  • Samsung 50 inch Plasma
    Awsome product at an even better price. White glove delivery was unexpected. They even put the batteries in the remote! WOW!!!
    My best friend bought one on my recomendation and loves his....more info
  • Great TV. Great Price. Great Delivery.
    We have had the TV for about a week now. The TV looks great and was very easy set-up. I was also very happy with Amazon's delivery. They called a couple days ahead and set up a 2 hour window, but then told me they would give me a 30 minute call ahead. They did exactly that, too. The driver brought the TV inside and helped me remove the box to check for damage and even helped me take the old TV off the stand and put this one on it. He also told me that his company has not had a Samsung return to pick up. He says they pick up a lot of Vizio's to return but have never had a Samsung. Great service! And it was free! Got to love Amazon!...more info
  • Big Bang for the Buck
    I've only had this plasma TV for about a month but it is everything I had hoped it would be so far. To get a 50 inch plasma for less than $960.00 delivered, well I don't know if anyone can do better. This was also one of the better ones I could find on Consumer Reports online that had a very good rating on it 75 out of 100 thats pretty good considering the best rated one I could find was an 83 out of 100. ...more info
  • Incredible TV for the price
    I bought this TV in late January 2009 just in time for Super Bowl XLIII and it has not let me down. I researched and researched plasma, LCD and DLP TVs for over 2 months and finally saw the Samsung PN50A450 for an incredible price from a seller on Amazon. For the entire 2 months I have had the TV in my possession my girlfriend and I have been unemployed so we have logged 8-16 hours a day on it which puts it well above the 100hr break-in period. The color is unbelievable, the picture is so much better than my parents 65" DLP, the HD definition is almost too good and the 50" size is perfect. And since I don't have a PS3 or a BlueRay player the 720p does not dampen the TV's sharp picture. I do notice some 'burn-in' lines after watching widescreen DVD's but it goes away so fast it's nothing. All in all I still am still blown away by the TV everyday. I waited until I could get the TV, mounts and HDMI cables for under $1000 including shipping and everyone I tell that can't believe it after seeing the TV. It is simply awesome....more info
  • very good tv for the price
    I purchased this tv about a month ago and love it. For the price, I think it has a great picture and I dont even have HD services running through it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the sound. It could definitly use some better speakers but then again, who gets a tv like this without surround hooked to it. ...more info
  • Outstanding TV, Amazing picture!
    This is my 2nd TV to have delivered from Amazon. Pilot is great and called me to schedule the delivery. Two dudes brought it in slowly, unboxed it, cleaned up the trash, and even put the batteries in my remote. Now that is service!

    I upgraded from a Samsung 42" 4254 plasma, which I thought was perfect. But I sold it to my girlfriend and paid a couple hundo more for this 50". And I am ridiculously happy. This is in my bedroom at about 11' away viewing distance. We also have a 50" vizio 1080p in our living room, and i firmly believe that the picture on my samsung plasma is brighter and has more OOMPH and more color and is generally sexier in every regard than the 1080p vizio.

    Upconverted DVD's look fantastic, and DirecTV HD movie channels are also outstanding. I have not tried to pull any network channels OTA, since they are included in my satellite package. Xbox360 games and streamed Netflix movies both look great as well.

    I can't comment on the sound since I'm using a separate sound system. (Sony Surround Bar system HT-CT100, very nice and attractive as well, also purchased from amazon!)

    Overall, I've had no issues or gripes in the 2 weeks i've had this TV....more info
  • Ridiculously good!
    Researched 50" plasmas & 52" LCD's for months and finally pulled the trigger on this little slice of heaven. For the price, this TV is by far the best thing going. I've had it now for about 2 months & have had no problems whatsoever. Don't let the 720p scare don't need 1080p at this size & you definitely don't need the extra cost. The picture is phenomenal & the white glove service from Amazon was flawless. My only regret is not buying this plasma sooner....more info
  • Samsung PN50A450 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV - WOW!
    This TV is amazing. I was always iffy about buying a plasma that was 720p vs all the hype for the 1080p. Boy was I wrong! I have a 1080p in my bedroom and the new Samsungs picture is just as good when watching HDTV and blueray movies through my PS3. The audio was not the greatest (to be expected, hence not giving it 5 stars), but I was not to worried about it since I hooked it up to a Harmon Kardon reciever and Boston Acoustic sorround. I could not be happier with this television. I bought mine on warehouse deals for $850 shipped and even after buying my sorround sound (on AMAZON ofcourse)I still saved about $500 aver the Samsung 1080p 50" model available at my local BestBuy. ...more info
  • Samsung PN50A450 is a lower-end TV but it does deliver exceptional picture.
    Before I start, Pilot delivery company was great and very professional. They called and scheduled delivery time few days in advanced and delivery was ontime and crew brought in the TV actally where I wanted it and unpacked the box and made sure there were no damage and it was working before they left. This was normal free delivery offered by Amazon (not "white glove" service but felt like it). And Amazon delivered several days before what was indicated on estimated delivery time. Fast shipping! Now for the TV... Samsung PN50A450 is a lower-end TV but it does deliver exceptional picture. I also have Sony 52" LCD XBR that cost 2 1/2 times more than this TV and now I can't believe I spent that much for my Sony. Of course I can see the picture quality difference between the two but at 10' away, not much at all. And 1080 video feed do look good on this 720p monitor as it does on native 1080p monitor. I couldn't really tell unless you are closer to TV. How offend do you sit and stare at your TV at 3'-5' away? All ranges between 480 to 1080 looked great! It also has good black and white. Only the color should have been improved a little but most will never notice unless you are comparing it to another TV (that is high-end). Someone mentioned that this monitor puts out a lot of heat but it's like any other plasma. And I don't think it's much but you shouldn't completely close off the back either with custom build wall unit. I have this TV mounted in the basement using Bello 8320 wall mount and it works great together. I don't use this TV for games or computer display so I haven't had any burnt image issue. Normal network logo doesn't seem to be an issue so far. Conclusion => what a great value for the price! This 720p monitor looks great with 1080 video. And it delivers great picture that is comparable to high-end TV. ...more info
  • At the right price this is an amazing TV
    I purchased this for my employer and got a really great deal through Amazon. I know it's a 720p set and not a 1080i or a 1080p but the picture quality is just incredible. Sometimes people get so caught up in specs and bragging rights that they lose perspective and spend more than they need to. If you want a great set at a great price, check this one out. If you have to have an HDTV with the absolute best specs, then spend 4X as much by all means. This set is a great VALUE....more info
  • Great TV Great Price Be Careful with Burn in and image retention
    Had tv for about one month and love it. The picture is great and love the sleek design not too mention the price!!!! Amazon delivered fast and freindly. The only issue I have had was early image retention burn in which seems to have gone with multiple runs at the Samsung menu Scrolling. Best advice I can give is make sure you understand the technology and do your homework so you don't ruin your new Plasma.

    Jason ...more info
  • Great TV, Great Deal
    Have been looking at TV's for over 6 months now and finally pulled the trigger. What a deal, I am so happy. Got the TV for under $900 with no sales tax and free shipping. Delivery guy called within the five days and had it delivered at a time good for me. The picture is amazing! I learned from other reviews to turn down the brightness and contrast to 50% from the factory settings and have had no burn in issues. TIP: I disconnected my Comcast box to let the signal go directly and then you get all the network HD signals and even the music channels. Why pay comcast the extra $$$. The TV shows what signal the broadcast is in. Only one station had one football game at a 1080 broadcast. I can already see the blades of grass on the field. I don't need to spend more to see the bugs on the blades of grass on the field....more info