SVAT CLEARVU4 Web Ready 16 Channel Deluxe DVR Security System with 16 Indoor/Outdoor Hi-Res Night Vision Surveillance Cameras
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Product Description

The CLEARVU4 DVR is the perfect security solution for large properties. Have peace of mind and protect your assets in your home or business with this deluxe 16-camera DVR system. The 16 hi-res cameras included in this system allow you to monitor and record from multiple locations on your property. The weatherproof cameras are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The CLEARVU4 DVR has a removable 320GB hard drive that has been designed specifically for DVRs, providing reliable recording and faster playback of your recorded footage. The hard drive will record up to 750 days of continuous video. It will start recording once the DVR is plugged in and will restart automatically after any power failure. A great benefit of this system is the ability to view your home or business while away from the property, from anywhere in the world! The DVR allows you to view all your cameras live over the internet. Simply plug the DVR into your broadband connection to view live or recorded footage, and transfer video to your computer. You also have the option of transferring footage to a Compact Flash (CF) memory card for an easy portable solution. This DVR offers recording modes that you can easily customize to suit your security needs. Motion activated recording will only record when movement is detected on one of your cameras. Scheduled recording allows you to set up a 24 hour schedule that tells the DVR what hours of the day to record. These features will save on DVR storage space and save you time when searching for important footage. Finding your footage is easy - simply enter the date and time range and the DVR will display all the video clips recorded in that time period.

  • View live or recorded footage from any computer with Internet Explorer, anywhere in the world
  • Records up to 750 days on the removable 320GB Seagate hard drive
  • 16 hi-res outdoor CCD cameras
  • Each camera comes equipped with 12 infrared LEDs that allow you to see up to 15ft in the dark
  • CF card backup (CF card not included)