Sony Mdr-As40Ex Active Style Headphones Earbud Style (Black)
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Product Description

Perfect for fast movement and high-impact workouts, the MDR-AS40EX active style headphones give you the option of using the detachable soft hangers when the going gets rough or just the earbuds for mild activity. Appreciate the crisp sound with rich bass and the moisture guard that wicks sweat away from the speakers. Three earbuds are included (S, M, L) to ensure the most comfortable fit. Clip to secure the cord Closed, Dynamic Type 100mW (IEC) Power Handling Capacity Neodymium Magnet for outstanding bass performance Audio Driver Unit - 9mm diameter dome type 2-feet single sided cord length, 2-feet extension cord also supplied Weight - 0.21 ounces (6 grams) without cord

  • Earbud-style deliver rich sound with deep bass
  • Moisture guard for moisture to pass around head phones
  • Short cord (2 feet) & extension (2 feet) is supplied
  • 3 sizes of soft hangers for secure and comfortable fit
  • Can also be standard earbuds by detaching soft hangers

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Headphones
    They dont fall out great fit and little buds dont come off (would be hard to find replacements). 30 bucks well worth it...more info
  • Sony headphones
    Despite 3 different ear hooks and 3 different ear cushions, the headphones would not stay in my ears. I gave them away, and bought a pair of Sonix by Lenntek which worked much better....more info
  • Mediocre Product
    These headphones are not all that great. The sound quality is what you can find in a $5-10 pair from RadioShack or something. But it is not the sound quality of the headphones, it is the fact that can have the loops and removing them. Because they are removeable, they are ideal for casual usage. The loops feel really nice too. I have a problem with the 'squishies'; they tend to come out due to my small ear holes, so if you have small ear holes (which is like less than a cm in diameter), you probably should stick to the other headphones. (You should probably try them at a Sony store to see if you like the sizes) And if other headphone hurt your incredibly small ear holes, get earphones! And don't forget to clean your ears everyday if you plan on using them. You wouldn't want them to get dirty.
    Overall, I do not use them all that much. They are nice ones to have if they fit. And don't plan on talking to people with them on, you have the loud sound of your voice in your head if you do. ...more info
  • Do the job.
    I agree that the quality of the music is not the greatest, but they do stay in your ears no matter how much you sweat or how long you run. Hopefully, they will last a long time as that was an issue I had with some of the other headphones that I've purchased....more info
  • great buy
    they stay in ur ears while exercising.........good to have different sizes..........good that the part that goes behind ear is easily removable...........good sound quality...........great buy for the right price...more info
  • Sound great... except when exercising
    When these are in your ears properly, they sound excellent. Nice deep bass and clear (but not ear piercing) highs. But therein lies the problem with these headphones. They only sound great when they are properly in your ears. The slightest movement could upset the balance and you'll have to re-adjust them to get a good seal.

    I purchased these for running since I like bass, and most running headphones are poor in that department. I was excited when I first tried these on, but quickly became disappointed after about 5 minutes of running. The ear loops do their job, and help prevent tugging, but the soft plastic on the buds works its way out too easily, and you spend the majority of your run pushing them back in every minute.

    So, I've delegated these back to home listening where they perform admirably, and the search for exercise headphones with bass continues.
    ...more info
  • WOW!
    These little things take care of backround noise SO WELL! I can barely hear my own thoughts!! =D the clarity of the sound is amazing! these are PERFECT to go jogging or biking! which is when you kinda' want to get away from everything right? well with the sound isolation these have, you can absolutely immerce yourself in your favorite tunes...

    ONE MORE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW!! in many reviews here you might've notice how people say it has a poor bass, it is kinda true, but nothing you can't fix with a little EQ adjustment, BESIDES! what people aren't considering is that these earbuds go kinda' deep in your ear canal... SO, if it had more bass power you would would probably be going deaf after a few minutes of use!, these headphones are for people who want to appreciate overall sounds....

    OH! forgot to mention how confortable these are!! you can barely feel them! and with the three sizes, you can find whatever is more confortable for you!

    ...more info
  • one of a kind
    I've tried so many different earphones and nothing is comfortable or stays in place for my small ears. These are wonderful- comfortable, the small size fits my child size ears, and the sound is great. I also am able to wear them exercising and not worry about them falling out. I like the handy case too and the choice of cord length. Not many earphones come with so many options which is so great. This is actually my second pair- my first pair got stolen but I loved them so much I had to get another to replace them! ...more info
  • Didn't work for me
    I got these headphones because I was looking for something that would sound good as well as stay in my small ears when running. Today is the first time I used them and I am going to bring them back to Radio Shack. Not only did they fall out of my ears constantly but the sound quality was horrible. The pair that came with the iphone/ipod have a significantly better sound quality. The only positive of these headphones is that they come with a variety of sizes of ear buds and wrap arounds. Oh, and the length of the cord is a joke, very short!...more info
  • Good headphones for outside use
    These headphones work out pretty nicely for running and biking outside. They fit great and stay in the ear quite well. Although I have to say that if you have big ears these headphones might not be for you as it seems like they are more suited for people with smaller ears. Sound quality of these headphones is quite good and maybe even better than what I'd expect from a $30 sports headphones. I have to say that they probably sound better outside than my Shure E2C, but that's because Shures do not fit my ears as nicely as these. Overall I'm pretty pleased with these....more info
  • Loved them until they broke

    I commented on these headphones a few months ago raving about them, because the sound quality was good, and they fit in my small ears and didn't fall out while I ran. But just over 3 months of use, the sound stopped working in the left ear. They have a 90-day limited warranty, so when I called Sony Customer Service, they said the cost of labor to repair the headphones would be $24. As you know, they're only $25 on Amazon. Hmm...I think not! I'm definitely not buying Sony products again if they break shortly after their warranty expires. Ironic, isn't it?

    Original Post:

    I've been fighting to find headphones that stay in my ear when I'm at the gym or running. I'm petite and have small ears, so most headphones with ear loops are way too big. These work perfect since there are 3 sizes of ear loops to choose from. And the sound is great! I saw in previous posts that some people didn't think they had good bass, but I disagree. I think once you use the right size earbuds for your ear, (which also come in 3 sizes) the bass & overall sound is great! I'm no expert on headphones, but I love these. I'm still getting used to not hearing my surroundings, as these block out almost all sound....more info
  • Comfortable Fit, Poor Sound Quality
    Pro's - Comfortable fit, short cord works well with MP3 Player on arm-band, extension cord works well, 3 different sizes of ear loops and ear cap covers.

    Con's - Weak audio quality. In comparison, their quality is lower than Sony's $9.99 ear buds. Too costly for the quality you get.

    My recommendation; If you're looking for work-out head phones get the Philips Magnavox Secure Fit Earbuds for $6.99. If you want high quality in the ear headphones get the Maximo iM-490S iMetal Isolation Earphones for $45....more info
  • Headphones
    Great sound, easy to adjust to ear size. The extension makes the cord too long, and without it, too short but still easily manageable. Like the over the ear option with the ear bud, hard to find. ...more info
  • Stereo Connection Failure
    I purchased these in December from Radio Shack and the left channel is dead for no aparent reason. They sound great but they are built cheap. I put zero stress on them and always put them in their container while not wearing them. Sony's customer service was like playing musical chairs and I eventually threw them in the garbage after waiting on hold for 10 minutes. You may as well take your money out in the street and burn it. I will never purchase Sony headphones again....more info
  • Dissatisfied With the Poor Quality
    I read the reviews concerning the lack of durability of these earphones, but thought I'd give them a shot anyway. They do sound great--when they work!! After 30 days and minimal use at the gym, they have deteriorated such that the left side no longer produces any sound. Sony charges a fee for sending them back and will apparently replace them with a refurbished pair. I'd suggest trying another brand with better quality and service, like Koss (and this is coming from a dedictated Sony customer).SONY MDRAS40EX SPORT OVER-THE-EAR EARBUDS...more info
  • great for tiny ears!
    I've tried so many brands of headphones to wear while exercising - and these are the only ones to make the cut. I have very small ears, and I've tried several different brands that have the piece that fits over and around your ear, to keep the bud in place while you are exercising. other brands are all one-size-fits-only-big-ears :)

    The black wrap around piece comes off the wire, so you can pick which size you need. the bud that fits into the ear ALSO had 3 sizes to pick from. these are great! the soft wrap around is very comfortable.

    they fit tightly enough to provide some noise-cancelling benefits as well, if you're trying to focus on something with noise in the background.

    sound quality to me seems better than average, but that might be because they fit so well, i can hear the music better. ...more info
    This item stays in place and doesnt hurt your ears as many headphones like this do. The sound quality is great....more info
  • Great Fit For Those With Odd Shaped Ears....
    Always forced to return headphones as soon as you open them up because they just fall off automatically when you put them on? Think you get a great pair and then find out that they fall off all the time at the gym/running, etc?? Well then these babies are for you! I have been searching high and low for some great fitting earphones at a good cost (not willing to pay $80 for a pair), and I have yet to find them until now.

    For some reason every pair of headphones I have purchased has either entirely fallen off or will barely stay on until I move my head to the side and then they'll just fly out. These don't! They come with three different sizes of earhooks, and two different sizes of earbuds. Plus the cord is short enough so you don't have to wrap it around your armband when working out, and it comes with an extension for regular use. To top it all off, the sound is great!

    If you have experienced any of the problems above, get these headphones!!! ...more info
  • Just what I wanted... but some problems with functionality
    When I bought these, I was searching for a pair of headphones that would:
    1. Fit snug inside my ear so as to not fall out or come loose when working out
    2. Produce excellent sound while blocking most ambient noise
    3. Have a comfortable clip and ear piece so that they would be comfortable to wear for hours.

    Seeing that my primary use of these headphones is for working out (mostly weightlifting and some cardio as well) and these are marketed as "sport" or "active style" -- I found these headphones to meet my needs rather well but I have some major issues with day-to-day functionality.

    First problem: the cord is entirely too short. If you do not wear an armband, these headphones will require the use of the extension cable (included) but that makes the cord entirely too long. If they had made this cord 4 inches longer it would have made everyone happy--armband wearers and those who keep their player in their pockets.

    Second problem: the ear piece fit, although snug, does come loose after several minutes of "active" use (ie: running on treadmill). You'll need to press on the ear buds to get the seal snug every several minutes. While the headphones themselves do not come loose, the sound is greatly diminished (with almost no audible bass) when the ear bud seal is not tight in your ear. I suppose that could be problem number three.

    All in all--they are a good set of headphones and quite comfortable. The sound is very good when they are properly fit in your ear and they are easy to clean. However, they can be a real pain to use due to the poorly designed cord/extension cord set up. I would keep this in mind when searching for the right pair for you....more info
  • Poor Sound Quality
    I bought these at a local store and was very disappointed with the sound quality. It was very tinny sounding and very little bass, any bass there was had distortion. I went back to the store and replaced them with a similar style of Philips earbuds for a similar price, and the sound is 100% better....more info
  • Great headphones for working out
    About a year ago, I purchased an iPod Shuffle for working out. At the time, I was doing a lot of running (I still run today, just not as far). I would often base my runs on the length of songs (today I would run the distance of 12 songs, tomorrow 18 and so on), plus music makes the time go by. The classic iPod was just too bulky.

    While I normally don't mind the basic iPod earbuds, they are terrible for working out; always falling out of my ear, I end up focusing on keeping them in-place rather than my task at hand.

    In the past few years I've gone though various headphones looking for something that worked well, sounded decent and stayed in place. I've read reviews of all kinds, purchased headphones that were "made for working out" but nothing came close. My search ended up costing me more than I care to calculate and I had just about given up, doomed forever to readjust the bud in my ear.

    But one day, while in Target, I saw these headphones. They had the in-ear design that I like and they featured an over-the-ear clip to keep them in place. To top it off, the price was right. I figured, "why not?"

    I couldn't be happier.

    First, they are comfortable. While working out, I hardly notice them.
    Second, they stay in place without any problems. I've been using them for a few months now and I've never once had to make any re-adjustments.
    Third, I'm no audiophile, but the sound is good. I wouldn't say great, as there has to be a reason why there are $100 headphones out there. For me, they sound great.
    Lastly, they have a great cord. You might think this is silly, but its a key feature for me. Many of the headphones I've used in the past had a springy cord that I couldn't stand. During runs they would would always be bouncing, hitting my chin and driving me crazy. These Sony headphones have a cord much like the iPod earbuds that just "lay" and, for whatever reason, I vastly prefer this.

    My only real complaint is that the cord is a bit long. Its is so minor that it's hardly worth mentioning, but I figure someone out there would like to know.

    Looking for a way to keep your headphones in your ear, these are the way to go. ...more info
  • great buy
    they stay in ur ears while exercising.........good to have different sizes..........good that the part that goes behind ear is easily removable...........good sound quality...........great buy for the right price...more info
  • Terrible sound, great fit (as others have said).
    I'm hoping Best Buy will take these back from me (especially since I paid $39.99 there). I bought these for working out, and as others have mentioned, great fit, terrible sound. I figured spending $40 would get me at least some sort of improvement, but these don't sound any better... actually, scratch that, they sound WORSE than the supplied earbuds I have from two different mp3 players (Creative Zen & Sansa Fuze). Some of the people have mentioned on here that you need to push them into your ears, well, I did and it was a little better, but the sound is very quiet and has no bass response. Additionally, the treble (hi frequency) is tweaked in a really weird way, as if you had a 15 band EQ and took the very highest frequency and turned it all the way up and left the rest flat. It's a really nasty sound that kind of hurts my ears.

    If you think these head phones sound good it's just because you lack a point of reference for something that truly has good sound quality. ...more info
  • Bad sound quality
    I bought this headphones expecting the same sound quality I got from the Senheisser PX100, since they were in the same price range. I was wrong.
    I bought them to run, and they fit fine around the ears, so they do not fall when running, but they do not fit well in my ear canals, so after a while they are hanging around my ears and listening is hard.. maybe is my ears fault... Anyway, they provide 3 different sized rubber ends.
    The quality of the sound is not very good, lacking bass quality, and definitely are inferior to the PX100.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Headphones!!!
    I have tried about 5 other pairs of headphones. Many different styles. I could never find a comfortable and secure fit for working out until I purchased these headphones. I will never use any other pair ever again! Like a dream come true. :)...more info